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crucified barbara

Crucified Barbara :'till death do us party" CD 2009. The girls are back with an explosive new album. Stronger , more powerfull and just fukin Heavy!!! They will rock u 'till death for sure. It takes time but at least they gave us their best for that new opus. You'll get another kick in your face!


Slayer : "World Painted Blood" CD 2009 . This is an excellent album and the band stays itself so no doubt you will all love it! This is the Reign in Blood new edition ;) Not as fast but very similar and just fukin SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Whiplash : "Unborn Again" CD 2009 The Thrashers are back , the cover looks like a best of but it ain't one! IT is pure 80's Thrash somteimes between 1986 - 1988 sometimes earlier influences. From Metal Church, Megadeth, Overkill to the first Anthrax.... it has all the great component to mosh u down ;) Of course you will hear some great whiplash old tunes like 'Insult..' one. It's almost like a new band ahah


Defiance : "the prophecy" CD 2009 Most bands who are back have something changed but for Defiance it's not the case. Sounds like just a new album like they never quit!!! Stev is like Chuck the power of the band and the music is always heavy Thrashing. Whatever new kids or just old Thrasher you won't be desappointed it is fukin pure Defiance album and it will mosh u down!!! Well done guys.


Paradox : " Riot Squad" CD 2009 They showed with their return that their thrash hasn't taken a cobweb, this new album is once again a pearl! IT's fukin eighties thrash attack. Another band that hasn't changed over the years after their long abscence. It's great to hear those lads kicking and moshing , the eighties are back for sure ;)

suicidal angels

Suicidal Angels : "Sanctify the darkness " CD 2009. Thrash Death from Greece they have made their trace in the Metal business and now are recognized as one of the best band to come. A mix of nineties Thrash with Death Metal riffs. It kicks ass for those who loves it speed and heavy. Kreator, Sepultura, Cannibal corpse, Krisium... they got all those great riffs mixed up and make their own.


Hysterica : " Metalwar" CD 2009 . Heavy Metal all girl band from Sweden. IT's no doubt this country has lots of great musicians. It's been a while have been waiting for this album to come. The first tracks on their myspace showed a powerfull compositions of great female musicians. The singer was brilliant and the songs kicked serious. Unfortunetly the singer had to leave to commit herself to another band that was already making business and so the band kinda lost the best element. Few other musicians left such as the bass player and another guitarist. I really thought the band would never make an album and stop. But here it comes!!! Powerfull right in your face Metal, the new singer has good voice but is less high pitch than the first one nevermind it still has the soul of the beginning and they seriously kick your butt ;) It can be compared to Phantom Blue meets Meldrum with a touch of Iron Maiden n Judas Priest as latest Metallica with strong mix! to be checked seriously .Voted Best Heavy Female Metal band for 2010 by Metal Zone Prod.666


Soil : "Picture perfect" CD 2009. Metal band, pretty hard to give a definition. The music is full of inspiration with the actual style of this new generation. Sure the cover will get you all buy the album by curiosity (hum I feel concerned here lol) Sometimes the singer makes me think of Dee Snider and some songs are more Rock. Raw voice with kicking solos for sure they have Heavy influences on that!!! I think many people can find something to like on this album. A strange feel of Pearl Jam meets Alice in chains... well see many influences but certainly a good album. For those who just love music check'em out!!!


Artillery : "When Death Comes" CD 2009. Those Thrashers are also very impressing as all the eighties bands that recently made an album 'as a come back'. This album regroups many Metal styles from 80' Thrash, Power Metal and 90's Thrash Metal. A powerfull and strong album you won't be able to take it out of your CD player such it is an excellent album. AS excellent as the last laaz Rockit!!! one of the best album ;) Award from Metal Zone Prod.666!!!


