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sideburn: "Evil or Devine"CD 2015 Metalville records. Swedish Heavy/Stoner/Rock band. This is pure enjoyment! A combine 70's tunes mixed with 90's played in a way of the best. No matter which song you listening, it always brings some great tunes with a tiny thought of Soundgarden, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Black Label Society and many many great influneces. You'll be stuck by this awesomeness, a pure beauty you should own such it kicks your butt! Although the songs title might calling a dark inspiration, the music is much happier and the feel is overwhelmed by joy, get it now 100/100

Third Storm
Third Storm:"Taritiya me"CD 2015 Dark Descent Records. Swedish Dark Doom/Black Metal band. When an 80's band is still raging his satanic music to the world! I got two tracks which last around 13mns each so i don't know if they are more but it's already something! They are mixing elements to get a special atmosphere that finally get one song many influences and so like different songs linked together. Mixed emotions and screams you really got to dig it cos it's terryfing at some point. For the ones and the only who can like those sounds and enjoy yet some cool passages that will send you to the depth of the world 90/100

Evil Scarecrow
Evil Scarecrow:"Galactic Hunt"CD 2015 self released, Uk Black Metal/groove band. Unless you are not often on the net you surely have heard of this 'circus' band that only enjoys playing music and entertaining you! Influences are pretty easy in the vein of Dimmu Borgir yet with some groove and fun like Gwar for example. Excepet nothing but cool music with funny lyrics, 12 tracks of kids lost in the galaxy and probalby Star Wars fans ... you've been warned they're gonna get you! 95/100

Fucking Trouble Maker
Proll Guns:"Fucking Trouble Maker"CD 2016 NRT Records. Austria Hard Rock/ Punk /Speed band. The cover looks like a horror/zombie kinda movie type and the music is like the title of the album! Kicking moshing blasting, the guys from start to end gives you some awesome noise that will kick the dead of the tombs for sure. The best description for me is Motorhead like train bombing your ears and kicking your butt out of the bed in a minute and never stop until it ends. You'll mosh baby - get it now or you will blow 95/100

spreading the disease
Spreading the disease:"Viral"CD February 2016. UK Metal band. Steve Sanders ex The Self Titled decided to create another band. It is a new direction and closer to the late bands that will reach more kids. Different music different approach, with an artistic cover that shows desolation in this world. SO as such the music as some heavy Thrashy parts with raw distorted voice mixed with a melodic one. Whatever it is Pantera, Breed 77, Slipknot...they are creating massive and explosive tunes to kick your butt. It's not for everyone though and old Metalheads might not like all of the songs, but they will enjoy at least some. It's definitively a band that will blow live so wait for a punch straight in your face in less than a month! 95/100

Chronos Zero
Chronos Zero:"Hollowland"CD 22 January 2016 Scarlett Records. Italy Metal/Progressive/Symphonic/PowerMetal band. A beautiful cover probalby made on the computer, making think of a video game or a book. It's pretty hard to get into that album such it has many influences and so give the impression of many bands in one. Each song has a different approach and so music style. Sometimes it's closer to Messugah complicated scales and breaks, sometimes closer to Epica, sometimes Malmsteen ... male growling voice, male melodic voice, female melodic voice... it's a complicated band! The tempos are changing all the time and the melodies are appearing slowly or just a whole song. There is certainly a message and a story behind but wow these musicians are technical! A great album but for specific listeners. 95/100

Red morris
Red Morris:"Lady Rose"CD 2015 self released. Italian instrumental guitarist Rock/ Blues/ Pop band. 8 tracks of intense feelings, melodies from a man who speaks with his guitar . It's really enjoyable such it has many inspiration from various 70's and 80's music style. Influences ranging from Michael field, Deep purple, ZZ top.... Some dancing cowboy grooves, actually every songs give you the wish to dance exept one song a bit sad but very melodic. This is an excellent album that everyone will love it's not just for guitarist and it's not made like most of them, it has much a vibe for dancing and loving. Strangely it feels like there was a singer as it's a complete band creation. Amazing work 100/100

Sarasin:"slef titled" CD 26 February 2016 Pure Steel Records. Canadian Heavy Metal band.An album dedicated to the bassist who died in 2012, a beautiful yet absorbing album. This is the second album since 1987!!! It has a deep touch feel that captures the listener and just want you to get absorbed by like the cover shows the infinity beyond. Having sometimes a Black Sabbath touch (symptom in the universe) flying you into happiness yet lyrically beeing deep. A bit of Pearl Jam (rock) at some point but staying close to the 80's influences! A great album that will suck you up get it now! 95/100

