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Darking :"Steal the fire" CD 2015 Jolly Roger Records. Heavy Metal from Italy a pearl from this label to come out the new year!!! The cover is awesome and the mix is in the vein of todays power/heavy metal bands. This country has many good bands and this is one is gonna kick serious ass! This band has that fighting riffs describes pretty well the cover, infuences from Manowar, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Helloween, Sabaton, Majesty, Running Wilde etc... powerfull singer with high pich sometimes and the rythm that pounds to the end. 90/100

the deep

The Deep : "Premonition" UK AOR/Hard Rock band self release CD 2015. Awesome cover artwork by Cadies Art .com. Note the logo has changed also compared to the 2013 Demo reviewed in previous pages. The members from that band are well known in the music biz and have been in many outlets. Althougth there have been line up changes over the years it's a mix of Angel Witch, Tokyo Blade, Rogue Male, Deep Machine and many more... The music is basically from their best efforts between 1980 and 1982. You can guess the pleasure they had to replay and mix them again to make that excellent album sound so new ;) You can hear lots of 70's n 80's influences from Deep Purple, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, Def leppard, Whitesnake, Cheap Trick, FM... and so on you got it that album will absorb you !!! Rock n roll my friends. 100/100


Revenge : "Harder than steel" CD/LP 2015 Iron Shield Records. Colombia Heavy Speed Thrash Metal band. The intro is Twisted sister influence and goes with those melodies you find in Iron Maiden or Helloween. The blast and speed reaching out your ears and never stops till the end. The first track has that Meatl Militia kind...mixed double guitar solo and the voice is more like those bands such as Paragon, Manowar., Running Wild..Sodom, Slayer,The band has a range of Metal influences that pop into your mind and so it's just a pleasure! Great bands are arising from that country 95/100


Ruthless : "They Rise" Cd 2015 Pure Steel Records. US Power Metal has a long history and is back with powerfull yet Metal we all love and grew up with. The cover shows the demons coming out you got double bass drums going through keeping you listening, The main influence that poped into my mind is Saxon! for most of the first songs. Then it goes from Sanctuary, Overkill, Heretic, Metal Church, Hirax a teint of Thrash here and there. A voice from Sammy Dejohn captivating the audience and can move simply from a voice to another sometimes making me think of different singers. It's a real masterpiece of Metal you should get. It also includes early album as a bonus ;) 100/100


Sylosis : "Dormant Heart" CD 2015 Nuclear Blast. Uk Thrash/Death/Black/Shred/Melodic Hardcore Metal band. IF the label call it already the best band to come is not for a strange reason. First the name and the cover has that special atmosphere straight from a sciencefiction book. Then the music is opened to many listeners! Powerfull explosive songs with a voice that changes from screaming to clean parts. A guitarist that shreds like Tony Mc Alpine and many Metal riffs that will get your ears jumping. Basically they manage to make sound it like modern with old classic Metal mixing new ones the kids love today. I see you wanna have a bit of an idea of what it sounds like well take a bit of Pantera (far beyond driven), Dissection explosion and melodies, Machine Head cutting throat power, Testament blast, a touch of early Slayer, a piece of Metallica (load) , a bit of fast kicking bit of Cavalera Consipiracy and I'm sure you will find more that gets your taste. Basically it has it all to kick your butt and make a trace in this world of joy ;) 95/100

keep of kalessin

Keep of Kalessin : "Epistemology" CD 2015 Indie Records. Norway Black Metal / Pop music ,first thing I can think of is Dimmu Borgir "spiritual dimension" big influence with some 'pop' parts such as Mike Old Field or Yes. Blasting riffs and growls with lots of reverb on the mix, then a melodic voice and cool parts. Melodies could be liked by non Metal people as it suddenly has those popular parts a bit shocking at some point. Since the band is basically into Exterme Metal you just need to press next if you don't like it. The band is showing their musical possibilities and music likes. The song 'Necropolis' has many Exodus and even Forbidden riffs. Sometimes it sounds like a choir!!! I'm just not sure where the band wants to go maybe a link to a new album that will be more symphonic...a bit disturbing and as they sing "i'm lost". Meanwhile it is a great album with a good mix although too much reverb I'm afraid it gets tiring very quickly. For the fans a special LP version exist. 80/100


Thurisaz : " Live and Accoustic" CD 2015 Sleazly records. Dark/Pop/Atmospheric belgian band. For what I read they used to be a Death Metal band but it's hard to believe when you hear this beautiful record!!! Flute, woman melodies voice and two men singers with acoustic guitar and piano. For all the 70's nostalgics it has some Pink Floyd, Simmon and Garfunkel, Cat Steven , Led Zepplin, the Doors and all the power flower bands from Woodstock era. 70/100


Thulcandra : "Ascension Lost" CD 2015 Napalm Records. German Death/Black Metal it will get your eyes easilly bringing memories ;) If there is a band that brings the legendary Dissection well it's this band!!! Great production with entertaining songs with a very clear intro and powerfull riffs explosive and kicking simply amazing with a cool outro. Just excellent 100/100

