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Hard Reset

Hard Reset : "Machinery and Humanity"LP 2015 Sliptrick Records. Italian Rock/Hard Rock/ Grunge/ Pop. Three friends decided to have a band, they all have different musical taste so it leaks pretty well. It is closer to rock but the edge of Grunge with mostly the singer's voice comes often. I could hear a bit of early Bon Jovi influence sometimes very closed to 80's new wave pop. It's soft and cool so it will please mostly people who are into those music style. It's groovy and you will dance I'm sure. The cover has a fun touch inspired by Chaplin, it speaks about world change so the monkey is real and the robot well is new tech ;) A good band to check ! 90/100

Power Theory

Power Theory: "Driven by Fear"CD 09 october 2015 Pure Steel Records. USA Power Metal who has adopted a new singer that rips the whole album! This is a masterpiece for every Metal fans! Not kidding been listening to it so many times i can't get out of my head. To me the best album for yet to come October a mix of Heavy melodies and Thrashy riffs. For the fans of Paragon, Agent Steel, Megadeth, Laaz Rockit... voted best album by Metal Zone Prod.666 100/100

Jac dalton

Jac Dalton: "Powderkerd"CD 26 October 2015 BJF Media. USA Rock band, I must say it's an amazing album! The singer make me think sometimes of Huey Levis, Eric Clapton, Ted Nuget, Bonjovi...a groovy sound that will make you dance without a doubt and happyness in the music you'll all fall in love for sure. I love it just perfect 100/100


Ides:"A Forgotten Farewell"CD / digital end of 2015 or beggining of 2016. Netherlands Death Metal two members band, I had only one song to listen to that last at least 9 mins. The first impression is like listening a Lp turning at the wrong speed, it's downtuned guitars, a distortion on the edge reminding Obituary/Messugah/Fear Factory sound. Very low and heavy play and a growling voice like in Brutal Death where you can't understand the lyrics. You can check them on their bandcamp page to give yourself an idea. 80/100


Sadist:"Hyaena" CD october 16 Scarlet Records. Italy Thrash/Death Technical Metal band. it's obviously a concept album with story and sounds from diverse music styles mixed with Metal sounds. Influences from Kreator, Atheist, mekong Delta , Voivod, Coroner, Grip Inc... cool passages with sstring instruments, samples with talking, great solos a bit of jazz... very interesting album. The end sounds like a voodoo tribe with a special universe. This is not the ordinary sounds you get used to. 90/100

Death Motif

Death Motif:"The Water" Bandcamp digital tunes self produced. USA Black Metal band. The cover in black and white, the logo it has everything from early screaming killing Metal. Blowing and exploding tunes with a melodic solo and some heavy doomy riffs in the middle of the fast riffs. Three songs to kick your days ass! This is mind blowing you will love it.90/100


TransMission:"Paranoia" CD 9th october 2015 Pure Rock Records. German Rock/soft Hard Rock band. A band that made few albums and got a musical direction they try to keep. It has to be taken as fun with an intro from very known 'opera' female singer... a very tight clean sound with a singer that doesn't push too much his voice an keep it straight. A mix of many styles from country to rock riffs. Although there is a tiny influence of early Accept and a vibe of Helloween on one song most of it is pretty calm. I don't get into it maybe you will have a listen. 80/100


Resvrrectvris:"Nazienda"Digipack CD 2015 MIghty Music. Italian Metal band. The story of the album is basically a day's life of a call center employee. A funny approach to get your job described in the music you play. Every songs have a time cos it starts in the morning and they have released a cool video. All song follow the day and each songs have a special atmosphere, one is actually a call where you can here only the agent answering... It blows sometimes with distortion and sometimes it's cooler between pantera and Pearl Jam way. It' a cool album.YOu've been warned it kills 80/100

John taglieri

John taglieri:"True Believer" CD 2015 Head First Entertainement. A musician, singer individual who works alone in a studio putting a Pop/Rock/ Hard Rock 80's style album. 6tracks that got all of the memories we can have of those brilliant years, there is even a great solo. Some funky guitars making me think sometimes Bon Jovi or Prince to say the least. You will certainly hear the bands you got adored back then. It's a cool album and just make you travel through time. 85/100


Dystrophy:"Wretched Host" Digital album available on bandcamp. USA Brutal technical Death Metal. It starts with a nice intro to blow your mind with mixture of inspirations from Pestilence, Death, Canibal Corpse... it's heavy and deadly. Inverted chords, slow tempos, down tuned guitars it has a special atmosphere you will get into without a doubt. 85/100


Teufelskreis:"Spuren Der Vergangenheit" CD 2015 NRT Records. German Heavy Metal band who released a digital album that is repressed by that label. Heavy guitars, groovy riff they are mixing many Metal component that rocks the tunes. They sing in there natural language, they have influences from Skid Row to Motorhead to will please most of the new generation so get on it! kick ass tunes 90/100


Moonbow:"Volto del Demone" CD 2015 Cobraside Distribution. USA Rock/Country/Heavy.. band. Mostly inspired by the 70's from special songs or album of Led Zep and Black Sabbath in an acoustic way and a peacefull mood. It has a really cool vibe and very relaxing tempo. The country like reminding some western cowboy movies, some celtic parts too transporting you to over lands and feel you driven by the flow of the wind flying. A masterpiece for whom search for a cool desire of the memories of the hippies time. Awesome and magic i just love it! 100/100


Nex:"Totalitarian leader" CD 2015 self promoted. Poland Technical Death Metal. The cover has a very bloody expression with a message against the power of religion slavery. I received three tracks that are really interesting and is more than just the average band of this style. It's heavy well written with technical parts and a great tempo. Tiny bits reminding Slayer, Death, Morbid.. but the most important is the quality of the creations. It will please lots of Metalheads. A great album you don't want to miss! 100/100


Orcumentary:"Destroy The dwarves" CD 2015 self produced. One man band playing with keyboards. The growling voice for the Death parts, a mix of punk, techno, video games, folk, etc... the guy is playing on his computer and keyboard and having fun. It's not my cup of thea and needs a lot of work to be done to actually sound real but again it's just a fun 50/100


Exises:"self titled" CD 2015 Divebomb Records. Rerelease of this excellent album by Heavy Metal German band. As a bonus you have a recent interview in the booklet. This is a must have for all fanatics!!! Judas Priest, Accept, Dokken,'ll get it all it's a masterpiece! 100/100


Judicator:"At expense of Humanity" CD 2015 Divebomb Records. USA PowerMetal band bringing melodies and power. The cover artwork made me think of a Death Metal band first cos of the so called decomposed body and artwok. But you gotta dig to actually feel it is a very beautiful melodic music. A promising band who even has many guest from Mindmaze, Shadowdance etc... meaning they have many good friends in the music biz making this album a really colorfull and enjoying feel. Great lyrics and good singer this will entertain you for long! Love it voted best melodic album by Metal Zone Prod.666 ! 100/100

slave raider

Slaveraider:"What do you know about Rock'n Roll" CD 2015 Divebomb Records. Rerelease of awesome 1988 album from Heavy Metal band. Bonuses with interview, photos and history of the band. A good piece for your collection in the vein of Twisted Sister, Lizzy Borden, Alice Cooper etc...100/100

slave raider

Slaveraider:"Take The world by storm" CD 2015 Divebomb Records. Rerelease of the first album 1986 that got many exposure on kerrang etc.. the bonuses have photos and articles... This album has much influences from Wasp, Kix, Quiet Riot early eighties rock sound not very special compared to the second album. For your collection 90/100