Demonica : "Demonstrous" CD 2010 USA. Take the best musicians in the Thrash Metal with Heavy ones and you'll get an extremely awesome great album!!!! Craig Locicero and Hank Shermann have associated their playing to give us very interesting compositions. This is not a typical Thrash album , it has many influences and will please many people. It gets cool towards the end. I guess eveyone has brought their creations and that 's why it is so original. I'm sure I won't be the only one to give them an award !!


Heathen : "The evolution of chaos" CD 2010 USA. Five years ago Lee altus posted three tracks on their forum, then he joined Exodus and many line up changes occured with the band. Finally the three tracks are now on an excellent Heathen album!!!! It was a long time wait but was worthy ;) Apart from the 6th track which is an Exodus one... The whole album is close to 'Break the silence' with many great compositions and cool tunes. IT's amazing how this band after so many years is still true to their roots. Impossible to be desappointed it is such a pearl!!! Just pure fukin Heathen!!!!!!!

thom mathews

Thom Mathews : "Promo 2010" Shred Thrash USA. A universe between Mekong Delta and Marty Friedman! Talented guitarist originally playing in a band called 'Quinta Esentia ' decided to make his own path and he got lots of creation and plenty of imagination. Let's yourself flying in another world full of melodies and technics! This man needs a label and deserve it, so get on his music and you won't regret it! I give him an award for the greatest shredding album for 2010!!!


Arkayic Revolt : "Deaths River" CD 2010 the Canadian Thrashers are back with a full album signed with -Punishment 18- from Italy who signed Pittiful Reign!!! The first track 'blood will follow blood' is not a Metallica cover but a real fukin heavy moshin track ;) The intro is close to Obituary 's explosion and the rest of the album keeps this heavy sound that hammers on your head off. Sometimes remembering Sepultura 'Beneath ...' a bit of remastered Exodus riffs, Atrophy ,Demolition Hammer, Testament 'n else but Darryl's voice is unique and so the band has its own identity. This is pure fukin Heavy Thrashing band.


Militia : "Fiend of misery" CD 2010 USA Thrash Metal. Stormspell records decided to release albums for underrated bands from the eighties who never made it to the top. Well they deserve it cos this is pure great music!!! Two demos remastered with genious and sounds like it was made this year!!! Mainly between Agent Steel and Forbidden with many influences and they also influenced some other bands ; Megadeth, Vio-lence, Atrophy, Metallica, Anthrax, Wrath - Originally from 1986 this will please the old Thrashers!!! get that collector now.

sentinel beast

Sentinel Beast : "UP from the Ashes" CD 2010 USA Heavy Metal - Another Stormspell records release from a band with a female singer started in 1984 and got exposure on the Metal Massacre compilation. They released one album and Debbie is back with new members this year!!! The CD is made of demos showing many influences from Girschool , Iron Maiden , Judas priest, Black Sabbath... to the track called 'Sentinel Beast' which is a speed Thrash 'a la Slayer' and a song with a classical intro like Dark Angel. The band took a Thrashin ' direction before splitting and getting back in 2010 with a new album! Check them out.

serpent night

Serpent Night : "Silent night...of Myth and destiny" 2CD's USA Heavy Metal 2010 released on Shadow Records. I saw this album and looked closer to the cover then I thought I might buy this cd cos it is a collector. I was right!!! A young band started long time ago , fans of Mercyful fate/King Diamond and Alice cooper. Lots of pics in cimetery with make up etc... A young talented singer called Warrel Dane on the first demo from 1983-1985 with songs that will be later in 1988 revised and got the success from the band called Sanctuary!!! Do you got it now?! You're learning that this singer tried to copy Queensryche 's singer... there is a live video at the end of the second CD. Since Darrel left the band the second cd from 1989/2009 is different and the influence is harder and more heavy like Attila, King Kobra and else back then. So you got a great collector with plenty of pics and the history of the band and their best songs ever!!!


Facinora: "Hell is here" CD 2010 Italian Thrash Metal. What we can say is Kreator has created lots of fans and those are creating crazy Thrashing albums!