AXE CRAZY:"Angry Machines" LP 28th februrary 2016 Pure Steel Records. Poland Punk/Rock/Heavy Metal band. One of the song has been covered by Tankard a while ago , one song has that Helloween touch, one has that early Iron Maiden punky attitude and even reminds bands like Green Days early punky albums. It's dancing it's fun, it's opened to anyone! Sounding like a teenage band, reminding a bit Skullfit 's vibe of "go on move your ass". Only 200 Copies for the fans.Get ready! 90/100

TARCHON FIST:"Celebration"CD 2016 self release. Italian Heavy Metal band. Label dropped them and Pure Steel Records just support that band and so i couldn't resist to spread to the world! First the cover is just mind blowing, the title just describes well the album! An explosive masterpiece so close from the masters! Whatever is Judas Priest, Manowar, Malmsteen, ...the list goes on and on it's just such a bomb! feels like its one of your favorite 80's band yet its not but believe me it will concquer the world and so you'll get that album in your collection. GO now buy it it's an order ;) Metalhead get your dose of power, metal energy and get blown by those awesome riffs, melodic voice, powerfull drumming...voted best album for january (even if it has just started) by Metal Zone Prod.666 100/100

Helion Prime
Helion Prime:"sef titled"CD February 2016 self produced. Musicians from Graveshadow and Dire peril united to make a space Metal album. Mixed up with great Heavy Metal influences. The cover is an awesome artwork! They even added that folded LP cover used by time giving a kinda old album cover ;) Some great solos sometimes remindind Marty Friedman amazing licks, power speed and everthing you need to get captured to the end those aliens are taking over your soul! Heather's voice melodic range is going everywhere and sometimes reaching some great Pop singers as much as heavy ones giving a touch of crossing lines between music styles .. the samples also give that passing through styles to get that Space universe. It's a great album and i'm sure they'll reach a wide audience!!! 100/100

Phantom:"slef titled"7'LP 2016 Metalloscope. 80's US Metal band is back with special features from unreleased tracks!"Lost in LA" from 1988 having inspirations from Forbidden, King Diamond, Motley Crue pretty deep. The other track "The violence of Twilight" from 1993 before the band breaks more into the Judas Priest fukin Heavy Metal power kicking bad ass. limited to 500 copies this is for the fans of Vinyl so get your hands on it before it's too late! Hope they will reunite and give us the awesome tunes they left in early nineties 100/100

Centipede:"Sarnath"CD / 2tx LP 2016 Inverse Records. Finland Stoner/Harcore/ Sludge Metal band. The trio is making a powerful album that as the cover shredding you as much as kicking you. The guys been in the universe of Lovecraft as influenced their creations. Musically it's really cool approach and moshes you down with that stoner looud Heavy sound added that speed straight in your face riffs in the vein of Machine Head mostly when they covered 80's hardcore bands. So you got the picture it's cool and also punchy so you don't fall down you just mosh till you drop! 90/100

Ascendor:"Drive my demons away"CD self released. Thrash/Death Metal band. The guys are from a small Island south Italy and have managed to tour with Evil Invaders! The cover is describes pretty well the feeling of the music. Explosive kick ass tunes with a singer closer to Max Cavalera and early Death broken voices. so it's back to the early 90's with good heavy riffs and an album that gain many fans. 90/100

flame of fury
Flame of fury:"Firestarter" CD 2016 self release. USA Power Metal band. A beautiful melodic and powerfull voice from Angelica Vargas. The band exists since 2010 yet have only pulled out only one EP in 2013 and is about to release their first album! This is perfect and you can expect the perfect from that masterpiece. Powerfull riffs, heavy pounding drumming and kick ass tunes. Mister Mike Lepond behind the bass will sure uplift the whole band. Not to mention the awesome musicians behind those creations jason Perez, Marc Capllupo and Paul Duthil. This is excellent and this is what Heavy Metal is! 100/100

speed metal project
Speed metal project:"KIng of The Universe" 3 Tx MCD self release. Indonesia Neo Classical/Power Metal/ Symphonic Metal master shredder Ki Gondrong Pamungkas aka "Mr Aji" decided to make special tracks with two singers, one male and one female. Starting with awesome shred, the indonesian Michael Angelio Bastio is kicking serious ass!!! He has the speed and the ability to play Classical shred like any Malmsteen or The Great Kat, the singers are like adding more melodies to the shred! Very High pitch vocals man somehow like Michael Kiske (Helloween), a tenor female voice sometimes reminding first Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen. So you got the picture it's very high level quality and beauty! Wish them to release a complete album check em out!!! 100/100

aji brokenbones
Aji Brokenbones:"Mystic Shred" CD 2016 ShredGuy Records. Indonesian shredder Ki Gondrong Pamungkas aka "Mr Aji" is back with his solo album, like Satriani he has is own world, mixing contemporary Indonesian music with distorted guitars. Samples with voices telling stories, fast solos to blow your mind and sounds from his country getting you to fly while listening to massive guitar licks!!! For sure it is not the common shredding album, although still with lots of classical parts with melodies sounding like movie soundtracks sometimes. You can travel while listening to this album. IT 's beautiful and melodic, very enjoyable you don't need to be a fan of guitars to appreciate it. The atmosphere takes you so it's not all guitars a very good album ! 100/100