Insanity reigns Supreme

Insanity Reigns Supreme : "Unothodox" CD 2015 Shiver Records. Belgian Death/Black Metal band with an explosive cover and kick ass production. The intro of the album has latin voices making me think of Dracula movie then followed by blasting riff they all do in that style. A female melodic voice is sometimes giving a break in that insanity. The songs are getting cooler with down tempos heavy growling voice, the fourth track is an intro killing it all with piano!!! giving a movie atmophere like you're watching a video imaginating the ghosts surrounding kids in the school play ground. The 8th track is like a celtic choir intro. So basically it 's more like for the maniacs of the genre and the ones who like horror and fantastic movies as I have in my head many movie trailers running while listening. 80/100


Hate : "Crusade : zero" CD 2015 Napalm Records. Polish Death Metal as its best!!! Heavy powerfull with some Thrash here and there kicking serious ass. Blasting double bass drums never stops with slow tempo and sometimes very fast that gets you till the end. A bit of Sepultura 'arise' sounds, GRIP INC and Machine Head guitar riffs, Behemoth blast...., the voice always very heavy sometimes melodic parts with cool solos. I like those passages that give a different flavor compare to usual brutal death metal bands. A very good album will get a big response. 100/100


Finsterforst : "Mach Dich Frei" CD 2015 Napalm Records . German Folk/Black Metal the album starts with a great accoustic intro we normally find in other musical genre such as Celtic music with those special instruments. Then some heavy atmosphere with sounds we hear in Within Temptation's intros... The rest stays in the vein of that celtic dark with melodic voice and a background one with that sharky Black Metal we know. The middle is that Black Metal we know with that voice kinda Dimmu... It's more like a concept album as it seems one song cut with parts like telling a story. 85/100


Bloodscribe : "Prologue To the apocalypse" CD 2015 Gore house Production / Full blast Pr. LA Death Grind band, Been a long time since I received that kind of band. I love the cover I just didn't know some bands keep writing unreadable logos since the new century... Musically it has some cool riff and it's groovy with heavy guitars a mix of Punk and Thrash with fast drums the only thing is I can't listen to it!!! Man why wasting a good album with that vomit voice? I'm sorry but come on do you really enjoy doing this? no point of writting lyrics just pic up the mic....It's sad I know there is a public for that but it just gets me confused while great musicians try to make it some just release trash albums... anyway good luck for the sells. 50/100


Monolith : "Against the wall of forever" CD 2015 Funeral Noise Records / Full blast Pr. USA Heavy Metal band that will get you headbang like mad!!! a mix of 70's to the 90's Metal tunes to groove people. Created by induviduals who had played in other bands they manage to mix their love into one band so many influences it's hard to describe but here are few I first got into mind : Grip Inc, The Cult, Iron Maiden , southern Rock and so on. It's just really hard to get a sticker since it's just pure happiness!!! For sure you will recognize some bands but he main thing is it really rocks the world! voted best album for january by Metal Zone Prod.666 100/100

Smash Into Pieces

Smash Into Pieces : "The apocalypse DJ" CD 2015 Gain Records/Sony. Swedish Grunge /Rock /Gothic band. A mix of influences such as Linking Park (without the rap dj) , Nickleback, Pearl Jam, Evanescence... A broken voice and a female voice making melodies on some songs. Easy listening very commercial tunes to get sold on tv and every media. Mainly for the new generation kids 50/100


Exxplorer : " Symphonies of Steel" LP 2015 Pure Steel Records. USA Heavy Metal band who reformed recently have their 1984 album repressed as LP!!! But only for the 300 first fans...there won't be for everyone...For the ones who don't know it yet that album is just a masterpiece!!! You can rock 'till death such is perfect. The beggining of the album reminds Attila, many influences (70's n 80's) along the way Motley Crue, Voodoo X, Scorpions (the first ones) ,Iron Maiden (the first one) etc... it's just pure fukin awesome metal! 100/100


Trauma : "Rapture and wrath" CD 2015 Pure Steel Records. The band who lost Cliff Burton back then is back with a new album after 30 years. IT's pure heavy with high pitch voice will remind you Iron Maiden bruce somehow.... a bit of Van Halen...Queensryche, Guns n roses..Thin Lizzy etc. but for sure they have their own sound that gives hell of imaginations and love for that great album! I would say you love the album from the first note and it's not a negative point for them. Check it out it 's pretty sure you will all get in love with it!!! 95/100

Fallin reverse

Falling in reverse : " Just like you" CD 2015 Epitaph Records. If the cover might catch your eyes and reminds The Rolling Stones it is not comparable for the music. The Band mixes todays flow between HardCore/Death Metal and pop melodies. Giving a range of fans from different area. Imagine Paramore , Offspring , Pantera, Architect etc... they also have a Goth image which really isn't to make is easy. Their music tend to go commercial with that new album and should join Avril Lavigne soon... it's on your side but to me the band won't go far...50/100