Overkill : "Ironbound" CD 2010. The band is still kickin ass, of course it is hard to evolve and the album sounds close to Horrorscope Heavy tunes without the two guitarists solos. This is pure Overkill ;)


Evile : "Infected Nations" CD 2009. Second album from those UK thrashers, the cover reminds all Sepultura as few Death Metal ones ftom the nineties. Still powerfull with great solos! Heavier on the guitars with more constructed songs, I guess here they wanted the lyrics to be heard clearer with reflection. Fortunetlty they keep their own style!


Believer : "Gabriel" CD 2009 Experimental Metal band! Reminds me Faith no More but with more crazy ideas!!! Sometimes Thrash Metal riffs, with Funk like the "fusion ' bands... a bit of punk and mainly closer to Hardcore mostly the singer that sounds like Rage against the machine (I hate this kinda rappy singing,...) some jazz and prog style guitars.Keyboards strange sounds always using the notes that are not melodic and giving this strange feeling of beeing sick! I guess they like Messugha but the result is not comparable. With a different singer I could find this interesting but I can't listen to the music too long. For those who like strange music!


Megadeth : "End Game" CD 2009 Nothing to be expected but a great sound with a return to the mighty 'Peace sells..' heavy thrashin tunes! Dave is always playing his own style since the begining and that what matters!!!

brutal peace

Brutal peace : "Above and Beyond" 3t's Thrash / Death Demo tape from '95 re-released in 2010. LA based Metal man is trying to reform his band and looking for interested drummer. A mix of explosive tunes like Sepultura, Entombed, Obituary, early Nuclear Assault speed delirium, Nailbomb ....The biggest moshing pit during Metal shows :)

detente history

Detente : "History 1" CD 2010 Cognitive Records USA.This cd made it through after a long way! A great compilation of demo songs giving the history of the band's life and the members who have created many known Metal bands. There is no booklet but a poster with a graphic describing clearly the story ;) the only bad point to me is the fact there are just the title tracks without their dates of creation and who was playing that would have been much complete to me but it is definitively a cd to have in your collection!!!


Detente : "Decline" CD 2010 Congnitive Records USA. Who would ever think to see a new album??? After so many years the guys decided to kick off the music back to life! Some had the chance to see Ann Boleyn singing live on detente's old tunes but now there is an album with new songs and new singer Tinna teal. Surprisingly it sounds like the band never died and the spirit and even the vocals are true to the roots from the begining! I must say she is givin credits to Dawn 's vocals and the lyrics are also dark and political, the riffs are still exploding with Punky Thrashy rythms and exellent solos! Tina brought some HardCore moshy harsh explosions but this is still detente and it bleeds like the first time. This is really a cool album you won't be desappointed! I give them an award congrats guys ;)


Skullfist : "Heavier Than Metal" CD 2010. Heavy Metal from Canada Back in 1984!!! those lads are amazing and this is one of the best album this summer.Remember Attila?! Mama's boys, Tokyo Blade, Loudness, Twisted Sister, Accept, King Cobra, Wasp... They are true metallers , they have the same passion , the same look and kick some fukin ass!!!! An award for best band ;)


Elimination : "Destroyed by creation" CD 2010 . UK Thrashers have been known for a while but compare to the others it took them longer to have this CD. They were on the compilation Thrashing like a maniac Lp. After a revamped logo and else this album finally reach your mailbox and kicks your butt. Mixed influences from Mehlia Rage, Anthrax, Defiance, Testament...with the moshin attitude ;) They already have a hit single! 'Nightmare Asylum" the title track to me that will blow the mosh pit for sure!!! An Award for their dedication !