Asha:"Emotional Intelligence" CD 2014 self produced. Spanish Prog/Rock/Pop/Jazz/Hard Rock.. band. If I had this album back in the day I would vote the best album. Kike Caamno is a genius and made with his friends one of the best album! Musically it reaches all the senses of pure music mixing all the styles and keeping a very nice feeling of enjoyment! A band that sure could reach the stage of the biggest famous worldwide bands on the planet!!! With a Hit single 'till I die' that get your heart pounding such is a goodness. Just for the influences noted Yes, Peter Gabriel, Steve Vai, The Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Mr Big, Muze... it's just amazing and reminds some of the 70's n 80's bands I listened as a kid with the elements of todays bands. Check em out it's worth it! 95/100

Grave Forsaken
Grave Forsaken"The fight Goes on"CD Dec 2015 Soundmass Records. Australia Thrash Metal band. If the cover looks a bit funny tottally made on computer the band is tight as hell! It reminds a part of Sodom 90's classics with a much mixed sound and is heavy has fuck with excellent solos such as Metallica, a bit of Nuclear Assault madness, moshing Sacred Reich is a great album for all the Thrashers around whatever is Megadeth, Annililator, Wargasm.. their influences in their music is really rooted from Thrash with a perfect sound. YOu need this album in your collection 95/100

paradise lost
Paradise lost:"self titled"2CD 2016 Divebomb Records. USA Rock/New Wave band . The label dicided to release a special album regrouping a whole album with sessions from diverse musicians and live songs from the 80's to the 90's as usual with interview and photos booklet. Musically it reminds those bands such as Duran Duran, and all those bands of that time used to play on TV. 80/100

Zephania:"Reforged"CD 12 February 2016 Divebomb Records. USA Speed Metal/Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal/Death metal band. Wow this is a powerfull album coming from the label. It hurts and kills! Fast tempos, heavy vocals, pounding drums this is the kind of album that are rare those days. Having all the good 80's elements with a powerfull today's sound. This band will blow many. Two soloists playing together great parts Metallica's small parts, sometimes as fast as Kerry King, sometimes like Judas, sometimes as Herman LI, blasting drums such as the Black Metal bands. Speeder than before yet melodic and entertaining. High pitch such as Mercyfull Fates, Heavy as Evil, Testament, Annihilator...this is the new sensation!!! excellent 100/100

Malice:"Triumph and Glory"CD 2016 self Release. The Heavy Metal Veterans are still kicking and so their awesome album is back ontrack to make sure noones forget them. Originally out in 2012 on SPV , after line up problems they finally are ready to kick new tunes to the fans. The combo in the Vein of early Manowar kinda warrior Heavy Metal band is always having lots of girls with them, check out their video ;) bonus track with Accept singer. Awesome cover, and heavy riffs the way it used to be a great album to own! 90/100

Angerhead:"headful of hate"4Tx CD 2014 self release. USA Thrash /Hardcore explosive band. few musicians from diverse bands 'Dr chunk, Mudface, Stormy strong.." got together to make an blowing band that kick the head of people. Reason for the cover ;) One track with Zetro screams (exodus) and mixing by Juan Urteaga (machine head, testament) . Bringing an awesome album reminding somehow Pissing Razors with a strong heavy voice in the vein of Rob Flynn, destroying everything with a mix of Punky riff and Thrashing blow your mind songs. This will please lots of metalheads, a band must been seen live to enjoy 200% the explosion (beware must causes some cerebral damage) they are ready to bring new explosion for the new year 2016 so stay tuned. 90/100

7 steps of denial
7 steps of denial:"From Ashes" CD 2014 Audio ferox. Holland Heavy Metal band. 14 tracks of Heaviness, taking you from the beginning till the end without taking a breath. Kick ass riffs, melodic voice, the cover having that flame symbol seen in mangas cartoons. A name with a message obviously , the band really wanting to get lots of things to say. the musicians used to be in over formation. The good thing from this band is they surely have their own sound and sometimes touching the 'prog tech' parts having sometimes solos that reminds some thrash bands. A great album to own 90/100