Admiron : "Timelapse" CD 2014 Scarlet Records. At first sight the cover looks dark music but when listening I can hear the late 90's influences, To be categorized as Death / Hardcore a mix of Machine Head, Fear Factory, Messugah inspiration with a heavy voice and screaming. I regret it's stay on the same line and there aren't any variations between the songs. The middle has that brutal Death fast tempo and a slight melodie in the voice. It's explosive and they'll get lovers in the genre. This is not original and too many known riffs and passages that really make you think of the bands listed above. The strange parts are the R&B passages!!! the voice using robot vocoder tunes we hear on sold out bizness tv bollocks leave me disgusted. Didn't think a metal band would go that far....50/100

hell in the Club

Hell in the club : "Devil on my Shoulder" CD 2014 Scarlet Records. Italian Hard Rock Heavy Metal band must say i'm very pleased to hear that kind of band today ;) Could be describe a funny Metal band like the well known Steel panther even if it's not comparable they have in common that wish to make you happy and dancing on old tunes. Takes a bit of Lita Ford ' Dangerous Curves', Bon jovi 'New jersey' , Skid Row 'subhuman' La Guns, Guns N Roses, Poison, Motley crue...and so on . I call it Sugar Glam in a good way people will love it. And of course the ballad with 80's classical guitar those bands used to do as it was the mark of hairy bands. A really good album !!! 100/100


Cadaveria : "Silence" CD 2014 Scarlet Records. Since the first album I must say I haven't really heard more, This new album is very well worked and has a great evolution and sounds perfect. The Lady starts with her Black Metal voice she's been known for in Opera IX and I love it!!! The rest of the album gets some mix of industrial but not too much sound with heavy guitars and even cool passages we could say Pop has it is between genres like the symphonic bands are doing today. Her lovely voice gets you and from the beggining till the end you get captured by some kind of story told and he muscical changes. I just love that album !!!100/100


Mellowtoy : "Lies" CD 2015 Scarlet Records. Italian Hardcore band who has screaming voice with normal singing one. You can hear the influences from Rage Against the machine, Soundgarden (the last ones), Nicleback, ...I'm sorry but there is no originality at all it just sounds like the other ones we hear today. The aim to scream out their lungs and a cool voice to make it nice to listen for teen girls. Then the lyrics are really poor!!! man using the same sentences over and over again between voices show the low search for making creation. It sounds like a business made band to reach out more money. I'm sorry to be arsh but honestly they are too many bands today doing the same shit. 25/100


Kaledon : "Antilus the king of the light" CD 2014 Scarlet records. Italian AOR /Heavy /Power Metal band the intro as the cover sounds like watching the Lord of the rings movie. Very melodic singer, Malmsteen, Requiem, Deep Purple, Paragon, Yes, Angra... the 4th song is astonishing with a woman who sings like Celine Dion!!! I guess it's part of the album that tells a story and you really have that feel it's a movie. It's a bit like watching a tv show...I wasn't expecting this and it kinda kicked me down... I supposed they tried to make it like Manowar so we can call it a concept album! After that shock the horses are back in the vein of first Helloween Judas album!!! Confusing... It's a beautiful album though the singer is more telling a story than really singing which make it like weird. 90/100


Resumed : "Alinations" CD 2015 Barketeam Records. Italian Death Technic Metal band .IT's a shame they left the logo black has it makes is unreadable.. basically they are big fans of Death as this is purely like a new album. A bit of the first Morgoth inspiration too...The mix is neat and really well done a band that deserve exposure for that great work. 100/100

vox vult

Simus : " Vox Vult " CD 2015 Bakerteam Records. The intro is like those ancient society living in the jungle using those wooden wind instruments then the first track starts with a long screaming reminding a bit of Sepultura Roots... it's accompagnied by rockin riffs. A melodic voice then comes and has that 80's new wave influences with heavy guitars that makes it closer to new bands. Make me think a bit of Honey For Christ mixing up music styles from Goth/Dark/Rock and Metal styles. The band even sings in their own language not sure if it's Italian... THe 6th song make think of Paramore 's song for the twilight movie....the most of the album is very groovy and will please anybody a great and very original band will get heard outside of the Metal world and will get lots of fans. 100/100

de la muerte

De la muerte : "st" 2015 CD Bakerteam Records .Heavy Metal band with a singer who sometimes has heavy ' tenor' voice heard in the classical world. This is a good album powerfull riffs and drifting vision will be loved by many people. Hard to get them into one place such they use many music styles in one but keeping it heavy. The last song even has the death voice and the previous one in spanish....a variety of influences in one album ! a good mix songs are well constructed and a good album in general 90/100


NIghtGlow : "Orpheus" CD 2015 Bakerteam Records Power Metal / Hardcore seems like the 90's are back! They have great powerfull songs with heavy melodic voice but then that screaming voice is there again that kills it all. It's a shame people think screaming will get them famous. I can't be objective since I can't listen to those screamings. 50/100


Tristana : "Virtual Crime" CD 2015 Bakerteam Records AOR Hard Rock/Hardcore/Indus band. A techno intro with then a melodic voice in the vein of those Us metal bands and a second voice with screams. The second song is the same as the first one and their ain't many originality nor search in the lyrics. The third track starts to get interesting with a much powerfull voice (other singer or better production...) The broken voice is not that bad and needs some effects cos sounds poor...Some keyboards on the fourth track bringing the band into the powermetal style ... The members seems to have different Metal taste and mix them. Dokken,Aerosmisth, etc mixed Children of goes from one to another so it's pretty hard to define the musical direction. The 5th track has that soulfly intro and the singer sounds more the classic melodic bands shame that broken voice is coming from time to time but it's what the trend is today. The 6th track has even a female voice rejoigning those symphonic/pop bands like Amaranthe, Kamelot...etc.. that album is more like a compilation than a real album 70/100


