The Order of Israfel

The Order of Israfel : "Wisdom" CD 2014 Napalm Records. Swedish Heavy Doom Imagine Black Sabbath with an heavier voice and different tuning. In the vein of The Oath very entertaining tunes that catches you from the beginning to the end with a strong pleasure! Some Folk rock in the middle and using different instruments reminding some old 70's psychedelic bands. The song 'Promises made to the earth " reminds DRAIN Sth It's just awesome getting back the roots of great music!!! The last tracks starting with a talking reminding viking movies and followed by a very heavy dark song with influence from Paradise lost!!! I just love it. Voted best album for the autumn by Metal Zone Prod.666


Breintenhold : "Secret words" CD 2014 Stormspell records. Swedish Heavy Metal. Well so fuking powerfull no need to explain... influences Helloween, Gama Ray. Primal Fear, Running Wild, Rage,Accept....80's melodies and speed this is perfect!!! One of the best band today ;)


Hessian :"Bachelor of Black Heart" CD 2014 Stormspell records. USA Heavy Metal in the vein of early 70's 80's Hard Rock Heavy Metal one song remindsbit of Metallica Garage days (Diamond Head, Blitzreig) , ... some Led Zep , Black Sabbath, Heart, The Runaways, ACDC, Bitch, The Donnas...One male and one lady singers sounding like an old compilation k7 tape with a punky sound. Like an old production from the early days this is cool!

rocka rollas

Rock Rollas " The Road of Destruction" CD 2014 Stormspell records. Swedish Power Metal .The bands name reminds Judas album one.. and the rider gives you already the idea of powerfull speed tunes . The intro has that Testament 'the new order' feel the first track has that high pitch vocals somekind making think of Russ Anderson, Warrel Dane, a mix of all those powerfull german bands... Paragon, Helloween, Gama Ray, Blind Gardian...moshing bands you see at the Wacken Open Air Festival ;) u got the picture! Many 80's influences with the actual Metal sound mix. Awesome solos with perfect songs creation a lot of imagination and melodies. This gonna be on your shelves if you love those great bands.


Lector : "Bubonic Dawn" CD 2014 Stormspell records. Swedish Dark Metal with a great black n white cover. Demo + new songs. Although it's not a copy it makes me think of Dissection with clean intros and fast riffs. A rough voice in the vein of Aeturnus, some harsh sound a la Motorhead n Sodom. Some folk parts with a bit of new wave goth...Then the last tracks are back to fast powerfull kick ass tunes.

Project Terror

Project Terror :" Conquistador" CD2014 Pure Steel Records.USA Heavy Metal. Ex- Vicious Rumours and ShadowKeep members uniting to bring a cool band. The cover reminds me Gaia Epicus ideas, musically Vainglory with a very high picth tone and mostly all 80's bands. Some effects in the voice very actual today, late Helloween, solos in the vein of George Lynch, Satch, friedman....a good journey!

thrash bombz

Thrash Bombz : "Dawn" CD 2014 Iron Shield Records. Italian Thrash Metal still keeping the 'do it ' yourself underground cover. This is pure madness speed and moshing with many influences with rough sound reminding the early bands that we all loved. This is for every Thrashers outhere!!! Testament, Vio-lence, Lazz Rockit, Sepultura, Suicidal Tendencies, Wargasm, Wrath, Exodus, FLotsam &Jetsam.......MOOOSSHHHhhhhhhh_

caliber zero

Caliber Zero : "Con Las Botas Puestas" Cd 2014 Pure Steel Publishing. Spanish Heavy Metal inspired by all the greatest! W.A.S.P, ACDC, Judas Priest, ACCEPT, and all the 80's kick ass bands...and rocking tunes

Liv Kristine

Live Kristine : "Vervain" CD 2014 Napalm records. Pop/Goth/New Wave the girl needed to get us know her own music tastes and its a wide mix out of the 'Metal' world she is mostly supported with her band Leaves eyes. Difficult to put in a case as her voice beeing so magic the music kinda don't fit really. Many guests as the mighty Doro!!! Electronic sounds and dark atmosphere. Some influences but just tiny bits of Within Temptation, Evanescence, Type o Negative and other non metal bands .. this is special and will be much appreciated by non Metal people who like those Gothic stuff with electronic samples...Thanks she has an awesome lovely voice ;)

bestial invasion

Bestial Invasion : "Silent wonders" 2Tx CD 2014 Archaic Sound. Ukraine Thrash Speed Hardcore moshin maniacs. Procduced by Don Doty the crazy bass player from Violent Omen who already released great albums produced by Toxik Josh Christian is obviously loved in the Metal world!!! This time he has his girlfriend singing some funny slashing lyrics. One track is their own with lots of speed and great solos reminding early Dark Angel and more the second track is Morbid Saint cover the logo reminding Messiah one. I can't wait to hear more of this insane moshing Thrashers band that kicks ass as they always do


