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dreaming dead

Dreaming Dead : " Midniightmares " CD & LP 2012 Self produced Death Black Female fronted Metal band from the states. The intro 'Wake' reminds early Paradise Lost while the next tracks have inspirations from Death, Dimmu Borgir, Dissection, Morbid Angel, Aeternus, Napalm Death, ..brutal death Metal bands and a jazzy Black Sabbath 'symptom of the univers' for the last track. A journey into Liz Schall's world. The female shuldiner is here ;) so all u maniacs get that album before it gets collector! u've been Warneddddddd

Dark Victor

Dark Victory : " Sheepeople" CD 2012 Uk self released as digital with Itunes etc.... Hard Rock with inspirations from various styles as funky jazzy punky rock mixes! As the band states 'with new technology and equipment our inspirations varies' so the album as nothing compared to the first one!!! Listen to Satriani's 'The phone call' it will give u the idea of that album ;) I guess the guys wanted to get back to their first love in music. So basically it will please a wilder audience than just the Metal fans. Straight to the point no big solos just rockin songs and easly listening compositions. If u want to listen something new or just get back to old melodies then this is for u!!!

Eugenic Death

Eugenic Death : " Crimes against Humanity" CD 2012 Heaven n Hell records. US Death Metal with a touch of Thrash let's early 90's when bands started to get heavier then this band could come from that period! Sometimes the singer has the voice of late Chuck Billy it is harsh and violent as Death Metal can be. .. just check the cover...A fun and no head hack bullshit just get yourself bangin

Reign of Fury

Reign of Fury : "World detonation": CD 2012 UK Thrash Metal. Self produced album with Matt Dixon cover that will of course help the band getting heard quickly. Musically the band mixed early Thrash with Heavy , Metallica Megadeth Iron Maiden Judas Priest etc... Catchy Rythms melodies the band has everything you can expect. The only thing I don't like in this album is one song that has Maiden melodies with growling Death Metal voice that kills the whole thing. Apart from that it's melodic Thrashy and kicks ass.


Exhumer : "fire & damnation " CD 2012 Metal Blade . This album is a very different from the earlier albums , The first songs are good thrashy ones reminding sometimes Sepultura's fame 1988 'Beneath..' or even 'Arise'...then the other half of the album gets back to more death thrash songs with different voice and tunes like it is made with two albums. In the overall it's a good album moshers will like.

suicidal angel

Suicidal Angel : " Bloodbath" CD 2012 Nuclear Blast . Well there is no supprise with this band! just amazing mix powerfull kick ass straight in your head Thrash with Exodux and Slayer riffs. Just blows your ears of pleasure.

lita ford

Lita Ford : "Living Like a runaway " DBL LP n CD SPV 2012. I have to buy this LP for my collection beeing a fan since the beggining. I was certainly not expecting this album. If Dangerous Curves was amazingly Heavy talking about her divorce with Chris Holmes this album is completely different. Very soft even softer than Black!!! This is like someone else cos very little bit of early Lita appears on this album. The first track is very close to The Runaways ones and give you the idea it will get back to her original playing but it ain't! This album has everythiing from the late Hard Rock bands. Her voice is even sometimes close to Shania Twain!!! One song has a bit of late Def Leppard influence. the title 'mother' is the only Lita's real track reminding 'Lisa' but addressed to her sons. This is another direction for the lady! This album missing the melodies and the catchy sound we 're loving. The songs sound like unfinished or not wanted. Live will be better but it sounds too much studio worked. The bonus tracks are even better than the album itself! Sorry to say I'm desappointed.

doro pesh raise your fist in the air

Doro : " Raise your fist in the air" 4 Tracks MCD Nuclear Blast 2012. The Queen of Heavy Metal has once again made some great songs to kick headbangers. The main title song is just a fukin single hit!!! the last song is the same in French , one German song, and the second song still in english very powerfull too. We can say she likes her fans to sing in different languages to make everyone happy. Don't worry the new album is gonna be killer.

gotthard firebirth

Gotthard : "Firebirth" CD 2012 Nuclear Blast. What we can say is this band is mixing 70's and 80's great tunes to make a serious Metal band!!! From Led Zepplin to T-Rex To Cinderella, La Guns, Bonham, whitesnake, XYZ, Black Crows...etc.. with heavy today's sound. An album to please everyone from rock to Heavy Metal . The band manage to bring all the music secrets from best riffs to the best songs that will melt all the girls and rock the guys.