Starbinary : "Dark Passenger" 2014 CD

Bakerteam Records Melodic Heavy Metal/ Prog . Double bass drums, keyboards and those tech guitars. Sounding sometimes like Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater, Deep purple, Within Temptation .. it's a great album. A bit too soft for me but ideal for all of the maniacs of the genre. The last track last about 18 minutes!!! piano intro...etc.. 100/100


Cyrax : "Pictures" Musea records. CD 2015 Digital sounds to start the album... Then it goes from those funky /jazzy broken riffs... The lyrics starting by "metal is what we love"... a bit weird many samples from those numeric bands... mixing with fast tempos and nice solos.It's basically a big mess and really don't know where to put this band into!!! a church sounds like a 'fuk off' album don't like it at all!!! Certainly people who plays in the music studios and don't know what to do. It's really unlikeable and probably will be played in the discos cos noone wants it anyway.... sorry that is not possible to use just any parts of music and mix it that way. Once again Metal is gonna be a trash for useless band. A bit of symphonic baroc parts with heavy guitars... probably symphonic / indus people will find it a song is even scattered in 3 pieces! It could be a theater play. Don't see the point of it. As the singer says 'don't waste your time' I did it unfortunetly hoping to hear something interesting. 10/100

bloody brotherhood

Bloody Brotherrhood : "Ritual of Blood" CD 2015 Self Produced Spanish Brutal Death / Grind band. The cover is excellent and for the fans of horror movies will get in love quickly, the pentagram in the logo and on the tomb. Musically it is fast riffs fast tempos heard in the genre some heavy guitar riffs cooling down a bit but we can hear the wish to play faster most of the time which is normal for that kind of band. Some nice influences too short but still interesting Obituary/ Death etc... the rest is blasting blasting ....for the fans of the genre. 75/100

charming timur

Charming Timur : "For the duration of psychiatric treatment" CD 2015 Fullbalst Pr. Finland one man album. This is the worst shit I ever had to listen!!! pick up your distortion guitar pedal with the flanger one and just sing into it you got the result of the crappest thing you can imagine. This man is disturbed if he thinks he's a genius! How can people really make a cd like that and sell it?! that is out of my imagination. Barely if you take lots of drugs it might gets you unless you are normal being you'll think like me. 0/100

moshpit justice

Moshpit Justice : "Justice is served" CD 2014 Stormspell Records. This album came out the end of the year and I just got it so I'm pleased to review it. This is the second album from the Moshers and it kicks serious ass as the first album ;) It's fukin heavy and pure Thrash in your face, many influences such as Overkill, Testament, Metallica...the only thing that bothers me is the singer's voice although he tries to change there is always that Forbidden touch that stops me to concentrate on the music. It's pounding and you will love it !!! The main thing is the band has its indentity and mosh you 'till the end with those 'balad' passages that gets some breath to kick again harder. 90/100


Prowler : "Stallions of steel" CD 2015 Pure Steel Records. German Heavy Metal band that rips, first it's amazing how it sounds like beeing in the 80's!!! If two guitar riffs are sometimes Iron Maiden or Judas Priest the whole is just the great Heavy Metal we all love. The cover is cool with a robot horse (could be ghost rider's one) i just regret the band's logo is not much worked as it looks very simple...Some will probably hear or see Saxon's influence actually I can hear many 80's influence and it makes the whole album a pleasure to listen. It's not really important but as I'm french I can hear the singer's not english but it's a detail. Reminds me some early french bands ;) In the vein of the Uk's finest Toledo Steel and friends the 80's are here and it feels good to hear real Metal!!! 100/100


AxeMaster : "Overture to madness" CD 2015 PureSteel Records. US Thrash Metal band some might know as they aren't new but for me it's probably the first time I hear from them but I like this heavy rough sound . The first main bands that make me think of them are Metal Church, Wrath, Dementia, ... heavy voice and loud rythm with songs that talks straight from the first note. The cover is just excellent I wish I heard them back in 1987...Just love it!!! 100/100

Frankeinstein Rooster : " the nerdvrotic sounds escape" CD 2015 . Guitar album with movie samples. A funny cover made up in black and white from pencils I guess. The begining of the album make me think of Lonero melodies then the funny licks are coming and then the guitar keep speaking. Very melodic and with a sense of humour only with a guitar and of course a full band. Then it makes me think of Nili Brosh with those funky jazzy riffs. a mix of guitarists sounds... a great album. 100/100

The MIdnight Train

The Midnight Train : "Cold was the ground" CD 2015 Napalm Records. Doom/Stoner rock a band that rocks with first a cover which look like an old western movie, the music is groovy the voice is like far away and sometimes reminds me early Paradise lost or even Entombed blues tunes. One of the last song has like a poetry spoken. A really enjoyable piece of good music to run your ears through the long road of the bands journey. Get a listen you won't be desappointed! 80/100

evil invaders

Evil Invaders : "Pulse of Pleasure" CD 2015 Napalm Records. Speed/Heavy/Thrash Metal band that gives the early 80's a big through back!!!! Man this is insane, the first track is just first Exodus then the next songs are going heavier kinda Raven, Rage and all the high pitch fast Metal riffs like Hirax and speeding like a war plane...this is gonna kill you! 85/100