Megaherz " Zombieland" CD 2014 Napalm Records. German industrial goth band singing in german. This is not my type of music at all and those 'tecno' electronic sounds with cold line guitar that has no life nor color to me. The cover is interesting and I was expecting something Metal but it ain't at all. Only for the ones who love this kind of stuff.

corners of sanctuary

Corners of Sanctuary : "Axe to the Grind" CD 2013 La Mazakuata Records, Obviously repressed by Pure Steel records 2014 (for what i understand). US Rock/Metal with a sound that would fit the 80's. The cover is strange at first look i thought it was written SOD but looking closely it's a hammer on the hand of a ghost. Makes me think a bit of the first Anthrax with much heavier guitars and slower tempo, (fistfull of vengeance the song that gives me this idea) some influences from ACDC, Fastway, Sammy Hagar, ZZTop, Mama's boys, Dire Strait, Warlock, Lee AAron, ....many influences it's hard to put them in a case. All 80's maniacs will love it.


Disaster : "Blasmephy Attack" CD 2014 Ironshield Records. Colombia Thrash Metal with the power of the early days. Influences of the singer from Zetro to Shulck Shuldiner sometimes beeing on the frontier with Death Metal keeping that heavy guitar riff. A color full cover with tons of symbols. Tempos reminding Obituary or Morbid Angel moshing tunes with that bass passage ;) Some german touches Holy Moses, Kreator, Destruction...Metallica , Megadeth...Exodus well for all the crazy moshers outhere this is for you!

almost human

Almost Human : "autopsy womb 2 womb" CD 2012 self produced Swissland Hardcore Band , I had 4 trx out of 5 to listen (maybe lost one in the mail) difficult to actually give a definition as it really has many influences from the new Metal and rock explosion. The intro is like Fear Factory with sample with a very digital sound making it shark. Then the music has many vibes and a singer with that melow voice. Making me think a bit of Soundgarden singer then it goes more into the screaming type of todays bands. A bit of Korn mixed Messugah and late commercial stuff form In Flames... it changes so much that it can be loved by teens as much as Metal heads who love those distortion and shark tunes.

Blood & iron

Blood & Iron : "Voices of Eternity" 201 CD Pure Steel Records. India Heavy Metal with melodies and power. At first it made me think of RAM then some other singers with two tones. This will please all melodic bands such as Europe, Warlord, Dragonsclaw, Scorpions, Saxon, some rock such as dire strait, Mike oldfield riffs here and there. Helloween, Judas Priest, Majesty.... it goes on and on a beautiful album.

steel prophet

Steel Prophet : "into the void / Continuum" DBL CD 2014 Pure Steel Records. US Power Metal everyone knows. Well after the release of the albums on LP now it is a two albums set on cd. One album and a demo from the eighties with covers from Iron Maiden. For the ones who know them their are very high pitch heavy metal with comparison to Helstar, Sanctuary, Agent Steel , Flotsam & Jetsam.... Underrated band that is powerfull and got plenty of good musicians. This is the kind of album you should have in your collection!!! This one has a Thrash touch ;)

born of fire

Born Of fire : "Dead Winter Sun" CD 2014 Pure Steel Records .US Heavy Metal band with melodies and heart breaking notes , first track reminds me Lethal, a bit of Giuffria, Queensryche, and a tiny bit of late Guns n roses albums, Iced Earth, Fates Warning... . A bit of Sadness in the atmosphere which is really close to the dark cold cover! The synth parts helps you getting into a story into your mind like watching a movie. Brilliant album!!!

Cavalera conspiracy

Cavaleara Conspiracy : "Babylonian Pandemonium" CD 2014 Napalm Records. If many people might have hated Max for any biz or music direction there is no doubt is a good musician!!! This album is far more better than the last Sepultura album!!! The two brothers have made some great compositions since they started and got many fans over the world for that exception they kick ass and always been out of the boundaries bringing some originality that everyone find its way in! It's great to hear them playing back together with that energy and kick ass tunes that some new bands don't have. I must say I'm stunt by the love of that album brings me I feel what I loved from Sepultura in the 90's when their success were high. At the begining it reminded Nailbomb albums they did on side of their main band. It has that fast speed Thrash from Arise, some heavy riffs from Beneath, and that originality form Chaos AD. Well this is what we all loved from MAX!!! Powerfull killer tracks that ripps. It even has some Death Metal into it (Pestilence, Death, Morbid...) awesome solos and that strength that made those guys the musicians we love. So if you gave up on what they did after Roots... then get your hand on this album it will revive your anger to kick the butt to emo and nu metal assholes ;D Max And Igor rules !!! I love that album!!!!


