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Destruction : "Live Discharge" DVD 2004. Well this is far but hey I had to get that one too ;) A live bonus CD is included. An excellent interface for a DVD but a bit too much at some point, plenty of live phootages as interview thanks to Shmier who seems to be a very nice fella and fuckin Metal!!!There is even the full discography with mp3s samples you can all play so many hours of destruction to listen while u're doing something else ,,,, a complete DVD that shows the life of the band and will concquer the old fans as new kids!!!


Reviolence : "Violent Pheonix" Brazilian Thrash Metal with melodic solos in the vein of Yngwie malmsteen! Four tracks of pure madness and violence! Groove and heaviness, I think they're going on the way of "power Metal " (thrash with melodies)


FDISK : "Connection reset by Satan" USA Thrash Metal. Five Heavy tracks which reminds a bit MOD / Gang Green / DRI for it's fun and short songs sometimes with heaviness of Sepultura/RDP or early Suicidal Tendencies Holy Moses.,.. but these are just images cos their songs are pretty hard to compare to! They have the sound of late 80's Thrash Metal bands with heaviness of early Death Metal bands. The singer's voice reminds me Opprobrium's one. The sixth track is a really funny fake radio interview but they explain the songs lyrics with such a funny way like the "Team America" ;) U've gotta get this!!!! It's been a while we haven't had a band that don't get too serious but plays good tunes!!!

Seventh calling

Seventh's calling : "Excerpts from delivrance" USA Heavy Metal have once again gave us great tunes! This will please the fans cos this is the follower of their first great album, the production here is better and the band has found his own sound they are SC!!! Cool solos with entertaining rythms, this is heavy as its best. Five powerfull tracks with the last one 'Delivrance' beeing the heaviest song 'a la slayer"!

Laazz Rockit

Laaz Rockit : "Left for dead" 2008 USA thrashers have never desappointed me! this is far the only Thrash Metal band who never spit on their roots and never changed style or tried to concquer monster business like most of them. They're kicking ass like the early days it's just fukin amazing like they never stopped playing!!!! I can't believe the power and energy those guys have! this new album is just a blast in your fukin ears!!! just press play n the first track is punching u back to your seat and take care your speakers don't blow cos it will stick your ass! Ten amazing Thrash Metal tracks in your face you've been asking for and your wish has been realised! thank LZ you show us 80's Thrash is not dead n we won't leave u for dead!!! Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!Go ahead and buy that new masterpiece!

Hell hath no Fury

Hell Hath no Fury : "Uprise" 2008 USA Thrash Metal. This has been a long time since a three piece Metal band has blown up the world with amazing compositions, the female lead singer guiarist is certainly much inspired and talented to push this band on the high tops!This five tracks mini album is pounding with heavy and melodic passages completed of powerfull straight in your face lyrics!!! This won't leave u without a word or thought. None of the songs are the same, the two brilliant ones on their myspace profile shows what they can do and the CD gives you more.Leah's voice is a mix of Shuck shuldiner and Phil Anselmo to make it short but she also uses her own melodic voice that brings a special touch and emotion to one of the best 'balad' I have ever heard.

The production is amazing and really professional, I can't wait to see the brilliant video. This band is my new favorite since Warpath, and if the music is not the same the strenght and power as the lyrics just speak to me and I give them an award cos this is a great band to push and support!!! they deserve to be heard ! so go ahead and buy their Cd as the shirt cos it's worth it!!! I just love this band!!!

Honey for Christ

Honey for Christ : "All hope was strangled " 7" LP Another piece of collection from this Irish Metal band. Actually it is most for the fans and could also be used for promotion! a lp + Sticker + CDRom , the guys keep it dark with a nice pale cover with sad image doing the Russian Rullet!!! Two songs : one is new (title track) and the other one is a remade old one that was on their 2000 second CD (Oriion dust). The Cdrom is full of goodies, Live phootages - Promo phootages - Video for their tour in Europe - the two songs in Mp3 format - Wallpaper! All u need from a band for really the cheapest price ever!!! those guys love their fans!!! Andy seems at ease now on the lead and they are still a three piece band. The band always made an emotional music which means with their feelings and we can feel it while listening. The mix is perfect and you can't stop listening to the songs such it gets into your mind!!! This is pure Heavy Metal in your face and that's why I support them since they started ;) Hey folks u rock!