Flashfires : "Shy" CD 2015 Ok reviewing one song for an album is kinda weird but maybe the whole album sounds the same. Basically we have a band here who mix the 60's with some 80's giving it a todays commercial sound girls will love it! The keys from The doors, a bit of Rem, The beatles, Muse... what I call sugar music it comes straight into your ears like honey ;) 60/100

Reign of Fury

Reign of Fury : "Death be the shepherd" CD 2015. This Uk Thrash band has nothing to prove now, the cover is keeping the same color as the others an has its place in the scene. Musically it has a change from previous albums getting heavier with less solos. If we can hear a bit of Metallica, Exodus, Megadeth ... they on this new album join bands such as Savage Messiah for the singer's melody and the heaviest part. For my part I regret they aren't many solos just heavy riffs maybe a change in the line up...Some growls on one song and a balad that has that Alice in chains feel...90/100


Nobros : "Ready For the action" CD 2015 Karthago Records. Austria Rock/Hard rock band started in early 70's and the label decided to repress the album. This is easy rock with not much creation on lyrics as they sing the same sentence many times the kind of get into your mind in a minute and could be aired on radio. For the one who likes keyboards the band is obviously fan of Deep purple Ian gilan ear. I'm sure you will ear many influences from those years just cool Rock and early Hard Rock riffs with influences such as Scorpions...70/100


Nobros : "Heavy Metal party" CD 2015. Austria Rock/Hard rock band with the follow up with previous review some songs are live so you got the same songs for the fans. If you don't have the first copies then you can get them now and rock on.70/100


Bleeding : "Behind Transparent Walls" CD 2015 Pure Prog Records. This is one is tough to review pretty hard to define i will put them into Punk/Rock/Gothic as influences are mixed and couldn't have any famous band poping into my mind to lead you for helping ... I can only say some songs have that kind shout from Pink Floyd 'the wall' but that just describe a part of the singing as it has nothing to do with it. A dark feeling while listening to it.. it's good album for the ones who loves this kind. 90/100

Lethal saint

Lethal Saint : "WWIII" CD 2015 Pure Steel Records. German Heavy Metal/ Thrash Metal this album is just amazing! The first thing that pops in my mind is the band Dementia a band who was underated with the same influence from Megadeth but the band mixes many influences such as Iced Earth, Gothic Slam, Exodus, Exiter, Death, Metal Church... great solos and song writting with the lyrics that go well and so it's close to Thrash bands for many points but keeps its heavy side. it's pure fukin Metal!!! The songs are just so well written it flows full of passion and great following this is definitively a band that will get big exposure! Voted best album for february by Metal Zone Prod.666 100/100


Devast : "Into Decimated Reality" 2015 Gore house production. Argentina brutal Death /Grind although the cover is pretty cool and gives you the idea of the music I'm not (again) the person to review such band. The riffs are just blasting although it has that Death Metal structure it's just brutality and vomit voice ...for the fans of the genre! 60/100

Hybrid Nightmares

Hybrid Nightmares : "The first age" CD 2015 Self Released .Australian Melodic Death/Black Metal band. This is very interesting band I must say the wish to make 4 mini albums to describe life view makes it a very special band with an originallity many have lost. Musically it has a mix of many influences sometimes reminding Decadence (sweden) , Arch Enemy (the last one) , Kreator, some heavy infuences but the best is to have its own likes , the band is not a copy of any band and has it's own style. This is the first CD of the story and like the seasons there will be 4! I think many will like them and their view . 90/100


Apostate : "Time of Terror" CD 2015 Ferrum Records. Ukraine Death/Doom Metal band who desbanded first 1998 to get back late 2009. An atmospheric heavy tunes with growling voice. This is a space kinda band with too much effect on the voice making it horrible to listen. Sometimes making think of Paradise lost with a really bad sound. Many movies samples excerts before the songs and the voice getting close to grind sometimes. IT's very long songs and sorry I can't listen the voice is just too bad and the lasting of the slow riffs getting boring for me. Make your own thoughts. 60/100


Moonspell : "Extinct" CD 2015 Napalm Records. Portugese Pop/Gothic/New Wave/Indus... First I never liked this band and never put it into Metal many loves it i don't know why... although this album has a background distorted voice coming sometimes it is still not Metal! The first track has keyboard/violon with an oriantal style which put them into the sticker of the new bands playing atmospheres with keyboards (like samples kinda within temptation intros but nothin related) The influences are still the same Depeche Mode, Danzig, Type o Negative, Mike old field for the solos, Indochine, Paradise lost (the late gothic pop era) ...the mix is great but will never be my taste. Pretty good for airing on tv or radio some bands will never be Metal and should not stick to the medias as they are plenty of gothic/new wave magazines for that kind of music. 70/100