Tyranex : "The Evil has arrived" MCD 2008. Sweden Thrash Metal led by a female guitarist singer, who got signed and will release an album shortly. The Swedish spirit inspired by the 80's such as Destruction, Kreator, Holy Moses, Whiplash., Znowhite.. and Heavy vocals mixed with fast drumming and pounding riffs. For sure this band will make some noise , very artistic with excellent logo and cover artwork. The attitude of a young talended band - horns up high n follow those metallers! An award for this excellent band ;)


Toxik : "Think Again" DVD 2010. A must have for any fans!!!! The first official release from the band after over 20 years!!! Self financed and professinally made, 1989 complete live show, 1986 first line up show with never heard songs as Tokyo!!! A photo gallery and most a special Interview with Tad Leger, Josh Christian, Mike Sanders answering Fans questions posted on myspace ;) A pure pleasure THANK U guys !

fatal embrace

Fatal Embrace : "The empire of inhumanity" German Thrash Metal 2010 Splatter LP hand numbered with big poster, a beautiful piece of collection!!! Excellent Thrash Metal very inspired by late Sodom (Tapping the Vein) a bit of Slayer (South of Heaven, Hell Awaits) Metallica solos (Master of puppets) Pestilence (testimony of the Ancient) Flostam & Jetsam , RDP, Morbid Angel, Paradise Lost (Shade of Gods)... Heavy Metal and a cover of Iron Maiden etc... well a true Metal band that will please everybody !!! Award for excellent artwork, collector and music!!! Hails to the mighty Embrace ;)


Gang : "V" (Slaying the priest in the Metal Church) 2010 CD n LP Heavy Thrash Metal band from France. Much respect when a band that lives all his life through the Underground!!! They show us music is life and it lives with the fans n passion. The band has many Metal influences with Thrashin guitar riffs and Heavy voice with great solos sometimes makes me think of Death Angel, ADX for the french song, Iron Maiden or Guns n roses, Judas Priest , Metal Church etc... and the last track Black Sabbath 'Symptoms of the universe' well in one album you can hear every influences of each members. After 20 years of existence the band earns respect n its place in the Metal world for sure. An award for thier dedication


Forbidden : "Omega Wave" Clear DLP n CD Nuclear Blast 2010. It's always difficult when an album is awaited for years most from a famous 80's Thrash band. First the cover, it has to be seen on LP to really appreciate it and understand the design. Chuck Billy and steve Souza are guests on one track "Overthrow " (very inspired Testament - Low) which sounds normal in the Thrash familly ;) What we can say is Craig hasn't lost his creation nor his playing. The melodies and solos are just amazing! Russ melodies are always capturing your ears and you can't fukin stop listening it!!! The construction of the album reminds me Demonica with powerfull debut album and going more Heavy and cooler towards the end. The intro and "Adapt or die" are just the power of true Forbidden. I think we can say there are inspirations from "Twisted.." mixed with "distortion" and melodies! Excellent songs. Old and new fans will find their best songs and so everyone will be pleased by this new masterpiece. Just buy it!!! U fukin rule dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

harry b james - mindshift - human desolation

Live Shows at 'Harry B James' in Stockholm Sweden 17/10/10. A nice pub in the middle of the city full of shops, once you enter you discover a cool pub with wood and cool bands pictures on the walls, playing the old Metal favorite tunes! The first gig starts with Mindshift, a Technical Progressive Metal band. Melodic voice, slow tempos great guiars scales flying around and an excellent drummer. The power of the music moshes you and the nice delays sound bring you in a very good feeling like u're flying! A very nice band I really appreciate apart from the humming sound coming out from one speaker which made it annoying between songs., but in the overall it was really a great show!!! The second band Human Desolation seems to have more experience in live shows at least they made it look like most the singer all painted like a war machine moving around...I couldn't believe a place like that could have such a good mix! The drum was a bit too noisy / loud less worked as the first drummer and he had an headphone . This is more explosive Death Metal kind mixing technics from Messugha as Fear factory sound and scales. It has also some nice cool tunes 'a la slayer '. More for the new generation who like it explosive ! This is definitively a place I will go back in my next trip to sweden for discovering bands cos I love it and I always love bands live. A big thanks to my friends from Frantic Amber Mary who made videos on her blog from the show and Sandra who made me discover this place. Two bands to follow and support.