get thrashed

Get Thrashed : "The history of Thrash Metal" DVD 2008 USA. After few weeks of thinking on how I could review this I finally decide to say what I think. This is a great documentary don't get me wrong and I think every thrasher should get this BUT sadly I must say I'm desappointed. (I'm not the only one which conforts me) A big work has been done and once again a big respect to Rat skate for the video editing. To me a today's kid might never understand Thrash Metal nor know the real story nor the bands.It looks like it has been finished very quickly!!! It should be renamed cos this is not The story of Thrash Metal but more when it started with which bands and what happened in the Metal world that changed in the nineties. Sure the begining drives me mad cos it brings me back to my youth but then it comes very confusing and everything goes too fast!!! losts of pictures and live excerpts and too many none Thrash Metal musicians interviewed!!! it will please new kids but we're out of the subject!!! There is a huge gap from 1986 to 1991!!! It looks like a journalist made an article about Thrash Metal! It is made like a movie, a bonus and directors comments ( but who cares??? I hate people who speaks on his video explaining why he cut this that blah blah blah) The actual "bonus" is mainly a very important part that should be in the documentary cos it speaks about Thrash and shows what's missing!!! Then Motorhead is not Thrash (Black Sabbath was here first and it would have made it complete about the Metal history but it supposed to be a thrash Metal doc??!) and so Nirvana has nothing related to Thrash and never done anything to it! Fuk man that gots me angry! Thrash Metal never died it just went back to the underground in 1992!!! Noone speaks about Laaz Rockit, Holy Moses, Evil Dead, Wargasm, Deathrow , Demolition Hammer, Panic, Epidemic, Accuser etc.. (100 of Thrash Metal bands should have been mentioned here cos all have importance and some have been strong and still are in the Thrash Metal scene!!!!!! Check out my myspace page to refresh your mind and learn for the ones who weren't born at that time. You see very short live scene from Forbidden and Vio-lence but nothing much that's a pitty! Metallica, Slayer , Anthrax, Megadeth ,Exodus those bands for the exception of Slayer n Exodus killed Thrash Metal in 1991 for making sell out albums!!!! that 's the truth grunge has nothing to do with this! those big Thrash Metal bands have decided to become commercial that's what made a change!!!! But it never stopped! Dark Angel made an awesome album in 1992 before quiting, as Evil Dead etc...noone speaks about Death Metal which kinda evolved from Thrash and took the fame in 1989 with Morbid Angel , Obituary , Death etc.... 1991 for me is the date when Thrash left the place to Death Metal and Black Metal that became famous in 1995! This documentary is not made about Thrash Metal but just killing it in a way! nothing is said about the mew wave of Thrash Metal gaining the shore once again!!! this is a pitty you won't get thrashed totally. This should have been made in a better way with more Thrash in mind. "Hey Chaos AD is not what revealed Sepultura and Pantera is not the Thrash Metal band of the nineties" - If you want to learn and revive Thrash Metal buy individual bands DVDs then you will be thrashed forever!!!!


Wargasm :"Live in boston 2004 Knee deep in the middle east" DVD USA 2008 . Who ever listened to Thrash Metal know at least one album from the band "why play around" beeing the one covered in mags ects... This is a band that came late in the scene (1988 beeing a very strong Thrash Metal and Heavy Metal year with underated bands making their first big hello on the surface for magazines and known by real Metallers for years) but fight for their music and today I must admit it's with pleasure I watch this very professional and sincere complete DVD. A must have for any thrashers!!!Those guys are true and don't give you shit. A full live show from their reunion special appearance to mark a part of history of Thrrash Metal. The band speaking about their band and what they went through at that time plus a video and live phootages. Really a complete piece of artwork that delivers all you need from the band. What else to say I LOVE THIS DVD!!! GET IT NOW!!!!

