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Furor Gallico

Furor Gallico : "self titled" CD digipack 2015 Scarlet Records. Rerelease of that album from a Celtic Metal band. I'm very surprised by that kind of band and wonder who the hell buy this album. Nice cover with vikings fighters and a goddess sending power to their quest, a melodic peacefull music with flute and enchantements. Strangely they distroy this harmony by a kinda growling voice!!! That's a pitty I was enjoying the music until I suddenly kicked the stop button! 50/100

Cloud Maze

Cloud maze : "Maybe u decide" CD 2015 Self release. Russian Pop Rock Dance music band First you must have a careful look to the cover which is at first looks messy. A man runs into the streets and many animals mainly wolves coming out from his chest with different faces kinda gives an idea of the music which is basically a mix of different styles. A tiny bit of influences from David Bowie, electronic samples, sounds from today tv/radio bands with effects on the voice giving a nice rounding feel and a melody. they love bands such as Muse but it ain't the band I'm listening to so it's hard to make a comparison it definitively joins todays music kids listening to. 65/100

MF Rukus

MF Ruckus : "Thieves of thunder" CD 2015 ??? records. Rock / Hard Rock /Punk...well they are a mix of many things. not sure if they have a label but what I can see is the awesome artwork of the cover!!! The first track starts by a good 70's touch, fast guitars and a voice flowing like a book. Influences ACDC, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden (the first one) ...the list is long as you will hear a bit of the 80's too. A great album 90/100


Artizan : "The Furthest Reaches" CD 2015 Pure Steel Records.Two versions one Digipack with special bonus track and a normal CD but two different covers. USA Heavy Metal as its best, the cover follows the music wich is a story starting by a child asking his mother to read him a book. The song will take you to the journey and tells what ancient astronauts have told other living species have created what tiny human beeing can't build and all things about life and univers. It speaks to me and I'm sure all of world and history lovers will get into that awesome album. Some guests as Matt Balow (iced earth...) and Sabrina Cruz (seven kingdoms) bringing touches to the amazing music. A really well written album , the songs mosh you to the end making you feel part of the story which is life. A beautiful enjoyment for the ears it will make you fly... one of the best album I've heard but its come only in April so be patient! 100/100


FlashFires " The Play" 4tx ep Angry Badger Records. USA Pop/ Rock/ Indie band , they had the opportunity to work with Brian Wheat from tesla, Music wise it goes from Psyco billy 's riffs to sugar melty tunes... the singer lacks of originallity and find one melody he repeats ten times screaming in case you haven't understood just in 3mins!!! that bores me to death. This is the kind of stuff you hear on radio and won't buy. 50/100


JetBlackKiss : "P3" (power of three) CD 2015. Indie / Rock One man band . The cover is like a design for skateboard. Turn it you will see different things...The music has many inspiration from many music styles. The guy make me think of Miky James as he is into the sound as produces as making his own music too. This album is a mix of his previous albums with new things and even a video. The sound is really good but difficult to actually put a sticker onto it. Sometimes I could hear a little Nirvana touch, another one from White Zombie, it goes from one music style to another like blood with no compromise. The music is floating easilly and rounded into a special universe, Check out the video and you'll see by yourself with a dancing girl going to different places in time. The man got his universe and share it with you. I think everyone will get some kind of addiction at some point from one or more tracks. Check it out you'll get surprised. 80/100

Wicked inquisition

Wicked Inquisition : "self titled" CD 2015 USA Doom Metal with inspiration from Black Sabbath,Trouble, Blue Oyster Cult - the band itself bio. I must say they really give the right inspiration as you can feel it. Although I would say that it's not too much easy to hear as their music is groovy and just let you flow like the cover to a magic happiness. What bands need to be original and loved is to have their sound not to close to their fav bands even if the music passionates recognize it you first listen the album with the conviction it's a brand new cool band. The cover has that funny 70's drawing reminding also what Dreadfull dread used to do rather than today computers made. All about this band is good, the music is kinda relaxing the sound is just well recorded even feel like straight from the amps sometimes. Check 'em out you won't be desappointed. Love it 100/100