lola stonecracker
Lola stonecracker:" Doomsday Breakdown"CD December 2015 This is Core Records. Italy Rock band. With already a live tour with some of the fame Hard Rock and Glam bands they have reached many fans and will get fast exposure. A strange cover of "Frankie Goes to Hollywood' and some dancing easy going songs, they will get kids jumping. It has nothing special but with the entertaining sounds bands like Motley Crue, Muze and else have on stage. A very big presence of the bass guitar. Some songs have that Bon Jovi stuff...sounding a bit like a cover band their music goes to different area of Rock and Hard Rock.'MC Kenny 's place' beeing a good rocking song that will surely get them a big jump. One song beeing the 'extreme' MTV type of selling song and a very business cover that has special meaning and a band's name unusual yet the band will probably get big 90/100

ninja:"Into the Fire"CD 18 March Pure Steel Records. German Soft Rock/Hard Rock/AOR band. The band started in 1997 but obviously is been hidden to the world. They are more into early 80's style very soft with lots of 'ballads' and some catchy songs to move. It has an Accept touch, a bit of FM, Meatloaf, and one song with a female vocalist making me think of late Guns N Roses ballad... The band lacks of lyrics, repeating the same thing other and other again and too many cool songs to get the album uplifting. They have a good potential but they probably want to mix those nice tunes. If you like soft music then it's for you, it's softer than Kiss! 80/100

destructor:"Back in Bondage" CD 26th February Pure Steel Records. USA Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal band. Back from the early 80's the band had some success and had to break in 88's. Stated as their second full album! If you want to revive the great days of Metal this is for you! They regroup many influences with a melodic singer sometimes reminding me Paul Stanley, sometimes Neil Turbin...their music is also going to many places, from Black Sabbath riffs, to Dark Angel first albums to Death Angel, to'll love that album for sure. Full on energy and melody it kicks serious ass and is not staying on one line it just flys into the Heavy Metal universe. Some Maiden Dickinson Era...wait it comes soon so stay tuned and get it once it's out 90/100

Split Heaven
Split Heaven:"Death Rider" CD 25 March 2016 Pure Steel Records. Mexican Power Metal band. There is no need to introduce the band, always true to their music although like many line up changes. The band keeps the 'cowboys' attitude from their previous album but with a new singer ( Skelator) to bring high level album. A really good painted cover! Pounding drums and high pitch vocals they surely have reached todays' standard perfection. A big influence from Judas Priest mixing WASP, Grave Digger, even sometimes Queensryche a some point, the last song beeing sung in Mexican. You're gonna have to wait a bit to hear that masterpiece. 100/100

Martyr:"You are Next"CD 31 March 2016 Pure Steel Publishing/Into the Limelight Records. Netherlands Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal band. Wow what can I say?! this is madness in a good way. I haven't heard an album like this for ages and it feels good. The cover artwork is amazing and like the black widow that girl's got hands (this pretty much define the bands music). The band manage to create songs that got inspired from the 80's and adding new Metal elements and staying very powerfull and excellent. Influences ranging from 7th Calling, Metal Church, Helloween, Cage,Iced earth, Metallica, King Diamond, Eidolon, Forbidden, Testament... one song with a voice kinda Arch Enemy, another one with the Hardcore screaming type and a cover. This is great and you will all get blown. 100/100

Iron Jawed Guru
Iron Jawed guru:"Mata Hari"CD 29 January 2016 Grimoire Records. USA Doom 70's instrumental band. Two guys decided to get together and make music to fly you away with happiness. The cover is not usual just a pinball top machine and apart the great imagination it has nothing to do with the music. Heavy melodic entertaining tunes that sometimes brings you back to the early 70's. They aren't any lyrics nor samples at all just simple good music. Instrumental at its best! Believe me you will fall in love with that album!100/100

bootcamp origins
Bootcamp origins:"Bootcamp Series #25"CD 2016 Divebomb Records. The label decided to release the old Combat compilation that used to test the market in the 80's. Limited to 500 copies and always great booklet full of photos etc..Three bands on this cd with each at least three songs. Have Mercy Heavy Metal band with high pitch vocals (Agent Steel, Helstar..) NapalmSpeed Thrash (Sacred Reich, DRI...) PowermadSpeed Thrash (Anthrax, Slayer, Dark Angel...) you got the picture it's a blast go on get it you want it

Primeval Mass
Primeval Mass:"To empyrean thrones"CD/MC 20th january 2016 Katoptron IX records. Greece Black Metal band. 8 tracks of blasting destruction with heavy power. The last one beeing 12mns long! I love the cover artwork which shows much creation compare to most in this style. The music is a mix of many influences sometimes Dimmu Borgir, sometimes Marduk, sometimes melodies from Dissection ... they surely take things from diverse great bands in the extreme universe. A great production that will please all the fans, get that album to be blown away! 95/100