Alunah : "Awakening the forest" CD 2014 Napalm Records. Uk Doom Metal fronted by a female singer calling themselve 'on the line of Cathedral'. That pretty sets the bands' influence! A pretty amazing cover that sets it apart from all the actual bands and it seems these days are searching to get out I suppose of the music biz market image. Neitherless it has that interest that got me into their world. Basically get into the woods and put your head phones on and trip into that imaginary land they bring u. No extra mix, just heavy guitars and some melodies into the voice that somehow bring you back in the 70's cool hippies life. Well what can i say more just dive in!!! This is pure happiness ;)


Fangtooth : " As we dive into the dark" CD 2014 Jolly Roger Records. Siccily Dark Doom Metal band This is powerfull such it's heavy and dark but so joyfull!!! some good vibes comes from it although it has everything to kick u down when u first look the cover title but the singer has a very heavy melodic voice (Agent Steel, Ian Gillan/ sabbath era) very down tunes guitars and slow tempo. Sometimes reminding Paradise lost a bit of Cathedral, a nice clean song with that Pink floyd feel. A really interesting band with somehow a grooving atmosphere that will get you into passion. Check them out!

Eternal fear

Eternal fear : "Uk Damnation - live in london MXXIII" CD 2014 Burning Halo Records. The swedish band made a great live album from the tour in 2013 n 2014 in the uk. A strong mix with heavy guitars and great tunes having many inspiration the band got. This is a really good live that for those who may not now them will probably get u into it and for the ones who already they just will love it!!! 13 songs like 2013... from old to new ones having that kick ass guitar sound and a singer that gives all it takes to get the melodies going , we hear the passion of the band and the compositions lead many people into temptation ;)


RAFF : "the raff" CD 2013 Jolly Records Italian Hard Rock band. That band that originally started in 1979 has all the 80's tunes from those great years with rockin tunes that will kick your butt and u will ask for more ! ACDC, WASP, Twisted Sister... so many great riff - raff ahah seriously it will get all the rock n roll fans as Hard Rock fans of those great years reminding some LA scene shaking !


Gunfire : "Age of Supremacy" CD 2014 Independent records Italy Heavy Metal band. Well this is a perfect album! At the begining of the album it's kind hard to know which direction the band goes as the first song has a female vocalist reminding Hydrogyn 's julie! The next songs have different men voices so I was thinking this is a compilation. Probably some guests...although the band started in the 80's they managed to adapt pretty well as some songs are close to symphonic powermetal bands! Each song is particular to many influences and the mix is just perfect like the cover it brings you into another world. You'll find influences from Saxon, Scorpions, FM, Accept, Within Temptation, Deep purple, the list goes on and on. The songs are pretty long with stories in the sound and the vocals a bit confusing cos you think this is a new song. Melodies in the guitars and beating drums, a journey into heavy metal with passages from ages.


Gormathon : "following the beast" CD 2014 Napalm Records. Swedish Metal band that mixes all the good elements from todays' metal band. At first the cover made me think of Grind/Death but musicaly it has nothing to compare to. The music has that power rythm from Power Metal and Thrash then the voice is sometimes heavy and sometimes with gutts like Shagrah. It could be called Viking band with that hymn slow heavy atmosphere and melodies 'remember' the song that has this spirit. Doom tunes mixed moshing vibe! Some groovy songs and known melodic singers guest giving the whole album a color that even though u hear some known riffs (slayer, soulfly, machine head, In Flames ...etc...) they manage to capture your attention and make it different from the other bands. It will please all the moshers around!

holy moses

Holy Moses : "Redifined mayhem" LP /CD 2014 SPV/Steamhammer . The LP cover is full of colors and have a real interest while the cd is like unfinished designed with straight lines and grey... First album that refer to the actual band's name with a devil holding the commandements. The album starts with heavy thrashing guitars and some melodies you know from earlier material. The mix is very digital today's era sharky. A second death vocals reminding that album 'too fuck to drunk"and sabina sometimes is close to those Black Metal and new metal bands. Some songs have that Slayer atmosphere. For sure it follows the last albums since the band got back together. If you search for earlier riffs it's not! Although the band has it's own style it has melted into the new era of Thrash Metal. A good album !!!


Kontrust : "Explosive" CD 2014 Napalm Records/ EMI Vienna Pop/Rock if the cover has something from the 80's the sound is pretty from the actual selling bands you hear and see on tv! the stuff for kids although the guys have many influences. Listening to it got me just the idea it is a funny kinda joke band that get pissed of all that commercial thing. The lyrics are really not relatives and seem to be just stuff put there to give the people dance as it is repetitive. Some sample, good guitars and well written songs with a female vocalist. This is just fun that might get on the charts and on the iphones of the new generation teens. (avril lavigne, pink, black eyes peas...)

harmonic generator

Harmonic Generator : "heart" Cd 2014 France Rock/Hard Rock. Just 4 Trx to listen as they will release 4 eps this one has the sticker #1 and well a band that gives the feel of happiness in the vein of Bon jovi, Dio, Mr big... Some 70's influences in the guitar riffs...mixed by Logan Mader!