Fangs of the molossus

Fangs of the Molossus : "self titled" LP 2015 Italian Doom Metal Records. Italian Pshychedelic Doom Metal that has many line up issues. A CD was made in 2013 and the label decided to release an LP version with the new members , songs have also been singles on 7'lps. One song beeing 10 mns long! The guys just let their feelings leading the music and from what it says they even change them live. So basically it's all about atmosphere and what you feel with the riffs and history behind lyrics sometimes horror, sometimes black magic with a female voice for the witch. Some don't have vocals and it just lead you to a cool and nice feel. I guess live people might fly high on spirit! Very down tuned guitare heavy drums and slow motion tempo gets you addicted. It feels like they took one Black Sabbath riff and made it longer. The band got plenty of influences from Danzing, Hawkwind, Morphine ...but those bands aren't talking to me the music does ;) If you like those kind of universe check them out it's another world 90/100

Sepolcro - Presumed Dead

Sepolcro / Presumed Dead : "Herrendous Plasmation" Split CD 2015 Morbid Syndicate. Italian Death Metal for the fans of Massacre, Obituary, Pungent Stench, Autopsy.... It's heavy and very compressed sound. The influences are very present so it' s close to copy with a brutal sound. 60/90

infected chaos

Infected Chaos : "The wake of ares" CD 2015 Metal Music Austria. Brutal Death Metal from Austria. Few members of the band called ChaosReign decided to create another band. While it's not my kind of likes I must say it's good album for the fans of course. Great production and the fact they have early Death Metal influences helps a lot. Some influences from Entombed, Dismember, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation...a great mix and straight to the point kick ass tunes. A good band 90/100


Unkured : "Mutated Earth" CD 2015 Sliptrick Records. USA Death Metal band , it starts by a big roar /yeeeaaahh closer to Black Metal starts.... the music is close to Death, fast and breaks with killing vocals. Some brutal Gring fast tempo a bit of influence from bands such as Kreator, early Pestilence... it's brutal and fast. The colorfull cover as to be seen far and attracks your eyes but when looking closer it misses definition and impossible logo reading, a bit confusing to actually understanding it. Like the music its shredded. A good mix but apart from one or two tracks it's mostly the same all the way.70/100


Bandemonic : "Fires of redemption" CD 2014 Steel Galery Records. The Greek Heavy Metal band sent me their album that came out in november 2014. First thoughts the cover! Very powerfull in the Vein of Iced Earth , the band logo has some great originality. Very melodic tunes with sometimes heavy guitars limit to Thrash riffs. Some influnces Helloween, Lethal, Pretty Maids, Gaia Epicus, Suicidal Tendencies touches... a wide range of metal. The songs describes well the cover with "burn the witch" "gardians of time"... the good thing is the songs get into your head pretty quickly has it feels like you know them due to the good vibe and melody. A great band will conquer the world without a doubt. 100/100

Bad Guys

Bad Guys : "Bad Guynecology" CD 2015 Riot Season Records. UK Hard Rock /Stoner Rock new album is kind of surprising. First the cover is ... well special! The music is groovy and goes from soft rock to speed stoner. The lyrics are funny "prostitues are making love in my garden" "crimes" etc.. it's cool band there is no doubt but you must take it as fun. Raw voice and melodic riffs that drives you 'till the end. 70/100

Dark Void

Dark Void : " Release the kraken" CD 2015 self release. Cypriot Thrash Metal band is kicking with a 6 tracks cd. The cover is just an awesome design and the album starts with sounds from it! The boat on the ocean and the cracks of the beast then heavy tunes coming. Those young kids mix some good riffs they took from many legendary thrashers. Whatever Evildead , Sepultura, Dark Angel they have the good tunes that kick ass!! check em out and mosh on. 95/100