Cultus:"Gezeteld in zegeruïnen"CD 10february 2016 Heidens Hart Records. Netherlands Black Metal band. Rerecorded and remixed old album from a blasting band still playing live dates. The full line up is now on tour, the purists of the genre might know them already. This is for the real fans, very fast tempos calling themselves Hateful Black Metal. For sure the sound is very good and will gain more fans. Seven tracks without titles just ancient greek numbers. The cover which is a nice painting has no name either. This is underground but it kills 90/100

product of hate
Product of hate:"Buried in Violence"CD 5 February 2016 Napalm Records. USA Thrash/Death Metal band. First we can say they have a wish for destruction in your bands name, and the cover shows a war after the bombing. We can hear in their music that feeling, they have a good Thrash base like Testament and Exodus. A strong and compressed voice with from time to time screamings and blasting riffs. Some quite moments with melodic singing completed with nice solos that somehow cools down the album and gets you relaxed but it doesn't stick long as it's mostly blasting punch in your face with drums triggers such a train driving very very fast. Some technical parts 'a la Mesuggah" few influences from todays metal which will please the new kids.Mixed by James Murphy so it can only be good, we feel the influences from Darkane, Arch Enemy...(mostly Germanic or Nordic) a bit of Grind in the voice and a good mix of brutal and extreme metal. Everyone will find his pleasure, eleven tracks wiht a melodic part but not too much. This gonna kill you! 95/100

Hallas:"Autumn in Space"CD 2016 The Sign records. Swedish Hard Rock band. The first thing that pop into my mind is Status Quo with a slight touch of Blue Oyster Cult...mixed 70's tripping rock/pop. The amazing thing is you have the impression to listen to an old record!!! It's brilliant takes to nice places if you love those oldies then its for you! 100/100

aeons of hate
Aeons of hate:"Self titled"CD 2015 hand numbered 191/500 Alone Records. Greek Death Metal band.It starts with a heavy power riff that blows straight reminding Krabathor mixing those Thrashy rythms. Only three piece band that rips it all! Always having those Thrash influences reminding Exodus, Kreator pounding kick ass punch in your face songs, a big influence of Obituary with a faster music and heavier voice that Death Metal knows. This is will please all the fanatics of the genre and surely gain old thrashers who like it this heavy. The last track is just a slayer one ;) .A great album to own having all the good ingredient to fill up your shelves get it now 95/100

Jessikill:"Metal Knights"MCD 2016 self produced. USA Power Metal.Those texans have made one of the best band I've heard for a while! The keyboard intro sounds like Within Temptation then it blows you away 'till the end, couldn't stop listening to it! Pounding drums, melodies and great solos but the most amazing is the singer, wow she gots gutts with power and melody. This is just kicking your ass so bad i wish they get a good label and get recognition for the good work. Only 6 tracks but man it kills you.No doubt they chose this name. She has in her voice a mix of Dio, Leather Leone, Bitch. Sometimes hight pitch vocals, influences ranging from Symphony X, Judas Priest, Majesty....some powerful solos in the vein of David Shankle just killing all the way!!! you gotta have that masterpiece voted best album for February by Metal Zone Prod.666100/100

Blood ceremony:"Lord of misrule" CD 25 March 2016 Rise Above Records. USA Folk,Rock, Pop hippie band. Already reviewed their 7' a while ago. This time it's a full album. They have the spirit and the sound of the 70's bands!!! Inspired by Black Sabbath, Heart... like The Oath they are back to the roots and so it's tripping and very enjoyable like an old vynil. Power flower is here just let you fly into the universe and don't let go you're on the way to relaxation. 8 tracks to the journey of happiness! Using flute, organs tainting the music with beautiful sounds sending you back to the woods and fields of flowers I love it 100/100

dream death
Dream death:"Dissemination"CD 4th March 2016 Rise Above Records. USA Crossover/Thrash/Punk band. They are back with a new album, for the ones who know them in the 80's. Listening to this album get me back to my youth with all the bands such as M.O.D just to name one that comes to my mind. They have a slow punky way of playing their songs sometimes reminding early Suicidal Tendencies but at the same time I hear many ideas from Metallica, Grip Inc, Laaz Rockit...etc just played slowly . It's a cool album and will bring back the early days for the new kids and sastifying the old fans 90/100

the phoenix
The phoenix:"My turn to deal"MCD 2016 Demon Doll Records. Italian Hard Rock band. The girls have been active for years as cover band and decided to create their own songs. Four tracks of really good rockin tunes, the cover shows already the RNR attitude ;) Awesome MCD even if two songs are close to Crucified Barbara 's tracks, they have a smoother sound with a big 80's touch. Basically they have that Glamish soft but well produced style, a mix of Vixen, NO Shame, The Scorpions and Joan Jett straight to the point riffs. really good and I'm sure they will evolve to a bigger level and gain a wide audience. This is for all female musicians lovers and there is a very good solo that will kick you down! Get that masterpiece and follow the ladies , rock to the top 100/100