Mortician : "Shout for Heavy Metal" CD 2014 Pure Underground Records. Austria heavy metal band. When i saw the cover i thought of this well known band but it's not! Always supprised the band have similar names but keep on going.... this one is pretty old obviously and has all the good riffs from Heavy Metal !!! From Saxon, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden ...the list goes on and on they just captured all those great bands tunes. Really hard to explain this is a good band ;) get that band for sake of it!


Explorer : "shout in the fog" CD 2014 Iron Shield Records. Italy Speed Thrash Crossover with an awesome cover! The music has that kick ass tunes never stops, sometimes reminding early Sodom, Gang Green, and 80's heavy bands giving a singer different capabilities and getting that crossover metal boundaries.


Hellscream : "Made immortal" CD 2014 Dead End Records USA Heavy Metal with members from Cage and Skinner. From the first note it kills your ears full of power!!! The first thing that comes into my mind is a mix between Neil Turbin (deathriders, anthrax) High pitch vocals and Iced Earth singer from Horror Show era!!! Some cool solos and just kick ass powerfull songs will just take you up from the ground to high sensations happiness. Do you need more to get convinced should get it straight on your shelve?!


Enkelination : " Tears of lust" Cd 2014 Self produced. When a finland classical singer comes to the uk and form a band that has lots of sensational feelings to give. It's difficult for me to actually give them a sticker it has some pop, gothic , and this voice many bands classified as Symphonic Metal . Most of the time she makes me think of Epica's simone singer, a tiny bit of Within Temptation synth but it ain't Metal. This is taking you to your deep feelings and might get you cryin if you're sensitive. The music is not much rockin even though this is a full band the atmosphere of Gothic slow sad sensation is taking you . This is beautiful but not rockin at all so not for everyone!

seven thorns

Seven Thorns : " II" CD 2014 Sonic Revolution records Danish Power Metal Band. Well impressive album that first reminds me Yngwie Malmsteen with Joe Lynn Turner!!! Then all the heavy speed bands like Helloween, certainly bands like Dream Theater. Pounding drums solos that kick ass with those melodies and shreds like mad. If you love those powerful bands then this is for you!!! Not to mention the 'mama mia' cover that has a great intro but the rest is not my taste , the video is pretty cool with cams on the guitars neck.


Hellborn Death Engines : "welcome to the hellmouth" CD 2014 Self produced Calgary Thrash Metal band that kick serious ass. Wow I'm impressed by the awesome mix that is excellent and very professional. This band brings all the great elements that this style is with powerfull guitar riffs heavy drums and a voice that get it right in your face. A bit of Death vocals the main theme is to kill ;) a mix all of good thrash bands that gives this band a really high top rating. Get your hands on this excellent album.

kobra and the locus

Kobra and the Lotus : "High Priestess" Cd 2014 Titan Records. Canada Heavy / Power Metal female fronted band that brings a new light into the scene with powerfull singer. The track 'I am' is a kinda Anthrax influenced moshing kick ass song. The next songs are just heavier with influences with the new Metal bands having a melodic male voice backing up in the vein of Kamelot, some samples as we all here now for intros . high pitch vocals showing the ability of the lady to concquer the Metal world. The song 'Soldier' makes me think of those german bands.Awesome melodic solos that rip! Some Dio, Judas Priest, Precious Metal, Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Manowar, Reverence , ect... pounding drums and that voice that gets your grip and keep you addicted! A band will be loved by all Metalheads around the globe and risk to take over the planet!

hellcrawler wolfe

Hellcrawler /Wolfe : "the end of humanity" Split LP Slovenia Hellcrawler is a Death Metal band with some kind of groove reminding a bit of Sodom Tapping the vein mixed Entombed wolverine blues. Wolfe is an Austalian Grind speed band. For the ones who loves it.

in aevum agere

In Aevum Agere : " Limbus Animae" LP 2014 Pure Steel records . Italian Heavy Metal / Doom band that rocks. Singer has a melodic voice and the main music has that atmosphere the cover art represents pretty well. Very different from those bands stickers this one has that really intense feel with melodies to move everybody. This is pure Heavy!!! Get your hands on this it's good treasure.

Raised fist

Raised fist : 'from the north" CD 2014 Epitaph Records Swedish Hardcore . Had only one track to listen but it's enough. The singer has that screaming rappy touch I really don't like.

guerra total

Guerra Total : "Cthulhu Zo;bies & anti cosmic black goats " CD 2014 Iron Shield Records Colombia Speed/ Punk/ Thrash/ Black Metal. Influenced from many bands and style it's just a fun band to play if you like those sounds and horror lyrics.