Eternal voyager:"CD 2014 Self produced. USA Power Metal band made this great album and in 2015 had to change few musicians. It has that 80's Heavy influences and a power added to it giving that 'thrashy' sound. Melodies reminding Manowar, Running Wild, Majesty, it has that warrior sound! 90/100


FJORSVARTNIR:"Mzoraxc's Forbandelse" CD 2015 Grom Records. Danish Black Metal band. Although I'm not a fan I can say tell it's real Black Metal from the first notes to the end. The writting of the name logo get that ancient old fashion way that the music brings back to the early 90's yet a good sound and melodies close to early Dimmu Borgir or Old Man's child. This will please all the fanatic of the genre! Get that album now. 90/100


Mord' A Stigmata:"Our Hearts Slow Down"CD 2015 Pagan Records. Poland Stoner Doom/Black Metal band.Very dark cover, three tracks with one instrumental and two around 12 mins.I'm particulary into the instrumental that has a deep rocking vibe hence the Stoner Doom. The two other songs are more into very cool melodic intros and fast demolition Black Metal for the most part. We can say they are out of the rest from bringing different cool parts. 80/100

Angel Of Sodom

Angel Of Sodom:"Divine Retribution" CD 2015 self produced. FInland Thrash Metal band. Colourfull cover artwork with tons of signs.Althoug the band states is very much inspired by Exodus and there is no doubt they are from some songs but they simply mix up many good old Thrash. Influences can come from Anthrax, Atrophy, Vio-lence...etc..The voice is more agressive like Fatal Embrace and sometimes closer to Deathish style. Blasting drums and heavy guitars the band will get a moshpit in a minute! It kills 90/100


hexa:"Hande aus clas" CD 2015. (can't find who sent me this) Blasting Technical Death/Hardcore band. Four tracks of intense pure explosive distortion. The voice is like screaming with heavy gutts mixed technical sometimes melodic guitar scales.75/100

As Darkness Dies

AsDarknessDies:"self titled" CD 30 october 2015 Pure Steel Records. USA Heavy Metal band at its best. This album will be loved by all metalheads around the world. Ex Steel Prophet Harry Blackwell beating the drums with anger and power, a singer Martin o'brien has a voice range lifting you off the ground. Two guitars getting the riffs heavy as possible. This is what we call a masterpiece in the old fashion way with an awesome mix by Mike Vescera so it gives you the picture! To give you an idea influences ranging from Iron maiden to Cage to Judas Priest... just a fast approach so you know it's killing.100/100


stormbringer:"Blood and Rust" CD 26 October 2015 Attic Records. Uk Rock/Hard Rock band with a groovy popish sound. A singer change has given the band a new direction which melting music style to get another explosion of joyness to the music world. It's amazing cos when listening some tracks make you think of Skid Row roughness agressivity with a coolness singer's way of singing. It has grooves mixed with gutts. Sometimes it has that Aerosmith groove and I even hear a pop cover if not that sounds like ;) So basically it is close to Heaven's basement but tougher. Basically they got the sound of success and you know the guys are pro! They have old influences with new ones. One songs has that kinda hardcore touch when the singer suddenly push the distortion onto his voice. 90/100


Vanlade:"Rage of the Gods"CD self produced available on CD baby, bancamp and Metalizer records. USA Heavy metal. IT's amazing to hear so many great bands these days. High pitch vocals and heavy tunes. Obviously the band has changed its members since the first album. This is the second one and from the cover you can guess this is awesomeness!!! An excellent logo that reminds the 80's and the Metal look (i first thought it was a swedish band) they have the receipt to make the best album metalheads can ask for!!! A must have influences RAM,Judas Priest, King Diamonds, Evil Invaders, Helloween...100/100


Killen:"killen"CD/LP Rerelease 2015 Cult Metal Classic. USA Heavy Metal band. For those you know this band back in 1986 they have their material rerelease with photos etc... 15 tracks with live songs and demos that quite makes a great piece for your collection. The cover is a beautiful artwork that kills. Get your hands on it. 100/100

be the wolf

bethewolf:"Imago"CD 2015 self release. Italian Pop/Rock band. The first thing I thought when it started the singer was a girl, but when i checked their photos I was surprised to see its a man. I don't know how they make their music, although it has that pop style you can hear on the radio it has that rock from Paramore and all kind of easy listening music. It's more like sugar music comes in your head straight and you don't even listen what 's the lyrics you hear 'ohoh' "ahah" "nanannn" well u get it it's a teen music that will air very fast in the radios and get on top charts. This is not my type of music at all. 50/100


Rose'n:"Wake up" CD 2015 Self Release. German Hard Rock band. I'm amazed to see that the label Pure Steel Records is supporting the band but they haven't got a label so far. It's with a pleasure it's my turn to support this great band who deserves a worldwide exposure. This is serious bizness here , a band that exist for 30 years and doesn't have the recognition they should have. We see that a lot unfortunetely so here is a chance for you to know this band and get their album. IT's rockin, very professional, with great vocals and great solos. A musicianship bringing a masterpiece. Of course always searching influences to gather more listener, you will hear here and there Dokken, Saxon, Scorpions, Rose Tatoo, Joan Jett, Strangelet, UDO ... they even make a cover of Evanescence ballad at their sauce ;) go on you must listen 95/100


Akarusayami:"Heavy Climb" 10 Track Album - Independent - To be released 5th October 2015 , pagan's review "It is a sophistication in itself with rhythmically complex structures of the metal core variety combining strange time signatures and staccato guitar melodies that sound unlike anything else!" read the whole here

Demons of Old Metal 667

Demons of Old Metal 667:"Dominion" 11 Track Album - Independent - To be released 7th December 2015 pagans' review "It is primal in attack mode and stealthily feasts on an over active mind that conjures up an evil heart, harshly coaxing it until it cannot take anymore from its ripe endeavours!"read the whole here


Enemo-J:"Miley Virus " - 11 Track Album - Digital Media Records - Released 1st October 2015 pagans' review "It is primal in attack mode and stealthily feasts on an over active mind that conjures up an evil heart, harshly coaxing it until it cannot take anymore from its ripe endeavours!"read the whole here


Chastain:"We Bleed Metal"CD 2015 6th november release Pure Steel Records .Well it's with a surprise I had the chance to hear that brand new album signed to a great label. The cover artwork is awesome and kicks fukin ass! 9 pure Metal tracks to blow your ears. From the first note you got blasting tunes with Leather's voice that hasn't changed and I give much respect to that lady who rocks the hell out of Metal world. Mr Chastain has his own sound and always pushing riffs by riffs without getting too much heavyness. It's pure fukin Heavy Metal and if you ear the bits here and there of the famous albums "the voice.." "ruler.." well it's cos the man knows the receipt for making great songs. The wait is few weeks away so get it when it comes! Awesome album 100/100