striker armed to the teeth

Striker : "Armed to the teeth" 2012 CD Napalm Records ,these canadian Heavy Metal guys are not friends with Skullfist for nothing ;) This is what I call an exellent album!!! The first note reminds me RAM mixing all the good 80's Heavy from Judas Priest to Quiet Riot, RATT, Ozzy Osburne, Skid Row, Queensryche ect double guitar solos and powerfuil rythms that kicks your butt!!! Voted best Heavy Metal album for the winter by Metal Zone Prod.666 Get that masterpiece now!

grave digger clash of the gods

Grave digger : " Clash of the gods" Napalm records CD 2012 . There is no presentation for the mighty Heavy Metal band that rocks Wacken with their hyms. The first track is in German with an intro that reminds Irish music pubs. The rest is always the music that sounds better to me live cos it needs power and I imagine the explosions on stage.

tankard a girl called cerveza

Tankard : "a Girl called cerveza" CD 2012 Nuclear Blast. Well the band has always been into the BEER image and lyrics! we can bow to them cos nobody has been able to keep the same idea from the beggining even slayer had to stop singing about Satan. This album has slow moments with rocking tempos then it goes to 'the morning after' speed riffs they are used to play. The band keeps its way with their sound that can't be copied. A really cool and fun album but isn't what they do since the first album?! moshin moshin moshin man those guys will break your neck ~ prepare for headhack stay in shape ahaha


Heretic : " A Time of crisis" CD 2012 Metal on Metal .This Thrash Metal band from the 80's is back with a new album signing the return like they never quit! Having always great known musicians playing their best riffs. Pounding riffs and great solos this is fukin pure Thrash album that rips your headoff! The songs make you headbang and for the ones who love the moshpit they 'll get served. Metallica, Evil Dead, Vio-lence, Wargasm, Heathen, Dark Angel., Sacred Reich.ect...if this is reminding you the time Thrash was at it's best?! well Heretic brings you back to that love thanks guys. Voted best Thrash album for the winter. The lyrics are actual facts we are all living at this time bringing this energy Thrash bands always had = ANGER. fuk man it feels good to be alive ;D


Reverence : "When darkness calls" 2012 CD Razar Ice Records USA Heavy Metal . This is an excellent album that brings you all the elements of 80's sensations :Skid Row, Dio, Dokken, Jusdas Priest, Saxon, Abbatoir , Metal Church., Ratt, Queensryche.. 90's melodies Iced Earth, with musicians from different Metal legends as Tokyo Blade, Savatage , Crimson Glory etc...with the mix of today's PowerMetal bands and awesome artwork . No doubt this is pure Masterpiece you might buy for Xmas or maybe have already in your collection since it came out before the summer. A big Thank you to Bryan Holland for making me discover his great band! ' Right in your face powerfull Heavy tunes' . This album is perfect and the bands performance is amazing , One of my fav album for sure ;)

tyger of pan tang

Tygers of pan Tang : " Ambush " CD 2012 Rocksector records UK. British Heavy Metal bringing one of the best album with a very simple but strong cover that let's you guess you won't be desappointed. From the beginning till the end it rocks with many influences Dokken, Poison, Bonham, Led Zepplin, LA guns, The Cult, Motley Crue, Shark Island, Motley Crue .... Roaring melodies explosive solos and the voice that always make me think of Robert Plant all the way gives the eighties Hairy Metal maniacs the proof Heavy Metal is not dead and will never be!!! The mix is just excellent. Come on you know you want it!!!


Thor: "Thunderstryke" CD/ LP 2012 Rock Saviour Records Canadian Rock 'n Roll / Hard Rock. Too be honest it is the first time I hear this band. .. This is not an album but more like a compilation with old and unreleased tracks for the fans of the band. The sound is really good for Lps as it lacks of mixing work, Each song has a different one... Musically it is really more like early 70's mixing early 80's Rock/ punk/ Hard Rock Judas Priest meeting The Runaways, Deep Purple meeting Accept, Billy Idol meeting David Bowie...not my cup of tea!


Razorwyre : "Another Dimension " CD/LP 2012 Inferno Records. 'WOW' is the first impression while watching the cover art and listening to this POWER Metal band!!! If you want your ears bleed and your speakers shaking then this is an album you should get. High pitch vocals double druming and entertaining songs that drive you head banging then this is for you! The french label here have found a pearl . Judas Priest , Manowar, Ozzy Osbourne, Grave Digger, Helloween, Mercyful fate , Iron Maiden, Deathriders.... this band will explode live festival . You've been warned it kills!


Sylencer : "lethal dose of thruth" Sylencer's records CD 2012. A one man project that shows the determination of a man to regroup all the Metal legends in one album. A project that took six years to be accomplished gives a good Metal album will appearnces from Michael Angel Batio, Steve Digiorgio, Roland Grapow, Steve Smiyth, Larry Tarnowski, Christian Lasegue... This is a journey to a beautiful communion of great artists. If you haven't heard it check it out it's worth it, great work and good songs.