The Answer

The Answer : "Raise a little hell" CD 2015 Napalm Records. Northern irland Rock/Hard rock although this is the beggining of the year this band is set to be the best band of the year!!! believe me ;) The first riff is getting you right into the real fuking music!!! A mix of early 70's and mid 80's tunes that will get you to the bones and make you shake!!! Pure happiness in the ears and in your blood. You will hear influences from ACDC, Slade, Janis Joplin, Led Zepplin, Survivor, Guns n roses, Black Crows, Texas, Whitesnake, Twisted sister, Bon jovi, U2, Dio, Aerosmisth, Joe cocker... the list goes on it's just a groovy band who gets out of the boundaries and have all the influences dreamt off with the best tunes every made in rock!!! I just so felt in love with that album I can for the first time give it 200/200! Thank you guys Voted best band of the year by Metal Zone Prod.666

broken lingerie

Broken Lingerie : "Lying Words" MCD 2014 Spanish all female Rock / Hard Rock band that kick, I bought it few months ago late year and with all the reviews I receive I realised I didn't get them a shout. They are excellent! The first track start with heavy tunes and has a mix of Punk/ Rock... make me think at some point as The Donnas. Only 5 tracks you listen over and over again. They have that energy that kick you in the butt straight in a minute so go on shake your body and support those ladies. Supported by Crucified Barbara and Vixen they have the music fame prooving they will go far , I just love'em 100/100


Valor : "The Crown and the King" 7" LP 2015 Pitch Black Records. Greek Power Metal bringing a new song and a Accept cover!!! An artwork that blow away many and right with spirit. The band kinda make me think of Majesty, fans of manowar and all Metal that kick. The first track starts with piano and then go straight to the double bass drums and keep you awake for power and enjoyement. This is excellent band you will all follow so go on get this masterpiece. 100/100

Crimson Wind

Crimson Wind : "Last Poetry" CD 2015 Pitch Black Records. Italian AOR/Symphonic/Progressive/Pop/ Rock band. If the intro starts with a guitar riff the more you go to the last song the more it gets melty and very close to bands you hear on the radio. From Heart To Celine Dion the music regroups a lots of those melodic music it's well done and beautiful as relaxing! The cover reflects the music perfectly! This band will get a wild audience in many music styles that will allow them to play with various artists and then concquer the world. 90/100

Band of Spice

Band of Spice : "Economic dancers" CD 2015 Punk/pop/ Rock First riffs make me think of Green Days a bit of Billy Idol...most every songs are the same. The singer has that screaming rough voice but musically it's just rockin your radio. Some The Doors keys... here and there... a bit of The Cure feel with faster rffs, Bruce Springsteen sounds like the major influences on some songs. 60/100


Temperance : "Limitless" CD 2015 Scarlett Records. Italian Pop/Heavy Metal/Progressive ...the first thing that poped into my mind is Amaranthe ! A band that mixes many music styles in one. I hate to say that but sometimes it makes me think of compilation, even if the singer has strong capabilities it's like I already know the album while listening to it. I've been listening it and I was like man who is this?! The first track starts with some choir then the guitar sound is heavy like Shadowside but evey songs have many changes and the female singer goes from a melodic voice such as Julie Hydrogyn to Epica Simone or Nightwish singers one! A big influence from Within Temptation and even some songs close to Delain. A growling voice is on few tracks and another melodic male singer comes, the main album is a very melodic tune that will get you all whatever your likes or loves....The melodies are close to ABBA sometimes, and even pop singers. Excellent 90/100

All I could Bleed

All I could Bleed : "Burying the past" CD 2011 Darknagar record. Russia Power/Black atmospheric Metal. I discovered the band recently from the singer who make me think of Cadaveria's shark voice. A beautiful woman who makes lot of photos so males don't get focus on her band... ahha well obviously this is the only album they have made. It's a good album with originality and I'm proud I bought it. In the vein of decadence se they still have that influence from death black style but have a way to write their songs which are pretty melodic. The keyboards gives a special atmosphere sometimes it could be a Power Metal band just by changing the voice, some technical parts with guitars. One song make me think of Pantera... on the last songs a male singer is coming and so the music takes another direction but keeps it's enjoying vibe. Honestly it's a great album and I love it. 100/100

The Handful

The handfull : "sons of downtown" CD 2014

self promoted . The singer contacted me recently and I received the album with quite a great surprise. First i have to say this band knows how to get great logo and cover album!!! Amazing disigner work, this is pure fukin Rock in your face with a mix of Hard Rock and punk even reaggae on one song...but very catchy straight to kick ass riffs. The awesomeness of the band is they have great musicians on board and even some guests such as Pat travers, Cherie Currie to name the least... with participation on the mix Mister Mick James... well a bunch of good musicians who quite know the music!!! A nice letter with a bio made like an interview really this band has some good backgrounds to make the point. Musically you will ask... well let me tell you a singer who has the voice of Mark duffy's The Cult mixed Billy Idol some great solos in the vein of Slash (1st GNR Lp) one song in The who blood, another one inspired by Led Zepplin..well you got the picture now it fukin ROCKS (unless i haven't been clear on that) oh Bobby Rondinelli on drums...get your hands on this masterpiece now!!! 100/100

Signs of Darkness

Signs of darkness "The age of decay" CD 2015 Shiver Records. Belgium Black Metal band , this small country seem to have many extreme bands. The cover has a cool design making me think of the lord of the ring where evil won lol. Musically it's not for me and so hard to describe the music. It reminds me the first bands back in early 90's who tried to play as fast as possible. The voice is screaming arsh killing tunes reminding a bit the early Thrash/Black bands. It sounds like one guitar such the sound is crushing thunder. It is fast and I can't bearly listen to the end as it destroys my ears. For the fans of the genre. 50/100