Predator : "Predator" CD 2009 USA. Just discovered this excellent Thrash Metal band! Heavy powerful voice and excellent musicians, all the things to have an amazing band with great compositions. One video among the songs. For all the fans of early Anthrax, Agent Steel and Forbidden these guys will kick your ass and you have to follow, their new album is coming with a song dedicaded to Ingrid Betancourt. An award for this brilliant album.

faith of fear

Faith or Fear :"instrument of death" CD Thrash Metal 2009. The band reformed and made this CD replaying their first songs mixed with demos and never heard songs. A must have for all fans! Excellent mix and moshing metalheads for sure.

Doro pesh

Doro : "25 years in Rock...and still going strong" CD 2010. A big respect to this great vocalist who is exploding our ears and blowing up our eyes. Powerfull live show from this goddess of Rock and Heavy! A complete box set available for the metal maniacs bowing to the blond warrior. One live show CD, DVD etc.. what are you byuing for xmas???


Izeovasis : "Izeovasis" 4 Tx Demo CD 2011 from USA Technic Death Metal . The kids from the nineties are very influenced by Messugha complex scales and sound which gives this young band an interesting aspect to get into. This is just an inspiration that comes to your mind from the first riffs , but the rest sticks to extreme Death Metal with a singer ripping off his voice and a drummer blasting like mad. So you will be pleased to hear this explosive band if you like those fast pounding kicking ass songs. Then they seems to mosh down live places when it comes to gigs so don't miss them next time they come to your city ;)

metal queens

Metal Queens ebooks : Vol I Nª 6 featuring a whole interview with Vixen , DJ Laura Lovely from Messiah Metal radio, Factory of Dreams and many more. Nº7 featuring Rita van poorten from Metal Maidens , Marshall Dylan, Hellcats, Insomnia and many more!!! Armand Rosamilia is getting fast always interviewing all Females musicians with plenty of sites and helps you discover those great bands. For more info :


Sanktuary : "Black magic brew" Canada Heavy/Thrash Metal CD 2010 those lads managed to make an 80's album!!! Inspired by Metallica 's ride the lightning, Anthrax 's among the living, MOD's Gross misconduct, Sentinel beast, Overkill , Megadeth ect... a fukin masterpiece for all thrashin' lovers!!! Get your hands on it quickly ;) Award for best album by Metal Zone Prod.666 !!!

Memory of a dead man

Memory of a dead man : "Maze " 2011 5tx CD French Metal band. Three musicians ,Only the voice is sometimes distorted giving this band a strange feeling.Reminds me Earthtone 9 mixing pop/rock and Metal. Some songs reminds the pop band Metallica , Paramore. The guitar is like progressive riffs just the clean distortion of the amp, inverted cords and rock drumming. The spirit of the band is quite dark giving another Goth/New wave style. The new kids will love the band for sure. Members from Aqme and Klone so the poeple who knows and likes those bands will continue to support them..


Sabaton : " Coat of arms" 2010 CD Sweden Symphonic Power Metal. A tiny bit of Manowar, new Metallica, Dimmu Borgir for the keyboards, Heavy guitars with pounding double bass drums. Viking mixed up Irish music on some songs.


Jaded : "Higher" CD 2011 USA Heavy Metal. After numeros line up changes for the search of the best singer, the finally blond girl has been changed by a black haired tattooed powerfull one who got gutts and beautiful voice!!! If the first ep was Hard Rock this new one gets heavier. The voice is sometimes close to Hydrogyn 's julie melodic and heavy voice sometimes closer than Femme Fatale 's lorraine lewis tough hard rock one. The guitars are heavier with more scales keeping always the Van Halen touches and bluesy influences!!! A bit of Motley crue, Princess Pang , the second track like No Shame ends and come back = very eighties! Also a touch of Meldrum etc..Unfortunetly the 5 tx ain't enough but "tonight' beeing certainly the hit in the charts ;). But u'll surely play it many times over and over again. Although they love to say they are from Boston they're making songs like 80's LA Metal such as Lita Ford, Warrant and else. Support those girls they deserve it!!!