Thrustor : "Abysmal Fear" CD/LP 2012 USA Thrash/Death EmanesMetal Records . The story of two brothers decided to make a heavy speed band. It brings many aspect of late 80's Thrash with early 90's Thrash. A good combination that will please the fans of the genre. Blasting drums fast guitars pounding tunes. Influences Obituary , Krisium,Defiance, Testament, Vio-lence, Demolition Hammer, Wargasm, Entombed, Deceide, MOD/SOD , Malevolent Creation ....good production.

infinite translation

Infinite Translation : " Masked Reality " CD/ LP 2012 France Thrash Metal EmanesMetal records . The first album was already a masterpiece right in your face and the band shows once again they know how to make great Thrash Metal that kicks ass and will blow your head off. IF there is a UK scene in the genre then this french band is about to join the leaders and there is no way you can't put them aside cos they deserve it!!! Great songs in the vein of Forbidden, Nuclear Assault, Kreator, Pittiful Reign, Deathrow, Razor ,'ve been warned they're back and you will headbang till u touch the floor! This is one of my fav French Thrash band! get it now with always great covers and a label that gives fans what they want for their money. This young band will leave a trace in this world.

you rawk

You Rawk Worldwilde : " ..a guide to heavy...' Book USA. dana Shelton gave us an awesome work that everyone should have in their library!!! Very thick and Heavy full of pictures and the story of Heavy Metal view by this lady. It has some black n white pages like fanzine and color photos. This is a true fan book for all the fans made by a fan!!! few pages about the DIO fanclub and many bands from Nevermore, Havok, Magnus Rosen, scarred, Skiltron, Warpath, johnny lima ... many bands that are some known some you will discover. This anthology as simple, one of the best book I ever had . You can compare it to Rat's skate's Base in the basement DVD. So many informations and bands support this will stick to the Metal history and many people will follow those bands and Dana is the Angel who gave the best we can to help those bands. As a band and fan you can't pass away you HAVE to own that book!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU fukin Rock Dana ;)


Omission : "Pioneers of strom" CD Emanesmetal 2012 Italian Speed Thrash Black Metal . Take a pieace of early Nuclear Assault, Slayer, speed from Krisium and blasting rythm from Dark Funeral. Well here are few ideas that came into my mind while listening to this madness Metal band!!! you will mosh your head down and if you're still alive at the end you might finish in the gutter with the biggest pain ever! The french label has signed a band that will blow the metal scene. So if yo ulike it heavy and speed get on the wagon for hell!!!

mortiferous scorn

Mortifeous Scorn : "Mental Anarchy" CD 2012 Brutal Death /Grind Industrial... For the fans of the genre imagine Cannibal corpse mixed Ramstein. Good for your MP3 players since the sound is very numeric straight like too much soundGate is used during mixing...

sacred reich

Sacred Reich : " Live at wacken " Digipack CD-DVD Metal Blade 2012. WOW I'm so happy to have that concert!I wish every Thrash bands who played for reunion (and died after...) made that kind for DVD. This is professionally awesome video and the band plays their best songs. There is a bonus where the bnd rehearse with a tiny course on how to play one riff! This masterpiece is to be owned by every Thrashers!!! Thanks SR MOSH hhhhhh

alex schaedler

Alex Schaedler : "Temporaris" Digipack CD 2012 FGS Records German shredder who decided to make his own album. The beggining starts with the Satriani type wha wha song and continues to Jeff Beck bluesy style.Then you got funny Irish country to Mike Old Field classic universe. Pollka swing, video game fun, classic piano and Gypsy accoustic salsa, jazz, plenty of electronic sounds and the 'pot pourri' song where he revisit old known classics tunes. This talented musicians shows what he can do with serious professionalism. For all the fans of the guitar and instrumental albums this is for you! A great alubme that gives you in one album differnet style of music and so a great way to fly and feel happy.


Coalition : Solis Impulsio" CD 2012 Konklab records /Hurricannentertainment French Death Metal .Good cover artwork and nice whole package with the indtroduction from Hurricanne who masterized n pressed the CD. Musically it's for the fans of heavy bands such as Nile, Immolation and co. Low heavy down tuned tempo with heavy growling voice. The intro is very hard to catch with sounds and voices then if the songs have somehow thrashy riffs it stays too much on the same level which lacks of good solos that would be necessary to me.

amaze knight

Amaze knight : "The key" CD 2013 Italy progressive poprock/ hard rock. This band 's music is on the darker side , sometimes Deep purple keyboards and a pink floyd type song; a bit of Yes influence.. excellent mix and great overall music but very melancolic.