Fortid : "9" CD 2015 Schwardon Production. Norway Pagan Black Metal / Gothic I must say the band has its own style. Intro into special amtmosphere then some fast tempo and always many direction as each song got a special feel. Pretty hard to describe the feeling as this is not the type of band we use to hear. It's weird to me as some passages are cool with even normal voice then changing into that black metal style it kinda deranges me. It's really for people who like to get special music feel you got it or you don't. A good album overall but not for everyone you gotta get into that mood of the band! 80/100


Bladecatcher : "Obverse" CD/digital 2015 EEErecordings. USA brutal Death Metal. Three tracks with a heavy compressed sound , make me think of demo k7 tape. Actually while listening it's like one track! Very short songs with one guitarist playing those heavy riffs and a growling voice. Their is an influence of Morbid Angel , Cannibal corpse.. . it's heavy as fuk.60/100


Negacy : "Nothing changes" digital 2015 Italian press release to give a taste of the new upcoming album "flames of black fire" CD that will be out in june. Intense 5 tracks with 2 from that single 2 from another single one from the new album coming. Basically the band has a wide range of Metal that brings them sometimes in Power Metal and sometimes in that new Metal. One Black Sabbath cover from 1992 excellent song "nothing changes " with nice melodies in the voice with good feel. Heavy guitars sometimes close to Messugah and shadowside. The new album if still in the vein of the song "flames of black fire" should get a wide attention since it's awesome and kicking seriouslly. To resume this is a fuking great band that deserves to get known. Check em out it's worth 98/100


Terra : "untitled" CD 2015 Hibernacula Records UK Black Metal / Noise . Three tracks each called 1, 2 , 3 each lasting between 12 to 15 mins long. The cover is the first mystery of that strange band looking like a picture of the sky and the band's name hidden at the bottom reminding the unfamous Metallica cover. Musically it's like someone doesn't know how to play the guitar or is on drug whatever... First track is 8 minutes pretty boring with one sound like playing one fast note and just ambiance noise with a scream coming.... the tracks starts to really be a "real" song with pounding double bass drums and some riffs moving at least. Second track is another boring fast riff but the drums is always here. No vocals just screams thinking those guys think they are wolves or something? The most amazing is they really play live gigs. That's upon me 41mins of total noise come on guys learn to play music and make a real worthy album. This is a waste in music world!!! 25/100

war iron

War Iron : "Precession of the equinoxes" CD 2015 self release. 4 Tracks of Doom Heavy slow tempo. If the music is ok the gutural voice is impossible to understand if there are any lyrics at all... I like the cover and the band logo but the music is .... long boring tracks! The third one has some movie excerts which gives a better sound as we can understand people talking. The music is shaking a bit but 10 mns long wow.. well another crap band I'm sorry but I can't handle those wasters. At least get a real singer and a shredder that will probably make a band ;) 15/100


Unmothered : "Umbra" CD 2015 Crowquill records. USA Death/Black Metal band with an original cover artwork. For the fans of Behemoth, Marduk, Entombed groove...three tracks that blows your mind. Mixing many styles with growling voice and very noisy mix that will get you in the mood of the live in case you see them live. 70/100

hollow haze

Hollow Haze : "Memories of an ancient time" Digipack CD 2015 Scarlet Records. Italian Heavy Metal release an awesome album that will blow away the scene! After loosing their singer they have released some greatest songs with many guests which gives this album an excellent feel. The cover is a modern vision of the pyramides and what the aliens used it for directing energy and that what's the band is about. They will power your day with happiness and passion. Awesome melodies, powerfull guitar riffs and brilliant solos mixing 80's Heavy Metal with modern one. The new singer Mats Leven has a voice that reminds sometimes Dio , Nightmare and just the Heavy melodic singers that powers the music. One italian song the rest is in english, many male singers have their parts with Ivan Gianini, or Rik Altzi. For the female singers Ammanda Summerville and Claudia Layline bring that sweet tender melodies that shred your hearts. Some keyboards sounding sometimes oriantal and sometimes close to Within temptation soft peacefull tunes. A magical emotional yet powerfull masterpiece! 100/100 Voted best album for April by Metal Zone Prod.666