Axevyper:"Into the serpent's den" CD 26th February 2016 Iron Shield Records. Italy Heavy Metal band. This country has powerfull formations who releases great albums. Pounding drums, high pitch vocals, cover that blows everything. This is pure Metal! Big influence from Iron Maiden, Paragon, Agent Steel ... a band that live must kill strong. That Running Wild warrior style towards the end. 8 powerfull tracks with two long ones this is just joyfull, a masterpiece to own! 100/100

Mayfair:"My ghost inside"CD 15th April 2016 Pure Prog records. Austria rock/pop band. If the story of that album is a search of life and death the music is a mix of many styles. The start has that Muse, REM influence. The rest moves to the 80's and one song has a heavy voice, I suppose the music sings the lyrics and so that explains the changes. Some songs in their languages...very special and pretty much difficult to capture the universe for me. That will for sure speak to an audience check for yourself 80/100

shivers addiction
shivers addiction:"Choose your prison"CD 2016 Nussena al Momento records.Italian Progressive Rock/ Folk Metal band. The band is mixing many music styles although it's closer to rock, with a melodic voice. One song has that 'nightwish' addiction. It needs few listening though to get into it such they are many instruments and different styles between songs, some are more into the 'prog' style with those particular moments , some have that folk flute etc and the heavy guitars kinda Metallica. It's a good album and deserves a listen. It will surely gets loved by many since people today like to get different tunes into one band. Check them out it's beautiful although the cover is dark 90/100

Thunderlord:"Prophecies of doom" CD 26th February 2016 Iron Shield Records. Chile Heavy Metal band. The cover reminds Lord of the rings monster, musically they are into speed and melodies. For all the old metalheads outhere this is a great album. Inspired by Running Wild it's for sure a good influence, the rough voice makes it a bit thrashy at some point. This is a warrior band and they will get your soul. People will sing along loud live! 90/100

PowerFuel:"Tribute to slayer"CD 2015 - Pagan review - Power Fuel - Tribute to Slayer - 10 Track Album - Great Dane Records - Released 20th November 2015 I find it touching that bands want to pay tribute to their favourite bands, although I never really got into Slayer when they first hit the scene back in the early 80’s as I was quite blinkered and was just stuck in a groove. Nowadays, I am much more open minded and find this genre of music breath taking and find it really scratches the itch nicely! read the whole here

martyr art
Martyr art:"Friday 13th Nintendo Theme" - Pagan review - Released 11th November 2015 “MARTYR ART is a One-Man Alternative Metal band, founded in 2004 by Joe Gagliardi III in Mountainville, NY. As its main producer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and visual artist, Gagliardi is the only official member of Martyr Art and remains solely responsible for its direction.Read the whole here

bullet:"De-generation"CD 2015 Sleaszy Rider Records - Pagan's review - Heavy Thrash Metal Instrum – For fans who love some crisp and refined riffs look no further, as Bullet-Proof wield their axes like true pros! Their notes are so fast it beggars belief that something could be played so precisely without mistake, but it is there for all to hear and in glorious thrashing form.Read the whole here

skulmagot:"Facinated by disgust" K7 tape self released. Finland Brutal Death Metal band. This is heavy and crazy as fuk. Inspired by USA extreme metal those guys make you forget were they come from. Reminding the first Cannibal Corpse album, they released a great album for the fans of the gore. Beating fast tempos with growling yet strong voice will blow your mind and be loved in a minute! 95/100

Destruzione:"Endogena"CD / Blue Vynil 100 copies Italy 12 March 2016 - 1st April Europe Jolly Rodgers Records. Italian Groove Death Metal band. If the first songs remind me Ratos de Paraos and Sepultura the rest is full of Death Metal influences. The way the play their song brings something different from the usual bands we heard. You can hear some Massacre, Death, Pestilence..etc.. but played in a much groovy way making it joyfull. A really good album that kick your butt and will get great response from the fans. YOu must get it now 95/100

Godwatt:"L'utimo sole"CD / white vynil 100 copies Italy 29feb - Europe 11th March 2016 Jolly Rodgers Records. Italian Doom Heavy Metal Band. Another groovy and awesome band that brings a pleasure to the ears. Down tuned, slow motion riffs but yet lots of melodies and groove will make you headbang. This pure heavy riffs reminding Black Sabbath, Black Label Society, and many more. Sometimes with the wah wah it makes me think of those parts Machine Head used on their second album but the rest is so slow you can't compare. Some anger getting it like early Soundgarden rockin powerful kick ass. I love it really moving satisfaction garanty! 95/100

love and a 38
Love and a 38:"Nomads"CD 2016 self produeced. Native english rock band. It's always difficult to categorize a band into one box when their music is a mix of many styles. Reorded in the states and obviously living there now that band is shaking people with the melodic kickin tunes. Reminding sometimes 70's bands, 80's or 90's one... just jumping into the groove. A bit of distortion and broken voice touchin the edge of Hard Rock but never passing through the boundaries keeping rockin. The thing is they are lots of hits on this album so you will be addicted pretty quickly! So what to say?! well nothing original but just good tunes to dance to 95/100