Pitiful reign

Pitiful Reign : "Visual violence" CD UK 2008 - After a very long wait due to pressing problems it's with pleasure I get this CD!!! Knowing their music this is not with surprise that I get this exploding album with strong sound and nice cover. A moshing band that really gets back to Anthrax "among the living" era! those guys have learnt the "bang that head that doesn't bang" and believe me you will mosh till it bleeds! Great solos powerfull rythms and real thrash your mind and blow your speakers music :) This cover will remind you Evil Dead with Ed Repka who made the artwork , they have showned the technology history with this funny monster forcing people to eat VHS tapes that are dead and replaced by CDs already dead too ;) Certainly cool dudes I'd like to see live cos it certainly is a thing ahah Get that album and mosh your mind away

holy moses

Holy Moses : "Agony of death" CD digipack 2008 the german thrashers lead by Sab always stayed true to their thrash and we can only bow to the goddess of Thrash Metal!!! This is for sure the best album cover of 2008 and I give them an award for this, The originality that probably will become a standard as Kreator announces also a special album edition... I bought the digipack version and LP one as they will soon become rare and the beautiful Digipack as intros and a full cover which doesn't feature in the normal CD version. The music is pounding with sometimes old riffs reminding their best efforts and still the same fuikin explosion in your face Thrash Metal. Whoever plays in Holy Moses the band has long its mark with Sab's vocals and heavy riffs.I guess if this band hasn't been covering commercial Metal magazine they've always gave us true fukin thrash and will forever give us the best we need to bang the head to!!!


Paradox : "Electrify" 2008 . This band is back after many long years and if they have still a Thrash Metal attack this new album is more Heavy and has the sound close to powermetal bands with pounding double bass drums and heavy vocals. This is an excellent album and I give them an award. It will please many Metallers around the world from Heavy to Thrash maniacs!


Testament : "The Formation of Damnation" CD 2008.The boys are back in town! I regret that one original member is missing but fortunetly Paul bostaph is the king of Thrashing druming and always makes albums sounding excellent!!! It was a special wait for me wondering what would be this album and I must say that after few listening it's just a fukin Testament album!!! pounding rythms and thrashing beats that blows away your ears. Those guys know how to Thrash and it's so cool for old Thrashers like me, of course every young kids will worship this band for long and if the songs remind every Testament albums it doesn't sound like a 'best of' at all but a real new a fresh exploding right in your face Thrash album! And with the mix from Andy Sneap that makes a double enjoying experience ;) Signed on Nuclear Blast that sounds normal to me ahha Excellent dudes! Mosh that pit...

Arkayic revolt

Arkayic Revolt : "Undead Man Walking" MCD 2009 . Young Canadian Thrash Metal band I give an award for this excellent album, seven tracks of cool inovating songs mixed of 80's Thrash (Testament, Forbidden, Heaven, Exodus, MOD, Panic...) and 90' s Metal (Machine Head, Pantera, Metallica..) and other influences such as Iron Maiden - even non Metal bands such as Nickleback. This making a great original band that let their influences giving great songs to mosh to ;) A band to follow!


Thrashomatic : "Unexpected" CD 2009 - Canada seems to be once again creating Thrash Metal maniacs ;) As u can read the name there is no surprise! musically it goes from Metallica to Megadeth first albums. What else to say ?! uh this is what we all love so get that cd and enjoy ;D

nuclear assault

Nuclear Assault :"Louder, Harder, Faster" DVD 2006 - Once again it's with late I get hold on a legend 's Thrash Metal material for collection. When it came out I was a bit sceptic due to the critics since the band didn't play together for a while. Today I must say it's an awesome package here! Plenty of things to watch and listen cos this is one very special DVD with live video footages from 1985 to 2005 when the band got reunited for a tour. Few videos , radio interviews, pic slideshow and hidden menus! Congrats to the guy who made that video cos it's a cool work and make it special. This is for every fans and I don't know if there will be more but you got to get this!!!

mantic ritual

Mantic Ritual : "Executioner" CD 2009 USA Speed /Thrash Metal - Signed to Nuclear Blast this is pure explosion right in your face ! Good old Speed Thrash of the early eighties made by a young band once again that prooves it will never die!!!! If you like Metallica, Whiplah, Kreator first albums you will definitively love them!!! Another award for that great band cos they deserve it! They also remind me Hypnosia a band that was a cool Speed Thrash band and CIA Glen Evans 's project ex Nuclear Assault!!!. Tankard etc...Mixed by Andy Classen Thrash Master ! Get that masterpiece or you will regret it one day ;)

motley crue

Motley Crue : "Saints of Los Angeles" CD 2008 - The band is back with the original line up and I guess all the fans were waiting for it! This is a great album as the band used to do! The final mix is raw like the first albums and this is pure Motley, the cover is excellent - great artwork! we can say some songs are closer to Dr Feelgood so it kinda make it like the following album since I wasn't very fan of the departure of Vince and what the band was doing at that time so as an old fan it makes me feel good ;) Congrats guys and thank you for your cool tunes you rock!