Festering:"From the grave"CD 2015 Caverna Abismal Records. Portugal Death Metal band started few years ago and died to reborn. For the fans of the early days it is a a great album. The band seems to have members issues and I wish them to stick as they have a good potential. A big influence from early Entombed is really appreciated, mixed with early Sepultura, Immolation, Disaster, incubus... they know the receipt for conquering the masses. Listen you will love it! Well done guys 90/100

black ink sun

black ink sun:"Take the Fall" - 4 Track E.P pagan's review - 2015 saw the start of a new chapter for Black Ink Sun, with the arrival of new vocalist, Jamie.The lyrical direction took on a sharper, more direct approach and themes then began to form, knitting the songs even closer the wholehere


GHOST MACHINERY:"Evil undertow" Limited CD 2015 Pure Legends Records. Finland Heavy Metal/ PowerMetal/ AOR band. The particularity with this country is they have a sound we recognize and so can't be compared to any! I reviewed the demo from 2004 but were with another label that died...What I can say is they haven't changed much except they have a more classic AOR sound with this new album. The cover makes me think of Fringe with the two worlds one burnt the other still intact. Can be also describe as two sides of us the one strong the one weak etc..As the cover artwork the sound goes together a beautiful album with melodies and peacefull enjoyment. They still have their style with the influences from Malmsteen sound and solos. The keyboards beeing a big part that makes the sound of classic albums of the kind. The songs move on from the begginiing til the end and so like me you might like one part or the other. Influences ranging from Deep Purple, Kiss, Hammerfall, Survivor with a Rocky cover, Paragon, Gamma Ray, Scorpions...etc..The album will come as 'normal' edition and a limited one with two more songs. 95/100

No Bros

No Bros:"Metal Marine" CD 20 november 2015 Pure Rock Records. Bringing a new album that kicks with awesome cover artwork, this Austrian Hard Rock band is getting better with time. They don't get far away from their style as the first songs are pretty close to early Deep Purple albums, but you knew about it if you heard their previous efforts. The main album is sometimes touching the early 80's AOR/ soft hard rock like Drive she said, FM, YnT...etc.. so basically it will get loved by many who love those years of great songs and sound that made people happy. This was the best in music ;) Difinitively a band to follow. The lyrics is following this idea telling stories about those great years. Some sound reminding Pink Floyd and co from the 70's. Awesome work 95/100

All we Expected /Raw Kingdom

All we Expected / Raw Kingdom"split LP 2015 Self release. A belgium band and an Irish one united to give a dark atmospheric music. Both having two 10 mns long songs! The first one has some Alternative Rock while the second one has extreme Metal.Although this is not comparable it reminds me one song of early Pink Floyd when suddenly they screamed. You have that soft relaxing tune that explodes suddenly. It kinda explains a lot ;) 80/100

Vehement Animosity

Vehement Animosity:"Entropy"CD 2015 self release. Greek extreme Technical Death Metal. From the cover to the logo there is no question about the line of the music. Close to Grind tunes with those fast kickin drumming and those complicated guitar notes is not for everyone. This is for the purest fan of this craziness extreme Metal. Heavy Fast've been warned it kills. 80/100


STARBLIND:"Dyin son" CD 4 December 2015 Pure Steel records. Although you'll have to wait to get that masterpiece from the swedish Heavy Metal maniacs, I'll give you a stint of what to expect. If you heard their first effort you know they have an extreme facility to kick your ass. The cover reminding Dracula 's battle. The first song is wow a great song that reminds Iron Maiden's Bruce dickinson best years. Once you got this in your mind you have already the idea of what you will hear. High pitch vocals, melodies and entertaining songs that reaps it all. I'm always amazed by those great musicians who can bring us back to the 80's with such a precision and beauty. They won't deny it they are inspired by the mid eighties and it feels good. A bit of Judas Priest is leaking and I'm sure you will hear some other NWOBHM that made the world 's happiness. You ought to get that masterpiece!!!100/100


cambion:" Unfold Chaos Supreme "DEMO CD 2015 Lavadome Productions. Death Metal band. The first track gets you straight into the chaos of brutality. Fast heavy riffs a growling voice , the band wants to be blasmephic. It will please all the maniacs of the kind, the band is inspired by Krisium, Angel Corpse and Hate can also hear Deranged, Canibal Corpse...5 kickin tracks check em out.70/100


CRISMSON DAY:"Order of shadow"CD 16 October 2015 Iron Shield records. Finland Heavy Metal band. A beautiful album that got plenty of skills it first reminds me Agent Steel for the high pitch melodic voice. They have 80's influences but towards the end it sounds like those new bands. A nice sound and great guitars melodies to get you vibrating. It's like an addiction you can't stop listening to it.You have to listen and get that awesome album! If you like Reverence, Triosphere for soft passages and sound ,Resistance.. I even recognize some 'the unforgiven' kinda intro mixed with Scorpions, Helloween,etc just a masterpiece ...100/100


Atropas:"Episodes of Solitude"CD 2015 Worm Hole Death Records. Italian Metal band mixing styles. Like the new bands they have inspiration from Thrash to Alternative Rock. The singer is obviously inspired by Phil Anselmo and the begginig is heavy then a clean voice is coming that kinda change it. I'm not used to listen those bands but it will please new kids. It always feels like a break in a song when the voices are so different. It's sure the guys have different influences Pantera, Metallica, killswitch engage...make up your mind give it a try. 75/100


Cryptic Realm:"Eve of fatality" 4 Tracks Tape 2015 Weed Hunter Records. Brutal Death Metal band regrouping many musicians from different existing bands. IT has been made this summer so it's pretty much young. It's heavy, it's deep it's for the ones who love it. Inlfuences from Massacre yet the tunes are fatter and all the bands of this kind. Not much my stuff.60/100

dark moor

darkmoor:"Project X"CD 2015 November 6 Scarlet Records. Sapnish AOR/Pop/Progressive band. A melodic album with an amazing cover, the music is very orianted 'religious" with the song 'I want to believe'and the clean melty sound you can find mostly on TV and Radio bands airplay. Many influences that set the album out of the stickers and so many will find it's own view or like. If the singer's tone might make you think sometimes of late Bon Jovi, it goes also tenor like Pavarotti and very influenced by Queen 'rapsody...' style. Although it's not much my type of music it's a good album. I'm sure it will break the charts. 85/100

silent assassin

Mike Lepond:"silent assassin"CD 2014 self release from Symphony X's bass player. This is a masterpiece you just take in your face and kick your butt to the ground! Many great guests with a top notch singer. More than just a solo album it's just a complete album around the great bass sound. It's powerfull and heavy. Power Metal / Thrash it blows like some great bands do. It first make me think of Dave Starr who made his own band and plays guitar and bass. Musically well join the masters Vicious Rumours, Overkill, Anthrax, Iced Earth, Manowar...they even have a song starting with a folkloric dance. So do you need more to convince you about the greatness of that album you should all get?! Since it's one year old I can't get it full note ;) 95/100


Horse Head:"Missionary"Demo CD 2015 self release. USA Doom/Screaming band. I won't call them Black or Hardcore people will be angry lol. But really it's a down tuned heavy sound with a screaming fellow on the mic.So if you like those kind of bands then it's for you. 4 trx to smash you down. 60/100

eternal mortification

Eternal Mortification:"Awakening the dead" 4tx Demo CD self release. Holland Death Metal band. Inspired by the early bands it's heavy and got some old riffs with a not really understable voice such is compressed. Influences from Massacre ,Immolation, Grave, Death, Entombed... for all the mad people outhere ;) 80/100