Strangelet : "First Bite" CD 2014 self released. The band just sent me his album, I must say I'm impressed by this German Heavy Metal band. How come they aren't signed yet? This album is just perfect!!! The first track gets you straight into the heaviness of the guitars getting on the edge of Thrash with the singer's voice making me think of Garage Days's Marco and power to kick you. The good thing is the band has a lot of influences from the masters of the 80's!!! Such a pleasure to listen over and over again, the singer has been in the well known band Lanfear and their guitarist is guest on the album ;) The album drives you from melodies to rocking groove and shake you 'til the end. It's full of singles and should get known pretty quickly as this is a masterpiece for an underground band! Influences: Aerosmith, Metallica, Guns n roses, Deep Purple , Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Great White (for the 7th song reminding the hair metal with their country acoustic intros and jazz rock songs) one song has a growling singer and one song has a melodic female singer that probably gets more new Metal fans, but it wasn't necessary to me. Basically the album that gots it all, The First song is actually their first video and really gives the potential from the band. They made a second video for their 'ballad' song. It's too late cos I would have voted the best album for december ;D yet still one of my best album so far come on check em out ! 100/100

satans taint

Satans Taint : " Songs for the einherjar" MCD 2015 Self relesed. US Thrash Death , First album I buy on itunes!!! Mister Bobby Gustafson is back with a new band. Excellent cover with that viking spirit but musically I would say it goes with different ways. There is a slight Slayer touch on some songs reminging South of Heaven , one song a Pantera blood but in general the Overkill touch is always there ;) Obviously several singers... one is brutal Death kinda vocals and another one more melodic in the Thrash spirit. I guess the man wants to taste new fields without boundaries in creations. This is a good 5 tx mini album that will please many Metalheads and more supporting a good musician so buy it now on itunes! 90/100


Nocturna : "Lucidity" CD 2015 Self Release UK Symphonic/Prog Metal with lots of keyboards and reverb. The band has influence of Symphony X and Firewind. The intro has a very low mix so you got to push the button to listen then the mix gets higher and the singer comes. Personally it's not my stuff too much pop kinda vocals with too much reverb that gets my nerve. It misses gutts ! it's like crying singing and always on the same tone (isn't what people call emo?!) . And the "oh oh ..."feeling the gap./ 5 Trx with a duration of 5 mns long with intros and the sixth one 10 mns long! That last track got a great solos and seems more professional or better mixed. Strangely in the middle it moves to growling voice to get back at the end to the "oh oh ... " crying vocals. Very annoying to me like listening the same song again and again. 50/100

David Shankle Group

David Shankle Group : "Still a warrior" CD 2015 Pure Steel Records. USA Power Metal with no surprises awesome guitarist chose great musicians to make a perfect album. This is for me pure 80's Metal with heavy rythm and a melodic voice that kicks from the first note. Damien Thorne's singer brings melodies we could hear in bands such as Lethal, Dio, ...Pounding drums and a solo part with the 'kings of metal' reference from Dave's crazy fast solos he likes to play today. The cover album represents well the music very powerfull and pounding 'till the end! If the band plays live this will be a blast!!! Some great musicians guests are on the album too like Michael Angelo Batio...and else you'll see by yourself once you got the album in april! what else to say? it's just kick in the butt and enjoy your day with happiness ;) 100/100


Roxeavy : "Various artists" CD 2015 Roxeavy Records Uk Metal label presents a compilatin from their rosters of 6 bands with many styles from Thrash to Heavy to Pop etc... some bands have one song the others two or three. Osmium Guillotine (Metallica influence) , Swarned (Nailbomb, Cavalera conspiracy), Immortal Machinery (Goth ) , Breaking the code (Punk rock), Kill the Freak (Hardcore Punk), Monarki (Pop) everyone has it's own like. Check it out! 65/100

False pregnancy

False Pregnancy : "Dance your Meat off" CD 2015 . Estonia Grind band couldn't listen more than 2 mins. IF the cover is funny looking like a punk band the music is brutal, movie excerts with heavy guitars and a vomit voice. 50/100

Stream of passion

Stream of passsion : "At war with our own" CD 2015 Napalm Records. Pop /Gothic Beautiful cover and a very melodic music with few heavy guitars here and there. The album reminds me Evanescence Amy lee 's dark emotional vocals. They sing one song in their language but doesn't change much. It's like flying on the sky but pretty sad feeling, i wish there was at least a song that kicks and give me the wish to mosh but no it's too depressing for me. It's a great album but I can't listen it 'till the end. Hold on tight! it taks you to the deeps. 90/100

secret sphere

Secret Sphere : " A time never come" CD Digipack 2015 Scarlet records. Italian Power Metal/Prog The album has been rerecorded with new singer , the intro is just "Mother Earth" Within Temptation (style) then it suddenly changes to that fast double drums (like a drum machine too much trigger and noise gate) pounding and melodic voice with technical guitars. Obviously songs are starting like that which get an intro out of the rest of the main music, the band is like searching its way that's weird... it's hard for me to study this kind of band as it never gets me any emotion it's too perfect too well put together like robotized. The fans of the genre will probably love it but for me it's too technical and straight it misses life and passion. They are some small passages reminding Speed Thrash Helloween but it's just a fragment compare to the rest that stay the same. The singer pushing his voice like trying to follow the drums becomes horrible sorry too boring for me. 80/100