Kreator : "Hordes of Chaos" 2009 LP - This is with no surprise those Thrashers are still holding a big place in the Metal scene and always making powerfull albums that kick your face! Mille and his team have taken back the lead and so the music is there every album after album. The futurist covers are also there and seems to stick. The thrash machine can't be stopped!


Evile : "Enter the Grave" CD/DVD patch + plectrum (fan pack) 2008. Excellent package! The full albulm with three demos tracks with a great DVD in the life of EVILE this is an excellent collector to have for all thrash maniacs ;) They are already big stars and watching this make me think of watching a Slayer or Metallica dvd... Those lads really show that this world is going fast and they have been chosen to represent Thrash Metal for this new generation and we wish them to be here in the next twenty years!!! Well done and thanks Earache ;D


DORO : "Fear no Evil" CD digipack 2009 Explosive brand new album from the Heavy Metal goddess! Amazing cover artwork and a big message to her fans!!! The best song ever is "25 years" this song says it all thank u Doro for your great voice and love . Rare are bands or artists to thank their fans for what they became... The sound mix is close to a live show and honestly u just have to close your eyes and imagine a strong powerfull show with Doro on stage!!! Two bonus tracks with one live and the other another love song! A brilliant masterpiece.Interactive media connect to the net with this album and get many goodies ;) Lots of famous artists invited on the album.


"Here is my little review I just put together ;)" (Stockholm-Klubben and Gothenburg-Sticky Fingers Mars 2009)"As Metallic Kitty enters the stage you could feel how the atmosphere in the concert halls was raised, and it only got better when they opened the shows with ”Wasteland”.The melodic guitars, the heavy bass and the sharp drumming gave a very nice first impression.During ”Claustrophobia” and ”Invert” the audience got into it and by then they wanted in! In Stockholm you could hear the faithful fans shouting out different favourite songs, they were probably very excited cause this was the first show in Stockholm since 2007.In Gothenburg however it was première for Decadence, so the audience there was a little more attentive. But as the show went on more and more people gathered around the stage and gave a very nice support.”Red” was very appreciated in both cities and you only wanted more. Then they surprised the fans by performing a new song, from the very new album that they are working with, and it could only be a success!Then the eagerly awaited ”Corrosion” was played and they really lived up to all expectations. And as I had forgotten that they were not the headline band those evenings, I didn’t excpect the last tune to come so soon.To end with ”Theatre of the absurd” was absolutely brilliant. Cause through that song they can really show how technical and advanced they are, especially live! Nobody can deny that Decadence is a band that stands out in a world of bands. You can tell that they really know what they are doing on stage. And I can only give horns up for the new rhythm guitarist Niklas that did a great job." - Isabella -


Izegrim : "Point of no return" MCD 2009 - Four tracks of pure intense Heaviness and groove. Many influences here although this might be categorized as Black Metal with Marloes sharky voice. This is groovy with cool melodies and sometimes violent riffs. The band has long made their original style and the departure of two members hasn't changed much except only one singer is now doing the whole job well done Marloe ;)

avenger of blood

Avenger of blood : "Death Brigade" LP 2008 Speed Thrash - Explosive madness right through your face! It has this early eighties strength and sound like some early thrash band who have inspired Black Metal bands. In the vein of At War, Sodom, Whiplash and else. Those guys kick ass strongly!!! The brilliant cover says it all! explosion of your brain!

