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Self Titled

Self Titled : " Defaced" CD 2013 CD UK Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal . For sure the band needed to be recognized over the boundaries due to a name really unusual ! I've received this album to review and seemed to be already out few months ago before the new year. This is really a great ablum with awesome mix. This is perfect for the actual powerfull music that ranging today in the Metal world mixing influences from Metallica , Black Label Society, Alice in chains, Crucified Barbara, White Zombie... and many more. The singer has a very tough heavy voice that powers the whole thing, heavy rythms and melodic solos. This a band that will kick out many and loved by many!!! Sometimes some bands with unusual name or even image brings the best into the music. They will mark it with a big S stamp ouch it will burn 100/100


Metalsteel : " This is your revelation" CD 2014 Parole Productions. Slovenia Heavy Metal band with a brand new album coming out this month March. This 5th album has been mastered by James Rivera in Finland giving this Ep a tigh Metal sound. Heavy riff sometimes close to late Metallica, a singer with melodic voice giving wide influences from Skid Row, Iced Earth, Dokken, RAM. Helloween, Malice, Sabaton... really good album that will get high rated enjoyment. A band I'll see well in Wacken Open Air where this Heavy Metal reach lots of fans!!! Many will hear some 80's influences yet very actuall Metal with lots of mixture making it a unique sound and creation. Go on I can hear you wanna support this cool band ;) 100/100

robot orchestra

Robot Orchestra : " Robot Orchestr3" CD 2014 Pop / New Wave France. An album sent to me for review they actually are from my town... At first the influence that reach my ears are early Pink Floyd then with the sounds it appears they have influences from New Wave band. It will helps u fly over the mountains and set you free. Beautiful work lads ;)

garage days

Garage Days : "Passion of Dirt" CD 2014 Rocksector records Austrian Heavy /Thrash Metal. This new album has still Andy Laroque on mix but the addiction of Ralf Scheepers who produced it and of course added his voice on several songs. So it is more melodic than the first one and sometimes really make me think of Metallica.. and those powefull guitar riffs that kick ass make this album a really good masterpiece to own. The lyrics stay dark and real making this powerfull (bleeding death, Scars of life, Razorblade...) . The band hasn't changed its style the sound is just more 'worked' i guess (only the logo has been rewritten making it easier to read and neater) , so if you follow the band you will love this one!!! Ralf 's touch will bring more fans for sure. The band is on the way to concquer the world and become one of the standard Metal band on the planet!!! I wish them big success and to gig on tour with all those great legends cos they deserve it. Excellent album mate ;) 100/100

Sammy Hagard

Sammy Hagar : " Sammy Hagar & friends" CD+DVD 2014 . I was meant to review it when it came out but some things made it left behind. Well this is an album that really kicks ass cos so many talented musicians on it you can imagine the whole work done. Then this man is one of the best musician on the planet who knows how to write and sing melodic yet hit singles . Joe Satriani who already share the stage with Chicken foot tells you right away their is no mistake. Mostly cover songs amongs new ones created for the album a great musician work that combines all type of genres from pop / country / rock / blues it got all you need to make a record collection in one piece. This is a masterpiece and if the man wanted to enjoy hiself he certainly make us enjoy his world!!!

Tengger cavalry

Tengger cavalry : "Ancient call" CD 2014 Metal Hell Records . North Asian Folk Metal as they call themselves. It has many string instruments with a very artistic cover. Title is written in english and Asian language pretty rare. Musically it brings boundaries although sometimes its closed to Black Metal as industrial to me, Big guitar riffs and the 'folk / Celtic' atmosphere that reminds somehow the Viking Black Metal bands. Very catching tunes that introduce to the band and strangely helps you to get into the music very entertainning! The voice is distorted and reminds a bit of In Flames!!! very melodic and the asian inspiration is very well incorporated and gives that touch noone would expect. A very good band!!!

violent omen

Violent Omen: " L.U.N.A.C.Y " CD 2013 Ukrainia Thrash Metal . (review made from utube video) this is awesome speed thrash with technics and a crazy bass player jumping around normal for a Raven fan! This album has been produced by Josh Christian and has many known musician not bad for an underground band!!! John Gallagher Raven, Andrea Grieder Destruction/Poltergeist, Josh Christian Toxik, Vo Pulver Carrion/Poltergiest/Gurd... well this is making a great and powerfull yet very professional album with one of the best cover ever artwork


Deathdealer : " War Master " LP PowerMetal 2014 Pure steel records. This is a limited edition from their masterpiece came out last year. Their is no surprise with awesome musicians Sean Peck high pitch vocals, Ross the Boss guitars screaming, Stu Marshall heavy guitars, Mike Davis bass, Rhino pounding drums. This is what Heavy Metal is and need! Powerfull songs that rips it all and gets you moshing 'till the end. For those who are unaware of the power that band can bring you will find influences in Judas Priest, Manowar, Deathriders, Paragon, Primal Fear, king Diamond and so on.... so if that doesn't get your attention then we can't do anything for you... masterpiece of Metal get it before it gets out! 500 copies!!! hurry to pure steel records


Onward : "Evermoving " LP Heavy Metal 2014 Pure steel Records a limited copie to 500 for remembering the singer who died in 2012. This album actually came out on Century Media in 2001. Guitarist Toby Knapp well known in the industry, this album reminds albums such as Fates Warning, Metal Church , Iron Maiden, Ancient creation, Nevermore.. even some Thrash Metal bands such as Forbidden and else for the solos... very entertaining album that really kicks ass serirously. So if you want a copy get to pure steel records.


