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Skullfist : "Head of the Pack" CD/LP 2011 Noise Art records. New Heavy Metal album from Canadian crazy Metallers. Some songs from the MCD remixed tunes with brand new songs. Influences from Def Leppard , Dokken, Dio, Warrant , Rage etc... great solos high pitch vocals and powerfull druming. This pure Heavy and this band is next explosion into the Metal world. Follow those lads they're kicking ass bad!!! Voted best band of the year by Metal Zone Prod.666


Indisguise : "Soil burns" CD 2011 Romulus X Records ,USA Metal band. Musically it makes me think of East coast bands Hard Rock with heavy guitars and cool singing and great solo melodies. Can be described close to Black Label society , Hydrogyn, Half The World...bear in mind I had only one track to listen to. Easy and cool listening band to be loved by all kind of people.


Thunderstick : "Echoes from the analogue asylum" CD 2011 Heaven and Hell records . Jeremy Golden has once again beatten the concrete to bring us back an antic Heavy Metal band from the eighties to remind people where comes from Heavy Metal. NWBHM had plenty of bands that inspired and made the most known bands in the world. Behind the mask and the 'Horror SM' image style is hidding an early Iron maiden 's drummer who decided to make his own band. Fronted female singer with the eighties influences from punk and rock giving a Hard Rock band in the vein of the well known The Runaways, Lee Arron, Heart, Saraya, Vixen for the latest etc... what we called in the mid 80's a FM Hard Rock music. Everyone will enjoy the music which is far away from the today's metal but great voice and cool rockin tunes always please the ears.


Kaine : "Kaine" CD 2011 Uk Heavy Metal band. The first thing that came into my mind listening to that band is the remarquable feeling listening to the first Iron Maiden album! melodies and rockin tunes that will stick to your mind faster than you think and just appreciate this young band. Give it go you won't be desappointed!!!


Dogbane :" Residual Alcatraz" CD 2011 USA Heavy Metal Heaven 'n hell records. Brilliant tunes in the vein of Agent Steel, Virtual Remains, Militia, Hellstar, early Judas Priest!!! what else to say?! just fukin Heavy and great for the Metallers . This is good value so get that masterpiece now!

savage messiah

Savage Messiah : " Plague of Consciense" CD 2011 UK Heavy Metal Earache records. The album starts with a powerfull and strong Metal like the first Heathen album and goes heavier with influences from Judas Priest era 'Ram it down', excellent guitar solos , some inspiration of late Testament, Fotsam n Jetsam, Megadeth Queensryche , Iron Maiden, early Pantera...although with their own style just let you fly and close your eyes! Very melodic with great vocals. Free download for the first fans on facebook !!! A band to follow just brilliant. Voted best album for the end of the year 2011 by Metal Zone Prod.666


Geinazaug : "The Wretched" CD 2011 . Brutal Death / Grind with very beat by beat music , very compressed and noisegate (for the engineers..) giving this band a tight sound close to Messugha with the growling voice and melodies notes here and there. Speed and heavy as fuk. U can here some Morbid Angel inspiration mixed up Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, etc... for the addicts of the genre.

Lich King

Lich King : "World Gone" CD + Tshirt pack 2010 Lich King Prod USA Thrash Metal Crossover. A blend of mix from all eighties Nuclear Assault, Slayer, DRI... with great skull mascot as Megadeth this band has all it takes to be part of the Thrash Metal anthem of the new century and should be on your shelves!!! Most this new offering from the band itself add a skater shirt with shining logo ;) Mosh your head down

infinite translation

Infinite translation : "Impulsive attack" 2010 Limited LP with poster EvanesMetal records France. This is fukin awesome Thrash Metal coming out from Europe!!! this will blow your mind , a way back to the early 80's Thrash with a mix of Sodom, Whiplash, Nuclear Assault with the speed and sound of today such as Warbringer! come on I know you want it!!!

edge of paradise

Edge of Paradise : "Mask:" CD 2012 Experimental/Industrial Heavy Metal , the first track is a rock n roll revisited anthem with amazing solos in the vein of Mister Big mixed Steve Vai wah wah crazy licks!!! The second track with the horror atomsphere and sound effects.The Third one is a Overkill 'horrorscope' 's instrumental revisited song . The next tracks have the lead singer coming and the music although the industrial guitar sound is here sounds close to 80's mixed 2000's Metal. You can hear Motley Crue, Meldrum, Saraya, White Zombie... it's actually not disturbing since the melodies of the female vocals and the amazing great solos kick ass. I want more and surprised it ends so quickly ;) For sure a band that brings a fresh air in the Metal world and will please everyone since it combines all genres of Metal.