Hypermass:"Clouded Vision"CD 2015 Ingen (enda) records. Norway Technical Thrash/Death/Black Metal band. The amazing cover is somehow tells me it's a good band. Very inpiring listening the music get my idea right! Mixing many elements with beauty and power that leads to an extremely good album.Influences from Coroner, Kreator cool passages, Triosphere, Satyricon, will all find something! 5tracks with two beeing longer. A good band that will concquer the world. 100/100


Zieler:"ESC" CD 2015 Vanity Music Group. Melodic Progressive Technic Symphonic Metal band.When Sweden and Norway musicians get together it brings a masterpiece. A project that gets right into what the music is today in the Metal universe. It regroups all the elements to bring those new atmosphere we've been used now since 2000 has arose. Having small influences from the 80/90's like for example Bon Jovi, Skid Row's Sebastien voices. Queen parts with keyboards and melodies classical tunes. Going from one point to another using great solos from Malmsteen or even DImmu Borgirs 's melodies and scales changing a bit to sound it different. Some Great Kat's crazy speed maniacs classical shreds. Distorted voices like Messugah or more recents bands. In the spirit of Amaranthe , Dream Theather, Within Temptation, with cut through tempos and heavy tunes like Heal...A cover that looks more like a website design , a band logo like a company, this is very different from the actual things music has been doing. If you are not afraid of getting into new technology and don't mind samples and mixing music styles then it's for you! 95/100


Gang:"Live is All" CD / LP 2015 Underground Investigation. French Heavy Metal pioneers reviving the NWOBHM have once again released a pure album and for the first time one live recorded in the UK! Recorded in Manchester, for those who are fans they will hear lots of the bands' songs from most of their albums. IT's recorded straigth from the stage so you hear quite good the singer and musicians, I regret we can't hear much about the crowd though (only one moment when the singer talks and his mic captures the audience). The cover is still made by the brilliant designer they have trust for the last records and it kicks ass, mentioning the frogs to keep the legendary image between French and English jokes. 11 tracks with one never played live and their Iron maiden cover the energy is still there so you will enjoy the great live act. Awesome solos, Heavy Metal at its best they concquer the world staying true to their influences. One good piece to own in your collection 90/100


skythen:"Silverowls"CD 2015 self released. Germany Heavy Metal band mixing Thrash Crossover Stoner... the most impressive is the singer that sometimes sounds like Rob Flynn but the music is just down tuned and cool. Although they are fans of Black Sabbath it doesn't sound like compared to those who really have the influence stuck in their music. IF here and there you can hear the influence of Ozzy, the music is more like screaming voices as sometimes you have two vocals with effects on the voice. Music is thrown like headbanging with the guitar ;) It has a real style on its own, not really easy to put them into a box. You might like em or not but you better have a listen cos it's cool! 80/100


eldritch:"Underlying issues"CD 2015 Scarlet Records. Italy AOR/Hard Rock band. A strange and disturbing cover with body parts and an iceberg.. musically they call themselves progressive to me it's just pure rock with melodies and that AOR sound that gets them melty. The kind of band that will play good on radio. Not my type of music, but it's listenable ;) 90/100


Diatonic:"Hidden pieces" CD 2015 self produced. Death Metal band , to my surprise it has nothing compared to other in that style except the growling voice in the vein of Cannibal corpse. It's groovy with a more rockin approach or playing the guitar! This is Joakim Antman (ex Decadence) new project probably the reason why it's not as the usual death metal ;) It's really cool I just don't like those vocals too compressed you can't understand but I like the music. Obviously he does most of the instruments except drums. Go on support the man, and listen you'll like it! 85/100

the silver black

The silver black:"THe grand turmoil"CD 2015 Sliptrick Records. Indus band for the ones who love techno and screaming distorted voice. A man who is involved in different bands made that one too.So you know what it sounds like 60/100


Malpha:"Occult propaganda" CD 2015 BMTC Records. Black Metal band, the satanic and blasphemic one for the fans. I could barely listen to it as it's much noise to me but then it's for the people who really love it that way so get your hands on it.80/100


hyne:"MMXV" Digipack CD/ LP/ Digital 2015 Self Release. German Stoner Rock with an interesting cover artwork, the band seems to get a wild audience mixing 70's tunes with 90's rock. Nothing original but simply good tunes to run get you shake your body. So if you're into those cool music and wanna have fun check em out ;) 8 tracks of pure happiness! A good album in overall 90/100


Joe Stump:"The Dark Lord Rises" LTD CD 2015 Lion Music. One of the rare shredder playing like Malmsteen! 11 trax of intense instrumental guitar licks but it's not just limited to this. It actually sounds like real songs! Every songs can make you imagine a singer, this is amazing as most of shredder don't think that way. The first track starts like Judas Priest, Another one like Deep Purple with Joe Lynn Turner, he even plays one crazy Death/Black Metal fast heavy track! you will be fukin blown by his amazing ability. Somehow I can think of Jason Becker on some jazzy cool feel licks. Everyone knows is a great guitarist but in case you don't know him or want to get a complete explosion then get that album! This is pure madness for every shredders fan and all music ones it is one to have. Awesome 95/100


Khors:"The Flame of Eternitys Decline Re-issue" DIgipack CD Svarga Music. Ukraine Black Metal. This is to celebrate 10 years of the bands' life. This is for the pure early fans!!! A punky sound, reminding the first Dimmu Borgir or even Dissection or the first bands who created that music style. It's awesome for you!!! you should get it in your collection 90/100


Ephyra:"Along the path"Digipack CD November 20 2015 Bakerteam records. Italian Death / Folkloric Metal band. A beautiful album that comes along the new Metal bands. A mix with melodic female voices, and growling male ones with nice music parts. I'm not fan of those but I'm sure you will all like it. The fun thing is those bands back in 1995 didn't have much success but it seems it goes pretty well these days. They are fans of Suidakra, if that speaks to you then it's for you. 75/100


Hedfuzy:"self titled"CD 2015 self release. Ireland Rock /Progessive band. Pat Byrne is a complete musician playing many instruments ,he started this band with on Drums Ben Wanders (Shardbourne), Keyboards Graham Conway (Delorean Suite) and Guitars by Graham Keane (The Vicious Head Society). A melodic album that starts with a heavy instrumental guitar song to a much softer tunes towards the end. The singer and the sound could be closer to Pop/rock on some songs. Beautiful solos in the vein of Satriani (cool parts), Eric Clapton (bluesy parts)on few songs, sometimes reminding the 80's ballads for the song 'name'it brings me back to the time when many bands were playing on tv and radio. Of course the tech parts on song like "this broken throne' a typical prog song! The album was produced by Pat Byrne and mixed and mastered by Chris Collier (Prong, Lynch Mob,KXM). The debut Single "SING" is available now on Itunes, Google Play, Amazon..etc it's a great album 90/100

fates right

Fates right"Smile" 5 tracks CD 2015 Self Release. Swedish Hard Rock band. Singer Jonny Lindkvist(Nocturnal Rites) decided to have another band with the intention to bring those great tunes back. The tunes that rock you till the end, cool melodies rocking guitars and kickin drums getting you dance for sure. It will sometimes make you think of Twisted sister catching intro, melodic solos from Lita Ford, heavy solo from Guns N Roses, Bon jovi tender voice or even the angelic pure sound from Europe ...etc.. but those are just what pop into my mind while listening. It's just a pure happiness with great songs! You won't be desappointed it's diamond ;) 95/100

fractal generator

Fractal generator:"Apotheosynthesis"CD 2015 self release. Canada brutal Death Metal band. For the fans of Cannibal corpse fast beat, heavy growling voice. It's violent it's fast it's killing!!! 80/100