Exodus : "BLood in, Blood out" CD 2014 Nuclear Blast. Explosive cover that brings your attention and zetro back seems to capture the attention again from that thrashin label. I just don't get it with the indus / techno intro... the songs are kinda back to the roots of the best exodus we had with a faster tempo and moshin bits. Man this kills!!! The solos are always that good and headbanging all the way to the end. The song "Salt in the wound" Featuring mister Kirk Hammet on the lead is the following song from last achieved album "Tempo .." with souza that makes the link perferct. The song "Btk" has also that feel with mister Chuck Billy featuring on backing vocals with a nice groovy style. "Wrapped in the arms of rage" has that old exodus heavy bass guitars reminding "fabulous desaster" album. In the overall this is a great album that stay true to their music and I love it!!!


Obituary : "Inked in Blood" CD 2014 Nuclear Blast. This is the year of blood, the band is back with a fukin awesome album that kicks ass bad! Man it brings back the early days from the first track that's a band with its own identity and no worry it is the mosh we love from them with the explosion lyrics from john. All the fans must have that album!

Dark Victory

Dark Victory : "Urine,Excrement,Timewasters and fools" 2014 Self titled CD. I have interviewed this uk band and reviewed their two albums. I thought they disappeared but apparently it was just a matter of line up problems. While the title seems like a grind album it appears more like a 'fuk off' with the whole bands life trying to get it work. The picture shows a complete band and it got remixed old good heavy melodic metal songs with radio interviews. This band has been trying to get out with their music for quite some time while some bands seem to appear and desappear with no troubles , DV wants more to get this project to achieve getting the songs already done made with much power and simply getting outhere live and kickin.


Astronmikon : "Dark Gorgon Rising" CD 2014 Pure Legend Records Greek Heavy Metal band. Melodic voice and grooving songs. Reminds me a bit of Europe , Iron Maiden, Helloween....Really cool cover and wow the bands name right out from a scifi movie!


TNT : "30th Anniversary 1982 - 2012" Live CD/DVD 2014 Indie Records. The Heavy Metal Norway band is back and has made this album with live shows and orchestra as many have done since the nineties. IT regroups all of their materials the fans will for sure love. The intro is like a US movie one ;) Like all those eighties bands their music is always perfect and this is what make us want to go back. Personnaly I prefer the dvd not much interested in a live sound, gets me frustrated while watching the dvd feels me with lots of passion and pleasure get our hands on it!


Skalmold : " Med Vaettum" CD 2014 Napalm Records. Iceland Viking Black Metal at least that what is the closest I could find from the first song. The thing is they mix Thrash Riffs with celtic passages and like the cover discribes well their music is kinda like a battle of ancient times. A good album that will please a large community of metalheads and surely mosh many!!!

space vacation

Space Vacation : "Cosmic Vanguard" CD 2014 Pure Steel Records. USA Heavy Metal that brings back the 80's and well if you need vacation then it's for you ;) Very entertaining and melodic speed that gets into your heart in a minute! Ex Vicious Rumours is certainly the reason for it since the solos are pretty classic. Just a big pleasure listenning to this pearl with all the influences we love. Some Lynch licks and sound, Skullfist, Judas Priest, Saxon, Iron Maiden ....Voted best album by Metal Zone Prod.666


Engel : "Raven Kings" CD 2014 Gain Music Swedish Pop/Hardcore . It is there fourth album sorry I never heard of them. The fact it is produced and mixed by In Flames and Volbeat musicians just gives you the idea of the music. Some melted pop songs for the girls and some screaming songs for the boys. I really don't like that kind of bands that for me spam the Metal planet. For sure it reaches the new kids of the blocks but common if screaming and having distorted guitars can be called Metal then what has been done since the past 40 years?! For the fans of Metallica's load album ... and screaming voices.

dreadful minds

Dreadful Minds : "Love hate lies" CD 2014 Phonector records. Germany Rock/Hard Rock band. The cover artwork is interesting like a comic scketch with a great impression of 2D realism. Musically it rocks with a great mix, I just can't get into the voice that sometimes reminds me Red Hot singer... very melodic and the cover gets that emotion pretty well.