Shadowside : "Inner Monster out" CD 2012 Voice Music Brazil . Heavy Power Metal recorded in sweden!!! Impressive powerfull album that blow your mind away with a female singer that got such strength in her voice! This is excellent quality Metal close to the all famous kick ass bands of today. Straight edge guitars like Fear Factory, Messugha early riffs mixed with pounding drums and melodic vocals. A journey to happiness for the ears and a bonus track in original language. Somteimes very close to knew Thrash Bands. Well just a fukin fist in your face!!! Voted best album for the new year by Metal Zone Prod.666


Zergoth : "Psycological defence" Cd 2012 USA Thash Metal . First thought when I saw the name was "nah goth..." then listening to the album it's fukin awesome Thrash with plenty of origins and influences makin u guess who they can be influenced by! It comes from different bands Megadeth, Coroner, Gamaray, Iron maiden, Voivod.. some death n punk with members who didn't know really each other but managed to overcome that rehearse type of band. They created an original band with original composition where you will find yourself liking this song much than another one but in the overall appreciate the whole album. A very nice introduction for the new year.

garage days

Garage Days : "Dark And Cold" CD Massacre 2012 Austria Thrash Metal. A pure new blood in the moshin area. The band wanted to be 80's and they someone managed to give that harsh little anger with heavy riffs. Mixing up Heavy Thrash a la Metallica, Meliah Rage, Metal Church, Testament... good production and cool songs to mosh to. Not too fast not too slow just heavy as fuck! It's good to hear a band that doesn't have the blasting solo but just good songs to scream out and lyrically dark ;) Give it a go you'll get addicted!


Ripio : "Vengador de perdedores" CD 2012 Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal from Argentina. If the music is pretty cool with good riffs and construction you have to speak Spanish to completly enjoy the album!!! For what I can understand the lyrics are about the government and what life is in the country. Music allowing to express the complaints... The sound is somehow like Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Def Leppard... melodies and good tunes for everyone ;)


Overlorde : "Medieval Metal too" CD 2012 Heaven n Hell records. Jeremy Golden brings us once again a band straight from the early days of Metal, mixing good Hard Rock / Heavy riffs with melodic songs . Sometimes close to Iron Maiden, Kiss, Scorpions, FM..The lyrics are close to Manowar 's heroes from the ancient time like the vikings warriors. 'Keeper of the flame" the best song of the album to me with two guitar solos. The record label that will bring all the real Metal bands back to life!!!

thom mathews

Thom Mathews : "Entrancing the populace" CD 2012 USA. The long awaited full album is here! The left hand 7th string shredder is bringing us explosion of his talent, the music is just amzingly powerfull yet complete with rythms and classic as heavy parts that bring a whole new guitar album to the planet. Normally it's hard to put a shredder in a box but here this is pure Metal!!! Influences from Friedman, Atheist, Death 's shuldiner that put this album in a middle between Thrash/Death / Shred with no vocals and pounding drumming. The speed and easiness of the licks are incredibly soft and I don't know what the 7th string does but it surely give the ability to bring new metal that will blow u away! A masterpiece for all guitarist lovers! Award for the best shred album i've heard so far for the new year ! well done dude ;)

i'll eat your face

I'll eat your face : "Hot brains Terror" CD 2012 Grind Records UK. When I saw the name and the cover I thought 'that's gonna kick ass' well finnally it 's not that bad ;) although I never like to have a grind album in my hands I must say it's the weirdest band I've heard in the genre! Just guitars and drums. It's sometimes death sometimes new breed and even fusion fact it 's more like a jaming test that two guys ended up doing. The problem is if you find some riffs interesting suddenly it 's really into Grind with blasting drums that never stop and that's where I leave! Basically we can say it's a cool album for the people who like it brutal with many influences that gives some color to the music.