Mabel Greer's toyshop

Mabel Greer's toyshop : " New way of life" CD 2015 Digital download Country/Pop music. Great design on the cover a music that reminds me the 60's at some point. While I read the story two members of Yes the band created this band in 1966 to actually 'reform' it in 2014. The band plays old songs and have made some new ones. The fact the members are known there is no such reason to rush for listening nor buy it. I'm sorry but young bands do it better! 60/100


Obsolete : "Riven" CD 2015 4tx Self release USA Gothic rock. An emotional voice like the singer is crying while singing, imagine The cure with a more rockin feel. It sometimes make you think of people playing around a fire in the forest. Some acoustic guitars and always that sad feel it's pretty depressing don't listen if you want to commit suicide. 40/100


Lancer : "Second Storm" CD 2015 Despotz Records . Swedish Speed Heavy Metal with an album that will kick your ass!! influences : Helloween (judas, keepers...) , Iron Maiden, Judas Priest ...this is the 80's at its best with high pitch vocals and great melodies with killer solos. It's no surprise this country has some of the best bands in Metal! 100/100


Nightrage : " The puritan" CD 2015 Despotz Records. Greece/Sweden modern Thrash Metal with a new singer. Powerfull straight in your face riffs with a sharky/screaming voice with melodies in guitars. Making think of Kreator, Darkane, Exodus, Diabolo , Five Finger Death Punch...a bit of Inflames (early albums) basically the voice is driving force with kicking and fast drumming giving that impression on beeing in a train. The 7th track suddenly cut the power to get into clear classic guitars as an instrumental to move for a screaming explosive track starting with a long screaming like Black Metal do . Appart from the first song most are a very short I regret the voice is very tiring while the music is really an enjoyement but sure the new kids will love it. 90/100

At the dawn

At the Dawn : "Land in sight" CD 2015 Barkerteam Records. Italian Heavy Metal /Prog/Symphonic/pop... Diverse influences Iron Maiden, Giuffria, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kamelot, Within temptation (you'll find many) .. female singer guest. Very melodic songs on the edge of pop music sometimes, it's a journey wih the feel of hard times and good times in life. This is a good mix and you have to love the keyboards for the general atmosphere. 95/100


Silentlie : "Layers of nothing" CD 2015 Bakerteam Records. Italian Gothic / Rock / Pop compared to the bands of this kind it somehow has a good vibe with sometimes heavy guitar parts we find in Metal bands today. Mostly female singer with sometimes a male singing, the music can reach many people as the Goth side is kinda desappearing probably they evolve to open their vision or musical direction. Pretty easy songs with a melodic chorus to get people attracted and leading them some singles in radios. The 7th track has even a 'Black Sabbath' kinda riff intro ;) it's sounds like a two people's project as the vocals are towards the end together. The song 'we are the wolves' is probably the most achieved as it gots a solo and big melodies. 90/100

Starsick System

Starsick system : "Day dreamin " CD 2015 Bakerteam Records Italian Rock musicians in known bands such as Eden Curse, Syrarde..decided to form a band to kick the scene. First thing that catches you is the mix, melodic songs lifting you up and making you dancing! Influences are raggin from different styles and can reach many by the melodies and good vibe.


VOD : "Tuurngait" CD 2015 Very low mix some kind of Jazz mixed up with some heavy guitars pretty weird I must say. Sounds like someone is playing with sounds can't figure out what's about.

Sacred blood

Sacred Blood : "Argonautica" CD 2015 Pitch Black Records. Greek Heavy Metal with an awesome cover artwork telling you there is a story behind the album. Major influences Manowar, Hammerfall, Judas Priest ... Some celtic folk parts. It's the kind of album you imagine a movie while listening. it's perfect 100/100


Heidevolk : "Velua" CD 2015 Napalm Records. Netherland Gothic /Pagan /folk band 's fifth album. To be honest I have the impression to be in a church! Heavy tone staying on the same tune for the singer, a dark feel with some heavy guitars and fast drums with slow moments out of the irish music with flutes, short passages of Metal tunes. I really don't like the voice it gives me the creep. It's too boring for me, doesn't move and that tune staying on one line it's like going to a choir even classic Baritons have more melodies in the voice. 50/100


Mammoth Mammoth : "volume IV" CD 2015 Naplam Records. Australian Punk Rock that will kick you and party like mad! The first song has The Exploited fast guitars . Some Hard Rock like Motorhead type, a bit of The cult rockin tunes, down tunes guitars with a big influence on The sex pistols reminding the cover from Megadeth 'anarchy' .... fast guitars dirty sound feedbacks it's fuking punk ;) 80/100

The Black Lanthern

The Black lantern : "We know the future" CD Wiener records 2015. USA Hardcore/Funk/Rap very confusing band already from the cover looks like an interogation. Imagine a soft Rage Against The machine type band. No use of the word "fuck" but is like a DJ mix.

countless skies

Countless skies : "self titled" CD 2015 4 trx of Dark Viking Death Metal .A strong atmosphere with a growling voice and melodic one heavy slow motion songs, keyboards to set the spirit. Imagine the band lost in a highest mountains, very compressed sound certainly from the mix close to demo tape! Make your mind. 60/100

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