AXXION : Self titled Canada Heavy Metal. Skullfist Drummer and Solo guitarist have united to create another great band full of 80's great tunes. WASP , Twisted Sister , LP with poster and sticker yellow for the luckier and black for the others this is a masterpiece you should all have in your collection.

mandagora scream

Mandagora Scream : "Luciferland" Industrial, New Wave, Gothic, Pop, possibilities to put in any case. The woman vocals are nice the intro reminds The lord of the ring and Dracula.. Electronic sounds that are not my cup of tea...Depressing atmosphere that would fit teens in the suicidal feel of life....Really for the specific fans of that kind.


Hatriot : "Heores of origin " LP & CD 2013 Massacre records USA Thrash Metal. Steve Souza is back with his own band and his own sons that makes this album really special!!! This thrash man has managed to get a familly band that kicks ass. The first track sounding like early Slayer, some songs reminds early Exodus with awesome solos, pounding drumming close to Death Metal bands . Very good structured songs, the lyrics to destroy! All moshers will get crazy so get that album now!

chris holmes

Chris Holmes : " Nothing to loose" CD 2013 self produced. Well how to start? this is mean motherfukin Chris!!! I guess this says it all ;) An awesome guitarist I've been a fan since I heard the first Wasp album back in the early eighties. He has a unique style of playing none has ever immitated . The album starts with the heavy side of Wasp crazy licks. He mixed bues riffs and country like bottle neck stuff, sabbathish heavy rythms... Very fukin punch in your face lyrics. This album is just awesome with great mix and compared to 'solo albums' this is a true album!!! Great musician who knows how to create great music. What more he signs personnaly the cd ;D For the one who dares you can have special one to one Skype guitar lessons. Now what are you waiting for to buy this fukin album???

split worse death

Split Worse Death :" ST " CD 2013 Grind Scene records Ireland. This is a compilation of their signed bands ; Foetal Juice, Basement Torture Killings, Decimation, Zombified, Nailed. Well for the Death metal and grind fans this is what you need to explode your fuking head off! Available from all the UK stores as Amazon.

The Obscene Machine

The Obscene Machine : "ST" CD 2013 Grind Scene records. Brutal Death Grind for the fans of Deranged, Cannibal Corpse etc...Available from all the UK stores as Amazon.


TBSO Toranaga : " Righteous Tribution" CD 2013 self produced . The UK thrashers are back adding 'The Bastard Sons of " to the name meaning a new start with two new guitarists and the original line up giving this album a fresh sound with old riffs mixed in. As the cover the music has an agressive touch with more anger in the voice . The band is looking for a label to promote and rise up the band in the high Thrash spheres so don't hesitate to contact the band cos this album will for sure kick your butt.


Vainglory : "Prophecy" USA Hevay Metal, Kate French and her band give us new songs on their fecabook page to keep the the love alive since the last album hasn't been released so far. This is a great idea as making a cd today is pretty tough and cost. This is aweome song powerfull with heavy and fast drums , great solos as usual . Thanks for the music and see u live soon.


M16 : "Locked and Re-loaded " US AOR Hard Rock CD 2013 Heaven and Hell records. For the ones who know Jeremy Golden he loves to bring back the eighties and since he has great taste it was normal this band reformed and got signed on his label!!! This is a unique album the band recorded and so it is remixed with two demos. Personnally I never heard about this band although from the first note you will love it. Some songs have the '80's movie sound track" feel and I keep searching for the band they make me think I know and what I say their songs have lots of influences from early and mid 80's, for sure they know how to write great tunes with great solos and melodies. Here is a taste of what it sounds like : Foreigner, Kiss, Judas Priest, Attila, The Scorpions, King Cobra, Dokken, LA Guns, RATT, Alice Cooper, Poison, Blue Oyster Cult, Waysted, Winger and so on. So if you wanna hear it get yourself to the label and buy it!

celtic pride

Celtic Pride : "light up the sky" CD 2013 self producted SLW promotion UK AOR Rock/Hard Rock. . Melodic and well written songs to light up your days. some musicians have been part of know bands . Their influences varies from Led Zepplin, Guns 'n Roses, Faster Pussycats, LA Guns, Black Sabbath, Dio, Bonham, Iron Maiden etc... so that gives you an idea of what their sound's like. Come on give it a listen you won't be desappointed.