Sanctuary : "The year the sun died" CD 2014 Century Media. What a great surprise to see one of my fav band coming out! Never thought they would release another full length and more Warrel Dane getting back to his high pitch tunes. Man I love this album! The cover is just excellent and the songs wow just check out the video on the net. It has all the elements of the early days with some Nevermore of course but most the band got awesome musicians so good it makes this album one of the best and like the band never stopped. Go on get it now!!!

evil scarecrow

Evil scarecrow : "Galactic hunt" CD 2014 BJF media. Uk Heavy / Black Metal band is just few lads and a gal who wants to have fun with the music yet making cool compositions. In case you didn't know it's there third album ! had played lots of gigs and the bloodstock festival just to say. Musically just take some cool WASP intro and Dimmu Borgir voice. The whole mixed up giving that good vibe as 'spiritual dimension" with heavy riffs and solos you got their music. In overall we can say they play the good Heavy Metal tunes they loved as growing and the melodic Black Metal that made more fans to reach out in late 90's. Lyrically it's just a funny comic band and as you can see the cover it's between star trek and ... well you decide ;) Have listen you'll be surprise how much you like it!

First aid

First Aid : "Nursed" CD 2014 Iron Shield Records. I'm really happy this german Thrash Metal band didn't quit as they had many line up changes after that excellent album I reviewed few years ago. The nurse has gotten old and trashed (just don't know how she will be next time) Finally got signed and bring us a great moshin album. In the vein of Garage Days, Early Sodom, Exodus, Tankard .... well this is thrash and heavy and speed ... it's just fukin good and you gotta tap into your vein!

Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet : "Milking the stars" CD 2014 Napalm Records. While the cover is amazingly powerfull the music as you know it is more like Pop/rock and here I can say the guys sound like getting back to their fav bands who influenced them.Each song has a special touch, one has The Door, another Pink Floyd, The cult...etc.. a mix of 70's and 80's tunes that rock the band members and probably you! If you like this band's universe then plunge into it!


Steak : "slab city" CD 2014 Napalm Records. UK psychedlic stoner rock. The cover is just awesome but I must say the bands name kinda surprised me. The intro has that Pink Floyd atmosphere with synths and voice samples ..then those effects in the voice is closer to those groovy bands. There is this heavy sound that leads the whole keeping somehow draining to pleasure so you can't stop listening.


Zodiac : " Sonic Child" CD 2014 Napalm Records . German Pop band. The first track make me think of The donnas 'gold medal' second track has that blues intro from movies like crossroad and the lyrics are a mix of Led Zepplin and Hendrix. The cover has that late 60's artwork.Once again a bit of early Pink Floyd... well it's clear the band is very influenced by old bands and somehow sounds like some new ones. That groovy feel of Red Hot Chilli Peper (the new one) Some good wha wah solos, a bit of Eric Clapton ... will please all people who grew up with this music and others who appreciate it today through the new bands.


Lostpray : "that's why" CD 2014 Self release. Turkey Hard Rock band. The first track make me think of Metallica reload, Nicleback (for the broken bit in the voice) The cover make you think straight away at The unforgiven song and it's obvious they are influenced by the rock/goth band Metallica as you can hear the influences from the mid 90's albums...8 trx like that you have to be prepared to cry. Of course they are melodies but the atmosphere is cold and sad.


Renegade : "Thunders Knows No Mercy" CD 2014 Pure Underground Records. Italian Heavy Metal that kicks serious ass from the cover to the songs. High pitch vocals, powerfull drums, great guitars... Angra, Queensryche, Dokken, Helloween, Judas Priest, Reverence, Mercyfull fate...this is an excellent band and you need to get that album now!!! This is what we call heavy metal.


Alltheniko : "Fast and glorious" CD 2014 Pure Steel Records. Italian Heavy Metal / Thrash at full speed and power!!! Man it seems this country is bringing excellent bands. The cover is full digital made but still has the image of the band and describe well there music. The singer has many touches on his voice from Rage, Abattoir, Doro... wide range! Musically it's fast having many influences Judas priest, Vainglory, Razorwire, Annihilator, Death Angel pounding drums driving you to the highest point of the road without stop. I'm on my knees I imagine them live that will kick you down!!! Excellent cover of saxon faster ;) I must say another pearl voted best album by Metal Zone Prod.666

rant Bjork and the low desert punk band

Brant Bjork and the low desert punk band : "Black Power Flower" CD 2014 Napalm Records USA psychedelic Rock. Well first thing the cover says it all!!! The name could be longer....musically the guys are tripping. It's just playing with sensations on voice and effects. Influenced by the early 70's.


Cruizzen : "free ride" CD 2014 Pure Rock Records. Germany Hard Rock band that first listen make think of an ACDC cover band. Obviously it's the main influence here. This is catchy riffs and rocker kickin songs sometimes reminding some bits of Faster Pussycats, Guns n roses , DAD and all the bands with that scratched voice rockers use. It's pure fuckin rock n roll baby!

Amberian dawn

Amberian Dawn : "Magic Forest" CD 2014 Napalm Records. Finnish pop/metal band. Difficult again to give a sticker to this band. Some song have that kicking drumming you find in Heavy Metal and some songs are just ABBA stuff... a beautfiul cover pretty much giving the band 's atmosphere like in a dream peacefull lovely flying in a forest with the birds. Well the music could be on a movie such it has that fantasy and so light sound. They could easily be on a disney movie!!! Mary popins etc... It's amazing how many bands call themselves Metal when not later than the 90's they would be on the top charts and tv!!!