Stromlurker:"self titled" 5 Trax CD/Download from Bandcamp. USA Florida Thrashers sent me a mail which is really appreciate although I'm overwhelmed by label demands. The band has some old influences mixed up new ones. It reminds me mostly Messiah thrash madness with that kinda screaming vocals (which finally became todays thrash...)cool passages with jazzy tech like Mekong Delta at some point.Some riffs reminding 'And Justice' song a bit of Kreator (coma / renewal) heavy Doom clean passages with melodic solos. Fun 1min high pitch vocals here and there. Well it's heavy and kicking a band that wants for sure to be different and manage to have a particular sound. Make up your mind by yourself give them a try! 85/100

tytan trojen gig

Tytan and Trojen live:"Pagan review - Tytan, Troyen and Electric Viper - Classic NWOBHM - The Snooty Fox - 24.10.15" From the off Electric Viper looked quite awkward on stage and apart from the vocalist none of the other members seemed to be enjoying themselves.  With very little banter and audience participation the gig fell a little flat. Read the rest here


Troyen:"Finish what you started 1981 - 2015 "CD 2015 Vulcan Records - Pagan's review - Feisty and furious the rhythms start pumping and immediately the body reacts accordingly. The essences of the track are nostalgic from one of the best eras in rock the - 1980’s. The busy tempos and tenacious rhythms flow with ease, and coupled with gritty vocal edge, provides a creative recipe for addictive grooving and soul by the bucket load.Read the rest here


Absolutus: "Pugnare In Iis Quae Obtinere Non Possis"CD 2015 Heidens Hart Records. Belgian Black Metal band. It seems this small country has a big scene for this music style. This album has a special atmosphere with relaxing yet spiritual sounds with speed tempos to break with those legendary vocals. It's for sure special for the fans since it gets you into a special universe.Give it a try 80/100

shotgun messiah

shotgun messiah1.jpg:"Self Titled" CD 2015 Divebomb Records. This rereleased album of the swedish combo who probably influenced a major LA scene with the music that hollywood Glam Rock was creating back in late 80's got revamped with photos, history and Press articles for the fans. If you like Guns n Roses, Faster Pussy Cats, Poison, Whitelion...80/100

shotgun messiah

shotgun messiah:"Second coming" CD 2015 Divebomb Records. This rereleased album of the swedish combo moved to LA to join the scene that was growing. Same as first one articles, photos ...80/100


uncleslam:"Say Uncle" CD 2015 Divebomb Records. Rerelease of that classic Crossover/Thrash Metal band and hard to find LP. The band made a great album mixing the first punky sound from Suicidal Tendencies, some Thrashy riffs like Sacred Reich, Funky pieces like Mordred and moshing skating songs like Gang Green. This is a must have with lyrics inside 90/100

kenn Nardi

Kenn Nardi:"Dancing with the past" 2CD 2015 Divebomb Records. With a beautiful painting the cover is puzzling the mind. 28 tracks of mixed up influences from Metal to Progressive rock...Anacrusis founder has decided to release a double album from his various inspirations he wrote during all his past in bands. If you follow the man it's a good album for you for the others well it's a journey through many musical styles can please many people who are opened with musical taste 80/100


Holosade:"A Circle Of Silent Screams" CD 2015 Divebomb Records. When a band release an album but no labels wanted it back then, there is one who is willing to give it a chance but only for 500 fans!!! A cover with 3d creations that drives you mind crazy, this band has managed to captured the early 80's Heavy Metal sound. IF you know Attila, Abbatoir to name a few you will straight away get the sound of that masterpiece. Sure it's more likely to get the old Metalheads interested but I'm sure plenty of you will get it. I love to hear such albums! Get it now 90/100


aftermath:"Killing the futur" CD 2015 Divebomb Records. Old demos remastered and pressed to 500 copies for the maniacs. This Crossover/Punk/Thrash band is a complete explosion. DRI, Nuclear Assault, Suicidal kills get it now!!! 90/100


grinder:"same titled" CD 2015 Divebomb Records. Rerelease from German awesome Speed/Thrash band. 13 tracks with live ones, lyrics and photos like the old days. A great album to own!!! Mosh it 90/100


everthrone:"the dawning"CD 2015 Divebomb Records. USA Symphonic Melodic Rock band. Inspiration from the 80's new wave dark gothic style mixing those new sounds with keyboards and melodies. Although it's not my stuff it's a good album for the ones who love those calm moment. 90/100

final sign

Final Sign:"Hold High the flame"CD 2015 Divebomb Records. USA Power Metal/Thrash Metal. The cover reminds me australians Fury with that warrior from comics it's amazing artwork. What must amazing is just from the first track you are blown away by the great performance from the band! A singer with High pitch vocals such a Neil Turbin, Bruce dickinson at some point and riffs like Judas Priest, Reverence,Vicious's just a pure pleasure! you need that album in your collection this is amazingly good ;) 100/100


Holosade:"Hell house" CD 2015 Divebomb Records. Rerelease USA Speed Thrash an awesome album you should all own! Back in the early crazyiness with those great riffs and power to bang your head. Great piece of metal with again story, photos etc...90/100

bed of nun

Bed of Nun:"Waiting for a visit"CD 2015 Pure Rock records. Austrian rock/new wave/ gothic band. That album has a very deep feel and I am not found of this. Many will feel a diferent one certainly. It is rock but with a special slow motion which is described pretty well on the cover! It 's creepy music and I can't really appreciate. Make up your mind. 85/100


Slomatics:"flooding"CD 2015 Black Bow records. Belfast Doom Heavy Metal band. Really cool tunes that grooves you slowly and is an enjoyment, sometimes they are far away screems but most of it is instrumental. Love it! 90/100

Kult Mogil

Kult Mogil:"Anxiety never descending" CD 24 December 2015 Pagan records. Poland Death/Thrash band. With very fast start and a broken voice it reminds me first Sepultura album, then some slow passages in the vein of Machine Head riffs... The band jumps from tempos and ideas that glorified the styles and if it's more Death than Thrash they mix up some of the early stuff from late ones. I kinda like it the way it is as it keeps its raw sound and true vibe of Metal. I'm sure you won't be desappointed. 95/100


Square:"Hard Rock n roll"CD 2015 Brennus Records. French Hard Rock band. They started back in 1981 and made few albums, so far this is the third! Some Bands don't get the same exposure as others or dissapear for some reasons. Here they are with a new album looking like an old vinyl taken from the pile. It's pure Rock mixed with blues traditional riffs and even some heavy influences. They sing in their mother tongue language and have many inspirations from our country. So far I've been able to hear some JJ Goldman, ADX, Telephone for the French music, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, ZZtop for the Us ones. So you can see that they have a variety of influences and their music is simply Rock n Roll and will groove you 'till the morning ;) Dancing and banging like mad! Great album 90/100

shallow ground

Shallow Ground:"Embrace The Fury" CD 2015 Killer Metal Records. USA Thrash Metal brings back the roots with great tunes that kills it all. Don't get scared by that logo, the band has a great cover album reminding Ed Repka artwork but in a raw way giving the band a real undergound yet professional touch! Musically it's for all Thrashers and moshers around. They are inspired by many 80's bands Testament, Wrath, Metallica, Annihilator,...90's one Municipal Waste, Evile, PittyFul's pure joy for your ears! They even have some riff I had in my previous bands ;) The guys give us a real mosh it kicks serious ass get it now!!! Voted best album for november by Metal Zone Prod.666 100/100