Meldrum : "Lifer" Digipack CD Reversed Records 2013. Third album you must have in your collection in memory of Michelle. Gene Hoglan on drums and Tourette singer made a slight change from the first two releases. The heavy guitars a la Pantera is very much used here. This album comes more into the new Metal scene going from few melodies mixed growling death vocals. Due to circonstances it lacks of solos...The driving drumming and heavy guitars force keep you headbanging til the end. A very beautiful booklet with photos of the missing Michelle beauty and a story told by her best friend Gene makes this so UNIQUE and you'll shed a tear ! Love u Michelle , not to say the least the sells will complete a donating amount for her husband John Norum and her child. So go on buy it !!!!

arch demon

Arch demon : "Last Supper " 2012 demo New Jersey USA Heavy/ Thrash Metal band Fronted by a female singer with gutts. I want to hear more since this is getting really into my head! For the likes of Hellion, Metal Church, Overkill, Chastain, Heart, Detente , Gang green....all ingredients of great heavy metal band without the big solos and else just funny attitude with great musicianship and just originallity. Those bands mentioned are just the influences you can think about while listening to this not yet famous cool band! Give it a go there are awesome and you will have great time I promise ;) One of my fav discovery for the not yet come. Charismatic singer that gets your attention and her voice just capture your senses!


Bodyguerra : "..nothing as it seems.." CD 2013 Dust on the tracks records. German Rock / hardrock band. I was very surprised to be approached by TIna Rocks to help me discover this band. The first listen was like " how I'm gonna describe it" but finally it helps when guitarist gave me few informations that are found into the music influences! A man fan of Richie Blackmore couldn't make it easier ;) So you got the picture, the Rainbow, Deep purple influences are major yet some other like Genesis or even malmsteen at some point (for the early albums with singers) can be found in this album. So basically it will please more people who listen to the 70's Hard Rock and 80's Rock. Great solos that leads the band to great exposure and likes.


Savage : "Sons of Malice" High Roller records DBLp N Cd 2013". This English band is back for goods! Yet a band that most of you know cos they have inspired many high level recognized Metal bands such as Metallica!!! Powerfull Heavy album that kicks from the start to end! This LP has more tracks and still I want to play it again ;) For the ones who don't know you can find inspiration from Whitesnake, Dokken, ZZ Top (blues rock always been the main music tech) , Bon Jovi, Hydrogyn, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest (early material) Thin Lizzy, Guns 'n Roses, Van Halen... well there is quiet a bunch of you I see already very interested to get that masterpiece! YOu can call this 'Pounding Metal' a band that will bang your head to the ground

witches Mark

Witches Mark : "Witching Metal Ritual" USA Power Metal Heaven N hell records 2013. The cover just makes me laugh such it is Thrashy n Heavy! Musically attend a great force of power metal pounding with great riffs and tons of known guest from manowar, jack star... now you're listening!!!

Dying Eyes of Sloth

Dying Eyes of Sloth : "ST"USA 5Trax Thrash /Death led by Dave Incognito who reformed his old band while pushing his new band Indisguise on top. Although the heavy guitars might catch your hears you need to love growling screaming voacls a la Cradle! Meanwhile for the fans ofmorbid angel, deceide, Immolation, Demolition Hammer and late 80's Thrash early Death Metal.Compaired to Bone Gnawer and Six feet under


Anvil : "Hope in Hell" 2013 CD .his Heavy Metal band hailing from Canada is not a surpise for you unless you never heard of them... This album is more Rock than Heavy actually. It keeps it vein with loud Heavy catchy riffs but using a Deep Purple riff and a kinda Hendrix one makes it more like 'we want to let you hear our roots' than making a brand new album. Some songs have the vibe of Motorhead! So basically for the old metallers it might be as enjoyable as not good enough if you expected something else and for the new kids just anoher way to love Heavy with why not discover Rock stuff. A great mix we have the use to hear now so get your chance to listen and make your own mind.


Saxon : "Sacrifice" 2013 Deluxe 2CDs an excellent album from this Heavy Metallers. I'm surpised to hear how much they manage to keep the old flame while writting new material and for the ones who saw them live at festivaal several times I can say they really rock the Metal World after all these years. Just an awesome album you might want to have in your collection if you love this band! Awesome!!!!