Uberkill : "Sex on a leash" CD 2014 UK Rock /Hard Rock self produced. Although I received 4 Tracks to listen to the band tends to sell online one single after one which reveal the society in which we live! people listening to one song rather than an album it helps people choosing the song they want to buy on ITunes of course. Musically it has many influences and it's groovy enougth to catch up many music individuals. One track reminds me Bad English mostly the singer's voice. Another track reminds me La Guns and many riffs taken from 70's best bands of all times making this band a very accessible worldwide music lovers ! a really cool band ;)

THe Year of the Goat

The year of The goat : "The Key and the gate" CD 2014 Napalm Records. Swedish Pop/rock band mainly inspired by the 70's . I just don't get it why bands loving the old tunes are choosing such name. A lot of Harmon Keyboard (never been fan of this weird sound) a bit of Blue Oyster Cult, The Doors, Deep Purple... nothing special musically. Only if you want to hear the music of bands you loved back then.

alexander oden

Alexander Oden : " The culmination" CD 2014 Self Produced. This is the second album with more work on the cover artwork than the first. Death /Thrash tunes that sometimes are heavy sometimes fast. The voice is closer to Brutal Death with melodies in solos and groovy guitar riffs. To get an image it reminds a bit of early Sepultura! The album is available for free on his site so get yours and make your mind.

the flight of sleipnir

The Flight of Sleipnir : "V" CD 2014 Napalm Records. USA Pop/ Black Metal band obviously not sure were they want to go or maybe it's the new modern style... You have that nearly impossible to read logo, a beautiful artwork cover close to tattooes rocker bands. Some songs are the typical underground Black Metal with that low mix and screaming voice, and some cool relaxing 70's ambiant pop music. For you to taste and like or not.


Nachblut : "Chimonas" CD 2014 Napalm Records Germany Black Metal at its best!!! From the first note we can hear the strong production it blasts right in your ears. Strong heavy guitars and powerfull screams and growling voice. The band will reach the heart of all followers of the genre. A mixture of all the great elements Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral, Old man's child....a great band that blow your mind!!! Awesome


Vintersorg : "Naturbal" CD 2014 Napalm Records. Swedish Power Metal / Black Metal two members inspired by there love in music and as we can see the cover into the universe and magic that is around us. It's kinda difficult for me to listen as it goes from one style to another like listening two bands at the same time.


Brutus : "The Shadow over innsmouth" CD 2015 Blood rock records. Italian Dark Doom i must say i'm not quite sure what sticker to give them as it gots plenty of inspirations from early and late bands. The music is for sure very Heavy with slow tempo and down tuning that gives that Doom elements , the singer has a dark voice sometimes close to The cult 'asbury' new wave /gothic timbre that gives the creep yet very captivating tone. You can find many influences from Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Pentagram, Danzig , Slayer, Dimmu Borgir first albums... well it's all about riffs and what we can say it has a wide range to satisfy everyone. Inspired by HP lovecraft world this might talks to you. A good and interesting album.


Shadowbane : "Facing the fallout" CD 2015 Pure steel records. Germany Thrash / Power Metal another great sign from that label. The first songs are thrash reminding Sanctuary, Flotsam & jetsam, Testament, Overkill, Anthrax and the more it goes the more it gets heavy and yet keeping that 80's riffs gets closers to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Artillery , Vicioous Rumours, Eidolon, Rage, Kiss... as the singer has a Heavy Metal voice on top of moshin riffs. really a good album that will get many old and new metalheads around the world. Get your hands on this!

perfect beings

Perfect Beings : "solar eclipse" CD 2014 My Sonic Temple. USA Pop band if many musicians have played in formations such as Slash or Bruce Dickinson musically it has nothing to rock to!!! The first track is a Beatles song and the rest is melty with that commercial sound from todays bands on radio and tv. The band has influences from Yes and the bands from that era yet the sound is very close to what bands do today Marron Five, Oasis, Coldplay... really can't stand that voice and that sound mix.


Hellion : "Karma is a bitch" MCD 2014 New Renaissance records. Ann is back with excellent musicians that just lift the band's power and stay in the vein of the early days which stood out by its perfection. The good thing is musically it has the 80's sound and infuence yet stays up to date with todays Heavy Metal style. I just can say this is so excellent i regret there is only 5 songs. The first song starts with a light slow intro to burst into powerfull rythm and explosive Metal tunes. It keeps you captivated by that heavy pounding power the band delivers. The third song beeing my fav 'hell has no fury' which combines 80's tunes with Maxxx solos close to Randy Rhoads reminding sometimes Ozzy's albums and the rythms close to the early Maiden Lps. The last track could be the Heavy Metal anthem 'rock till the end' that got early Hellion's catchy approach and a bit of what Lita did in the mid 80's finishing with very heavy thrashy guitar riffs. This is excellent and you just stay on your wait to get a new explosion but it ain't coming you gotta wait for the new 2015 album!!!