Horseman:"Distortion of liberty" CD 2015 Recordjet records. German Hardcore / modern Thrash Metal band. Although they have that thrash feel like Tankard, Sodom, Pantera, they are inspired by those new bands such as Lamb of God , you have a screaming vocal I don't like but musically it has the roots that kick ass. Even the cover could make you think of Sacred Reich in a way... So it's explosive it kicks and it's brand new for old as new fans the band will reach millions and get on the wagon pretty fast. Follow them! 90/100

Fatal Embrace

Fatal Embrace:"Slaughter to survive"CD / LP 2015 Iron Shield Records. German Thrash Metal. For those who know the band they keep their ' evil satanic' image and style keep the early days alive with power! Kickin tunes Venom, Sodom, Exodus , Anthrax... it's just a blown in your face! a perfect album 95/100


Betsy:"Bet" CD 2015 Divebombs Records. Rerelease of Betsy Bitch Road Runner album with bonuses. The legendary Heavy Metal chick that revolutionized the world is still here and so to get the new fans the chance to own that masterpiece the label made it possible! A booklet with mag interview old photos as new and lyrics this is a must have for any metal fans. 90/100


Deathrow:"deception ignored" CD 2015 Divebombs Recors/tribunal Records. A must have for any thrashers!!! This rerelease is a masterpiece of tech and I'm proud I own it on LP! the booklet revive the history of the band. Such as Coroner or Mekong Delta the band was using in shred and riffs that tech playing we get used to these days. Back then it was an evolution and getting a way of great musicians. So if you haven't got it there is a chance ;) 90/100


Toranaga:"Gods" CD 2013 Divebomb Records. This is Uk's best Thrash album has been rereleased and if you don't have it you may want to buy it now! I'm happy to own it on LP. Bonus songs, interview and photos. A piece of collection 90/100


Slammer:"The Work of idle hands" CD 2012 Tribunal / Divebomb records. Another Uk Thrash moshing band that got a real deal and a must have in your collection, I'm proud to own it on LP. Magazine articles, photos...get it now! 90/100

Human Desolation

Human Desolation: "Mind Grind Paradigm" CD 2015 Self produced. Swedish Death Metallers are bringing a perfect album with beautiful cover. I saw the band back in 2010 in stockholm and i was very impressed by their play. Their new album has much of today's sound and kicking power, melodic yet agressive tunes. In the vein of Darkane, Nightrage, Arch Enemy (angelina), Messhugah,... there is a beautiful instrumental song!They sound closer to swedish tunes now. This band deserves to be signed! They are excellent and matches the kick ass Metal of today's generation and sound. Support them and buy their album you'll get moshed down ;) They have faster songs towards the end. 100/100


Exocrine:"Unreal Existence"CD 2015 Great Dane Records - Released 25th October 2015 - Pagan review -The French are at it again – producing, this time some Progressive Death Metal from the likes of Exocrine who have just released their debut album ‘Unreal Existence'read the whole here

fox an goose

Fox an goose:"Halloween special" Roadhog, Fox and Goose Halloween Special - 31st October 2015 - pagan review - Without a doubt it is arguably safe to say that on Halloween all Hell breaks loose, as not only kids dress up and want to be part of the bigger picture it is the adults too that share in this fun event, and what better way to have fun than dress up and sit in a makeshift electric chair? read the whole here

Spawn of Psychosis

Spawn of Psychosis:"Ministry of Transition" CD 2015 Dredge Records. Pagan review - Spawn of Psychosis are the creative project of founding member and frontman, SPAWN (Chris Dredge). What started out as a bedroom recording when he was 16, over a decade ago and with the addition of more members and a strong work ethic, then became a performing band? read the whole here

Frozen Mist

Frozen Mist:"The Tenalach Prophecy" - pagan review - Frozen Mist returns with their 21st full length studio album, THE TENALACH PROPHECY, to be released on the Capcomia Studios underground label in spring 2016.Read the whole here

stielas storhett

Stielas Storhett:"Drownwards" CD 2015 Wormhole Death. Russian Metal band. Difficult to get them a sticker since they actually mixing many styles. The cover reminds Machine Head, sometimes the voice is Hardcore screaming type, sometimes it's Black Metal, they even have melodies with a female singer. Like the new Metal bands they will reach many people since their songs can catch any of us. It's heavy it's killing but it has some nice passages. Check em out! 95/100

Stellar Master Elite

Stellar Master Elite: "III Eternalism The Psychospherical Chapter" CD 2015 Spiritual Black Metal. The band reminds me some Thrash bands with their technical parts like Coroner or Mekong Delta, but closer to band like Satyricon using samples with strange sounds. The cover artwork is amazing, their music style is really in search of the minds spirit. Impossible to classify the band into one box. They have some groovy riffs with sample exert. If you like it different and are trying to find originallity as creation then you should try this band 90/100


Novallo: "Novallo II" CD 2015 Self Release. USA Funk /Groove/ Rock/ Prog... a mix of different music style making it impossible to classify but Funky, seven tracks of cutting edge broken tempo in the vein of Jazzy/Prog style with a digital sound. Not made for everyone, it's special sound and you really have to dig it. I'm not fan of those as they want to be groovy but incorporating those breaking complex parts giving me the impression to listen to a robot rather than music. The Jazz and prog fans will certainly love it. 90/100


Enfeeble: "Momentum of Tranquillity" CD 2015 self release. German Metalcore band. This is funny cos the album title doesn't really refer to the music, cool riffs with a screaming crushing voice is not really Tranquillity.. This is what new Metal is about these days and since I don't agree with that style I can't listen to it. So I leave you the pleasure to discover the band if you enjoy those new bands. 70/100

endless revovery

Endless Revovery:"revel in demise"CD 2015 Witches Brew Records. Greece Thrash Metal band. Ok this is for the fanatics who loves the fast guitars and heavy drumming to kick your ass! reminding the early days from Kreator, Possessed, Tankard, etc... ten tracks of pure madness with a slight touch of early Death Metal. This is for the die hard mosher you need this in you collection! 95/100


Savage:"7/live lethal" DoubleCD 2015 Minus2Zebra records. Uk Hard Rock / Heavy Metal legend is back with a double album packed with a new album and one live with what is described as their best effort from the fans. The lads are continuing their path through rockin your life, first song from the album 7 is kicking like early SKid Row punching you in the face and taking you to moshin pleasure. It is a real successor of their last LP Sons of Malice which was already quite a good adventure for your ears. Twelves tracks that rip and keep the flame of the bands'sound. While many bands are trying to change and 'evolve' Savage after so many years manage to keep their own world and it's pretty cool to hear. The second Cd is a live one with the album completely played to a mighty fury crowd in the Uk. The sound is really good, at some point you have some metalheads screaming so it's a nice way to celebrate the band's sound and history to play both to light up your day. A great album to own 100/100