Codas :"currents" 4 trx CD 2015 Crowquill Records. USA noisy Industrial Techno band. Apparently there is a guitarist in it but I can't hear it! To me it's not what I call music just a sound that gets my nerve don't get what's the point of this. Are they people really buying that stuff?! it's unbelievable to understand. Probably people in raves love it cos the absorbtion of drugs helps getting sensation but honestly although I appreciate people asking my view on reviewing their release they are some stuff I can't judge as I'm a musician not a knob player. My experience in Sound Engineering make that I know you can turn a real band into one sound but what's the point you just need a simple cheap device to create that. 9/100


Cyhyraeth : "Servant to the fire" CD 2015 self release , USA Modern Thrash Metal fronted by a female who growls most of the time giving that Death Metal touch close to Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, Izegrim etc... and sometimes just sometimes she adds some melodic touches. Music wise it's fuking Thrash!!! reminding Tankard, Kreator ... it's is powerfull and straight in your face. I don't like the screaming growling voice but I love the heavy tunes that kick. It's a good album and will please all the new kids. 80/100


Dreamgrave : "Presentiment" CD 2015 Hungary self release Death / Progressive/ Symphonic metal Band. Experimental band which mix different music styles in one with Death Vocals and a very melodic female voice. When you see the cover you know it's gonna be a surprise. The labyrinth of life that never ends.It starts with a heavy kick start and the songs get more into peacefull calm slight feel. At some point they make me think of Mekong Delta but a different approach . Technical guitars growling voice and that melody which breaks it.Remember the first Within Temptation 's album with that growling voice on top of the melodic voice but don't get confused it's just an image not the same as the technic parts we often call 'progressive' which is simply used in Jazz . It's originality lives through that broken tempo and a mystery, you gotta listen to make your mind. It's a special universe pretty hard to describe but enjoyable. If like me the cover speaks to you then you'll get into the bands' world and it's awesome! 98/100


Convictors :"Envoys of extinction" 2014 CD self release . German Death Metal band for the fans of the fast heavy linear tunes. Although I don't mind listening some of the band who has early influences but I 'm not fan of this kind of bands that have no feel to me. It probably got its fans who headbang but to me it's the same song over and over again. Very compressed voice and heavy riffs. For fans of Immolation, Deceide etc.. 70/100


Nightshock : self titled CD 2015 Iron Shield records. Italian Thrash Metal big fans of Venom and of course Motorhead for the raw sound and the voice ;) If you like the Holy Moses CD 'too drunk to fuck' then you get that voice and sound on this band!!! This is fukin cool and kick ass. Brother and sister in same band ouch wish them success, I knew lot who got biz problems...Anyway this is a cool band give it a listen and support them! 90/100


Vasomortus :"instrument torture of pyramid" CD 2015 Brute Production. Indonesia Brutal Death / Grind Metal with very fast guitars and drums sometimes sounding like drum machine as it's so fast or its the trigger . It's heavy and intense the fans will understand as the sound is pretty easy to recognize. This is brain smasher with sometimes calm passages in the vein of Obituary for the riffs the voice keeps the same line compressed growls. A bit of Napalm Death explosion it's mainly a linear pounding madness with some minor changes. It's never leaves you breathing. For the fans of Disgorge, Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh etc....70/100