Nili brosh

Nili Brosh : "A matter of perception" CD 2014 Shred. I must say I'm stunt by that young girl! She is one of the best after beeing a high guitar school and not everyone has that path! She is even playing for The Iron Maidens and share the band with Tony Mac Alpine. wow that's impressive and when I first heard her tunes and saw her play I had to buy her album. If the first note starts with sound you hear on Satriani's Not of this Earth or the second track reminding Marty Friedman's Dragon's kiss melodies she has such a talent you will hear many passages from many great shredders we all love. What I love with women is the feeling that gives you the love to listen and man it has been playin in my car this week ever since even if i have to review other bands this one comes back to my player!!! This is the perfect album you need to get for Xmas. Some songs have that 'progressive' touch with keyboards parts and some really jazzy songs and sometimes blues parts. She got all of the music you need I just love that album! Voted best album for December by metal zone prod.666


Crawl : "Anticipate the fall" 5Tracks CD 2014 Self produced. Canada Heavy Metal/ Stoner rock. The first thing that got me is the voice! Sometimes close to early Soundgarden singer and mostly close to Ian Astbury The Cult sonic temple era. Heavy fat rythm with an atmosphere filled with calm chords thrown away that gives you the path to enjoyment and if u take drugs that might fly u away ; )


Stargazery : "Stars aligned" CD 2014 Pure Legend Records. Finland Heavy Metal that mixes all the good old elements!!! Well it gots some talents heard other the years. The cover artwork is on the air right now with Metal bands that might gives you an idea of the music. Basically it's very melodic strating with influences from Europe, Scorpions , Dokken ... the more it goes the more the keyboard is heavy and so the influences have lots of Deep Purple/Rainbow touch . 13 tracks of intense enjoyment.


Skintflint : "Nyemba" CD 2014 Pure Steel records. African Heavy Metal band I reviewed already and the label is following. I must say it has got lots of evolution since the last one I heard. The cover is very colorfull and interesting vision. The singer guitarist is using that Hendrix solo wha wha, and the songs are well written. The songs have all different influences and even one has that 'Black Metal' touch reminding early Thrash Metal bands but still with heavy dark atmosphere. It's difficult to put them in any sticker so they got their own sound and that makes it different have a listen you might like it ;)

High Fighter

High Fighter : "The Goat Ritual" CD 2014 Napalm Records. Stoner Heavy Doom Metal band. Female fronted band that rips! A mix of musicians from two bands 'a million miles' and 'buffalo hump' got their wish to get a band that explode the Metal scene and yes it might concquer many old an mostly new kids. The Goat is back on this music style for many covers which ain't unpleasant at all. It makes me think of the Tattoo designers mostly with that blue color. A girl invoking the devil... really cool. Sometimes it makes me think of Phil Anselmo's bands but with more screaming on that Hardcore edge the reason I think new kids we love it. It's heavy it's powerfull it's killing!!!


Strike : "Back in flames" CD 2013 Jolly Roger Records Italy Heavy Metal. Ok found this in my HD of reviews, kinda forgot it... sorry! This is a band that started long time ago and repressed by the label. Musically it has all the early 80's elements from Judas priest, ACDC , Def Leppard, Twisted sister and so on. This is perfect rockin band you will love like your fave band!!!


Apacis :"A disturbing awakening" CD 2014 Self produced Canadian Rock/Hard Rock band. The former musicians Jerry Fielden who has written all the lyrics and composed this band sent me his CD. I must say this is a good project that might have difficulties to play live unless the female singer has all the capabilities heard on the album. Shelle Mc Pherson has many voices one like Michelle Branch with a classical guitar and another one who sometimes reminds me the early 80's hard rock female fronted bands. The album has a wide influence as it goes from Mike Oldfield to Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Hendrix , Even black Metal on one song with with growls. Some guests musicians to color the album .You see it's pretty much open minded artist ;) I myself prefer the songs with the melodies...But the first track will get all the 70's people into it! Check them out it's really nice band.

unreal terror

Unreal Terror : "Hard Incursion" CD 2013 Jolly Roger Records. Another Italian album I just discovered. A remastered Heavy Metal band with a sound that is close to demo sound. The voice reminds early HeavySpeedThrash bands like Overkill, Militia, Dementia, Megadeth....with riffs closer to bands such as Abattoir, Attila, Judas Priest, etc... a good band that could get a very great mix and lot of success cos the music is really good and really 80's like.

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