Soulthern:"Rock you till die" CD 2015 self release. Brazilian Heavy/speed Metal band. A really cool demo although I had only three tracks to listen. The guys are playing early 80's riffs from Metallica, Abattoir, Attila, Bitch, The Runaways, ... well they have many influences and it leaks pretty well so guys get a descent album done and you'll get lots of fans!! 90/100

dark symphonica

Dark symphonica:"Immersion"CD 2015 self release. Australia Symphonic/Metal band mixing influences. The first track has that keyboard from Dimmu Borgir, some heavy Thrashin Guitars, an opera singer type. Sometimes her voice reaches Amy lee but most of the time is high pitch mix between Nightwish and Epica. It will please all the fans of that kind, probably more Metal Heads due to the heavy guitars. You need to like Keyboards and that kind of voice. Those entertaining parts reminding WIthin Temptation. Beautiful album an cover 90/100

dancing crap

Dancing crap:"Cut it out" CD 2015 Agoge Records. Italy Rock/funk/ soul/ hip hop band. I must say choosing a name like that will help those who don't like it. With many line up changes and music inspiration ranging from different style, the band has hard work to convince the listener. You really need to enjoy those music style to appreciate. It reminds me some 80's artists using sounds... i let you listen and judge for yourself 80/100

bendal interlude

The bendal interlude:"Reign of the Unblinking eye"CD 1april 2016 Black Bow Records . UK Doom/Stoner/ noise Metal band . Heavy down tuned guitars very slow tempo with screaming vocals. It will please all the kids who likes it noisy, the music is cool and it's a shame they destroy it with the vocals. You'll get to hear only in 5 month to make up your mind. 70/100

Stone groove

Stone Groove:"sampler 2015"CD 2015 Stone Groove Records. US compilation from the label's roaster bands. 21 songs from various artists with different music style. From Pop to Doom to Ambient to Metal to Funky...muscically close to Black Sabbath, Enya, Pink Floyd...and so many different bans, there is a band you will love!!! Some bands on the compilation : Star Child, my silent wake, Troglodyte dawn....90/100

Jack Frost

Jack Frost:"Melaina Chloe" CD 18 December 2015 Carrycoal Records. German Gothic/Dark Rock band. As you can see the cover is black, the name refers to Tim Burton's black and white illustrations. It's deep and so dark it really is for the people who get into it. In the vein of Danzig, Type O negative... a man who listens to his voice grave and cold. Not for the suicidal minds! Listen for yourself if you dare 85/100

Funeral Marmoori

Funeral Marmoori:"The Deer Woman"CD 2015 Minautoro Records. Italian Doom/Psychedelic Rock band. Starting with a funny cover and great colors reminding the 70's hippies ;) Fully on keyboards and going everywhere slowly to captivate the listener. If you want to travel it's a good way! To give you a slight influences in case you need, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd...the list goes on just a cool mix of those great years! 90/100

The desolate

The desolate:"The Great Departure"CD 2015 self release. USA Thrash/Hardcore Metal band. Great heavy tunes with a screaming voice, I personnaly think it's a shame they chose this voice it kinda kill the music. Big riff we are used to here in Thrash it blasts and really is great. You need to like the screaming voice with melodies on the guitars, it's a good album 90/100

Arreat Summit

Arreat Summit"Frostburn"CD 2015 World vs Cometh. Swedish Death Metal band. From the first not we can hear the perfect sound this country as always been giving us! Awesome cover artwork mixed painting and computer which will certainly have a great success. Powerfull explosion from the beggining, blast riffs with melodies , a search in the composition to create. Musically it has many influences from Kreator or Pestilence for the melodic passages, and blasting as for the vocals In Flames or Children of Bodom. This will please all the metalheads over the globe without a doubt. 95/100

hell in the club

hellin the club:"Shadow of the monster" CD/LP 22 january 2015 Scarlett Records. Hard Rock/Pop album from the great band that brings a mixture of old tunes from the 80's with modern sound. It is a change from the previous album for sure, I would say they are more on the side of band like Heat which has a more commercial sound approach opening doors to non Metal fans yet having some huge influences. Artwork cover made by great Horror movies artist Nathan Thomas Milliner it sure will get attention. Influences ranging from Motley Crue, Tesla, Skid Row, Aerosmith, Heat, Bon Jovi, Queen, and a cover from Cyndy Lauper! in the overall it's an amazing album that kicks ass no doubt. Available in a month ;) 95/100


Onelegman:"Do you think this world was made for you"CD 2015 Buil2Kill Records. Italy Progressive Rock mixed Metal band. This is not the usual band you hear! If they have some Metal parts with guitars and screaming the rest of the album is much progressive with sounds and atmosphere yet having breaking cut through tempos and riffs. It might be appreciated by different people even though it's really special in a way. It's an interesting album even if I have difficulties to catch up as it seems cold to me, a bit dark and having that 80's new wave type some indus today's band are using. The voice has a 'robot' kinda effect and really has many range of influences. You really need to dig it with the lyrics as the music vibe. Just make up your own mind 85/100

game zero

Game Zero:"Rise" CD 2015 Agoge Records. Italy rock and Metal band with guitarist from Theatre des vampires, Dragonhammer drummer and singer guitarist Mark Wright as Domino on bass united to bring a good rockin album inspired by a video game for the name and a cover that reminds the recent teen movie... The Metal elements here are mostly fast riffs or solos but the whole is really Rock. The band managed to get one of their song on a movie soundtrack called "East End". So it's pretty cool tunes with sometimes those fast tempos . 85/100


Neuronia:"Under the same sky"CD 2015 self release.Power Metal / Thrash Metal band. The begining starts a bit like Grip Inc with power and a rough voice reminding a bit of sepultura's Max. The more it goes 'till the end the voice gets nicer and musically it reaches the greatness of Sanctuary, Testament, Vainglory...a really cool album many will love for that power and influences. 95/100

over strange mood

Over strange mood: "self titled" 6 trx CD 2015 Self produced . French Prog/Rock/Heavy/Metal.. band. A great sound with gutting rock power that blows from the beggining mixed with cool passages. Reminding Obisdian 55, Pearl Jam, Opeth, Black Label Society, Pantera ... the groove is certainly heard in many famous bands but the mix of those styles gives the band it's identity. This is a brilliant MCD for a start. The live gigs must be really heavy, a bit dark in the voice and lyrics but a very enjoyable time listening with melodic solos 90/100


Ashes2ashes:"Th3ories"CD 2015 self release. Spanish Rock/Hard Rock band. The first thing is they use awesome painting artwork for the cover which is not common these days and i must say just for that they earn points for me! Musically we have a singer with a broken voice mixed with rocking tunes, sometimes driven by keyboards reminding some 80's bands sometimes it's just simply good kicking tunes. Lyrically speaking of many life issues, riffs taken from Van Halen, Led Zepplin jazzy influences and melodies flying you to another universe. make me think of Jean Louis Beauvoir at some points, Survivor, Alana Miles bluesy approach keeping the melodies all along.A beautiful album in the overall 95/100


Intrinsic:"Nails"Ltd CD 2015 Divebomb records. Heavy / Thrash/ Progressive/ Funk...Metal band. When a band from the 90's got kicked and so desappeared cos the music was changing and noone would release their album todays legendary record label who release many of those antics is out for your pleasure ;) As usual the album is full of photos history, Flyers... some special tracks from early 90's never heard before. This album is also possible cos of the fans which makes it special so get on it before it's too late. Many great Thrash songs in the vein of Slammer, Forbidden, Sacred Reich some are closer to Mordred, a bit of Pink Floyd kinda out of space tunes. So it will please many 90/100