the T.A.W.S

The T.A.W.S le 20 juillet a l'eclusier de niort : " tant pis pour ceux qui ont loupes, mais y'en aura pour tout le monde' - Le concert a demarre a 21h30 dans ce magnifique coin entoure d'eau et d'arbre. Le premier set de 45minutes a des le debut pu surprendre neanmoins a captive les 10 personnes deja presentes en train de boire et manger. UN groupe que j'adore car des la premiere seconde il y a une energie et une puissance qui se degage telle qu'ellles vous entraine. Tres carres des compos bien ficelees forcement les gens ont apprecies. La soiree commencent doucement mais le son attire les passant et en tres peu de temps il n'y avait plus de place pour tout le monde! Pour ceux qui ont eu la chance de les voirs la semaine precedente ce show la etait bien meilleur du a la sono et l'emplacement qui a bien fait tourner le son. Aucune fausse note, mais il a fallu une demi heure de pause pour permettre aux gens de recuperer un peu d'oreille car ce groupe rock envoi du son et des grosses rytmiques proches des fois du bon metal. Le goupe a repris de plus belles pour 30 mins d'explosion avec un publique ravis et qui a un peu participe (pas evident de bouger les tables et les chaises dans un androit fait pour manger et boire... les groupies etaient biensur presente et les 'encore' ont fleuris de plus belle! Il ya eu la possibilte d'un rappel d'une chanson et le concert s'est termine debut d'un nouveau jour laissant les musicians ranger Un super concert une elodie avec toujours plus de voix tres melodique et des reprises pour faire plaisir a tout le monde (un peu de pop/ rock ne fait mal a personne) si vous voulez en connaitre d'avantage et venir les soutenir prochainement visiter leur page et devenez fan! Si vous aimez Paramore, The Donnas, Metallica, No doubt...suivez moi! (enfin le groupe)

fatal instinct

Fatal Instinct : 3trx demo Canada Metal band. I listened many times the samples and each ones are different. One track is a kinda gothic like voice reminding me the Metallica try on Load, other tracks are more like Anselmo type with effects and a touch of industrial sound, it reminds all those bands like DRAIN STH with the TREX cover '20th century boy' many have sung with strange vocal effects. SO what to think? a band that combines different type of music to make their own sound . Good for the new kids but for me I can't figuring out what to say it doesn't cach my ears ...if you like it different try it out!


Hessler : "comes with territory" CD 2012 USA Hard Rock band, This is pure fukin '80's Heavy Metal full of inspirations from Motley Crue, Femme Fatal, Judas Priest , NO Shame, Warrant ., Cinderella.. great songs moving your body 'shake, shake , shake...' with the great ballads you always have and punchy kicking songs wiht great solos. I love this band!!! get yours on CDbaby

dark Design

Dark Design : "Prey for the future" CD USA Heavy Progressive Thrash Metal Heaven and Hell records 2013. The Cover has the early '90 's complicated design from mainly early Death Metal bands. Musically it has many different influences from Meliah Rage, Iron Maiden, Metal Church, Warth, Death , Pestilence, Dream Theater, Mekong Delta, Running Wild will find your way through those Metal mix . Basically it's just a Metal band that made its sound out from the Heavy Metal path from eighties to nineties. The album sounds like a journey that end up by a peacefull song telling you it's over! it's an interesting band that gets out of the actual crowd and you might like it or not but it will conquer many people who have forgotten their early fav bands or just reminds you whats the story of heavy metal.

Acid Death

Acid Death : "Eidolon" Death Metal CD and DBL LP Noise Head Records 2012. The greek band is back with a new album and its old stuff beeing remastered and free to download on their site so if you haven't got all their albums you can get some and for the ones who don't know them a good way to ;) A good Death Metal with the early 90's influences , a great come back.


Toranaga :"Righteous Retribution" CD Chuffing Hell Records 2013 UK Thrash Metal.Round 2 ! ok last review was for the promo CD, now I got the final label record and what I can say it is excellent production! 12 tracks full of fukin Heacy Thrash Metal for the fans of the band like me you won't be desappointed since the intro is just like a link from past albums as the last track which is like telling you the band is right back to kick your ass!!! To me who always listened and talked about the band it's just like they never stopped and i'm glad this album is getting right into your head and mosh you 'till the end. Excellent design with a booklet and the lyrics and some great live phootages.come on GET IT NOW!!!


Firestrike :"lion and tiger" 5trx MCD 2013 self procduced Brazilian Heavy Metal. Female fronted Metal band that will kick your butt and blow you away. The singr makes me think of Doro, she has a very high pitch and the first note of the CD reminds me Skullfist due to the 80's influences. Once again the tiger is here ... thanks Tiger of Pan Tang for those influences, my problem is I have always Bruce Dickinson in mind while listening to this CD and some maiden riffs here and there... some Rob halford high vocals are comparable. As they say "we live with traditional pride" great statement for good Heavy Metal band!!! The lady has gutts and it's amazing but if I like this band i have one thing though I'd advice this lady she hasn't got enough tone range I mean it should change sometimes and to the engineer less reverb on her voice as it tends to brake my ears. Apart from that this pretty much a great first cd that will lend them into classic Heavy Metal and once again Brazil brings us true Heavy Metal right in your face! one of my fav band for this summer ... wish them the best.