Fuckhammer : "Hammered to fuck: "CD 2012 Grind Records UK . If Grind music is under the underground is cos it's not for everybody and it's more like a funny joke so bands know they won't go far with this but it's sometimes really silly. Here is one band with one fukin name and a cover that looks like a joke (anyone recognize ? - Metallica! too hard) Musically only 4 tx but it's enough to me ;) It's sound like one song with Death Metal influences and the vocals that are somewhere in the back... u really have to listen to hear it. I suppose the singer loves Black Metal but not sure they are lyrics. I guess some people likes that but to me there is nonsense. It's more like a door 's noise like in horror movies ahah.For the fanatics of the genre...


Gang :"HM 666% " CD 2012 Underground Investigation Heavy Metal France. The metallers are back with an awesome 6 trx album. First this is pure collection item I would have on Lp!!! the cover is just an awesome artwork with all the components from Heavy Metal with covers from masters such as Scorpions, Saxon, Motorhead, Black Sabbath and of course the live anthem from the band itself 'Heavy metal fever' and a bonus track..with hidden one! The whole receipt 80's bands used to do back in the days after years of success. Pure happiness for Metal lovers, jump on it cos it's coming ;)

Fates demise

Fates Demise : "Sins of lie Past" 5tx MCD USA Digital Media Records . Difficult to give them a style although i'd like to call 'em Modern Thrash Metal. They mix so much that it's fukin Metal!!! Explosive intense melodic powerfull music that kick ass seriously. The closest band that i can refer to is Five Finger Death Punch for the distorted voice and then the clear one coming. You will hear swedish metal such as In Flames, Messuagah. Late Exodus, some Death Metal drums beatting.The Haunted, Fear factory, Reckless Tide, ...on and on ! this is pure pleasure for all that love it kickin ;) Get on the wagon you won't be desappointed. the Futur of Metal is here great cd guys@

sampler 2012 heaven and hell records

Sampler 2012 : Compilation CD Heaven And Hell records.Jeremy Golden brings us teh best of all the bands signed onto his label. For those who yet don't know all the bands or some this is a great way to discover them or simply have all the best songs on one CD. MOst bands are covered in my reviews and some interviewed. So read on if you need and then get this cd. Metal for life


Kreator : "Phantom Antichrist" CD 2012 Nuclear Blast. Every good old Thrash legend ends up to the mighty NB label that always brings first great musical taste and then great artwork with great Vynils!!! It 's with no surprise this is an awesome album that keeps the fllame and anger of the last album with the not imitable kreator sound. A pleasure to ear ;)


Trisophere :"The Road less travelled" CD 2010 Adipocere Rec. It happens that sometimes I discover a band which made an album long time ago. Since I love this album it wa for me normal to review it. Norway metal band that brings many diffrent syles to one with a beautiful soul. Great musicans such as the lead female singer/ bass player ,full of emotions and professionalism. A mix between progressive , thrashy rythms, blues scales, heavy melodic , pop rock... it's a complete music album that can just unite all of us.The great song Marionette one of the video is pure beauty you can't stop listening to. Powerfull strong lyrics, a masterpiece .

Great Awakening

Great Awakening : " 3 of a kind" CD 2012 Iron Shield Records USA Speed Thrash Metal. Brand new Masterpiece of the german label freshly pressed this June, once again they proove their love for real old Thrash Metal bands that keep the good old style alive. Sometimes reminding Pittyful Reign mixing great Heavy tunes and vocals wit fast rythms and great pro soloing!!! An explosion of great melodies and speed pushin u to jump in the Pit and bang your head like mad! This is pure happyness mixing all the good 80's Slayer, Testament, Evil Dead, Dark Angel, Death Angel, Destruction, Nuclear Assault, Heathen, Forbidden... THis is pure fuking music in your ears blowing your mind back in the days if u see them live go on!!!!!!!! Voted the best Thrash album for the summer by Metal Zone Prod.666


Satanika : " Infection" LP 2012 Iron Shield Records Italy Thrash Death Black Metal , well many styles in one, this is ok but the samples with screaming before each song remind the Grind bands who love Horror movies pretty redondant to me... apart from that musically it's powerfull with great Thrash rythms that catches your ear and you can't stop listening to . It mixes many styles from Exodus , Obituary, Dimmu Borgir to name a few. Many will find their like into the album. Great sound and mix go for it if you like those styles mixed together.