Netherbird : "The ghost collector" CD 2010. The band recently given this on their website for download free. Swedish Black Metal band very dark with diverse influences. Dissection, Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon ...for the fans of True black Metal !!!


Netherbird : "Covered in Darkness"MCD given free on their website. A full cover cd showing their different style and love from Paradise Lost to Annihilator!!!

Chrono Narcosis

Chronos Narcosis : Thrash Death from Bay Area Demo CD 2011. This band has much a fun approach with songs called 'fuck saddam' 'racist' and else. Speak your mind, with sometimes a grind touch. The music has heavy riffs taken from different bands Sepultura, Metallica, etc... Playing fast and heavy growls, for the fans of extreme Metal.

dark victory

Dark Victory : "Dystopia" UK Hard Rock /Heavy Metal 4 tx demo CD from the fourth coming album previewed for April 2011. If the cover is made completly on computer the music is very comparable to late 70's Black Sabbath, early 80's Ozzy Osbourne with an heavy doomy touch. Full on guitars like the band has been created around it like Yngwie Malmsteen or Satriani's not of the earth albums. Probably because it is originally a project fom Mark Simon Little. It also has this Irish dancing Power Metal touch that will mosh people live! One song reminds me Flotsam And Jetsam early material, with great melodies and some acoustic guitar. An excellent original approach that will concquer many ;) Can't wait to hear the final mix.

core device

Core Device " What I've become" CD 2011. New Jersey Heavy Metal. I must say I haven't heard quality band like this for long. I mean this band kicks ass and although I love many underground bands, this one has this touch from famous bands such as Forbidden late releases! Nevermore, Eidolon , Mercyful fate etc with this slight Thrash heavy guitars. Signed to Heaven & Hell records this band has a promising future!!! Voted best album for 2011 by Metal Zone Prod.666

ancient creation

Ancient creation : "Evolution Bound " Cd 2007 Melissa records. Also signed to Heaven and Hell records for their new release in 2011 "Moonlight monument", another masterpiece for this excellent band. The first track is already taking you higher with twin guitars sounding like the Abbott brothers from Arch Enemy, plenty of great scales and melodies entertaining you without time to breath. This band has already found the right component to catch your attention ;) The amazing thing is like you already heard this band cos the ' Malmsteen touch ' madness takes u if like me you love guitars!!! Professionaly recorded and played there is no exception this album will reach your collection! All the Power Metal maniacs will also get it for the pounding double bass druming and enchanting voices ;) Has to be voted best album for the production and compositions by Metal Zone Prod.666

Heaven and Hell records

Heaven & Hell records : USA label created by Jeremy Golden if you love the bands reviewed checked the catalogue releases!!! This guy knows where to find the bullets for excellent Metal. - common plunge!

Tracii tracer

Tracii Tracer : "Back To Hell" CD 2011 US Hard Rock/Heavy Metal . This singer has been around since the 80's might be known for some in Tracer and as played with many who became big fame bands such as Queenshryche. His voice and music mix up the sound of 80's with the new Power Metal vibe. Many influences running here and really full of great tunes : Ram, Hydrogyn, Judas Priest, Ian gillan in Black Sabbath...german Metal , Iron Maiden... well all we love!!! A really cool album that will please many ;) Signed recently to Vengeance Recording

paris burning

Paris Burning : self titled CD 2011 from Karoshi entertainment. French compilation full of the scene 's Metal acts - Klone, Proletaria, Memories of a Dead man, The prestige, Lokurah, Wurm...etc... 15 powerfull bands straight from France shoing you that Metal has great acts and can make fukin Metal in your head! If you're curious then you won't be desappointed!!!