MRTVI : "perpetual Consciousness nightmare" CD 2015. Black Metal / Horror Grind noise with a shark sound that make me think of scissors! This is noisy and impossible to listen for me. First time I hear a band in that style that got so bad, even the first bands I've heard in 1991 were babies compared to this madness. Imagine dani filth scream and a chainsaw on Metal chains ! it's crazy. It's almost like a movie excert that last too long and drives you really insane. Honestly it feels like a psychiatric hospital you gotta be strong or you'll be damned forever. 20/100

shrine of the serpent

Shrine Of the Serpent : "self titled" CD/LP 2015 Parasitic Records /Materia Primo Records. USA Dark Death Black Metal band , if they like to call themselves Doom well to me it's just Death Metal with a very heavy slow motion sound. Three songs only!!! pretty long actually one beeing 11mins. The first impression I got was like listening a LP at the wrong speed. Just for you to get an idea take Obscura and Obituary get down the speed and add the voice kinda Aeturnus. You'll certainly have an idea of the band's music. At least that's how I can describe it. Many sounds effect s to get the atmosphere very deep so take care you might plunge! This is a special universe have a listen and make your mind. 70/100


Westlake : "self titled" CD 2015. This USA Rock/Heavy Metal musician has decided to record some of his old compositions with many musicians friends as his wife. He's pretty known now as a rock star since his main band Hydrogyn hit the charts. Jeff Boggs also from Hydrogyn participated to the recording, Julie sing some background vocals on few songs. The male singer on that album has a way of singing I'm not found of as it tends to reminding me Pearl Jam or Alice In Chains and those kind of bands with a groovy special way, I know many love those bands so they will love this album. It goes from Rock to Hard Rock and is a mix of different songs made from different years and so music style. It's a great album that will concquer you from the first note. Some songs sound like never released Hydrogyn ones and gives the salt that made what the man creates today. Rock on!!! 90/100


Zodiac : "Road tapes vol 1" CD 2015 Napalm Records. The rock n roll groovy band is back with a live album. First song beeing "swinging on the run" the great thing while listening that album is I feel like I'm part of the crowd even on stage!!! it's like attending a woodstock show back in the days music was an enjoyment. This is an excellent album and all the 70's people should get on that masterpiece and will for sure please the fans. 100/100


Swirl : "self titled" CD 2013 USA Rock/Hard rock band sent me the album for a review and I must say I'm very please to hear some good bands like this one. The first song make me think of Van Halen, four good musicians who know how to write groovy get into your head melodies and you'll shake like a snake ;) they also have some new 'kids' riffs that will mosh live crowd and some will jump. This is happiness for the ears. The band is touring like mad and shared the stage with Ratt, Skid Rows and many , you probably heard of them as they appeared in a movie! This tells you how much the band is good ;) go on check em out 90/100


Grenouer : "unwanted today" CD 2015 . Russian Pop/Indus band. The cover shows a puppet baby shredded skin face. Musically it's difficult to get as mostly the singing and the mix is very popular music you hear on tv and radios and will get many exposure but it breaks sometimes with heavy indus riffs that gets a strange style. The band keeps its sound and that's what make them good on what they do. It just confuses me on which direction they go and which kind of fans they have. It's easy listening while you need to like the mix of complete change of style during a song. 80/100

killer refrigerator

Killer Refigerator: "The fridge and the power it hold" CD 2015 Thrash Metal. The craziest band you will hear first from the bands' name itself I guess he guys watched too many Stephen kings movies ;) This is madness and somehow it reminds Nuclear Assault not serious songs except this is really a big joke and I think some bands don't mind. One song is just suddenly go to a game keyboard crap music! to kick ass serious riffs that kill. One song is just fuking screaming like you're in asylum... honestly I would never buy that kind of album cos to me it's not. But hey some like this so get on they have some great moshing guitar riffs and fast madness solos. 40/100


D.A.M : "The Awakening" CD 2014 Stay Gold records. Brazilian Heavy/Black Metal band originally created by one musician few years before and completed the album with members. If the bands' name has been used by many it has nothing related to the uk thrash band. The cover has a great design with dark lyrics about the occult and inside human feelings. A kind self reflexion with what the brain can make us suffer for nothing. They call themselves Death Metal but the voice is closer to Shagrath than anyone else. The beggining of the cd starts with sounds and the whole album has the keyboards giving an atmosphere having some calm moments. The music is well written and it's a mix of Heavy Metal and some technics with clean vocals like the two thoughts in the head speaking. (good and evil inside) . Small passage with a female voice. Melodies and heavy distortion. Influences from Rainbow, Running Wild, Helloween, Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy (late) , Children of Bodom...wide range of Metal. They heavy have that key sounds from Mozart , a beautiful mastepiece 90/100