foetal juice

Foetal Juice : "big trouble in little vagina" CD Grind scene records UK Thrash Death Grind Metal. Another funny band from that label, at least they don't take it too seriously ;) Musically is has many influences Kreator, Holy Moses so the music is thrashy then the growls from Death Metal arrive and you hear the direction then all the design and titles tracks from Grind! reminds Gorerotted but for the ones who need references you can imagine cannibal corpse , immolation, infestation,'s listenable but still for the fans of the genre as to me it tends to get boring. If you like great guitar riffs and heavy death vocals a la deceide then it's for you!

marishi ten

Marishi ten :'dawning" 5trx MCD self produced USA ROCK. We knew Linda Lou as a 'Bon scott' singer in her all female band Cockpit but this new band is completely different! Great production and great cover design leading the girl in a very melodic direction this EP is just amazing, a flight to the sky , just close your eyes listen and you've been transported to happiness while the lyrics are deep 'close my eyes in pain' for ex. Her voice is enchanting and so melodic the angel that leads you to her path like a spiritual journey. Musically it's just so great to hear that I can't compare to any other bands! (so rare these days) some melodies reminds me REM 's singer but that 's a tiny bit in the whole and one song could be a movie soundtrack as it makes me think of Survivor on Rocky. The energy and feel explode from this band makes you want to fight and go on like Balboa ;) realise your dreams , be happy and forget about the rest of the world. This is ure enjoyment and can't stop listening to it again and again. Well done LInda my fav band for september

blazing war machine

Blazing War Machine : "self titled" CD 2013 self produced Black Metal France. Dagoba's drummer Francky is known for his great ability to kick ass and beeing one of the best french drummer having different influences in Metal. This band is finally one of his likes as I can describe it as Dimmu Borgir closest influnence with loads of keyboards. Don't know if it's just for fun or to play something different from his main band. The futur will see but in the meantime the fan crowd will grow.

Raven Lord

Raven Lord : " Dscent to the Underworld" 2013 CD Mausoleum Records Heavy Metal at his best ! having great musicians from well known artist suchas Operation X or Blaze Bailey, Joe Stump awesome solos, High pitch vocals from Csaba Zvekan a power Metal band bringing you all elements of what should be the best of Heavy Metal Musically it regroups King DIamond, Judas Priest ,Saxon, Deep Purple, Malmsteen, Grim Reaper, so if you are a true Metal Maniac you will buy this awesome album.

always fallen

Always Fallen : "The age of Rivalry" CD 2013 Mausoleum Records Heavy /Thrash /Hardcore Metal band . A modern band mixing infleunces from many such as Machine Head, Sepultura, Heaven Shall Burn, Killswitch Engage...for the new kids ;)


Awaken :"self titled" CD 2012

Mausoleum Records AOR soft Hard Rock . Ex singer of Lazarus made his own band with some musicians who played in quiet riot...His voice beeing very close to Biff Bifford you have Saxon in mind all the time. A slight influence of Queensryche with very rockin tunes.You got the picture so if you're into those bands then get the album.

no quarter

NO Quarter : "All star led zepplin tribute" CD 2012 Mausoleum Records although this is full of great musicians i will never like tribute albums. This is a good way to earn money playing those favorite songs we love created by awesome musicians but there is only one Led Zep. Make your choice


Taunted : "9 sins" CD 2013 Mausoleum Records Heavy Thrash Metal band featuring vicous rumours drummer. a mix of testament overkill anthrax....


Nitrovolt :"panzer" CD 2013

Mausoleum Records Punk Hard Rock , make me think of the donnas a mix with ACDC ,Mothorhead, sex pistols....a trio that blow your head off!

max pie

Max Pie ; "Eight pieces one world" CD 2013 Mausoleum Records Prog Heavy Metal . Some people compare them to Symphonyx or Rapsody...powerfull rythms and melodic vocals this band will reach more than Metal maniacs. Can hear some TOTO , Dare, Foreigner, Def Leppard...'sealed " is for me the Hit single! There is a lot of eastern countries melodies. Thrashy Rythms on the fith track..a good band for the fans of the genres.Sometimes people search complicated things when simple rockin tunes are still the best around. (motley crue...) I love the first tracks for the melodies but then it 's too much , like listening teachers playing scales etc.. a bit like Dreamtheater. IT's a good album but the search of perfection should not be mixing up different styles and putting them together. Great video on utube!