bonded by blood

Bonded By Blood : "Feed the Beast" LP 2008 It's with no surprise after a great MCD and now signed to Earache the skater thrashers as they like to discribe themselves, made an awesome album. If they were categorized as an Exodus copy this album is more representative of what they are, Musically it has many influences from Gang Green to DRI to Exodus Mucky pup and else!!!! Like an action movie it never stops and you get addicted until the end like the cover album : it's burning your mind!!!Thrash up the world heavy as fuk ;)

scarlet sins

Scarlet Sins : "Scarlet Sins" CD 2008 Heavy Metal female band from Canada. I gave them an award for this great album cos they deserve it ! Powerfull and right in your face down tuned heavy bass, melodic voices, pounding drums and groovy guitars! the lyrics will speak to everyone , those four girls kick ass hard. If the first impression I got was the new 'Drain Sth' inspired band, after many listening of the album I can't stop playing at least twice a day minimum, I can tell it's more than just this! Whatever you love Prog, Gothic, New wave, Rock , Heavy, Thrash or even Hard Core there are many inspirations that will lead you to love SS!!! They have their own style even if sometimes you can hear Forbidden , Skinlab , Meldrum, Drain Sth, Obsidian 5.5 , Pearl jam, etc... This is a band for today's people who listen to many different style of music and able to appreciate them even if they have to be categorized in the Metal world! Check them out believe me it's worth it ;) Besides the album has almost three hit singles ! 'Drown' could lead the band on top of the charts (it does it for me) 'with you' beeing the balad at the second place , 'Backstabber" definitively a stronger hit for the lyrics and 'No arguments' could just ba a title track for a motion got it it's a strong album , congrats girls!!!


Maxine Petrucci : "Don't Hate me" CD 2008 Heavy Metal - She's back!!! another explosive album full of heavy rythms and amazing solos she never stops kicking ass ;) She beats up many major bands alone!!! Always with the Petrucci familly help on some tracks , we can only aim to see the band live!!! Get your hands on that album it will blow up your mind - Sometimes it sounds like David Chastain or Good Girls Don't last with always the Black Sabbath influence and ends up with a bluesy song. Max has her own style and it can't be copied ! She's just an amazing great musician love her ;)


Gaia :"praxis" CD 2006 - It's been a while the band released this album but Dominique is playing with different people and the line up is changing a lot. It could be classified as Progressive rock/pop but it has many influences such as Within Temptation , Stevie Vai, Dreamtheater, The cranberries, Led Zepplin and the seventies in general, with classical guitars and spanish song ... After few listening I can't give a style but Experimental !!! Lots of melodies and musical technics, Bass tapping, samplers, LP's sounds and a special univers from the cover to the music. It will please many people. Very original and interesting listen by yourself and get lifted up by Gaia ;)

half the world

Half The World : "The Death Defying Years" CD 2008 USA Rock Metal. One of the new generation band with a melodic female singer, heavy guitars and strong drumming but no solos!!! If you like Hydrogyn, Outlett and else then you'd love this band ;) Mary's voice is just full of melodies and you just fall in love with the music.

metal queen

Metal Queens : "Volume I Number I" Special Death Metal Ebook - Interview with Arch Enemy Angela Gossow, plenty of Myspace links from Death Metal fans and underground bands with of course interviews and adverts with their personal websites! "Volume I Number II" Special Hard Rock Ebook - Interview with Vixen Jan Kuhenmund , Girlschool and plenty of Underground bands with their personal sites and myspace links! "Volume I Number III" Special Black Metal ...Those Ebooks were supposed to be printed but finally got available for download. Only Female musicians here so you got loads of to check for ;) Also you'll find webzine and radio Metal ladies as special shops and tatoo ... you're gonna love this and you can buy them from Carniflex

Ex deo swashbucle

Ex Deo - Swashbuckle : "Romulus/Cruise ship terror" Split CD From two new Nuclear Blast signings out in june n july '09. Kataklysm singer's project has a mix of influences from early Dimmu Borgir , Immortal , Balsagoth, Hypocrisy and else ... A very good band and mix. The second band has many influences from Thrash to Grind n Hardcore this is much a funny band with kick ass riffs that will get Metalheads shaking live.

mister green

Mister Green :"Mirror punishment" Swedish Thrash Metal .I was waiting for the CD to come out since the band was on myspace looking for a label but now they state they have given up. This is a shame cos it 's a cool band.