Lazarus AD

Lazarus AD :"Black Rivers Flow " CD 2011. Stoner Thrash Metal, take a mix of Exodus - Panic - Orange Goblin - Black Sabbath - Zakk Wilde, Accept, Bonded By blood...a band to mosh to ;) Very cool vibe and even the Non Thrashers will love and headbang!!!

visions of atlantis

Vision of Atlantis : "Delta" CD 2011 Synphonic PowerMetal with two voices! A male and female singing at the same time, not usual and powerfull double drum beat and keyboards will entertain you till it ends. A very good album although I regret all these bands keeps the 'cliche" with the middle song having a death Metal Male voice that breaks the enjoyable atmosphere of a melodic Heavy Metal band. It is excellent and we can only push them to keep making this beautiful music.

within temptation

Within Temptation " The Unforgiving " CD 2011. This band has reached the Pop charts since their third album and stick to it which is good cos Sharon has a magnific voice that enchants you. I just review it cos I love her voice although this is not Metal but has never been anyway. It stay in the line of the previous album and a song reminds me "frozen" a great track with powerfull video that was engaged into the violence in a couple...this cover looks like a movie.A great album for those who dare...

flotsam and jetsam

Flotsam & Jetsam : "Cold" Dbl LPs Nuclear Blast 2011 . Some eighties Thrash Metal bands have kept the flame alive and some haven't. Unfortunetly for F&J they haven't got it anymore. I don't like to say so but this new ep is not Thrash at all. The first track kicks ass though starting like Forbidden with big solos and powerfull rythms then it comes mellow and ...boring! The last track gets a bit of the first track but it doesn't make it for me. I think this band is tired! like Metallica they keep playing their fav tunes live but on the Lps It's gone. For a band who sang "if you're hard on us will be hard on you..." well since their 3rd album it was gone already.

media solution

Media Solution : "Horizon of events " CD 2011. Italy Thrash Metal Crossover, the cover says it all ! it is a new promising band with already 10 years of live shows with big bands such as Obituary, Sepultura and others. This album has been recorded in the states and has a powerfull sound comparable to the Haunted, Sepultura, Machine Head , with a melodic voice sometimes in the Ozzy way giving this band the "crossover" style they love to call :) Guest appearances from Sepultura singer and drummer. For the people who love it exploding beating pounding new breed Thrash. Kicking u down and alreay very professional! you've been warned it burns!!


Bullet : "Highway Pirates" CD 2011 Sweden. Heavy Metal with easy rockin riffs and kicking ass songs. A big influence of Accept, Britny Fox and ACDC!!!


Lifer : "Cursing them out" CD 2011 UK Hardcore Thrash, Doomy Death Metal. Very inspired straight from the first intro by Machine Head 's Burn my eyes. Biohasard , Entombed 's clandestine, Orange Goblin, Pantera... Very Heavy guitars and vocals grooving u down. For sure the Metal from Lifer will get you all addicted.

Suicidal Angel

Suicidal Angel " Dead Again" CD 2011 Noise Art Records Austria. Awesome Thrash Metal band , no surprise from those Greek Metallers!! Very inspired Sepultura " Beneath the remains" mixed up with Death and Slayer riffs with a very heavy sound that rips your player!!! The cover made by Repka reminding Massacre and Death 's covers , a beautiful masterpiece for the eyes as for the ears. U need this in your collection!!! Well done guys.