Skyforger : "Senprusjia" CD 2015 Thunderforge Records. Latvia Viking Heavy /Thrash/Black Metal. The first song starts with a nice intro with ancient language from the ruins. Then it goes to fast crazy tempo with heavy riffs found in Death Metal close sometimes to Dissection and the voice changing to more heavy such as Running Wild. Pagan flutes and dancing melodies is one part of the album bringing a different listening and Metal kind. Very entertaining it keeps you moshing and headbang like mad without stopping. Some Thrashy riffs helps the whole kinda Holy Moses, Voivod , Assassin etc... A great mix of all stuff we love . Certainly what moshing Metal should be and will get many lovers. This is excellent!!! The horses are leading the way pounding , pounding it fukin rocks. The 6th song has some groovy Doomy tunes that will get crazy live metalheads in the pit.Obviously they sing in their language and it just sounds good ;) 100/100


Kevel : "HZ of the unheard" 5 trx Digipack CD 2014 self released. The cover artwork has something already that captures your attention. The cover extends on the whole giving a wide design it's beautiful. This four piece Greek Band is difficult to put into any music box. IT has that Doom heavy slow motion dark tunes. This is all about emotion the music can get you. This is very interesting and gives a different approach some riff make me think of Grip Inc slower and down tuned. Some other reminds Pink Floyd with the record turning at the wrong the scream you imagine hearing from the cover the music is also yelling to find its existance and there is some kind of stress cos you can't figure out where to put this band into.NO singing just some kind of movie excerts, it's has fuking groove and will please many music lovers!!! Small fast passages.The band needs support so check em out.


Viajando : "Counting days" Cd 2015 self produced. Cool cover like a photo drawing of a man in the streets with all his luggage cos he lives in the streets. USA Stoner/Hardcore with a heavy tunes and rough sound. The screaming vocals reminds me the early Soundgarden at some point but the music is not fast and moving from style to other. Without comparaison it makes me think of early Soulfly/Sepultura late era but it's not my stuff. Too boring for me it misses something but will catch some people who like it slow and screaming a bit punky in a way. Hard to define.75/100


Backhill : "Shadow Man" CD 2015 Stormspell Records. New sensation from the label which brings melodic Heavy Metal reminding 80's and some modern bands. If you like Helloween, Starblind, Europe, FM, TNT...solo project from Finland musician, if the first songs are kicking the more it goes to the end the more it gets so quite and soft it bores me. A bit AOR soft hard Rock on some songs making this album available for many listeners not all MetalHeads. The song "rich inside" might be the single on radios and every medias. The overall is ok just find there isn't enough 'gutts' to power the whole album some bands manage to get 80/100


Strauss : "Luia" 5tracks CD 2015 self release . I guess the cover is not yet finished as without a name nor title...UK Stoner/Hardcore noisy sound screaming vocals. Long songs with one kinda Rage Against The Machine type of singing, Nirvana yogourt screaming.Not sure they are lyrics... MIght be cool for live shows for the crowd but I really don't like it. They try to get slow time to get the same again and again stuff. For the fans of that kind. 60/100