Blacksmith : "Time out of Mind" CD 2012 Heaven and Hell records USA Heavy Metal. Once again another great album from this band who never got the fame they should have back then. Excellent mix when you know they had only tapes!!!! well done to Jeremy and his Engineer. Basically a very good album that brings maturity from the first compositions with still a Thrash edge at some point. Always the great influeneces from Judas Priest as Attila, King Cobra, Motley Crue...helloween, Raven, Twisted Sister etc... with their own sound this album will get you all 80's Maniacs! another masterpiece reborned for good ;)


Testament : " Dark Roots of Earth" CD & LP Nuclear Blast 2012. Another great album from this legendary Thrash master who delivers an excellent album full of heavy tunes they know how to make the best . Never been dessappointed from Chuck n the team. This is pure fukin Testament it kicks ass .Another great collector. Mosh into the pit!!!


Madmaze : "Frames of Alienation" CD 2012 Punishment 18 Records USA Thrash Metal This label brings us excellent Thrash Metal with Ed repka covers and excellent Mix. This is pure goodness for the ears!!! Basically to resume it's a mix of Forbbiden 'twisted..' 'distortion' with a bit of Testament and Vio-lence as Marty Friedman solo!!! it says it all just fukin awesome great band. Definitively one of my fav album for this summer . Voted best album for the summer by Metal Zone Prod.666


Roarback : Face the Sun" CD 2012 Denmark Brutal Death Metal . Rather speed and heavy with growling voice. Can't give a comparison since I don't listen to this type of band. Check the pages...

Rusted brain

Rusted Brain : " Juggler " CD 2011 Poland Thrash Metal. This album is amazingly closed to Deceased 'the mourning veil ' thrash album. A cool entertaining moshing band that could be playing live in Wacken to mosh down the place ;)


Megaton : "Retruning with vengeance" CD 2011 self product . USA AoR Hard Rock, Heavy Metal what you can say is straigth from the first note the band takes you to entertaiing riffs that won't let you drop down the listening! It rocks and is back to the early eighties mixing those great rock riffs with legendary melodic songs. heavy guitars and of course the'love ballad song' mixing Judas Priest, Deep Purple, rainbow, ZZ top, Whitesnake, ACDC, Motorhead and even one songs close to David Bowie!!! a vast influence bringing you the receipt of all 80's Hard Rock bands right from LA that brought the success to the genre. Shame they aren't signed cos they deserve it. Labels what are you waiting for?@! great band to rock your days ;)

harvester of sorrow

Harvester of Sorrow : "the beginning" CD 2010 CD Thrash Metal from poland very inspired by Kreator with heavy riffs like Vio-lence ones but no speed just fukin Heavy! Cool band to follow ;)

Flayed Disciple

Flayed Disiiple : “Death hammer “CD 2012 Grind Scene records UK Thrash/ Death/Grind Metal. The cover starts by leading you to something blowing with artwork on the logo as the front. Intro starting with the sample of a screaming sacrified man and pounding drums and fast rythms. Following by other TV samples like Machine Head on ‘burn...’ then the introduction of the band by the singer growling voice. Great solos with melodies some Thrashin guitars leading you to mosh. They make me think sometimes of early Death Metal bands influenced by Thrash such as Testament with elements of brutal death. If you listen without the voice sometimes I even heard some Sacred Reich...only the voice stops me from appreciating the album completetly cos it has really great entertaining songs. Give it a go if you like growling voice and love Thrash. A good band in the genre!


Brainwashed " Wrecked" CD 2011 Groovy Thrash Metal from Poland with inspirations from Pantera , Overkill, Panic, etc a great band to mosh to into the pit!