Obscura : "Omnivium" DBL LP Color clear Relapse 2011. A masterpiece of artwork, kinda alien with beautiful green color and design. Death Metal mixed up Morbid Angel Cannibal Corpse Annhilitor Messuhga with great melodies. A special atmosphere that leads you into another dimension. Brillant album and great collectible!!!

honey for christ

Honey For Christ : " The cruelty of great expectations" CD 2011 Ireland Metal band. Difficult for me to review a cd that has already three excellent known songs. The band is going to another direction, very dark into the lyrics close to gothic suicidal thoughts."The final transition" that should for me be the title as it discribes well how the guys are right now motionally. The cover tells it right! From Slayer to Metallica it moves around heavy thrash rythms to slow sad please many. Just hope they will not die as Paradise lost did in their music.


Spidkilz : "The ultra Demo" MCD 2011 Italy Thrash Metal. Elisa 's back with vengeance!!! The crazy Overkill fan is bringing us a good old school power that moshes u down with tons of inspirations from Znowhite , Exodus , Holy Moses, Metallica...with a ballad close to Doro! A good first try ,help them and support them they are true Metallers ;)

ancient creation

Ancient Creation : " Moonlight Monuments " CD 2011 USA Heavy Metal signed to Heaven And Hell Records. This new album is excellent and has exacly the feeling of the cover. Very 80's oriented big influence of Mercyful fate, Metal Church, Meliah Rage, Black Sabbath, Helloween, Candelmass, Malmsteen, Megadeth etc... many influences from Heavy to Thrash Metal. This new album is heavier than the first one in the vein of new US Metal bands such as Seventh calling ! A real quality Metal to follow ;)


Blacksmith : "Strike WHiole the Irons' hot" CD 2011 Heaven & Hell records. A special album with all the songs from this Heavy Metal band very inspired by Judas Priest, Bitch, The Runaways, Attila...some will call this a best off since you have the whole story as new songs, a masterpiece you should have in your collection.

jim mitchel

Jimi Mitchell : "The intimidator " CD 2010. This man is a solo guitarist in the vein of Yngwie Malmsteen, plenty of solos and melodies, drives you for hours like Classical music on a guitar. This cd is a repress of all his compositions with demos while waiting for the new album to come out later this year. Gert it from!!!


Symbolizer : " Thanatos Unleashed" CD 2011 Netherland thrash Metal. Self produced it is a good album although we hear the distortion is made on the computer that somehow breaks the feel but in the over all it is cool making think of Megadeth meets Coroner kinda heavy Thrash. Lyrically it is based on life and all those fears about what's happening. The first track 'Paradox' already stick into your mind straight from the first listen, many good tracks will catch u . Get that on!!!

the tard

The Tards : "Guillotine" CD 2010 USA Metal . Difficult to give this band a real style such their music is full of influences. Sometimes early speed such a Metallica , Kreator, Slayer...some groovy Thrash such as Sacred Reich, some doomy atmosphere as Black Sabbath and else a broken voice a la Lemmy...a band to follow pleasing everyone! Check them out you need it!!


Betrayer FTM : "No life 'till Fury" CD 2010 USA Thrash Metal. If the cover looks a bit Gore musically it 's fukin Thrashin Moshin band! A mix of Metallica 'kill'em all' MOD, Tankard., Kreator..for all the fanatics!!! Support those Fukers and mosh your head down!!!!


Razorwire : "Coming out" 5Ts MCD New Zealand Heavy Metal /Speed 2011. Excellent band you will be addicted to! A mix of early Metallica riffs mixed up with Deep Purple Ian Gilan's voice, Accept, Manowar, Hirax...Fukin Heavy !!!!


Zombified : "Backroom Eugenics" CD Grind Scene records Irland Brutal Death. Six tracks of pure madness , a mix of Decide, Immolation, Deranged, 7th child, ...for the fanatics with the likes and knowledge of this Metal. Good sound some melodies with thrashin riffs.


Neuroma : "Extermophile" CD Grindscene records Liverpool Grind Death Metal band. Very professional sound.explosion of powerfull riffs and growling voice. Inspiration from early Entombed mixed up with Six feet Under, Napalm Death etc...for the advised brutal mind