WildeStarr : "Arrival" CD 2009 .USA Heavy Metal with two great musicians! I love this album n can't stop listening to it over and over again! this is one of my favorite album for this year so I give them an award ;) Voted best Heavy Metal album for 2009 by Metal Zone Prod.666!!! If Dave Starr is known as bass player in a famous band he has created this great album as a guitarist! Helped with an amazing singer London Wilde who just capture your hears and enchants them as a siren.Filled up with samples and keyboards making it a brilliant work and experience.

lita Ford

Lita Ford : "a taste of ...wicked wonderworld" CD 2009 . The queen is back and it feels so good! How can Heavy Metal could live without her?! This promo cd is fulled up with 5 super tracks. For the ones who still wonder I can tell u this is pure Lita ;) heavy as fuck provocative songs and cover she hasn't changed she's just crazier as hell. For the oldest fans like me those songs are close to Stilleto and the title reminds me the Hungry video as the pictures included.. It has the power of Dangerous curves too for the strong mix and explosive riffs. The difference is the addiction of her husband singing .'piece of hell yeah' is one of the best track that will kick ass live , she knows how much we love her and she plays with it. I already see the masses screaming for her in the crowd. Live shows will be a strong experience and fun for the queen - well done miss ;D Crave is excellent and reminds me 'cherry red' , 'Patriotic SOB ' is just a funny ironic song about the states and for sure we will continue to screm 4 u baby! Love her forever!

lita Ford

Lita Ford : "Wicked wonderland" CD & LP 2009. "The bitch is back" as she states in the first track of the album, Entertaining songs with plenty of sexual explicit lyrics ;) The queen is playing with sounds and pedals, she also listened to Hendrix obviously a lot. The completion of her husband 's singing gives this album a special tint but don't be wrong this is pure Lita 's style!!! She blows up your mind n back for good hear explosions. Don't miss her gigs!!!


Thraw : "Injecting Hate" CD Thrash Metal from Slovenia. In the actual Thrash Metal come back with those new comers having the will to play the old school way , We can say many have reached the goal to recreate great tunes. Europe has some of those great bands such as Thraw even though we always find the US influence. This band has a funny approach with a cover drawing in pencil, a guy with a Bonded by blood shirt and one having a needle in the ass!!! Musically it is closer to MOD moshing Thrash Metal with strong lyrics and amazingly great mix production!!! Honestly the music has to be taken seriously cos it's fuking good! You can hear on one song Exodus riff, sometimes even Warpath... but at the end what matters is the music and for eighties Thrash Metal lovers this is the stuff!!!! An award for the great debut and wish them great futur.


Keller : "Awake the forgotten" CD Thrash Metal from Slovenia. Another great band coming out from this country, the difference here is the influence, very early 80's oriented Megadeth, Metallica, Exodus, Slayer (first albums)... and very inspired by late 80's Sabbat!!! That says it all! pure fuking Thrash attack in your face. Speed , Power and strong mix this is high quality dudes so jump on it right now ;)

toxic society

Toxic society : "Living Thrasher" CD Spanish Thrash Metal influenced by all eigthies bands - Metallica, Tankard, Wrath, Overkill ... really cool band ,great to see live cos you'll headbang like mad! I think they will get support from those famous bands and should reach the shores of giants soon. Keep it Thrashin mates!


Decadence : "Chargepoint" CD 2009 I've been following these Swedish Thrashers for years and this new album is once again a masterpiece. The first half of the album is once again very melodic with great tunes . Each musicians seem to get better with time, Eric 's drumming is getting clearer and well constructed, Kenneth always makes really nice scales and still a gentle Death passage ;) Kitty has always her voice although towards the end of the album it sounds closer to Death n Black Metal and of course mister Joke lay down bass parts as it's supposed to be. In the overall I can say they have progressed a lot as a band and the four musician structure is well concealed and can't be undone. If one of them leave it would break the whole synergie the band gives. The album is out straight from Japan where the biggest fan base is but you can get it from their website!! A great album that will turn for weeks in your player and for those who discovered the band from '3rd stage' will be pleased to hear the new songs! The Bonus track is Decadence' call of culu enthroned' ;-D The artwork is just amazing and so the album!


W.A.S.P : "babylon" CD 2009 After all these years the greatest is giving us an album straight from their early days of fame. Thoses songs may sound cooler or softer, but this is true fukin WASP music!!!! You can here from the first to the last track all the riffs that make this band as high as it will always be. From 'The last Command' to 'Headless children' you just here what the Blackie Horde makes the best! The only suprise here is a Deep purple cover!!! Blackie has always sung his famous bands songs from the seventies mostly on bsides 7' LP and it figures here among the others. A great album for the oldest fans to the new ones! Roarrrrrrrrr ahahahaha

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