Lee Aaron
Lee Aaron:"Fire and Gazoline"CD 25th March Big Records/Caroline. Canadian Rock/Hard Rock band. A strong come back to kick the music scene. Back in the days early eighties she was 'a queen' and almost on fight with Lita Ford by the medias, the only difference was her music closer to soft hard rock joining the likes of Bon Jovi etc.. Today we call it AOR..neverless this album has a heavy power sound and going in many directions reminding from the start Lita's 'living like a runaway' album! Her vocal capabilities bring her sometimes in the pop music we can hear on tv and radios. A bit of rock kinda The Donnas. Each song has a way to get you into the shaking, whether it's rocky, smoothy or just hard rock kickin. Eleven tracks to ligthen up your days added videos already on the net. If her musical direction seems to move on, she pretty takes a good turn and will stick for long to the new generation. It's a pleasure to have her back! Some songs are real hit single the song 'if you don't love me anymore' could be a movie's soundtrack, the last track's chorus reminds the cover made by Lita's Alice cooper 'only women bleed'but of course she got many influences. You will love this album so get on your knees and soon you will get that masterpiece 100/100

Salem:"Dark days" CD 29th April 2016 Pure Steel Records. English Heavy Metal bands. The band has been here for a while and we can hear it pretty well on that album as the first track goes back to the early days and the more it goes till the end it gains power and heavier showing the evolution. Basically we can say they have the Accept rockin style mixed with Saxon's Heavy Metal one! It's pure fukin Metal and keep the roots of that music style so there is no doubt it's a perfect album. The great tunes with melodies from the first track 'guilty ' starts with a very high level in the vein of Dokken like, entertaining you from the first note. Basically they regroup all the best of Heavy Metal so this might be your favorite album 100/100

Goatsodomizer:"The Curse rings true"CD 26th Feb 2016 Iron Shield Records. Swedish Heavy /Thrash Metal band. If this country is reputated for beeing a great metal one, there is no doubt they can make a funny band! Taking that satan's image and singing funny lyrics, added to the fact it is a mix of Scorpions meets Venom with the punky style, there is no doubt you will like this album. So who could take it seriously?! after the likes of Steel Panther the Metal world is only getting fun of itself by having those parody bands who can play it right! It's worth the laugh and you will be headbanging like kids cos the music rocks! 90/100

hot hell room
hot hell room:"Architect of chaos"Digital 2016 self produced. French Heavy Metal band. Strong heavy guitars, melodic vocals. There is a good chemistry in the band and the songs are very professionnal! YOu can hear the guys have long experience in the music. They have a bit of Pantera, Guns 'n roses influences here and there, a bit of Gothic dark vibe on some songs. The album has an excellent production it's a shame there is no cd! You can buy online at their site or check Ellie promotion

Masquerade:"Breaking the masks -17th year anniversary album"CD spring 2016 Stormspell Records. Finland Heavy Metal band is coming back with a new line up so this album regroups old remixed songs for your pleasure! For those who don't know them, they have a real old 80's sound, with many influences from Running Wilde to Savatage but also some Skid row for the voice at some point. They get a bit of Power on some songs bringing a much recent 90's Metal. A great album to own for all the maniacs outhere. 90/100

distant past
Distant past:"Rise of the fallen"CD 8th April Pure Steel Records. Switzerland Heavy/power Metal band.A concept album about good and evil with guest as singer and musicians. Some heavy guitars sometimes close to Thrash attack close to Lethal, Iced earth, Metal Church.. the rest beeing pretty Heavy 'Dio, Majesty, Helloween'... with melodies in the voice. Main singer Jvo Julmy fighting vocaly with Thomas Winkler, different drummers and guitarist on some songs. It 's a good album although not very orignal with a digital cover, and if you like the religion then you'll like the lyrics. Entertaining enough to kick your butt you will headbang 95/100