Aion : "Verses of perdition" CD 2015 Goathorned Production. Dark Death Metal. 5tx with each roman numbers. Very special band as everything is black! the band members photos are almost impossible to see as the bands name....I'm surprised by all the bands trying to be original by having a difficult cover or name to 'sell' themselves. For sure only the promotion to specialised medias can help them. Fast and Heavy riffs with growling voice reminding Aeturnus, the fans will probably hear more influences. 80/100

nightmare world

Nightmare World: "In the fullness of time" CD 2015 Pure Legend Records.UK Heavy Metal band with beautiful melodies and feel.The album starts with a sound like a submarine inside the sea with keyboards movie kind samples. The fourth track has a George Lynch /Dokken melody licks. The singer's voice tone is always on the same light line very enjoyable, the whole mix is amazing it feels like flying. This is a perfect album mastered by Peter Van't riet and is close sometimes to those Power Metal bands with the keyboards and guitars solo with a double bass drums but it's softer and lighter. Just love it!!! For the fans of Dragonforce, Symphony X, Threshold... 100/100


Adramelch : "Opus" CD 2015 Pure Prog records. Italian Progressive Rock . This is pretty strange to have an album that will be the last from this band. For those who know the band they have released few albums for me it's the first time I hear about them. The cover is great painting art. The lyrics are dark yet with a beautiful melody.Great mix and amazing voice . 95/100

william english

William English : "Basic Human Error" CD 2015. The amazing picture is supposed to be the cover but no name nor title. While it tempts you to have a listen you must be careful as it's just a noise! Screams, Hardcore, some Doom riff that brings a break but most of it is just a waste. The guy don't have lyrics it's just screaming like they just wanna destroy the music world well no need to make cds . 20/100


Graal:"Chapter IV" CD 2015 Jolly Rogers Records. Italian Rock band influenced by the 70's , an intro kinda Simon & Garfunkel then some inspiration of Deep Purple , Thin Lizzy or even The Doors...Awesome work on the cover, a driven keyboard sound that really will please ones who love it cos to me it's annoying. The tunes are cool and really get you back but you need to love the keys that 's the bad point and I can't help it that break the listening. 75/100

edge of paradise

Edge Of Paradise : "Immortal Waltz" CD 2015 Pure Steel Records. USA Heavy Metal band. My metal supporters know I love this band and interviewed them as reviewed their first album. I can say the band has worked hard to find their way and sound. Line up changes and many live performances help to grow and this is a perfect album. What most to see after supporting them one of my favorite label signs them!!! the starts is powerfull with force that kicks straight in your face. The atmosphere is joyfull and the new bands universe is like a journey into their show ;) A dream that leads you to happiness and the keyboard slightly used gives that impression beeing in a movie. Margarita's enchanting voice captures you to lift you up in the air. Let the circus go on and enter in a world full of madness, poetry and craziness! It could be Hitch cok paradise with marylin manson as the actress... Michael Wagener once again has hit the sound to power the beauty of the beast! They have made an awesome work and that totaly blows , a new name design and a very well found sound. Last track is just... surprise! 100/100


Temtris : "Shallow Grave" CD 2014 Battle God productions. Just interviewed the band and so discovered their tunes so I had to get this one! Australian Heavy / Thrash / Dark Metal band. Difficult to give them a sticker as they mix many influences in one. The main thing is that heavy powerfull mix that kick straight from the beggining with that bass sound! A bonus with photos and movie a the end for Pc users ;( Genevieve has a very powerfull heavy melodic voice that reaches many types of influences and catches your ears of happiness while lyrics beeing pretty dark, it sometimes make me think of Meanstreak , a bit of London Wilde 's Widestarr tune but that 's just a part of her ability to sing and I'm sure many will find others. A growling singer (the guitarist) is just that small part to get that atmosphere to fill in the mood but it has someone a good vibe and melodies to it. Great heavy riffs. It's a band that gots that 80's Metal with something that makes it somekind of original and fill up todays band without a doubt. It's brilliant I just love it!!! 95/100