Deathstorm:"The Gallows EP"10' LP Dying Victims records. Austrian Thrash Metal band. Back to the early 80's kicking and moshing you down. For all the fans of Kreator, Slayer, Sodom, Messiah...this is pure madness for goods and brings back the roots of the old school. Pure fukin thrash!!! Only 4 tracks but it kills so much you will play it loud and non stop. 100/100


Islay:"Angels share"CD / LP 2015 Final Gates Records. German Death Metal band. Explosive album that will please all the metalheads who love those kicking tunes. Blasting riffs, melodies, powerfull voice it gots it all! Amazing cover artwork making it a piece of collection. Influences from Thrash it has many good input to please everybody. Arch Enemy, IN Flames, Aeturnus, ...slight touch to black metal or even symphonic a bit. The most of it blasts to death Behemoth, Cradle of Filth, ...a lot of influences to range from. It even has a swedish sound ;) It will kill you 90/100


Nahum:"And the chaos has began" CD 2015 Musick attack records. Czech Republic Death Metal band. A big influence from Morgoth with blasting heavy riffs like Canibal Corpse or Morbid Angel, kicks and will get into your head easily. Little melodies with no surprise but it is well done. I think you will love it.90/100

Corners of Sanctuary

Corners of Sanctuary:"Metal Machine" CD 2015 Metalizer Records. USA Heavy Metal masters are back with an awesome album. 11 tracks to mosh you down, you will headbang like mad! Mixed by Stu "the hammer" Marshall who did Death Dealer and many more so get ready for some extremely pure 80's metal with today's great sound! Like the band Gang they are revisiting the best tunes we all love. Melodic voice, songs that rip with great riffs, feeling the same as back when I was a kid listening to Tokyo Blade, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard... the influences are so wide but it definitively will remind you those great bands reason it's called Metal Machine cos it 's fukin Metal!100/100

napalm records

Napalm Records Sampler:"Sounds Roasters"Digital download 2015. 28 tracks from their bands given for free before Xmas on their website! Get bumped, moshed, kicked, slammed down...metalized! Huntress, Ahab, Monster Magnet, Diemonds, Wasp, Xandria, Year of the goat, satyricon, unleash the need this in your music player!!! 100/100


Muckraker:"Karmageddon" CD 2015 Eternal Sound Records. USA Rock, Funky, Groovy, Doomy.. if you wanna headbang slowly and have fun this band is for you! Musicaly it's mixed up with many influences from Down, Black Sabbath, Monster Magnet...85/100

divebomb compil

Full Metal Blitz:"new blood for the new breed"digital download Divebomb Records. A compilation with the roasters of the label, 12 tracks with moshing Thrash and Heavy Metal bands. Judicator,Enertia, Final Sign, Everthrone, Electric age...a great FREE album to own! 100/100

lurid memory

Lurid memory:"Dematerializing"MCD 2015 Funeral Noise Records. USA Death Metal band. A beautiful painting for the fans of the gore stuff...the guys are from old bands some might know called TItans..It mixed heavy slow down tunes with melodies somehow can remind you Obituary at some point but very doomy and growling voice. It sounds pretty dark and has that atmosphere with the melancolic guitar parts.85/100


Bedowyn:"Blood of the fall"CD 2015 Funeral Noise Records. USA Heavy Metal band. The cover matches pretty well the music. LIke the animal screaming at the moon for help...Melodic yet very ambiant instrumentals that flies around sending you in the depth of wondering. A bit of Black Sabbath 'symptom .." influences, some moshing songs, some cool parts kinda Pink Floyd classical guitars...some dark ones in the vein of early Paradise Lost, groovy tunes in the vein of Dogbane..A mixture of good tunes that will make you feel the message of the album. dig it! 95/100


Tome:"Where little has grown before" Digital 5 trax bancamp MCD. Rock, Psychedelic, progressive band. Musically influences parts from Deep purple, Yes, MC 5,... it just brings you back to the early 70's hippie style. If you liked those years then this is for you. The purists will ask for an LP ;) this is cool tunes much more for tripping in your bed dreaming of flying in the sky.The last song beeing 8mns long! 90/100

ancient spell

ancientspell:"Forever in Hell"CD 2015 Minatauro Records. USA Doom/Thrash/Death Metal band. Voalist Donnie Marhefka joined the band to get an original line up to create cool tunes. Musically it has a lot of different influences , the sound has a bit of demo type one sometimes reminding the early Black Metal albums. The voice is explosive and so brings the band outside the box but will not necessarly please lots as the voice is broken, teared up... Imagine Black Sabbath riffs and groove with Messiah Screaming voice. It's really cool but that voice irritates me. 80/100


SLEEPY HOLLOW:"Tales of gods and monster"CD 19 February 2016 Pure Steel Records. USA Heavy Metal band. They have changed singer, awesome artwork cover dark lyrics which goes pretty well with the atmosphere of the music. Sometimes it makes me think of Paradise Lost, a bit of Pearl Jam, Candelmass, Danzig...the singer has many things to tell so it's pretty heavy and deep, as the album's title it sounds like tales with heavy music. Sometimes reminds me Pantera slow heavy definitively has many Metal influences you just have to get used to the way the singer sings.90/100


RIZON:"Power Plant" CD 4th March 2016 Pure Rock Records. Switzerland Heavy Metal band. An amazing album that will capture your soul and lift it to happiness! Beautiful artwork cover. The singer's voice on the first tracks reminds me Bonfire when they released their album with one track on the movie "shocker". The difference here is the addition of a melodic female voice. Many influences Scorpions, Warrant, Guns'n roses , Doro, Within Temptation, very melodic and powerfull songs. A beauty , one of the best to come for the next year !!!you're gonna have to wait but it's worthy ;) 100/100


Vader:"Future of the past hell in the east"Digipack CD, LP/ Digital 2015 Nuclear Blast. Poland well known Death Metal band is releasing a tribute album. the funny thing here is the sound, reminds me early Venom kinda demo type raw one. 10 tracks from Merciless Death, Ghost, Thanatos, Exorcist...even though you don't know those bands they managed to capture those great riffs and make their own. A great album that will blow the fans!!! 95/100


Pshychosomatic:"Clicking sound of a hammer pulled back"CD 2015 Burried in Hell Records. USA Thrash Metal band is pulling out a new album! 12 explosing songs to ripp you appart and mosh you down. In the vein of Slayer it kicks serious ass heavy and speed you got it all! Moshing parts reminding all the 80's bands from Metallica, Vio-lence, Sacred Reich, Wargasm...etc...You must have that album ;) 100/100

simone vignola

Simone Vignola:"Somwhere"CD 2015 Areasonica Records. Italy Funky/pop amazing artist releases a solo album. The man plays all instruments it's just amazing! Mainly bass player and singer, he prooves he can play all instruments by making his own album on his own. On utube he has a video where you see him dealing with all instruments. Talented artist, producing and knowing how to write and compose music he won many prices and has attended the conservatory. Influenced by the 80's such as Police, Level 42, Bob Marley...great album that will get success worldwide without a doubt 95/100

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