Sorizon:"End of Entrapment"CD 2016 self produced. USA Heavy Metal/Death Metal band. The cover is amazing painting that brings a fresh blend into the music and so gives the artist great credits. Musically it's a bit weird in a way the band loves Heavy Metal but wants to get new kids, the first songs are very inspired by Swedish Death Metal with a sharky voice and reminds me Inflames, Decadence se..then it moves to the very old 80's tunes with melodies and great tunes in the vein of Honey For Christ, Scorpions, LA guns, Cinderella etc... so you have been warned it kicks serious ass but you need to love the old and new Metal cos it's a bit of a surprise the first time. 95/100

isolated antagonists
Isolated antagonists:"Affirmation of Entropy"Cd 2016 Blunt Face Records. USA industrial Metal. Two man project, the cover pretty says it all. This is a story written that led to this album and later a book. 13 tracks to melt your mind and sometimes get you high. Musically and I'm sorry to get that straight but it really makes me think of the first Fear Factory album with a smaller production. So if you are fan of those early 90's when music was changing then it's for you. A good album when you dig it 90/100

Fubear:"III"CD 2016 self produced. FInland Stoner/Heavy Metal band. When I saw this cover I knew I would love the music and guess what?! it's just a pleasant album to listen to! It just has such a groove that it makes you feel good. Those guys are having fun and you can feel it. Their music is like just taking all your LP's collection from the 70's and early 80's and play them all day long. A pure happiness and just great tunes. So many influences it's hard to catch few...just listen and get it! 100/100

Narcotic Greed
Narcotic Greed:"Fatal"CD 2016 Divebomb Records. Japanese Thrash Metal. The label brings us a masterpiece I personnaly didn't know. A demo and an album from 1994 remixed for the pleasure of metalheads to mosh, 16 tracks to headbang to. A band that managed to kick your ass with some influences from Forbidden 'twisted..' to Vio-lence 'oppressed.." some great riff from the early 80's with an interview telling you a bit of history of the band. It's fukin heavy with some fast tempos and high pitch vocals at some point. A bit of influence from DeathRow and's awesome! 95/100

Desert Dragons
Desert Dragons: "Before the storm"CD 2016 Sliptrick Records/BMI . USA AOR/Rock/ Progressive...This is perfect a bit too much actually.The first instrumental song is like Satriani, Lonero.. then the singer comes on the second song and they mix many music styles. This is easy listening the one that will play on the radio as there is a lack of lyrics, repeating the same stuff again and again is kinda brainwash which is a shame cos obviously the guys are good musicians and even got a prize! They use that robot voice they use a lot now into the pop world and the song 'my sunshine" will certainly get them a big hit single. I has a bit of Bon Jovi type but that voice effects iritates me. A good studio album with tons of influences. Make up your mind 80/100

Beastmaker:"Lusus Naturae"CD 25 March 2016 Rise Above Records. This label is definitively a 70's lover! Another pearl with this USA band with a cover reminding the early horror movies posters. The music is just fukin awesome very inspired by Black Sabbath and the singer has a much inspiration from Trex style giving this Heavy Doom band a special style. Very groovy, excellent to fly into happiness. 12 tracks pretty short but excellent , you will get back to what music was before all these effects came. They also have a 7'lp with songs from this album. Check 'em out it's worthy! 100/100

Horisont:"horisont16.gif"CD 2015 Rise Above Records. Swedish Rock/Hard Rock band. They made a video that was excellent, they decided to get back to the early days of music too. The cover is exactly what the music brings to your imagination! Get back to the 70's 80's movies space stories. It's incredible to be able listening to a new band bringing back those excellent old tunes with a fresh sound. The first songs has a strong keyboard leading to those legendary scify series and movies. A strong influence of Blue Oyster Cult! pretty easy to hear. A bit of Pink Floyd, Foreigner or Quietriot at some point rockin out the songs. With all the todays technology it's so good to hear those sounds that used to be loved and will be loved forever.Brilliant album 95/100

Seven Witches
Seven Witches:"The Way of The Wicked"CD 2015 ILs. USA Heavy Metal band. I must say I love to receive excellent album like this, shame i didn't get it earlier. The legendary Jack Frost brings riffs to kill, mixing the 70's as 80's greatest tunes. From Hendrix to Dokken,'s a pure enjoyment, Singer Anthony Cross has a vocal ability that makes those influences ranging from rockin seventish to heavy eighties melodies. Combined to awesome drummer and bass player it brings some of the best songs you will hear. It proves you can have different music style influences as long as they are good musicians it gives a great composition that makes a masterpiece , just perfect! 100/100

Fireproven:"omnipresence"Demo CD 2014... self produced.Finland Progressive/Death Metal band. The band sent me this cos they are searching for a label to help them with their great music and work on new compositions. It is impresssive cos so well done , the sound takes you and has a presence. Going from Growling but not too much to melodic vocals. Their music has a bit of Messugah, Fear Factory, Dream Theater, Shadowside, Arch Enemy...Three songs with one ten minutes, it doesn't sound long due to the fact it's written like a living story. A beautiful agressive music that gets you flying while moshing. Very good band 100/100

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