Hybris : "Heavy Machinery" CD 2013 Candlelight records UK Thrash Metal composed with two female musisians. For the fans of Deathrow, Coroner, Mekong Delta, Anthrax, Pittyful reign...The cover reminds too much Exodus and the logo althoug a bit complicated has some originality never seen before. Another ball out of the UK Thrash scene that should if they stick ... putting up some spice into the underground.

shatter messiah

Shatter Messiah : "Hail the new cross" CD 2013 Mausoleum Records .Powermetal excellent kicking ass songs with melodies and great guitars. Members from Annihilator and Nevermore it can't be bad:) this album has everything needed to conquer the masses! you need this album!!!


Grenouer : "Blood on the face" CD 2013 Mausoleum Records this band would be called NU Metal back then mixing up distrotion and rap that can't be good to me, at first it sounds like those new Metal bands but a melodic voice and all those changes make me think of Linking Park. For Hardcore fans and new kids..Not my cup of tea.

pentagram chile

Pentagram Chile : "The Malefice" CD Thrash Metal 2013 Mausoleum Record. The band actually started in 1985 and reformed in 2001 with one member dead and a drummer problem the line up had to be modified and so the first album ever is now available! This is good to see a band that will do anything to get their music to be heard! For all the fans of Slayer , Venom, Possesed...the early days!!!


Demonical : "Darkness unbound" CD 2013 Cyclone Empire Records Death Black metal, Entombed, Dissection, Decide with members from Centinex. So good album for the fans of the genre.

iron man

iron man :”south to the erath” CD 2013 Rise Above Records. When a Black Sabbath cover band suddenly create its own album that gives a very heavy stoner doomy groovy tunes. Down tuned guitars, melodic voice and very enjoying songs. The inspiration is hard to take away from the listening but it surely is not a BS copy! The singer has a really heavy fat voice which set aside from the influence and so it helps thinking more of the way songs were created. The guitarist has many influences from the seventies (hendrix, MC5...) so it’s in the overall a great album that caches your ears to the end.


Horisont :"Time Warriors " CD 2013 Rise Above Records Release: 30 September 2013 : This swedish rock, Hard rock band is amazing, from the first note you’re back to the seventies melodies and sound!!! wow this kicks my ass can’t believe i feel like listening to an old LP. If you love Led Zep, THin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, The Who, Grand funk, Scorpions, Judas Priest , Slade, Blue oyster Cult, ....Awesome is the word!!!

Mael Mordha

Mael Mordha : “Damned When Dead” CD 2013 Candlelight records Release: 16 September 2013 : Irish celtic, doom band. Melodic yet powerfull voice, heavy down tunes rolling. It has a magic feels that keep you attracked like before a batlle ...reminds those movies. Death vocals on some songs with a deep touch a mix of different styles as many do these days.


Bodyfarm : "The Coming Scourge" CD 2013 Cyclone Empire Records Death Metal. Very Good production, blasting powerfull tunes a mix of Entombed, Morgoth, the first track reminds me Venom cover from Rob Flynn and Slayer version Brutal, some cool tempo kinda Dissection (the cover is close too) a very good band that will please all the Death Metal and Black Metal fans. Dark Funeral, Dimmu Borgir, got the picutre so get your hands on this masterpiece


Snew : " self titled" CD 2013 self produced. Hard Rock band ,to make it short 'ACDC meets Guns N Roses" but that would just be too compressed since you can also hear some Accept, DAD, The Donnas, Aerosmith, Motley Crue... a kick ass rockin band that will move the old ladies dancing on the tables!


Woslom : "Evolustruction" CD 2013 self produced Brazil Thrash Metal band. Everthing on this album is excellent! Using all the great riffs from all best Thrash Metal bands in the world can only lead in an awesome album. Metal Church , Overkill, Testament, Evile, Exodus, Megadeth, Holy Moses, Forbidden, Annihilator.... the only thing I regret is the singer been too much Dave mustaine 's fan as the more you get towards the end the more it gets Megadeth oriented even if it's closer to rest in piece which is not that bad ;) So in the overall it's really a good album!!!

iron kingdom

Iron Kingdom :"Gates if Eternity" CD 2013 self produced UK Heavy Metal.This is excellent album there is no doubt but i'm sorry to say after licening carefully and digging the album I'm pretty confused. The Band's name starts with Iron and the first note starts with Maiden!!! you got the picture it's not a cover band but they have fuckin reinvented the biggest english band of all time !!! yes this is pure fukin Maiden with their creations. I told you it was hard to critic this album. Man if you are a big fan you can forget it you have another one to follow!!! Sometimes the oldest need to rest and they have found their successors!!!

final curse

Final Curse : "Way of the cursed" USA Thrash Metal. Another pearl from the underground! IF you like Defiance, Evil Dead, Wargasm, Forbidden, Meliah Rage etc... a really good band with tons of heavy riffs! For all thrashers