Paganland: "Fatherland" CD 2015 Svarga Music . Ukraine Pagan /Black Metal, The band's name gives you an idea...flutes and dancing melodies with keyboards and growling from time to times. Vocals in own language that make a special tune. It's fun and cool ;) The album is dedicated to all the fighter against Russia. This is sure the lovely lines are certainly bringing some peace. Although the mix is not perfect and more like a demo it has some good riffs, river sounds Dimmu Borgir kinda atmosphere. I like it just need a better sound but it already gives perfectly the music way of the band. Check em out!!! 85/100

hybrid nightmare

Hybrid Nightmare : "The second age" CD 2015 self release. Australian Death Black Metal band, this is the second part of the 4 seasons 5tx CDS . First one been reviewed on previous pages. The intro is kinda classic like Pink Floyd with accoustic guitar and then explode to the fast kick ass tunes. This is not the usual band as they really have their own expression following the lyrics so it's not just fast it has the times in the songs. The cover is just awesome and it has an emotional vibe while the voice beeing sharky and violent. A band to follow for the fans of the genre who like it with changes. 90/100


Plage : "Den Kristine Stank" CD 2015 Alusia Productions. Germany Black Metal band with anusual name. It's for the fans of that style has it is close to Marduk for what I can tell I leave you the pleasure to find out which band it might be closer but it's fast and dirty true black metal. 90/100


Extinctionist : "Portals of extraterrestrial invasion" Cd 2015 Rising Nemesis Records. Brutal Death Grind if the cover is extremely good and the album title is very long the music is for the fans of this kind cos I ain't and can't listen more than 2 mins. Vomiting voice with heavy pounding riffs it kicks hard. This is heavy shit very compressed as usual. 60/100


Orcus : "Bed of Lies" CD 2014 self release. USA Thrash / Death mixing many influences. The singer is fan of Max Cavalera and one song is close to 'troop of doom" some riff from Machine Head, some from Metallica 'battery" with many more you'll find yourself so you got the picture and so easy to like it ;) What suprised me is the guy from Strapping young lad is playing lead guitars ! The voice is most of the time closer to Death Metal such as Incubus, Morgoth etc...a good album kicking serious ass. Available on CDbaby if you wanna give support to this cool band.90/100


Artaius : "Torn Banner" CD 2015 Barketeam Records. Italian Folk/ Symphonic Black Metal. It starts with the melodic voice then the growling voice comes and it goes fast and crazy. I really don't like it. One song has a keyboardist playing with his knobs it's really disturbing but would please djs during rave parties. They are trying to implement 70's tunes into that new mix but I'm sorry it doesn't fit at all. The main sound is Black Metal with kick ass tunes but when it comes to changes there is something wrong most when the keyboards try to get something fun... Not everything is bad on this but I regret they are trying too much to mix styles and it's bad written. It's not comparable to any actual bands. You make up your mind but honestly I think doing the same as what sells is not what people want. I can feel there is no passion on making this kind of new Metal but a wish to get on the list of what's 'trendy'. It has good riffs and powerful vibe and the folk parts are cool they are sounds that should be turned down. 75/100

another day

Another Day : "Pauken und Trompeten" CD 2014 Bastardized recordings. German Indie Rock/ pop singing in their language. I can hear many 80's influences from The Cure to U2 to Duran Duran...etc and many other most popular influences. It's a good album just need to understand German ;) Good production 80/100


Unmercenaries : " Fallen in disbelief" CD 2014 MFL Records. Russia Death Metal band. 4 tracks of very very slow heavy songs with impossible to understand voice. The lyrics are really cool but the music is just boring to death as the cover shows which is a great painting actually. It's not fun to hear a band that destroys such art with nonsense music. It's lower than 45rpm on a 33rpm it's impossible to describe imagine you tell each letters for a word in 10 minutes speed! Annoying isn't it?! Can't get it what a waste as it show great arts and writting capabilities. Desappointing... 15/100

absymal grief runes order

Absymal Grief/Runes order : "Hymn of the afterlife/Snuff the nun" 12 " split LP Italian Doom Metal Records. Italian Dark Ambient atmopheric bands. Basically it's just sound! They probably try to make the music for the Horror B movies. It's annoying just playing with keyboards sounds... They are real bands outhere what a waste of time and money! 10/100