Onward : "Reawaken" LP Heavy Metal 2014 Pure Steel Records a limited to 250 second album with a new cover design. This first came out on Century Media records too. A much more mixed album with strong powerfull songs.


Suprema : "Traumatic Scenes" CD 2013 Progressive / Power Metal Brazil. Influences Shadowside, Dream Theater, Iced Earth, Primal Fear, Queensryche, Epica, Vicious Rumours ...Very powerfull technical guitar riffs and melodic voices apart from one that starts with a Pantera intro but reading the bands info they have guests on this album . They have already toured europe with the big ones (Blaze Bayley, Evergrey...) Mamories beeing the middle song of the album very cool ballad with emotions , an excellent album that reaches all style of Metal and will be loved by many. a great journey for your ears and a story along the way. A band that sounds already like high top Metal band well done guys. I'm sure you will follow that band ;)

season of the wolf

Season of the Wolf : "Anthology" DBL CD Witches Brew Records/Iron Shield Records US Hard Rock Metal. Having Lps made by Pure Steel records now the German label normally known for Lps too is releasing a two box set CDS that regroups the whole carreer of the band in one box! Early albums made on tape are now available here for he huge fan base in case you can't play those tapes anylonger! So now you won't tell 'i don't have that one...' no excuse get the whole collection!!!

primeval realm

Primeval Realm : "Primordial light" CD 2014 Pure Steel Records USA Heavy/Doom Metal. The first thing I liked from the band is the video not common a band playing in the cave under the mountain. Very unusual and so cool ;) Musically a very Heavy down tuned riff and a melodic voice with great solos. Fans of Candelmass , Deep purple for the keys, somekind of Black Sabbath but tiny approach, Blue Oyster Cult, and so on.

zeno morf

Zeno Morf ; "Kingdom of Ice" CD 2014 Pure Steel Records Heavy Metal from Norway. Third album with the last one dating from 2010! A compilation of many 80's influences from Running Wilde, Accept, Iron Maiden, Mercyful fate.. you got the picture it's pure heavy with melodies and moshing parts. It has this viking feeling with the atmosphere sometimes heard in Dissection music and the cover color has the same cold vibe although not comparable musically) The voice sometimes reminds me Irish band Honey For Christ. The song 'Carved in stone' is amazingly changed compared to the Metallica cover! The song ' Lost ' reminds Pink Floyd whilste the next song starts with fast riffs and heavy speed thrashy deathy style close to Dimmu Borgir early materials.A great mix makes this album a pleasure for the fans and live it must kick ass.


Prisoner : " The Upcoming Devastation" CD 2014 Serbian Heavy speed Thrash. A great album with a nice design cover with four horsemen. The Three given tracks are really excellent full of melodies and fast riffs mixing many early 80's band. A great intro in the vein of Helloween and metallica (ride the lightning) , many other influences Evil Dead, Destruction, Slayer, Flotsam & jetsam, Anthrax 's first lp , Iron Maiden, Agent Steel and some classic type solo a la malmsteen. The lyrics are punshing inspired by manowar and others . A band to check it is worth and man if you are still in the 80's then it's for you!!! Heaven and hell should release this album.....thumbs up!


Contortion : "False Flag Paradigm" Thrash Death Hardcore Metal CD 2014. The Aim of the band it to bring new fresh air into the metal scene. while listening to the songs I couldn't get my head of those 90's bands such as Pantera, Machine Head , a bit of Testament , and the recent with one song having clean vocals FFDP . The singer guitarist is most of the time ripping his throat which is not easy while playing the guitar. Heavy attack riff that kills and pounching right in your face lyrics. A band for sure that have lots of anger to deliver and hits the scene like it was before. Sometimes mixing those trashy riff with hardcore moshing broken tempos. It won't let you breath and smash you down. Next time you see them around go to their show you'll be served for Metal!!!


Gang : " Inject the venom" CD 2014 Emanesce Metal . No need to present again that great Heavy Metal french band. The doctor strikes again! After making his creation on the last album he now injects the Metal into the babies at night while they sleep. The band keeps on his line of pure 80's Heavy Metal melodies and kick ass songs. Iron Maiden , Judas Priest, Loudness, Tokyo Blade, Blitzerieg (on some riffs), Kiss, Satan joker, Killers... and else are very present in their influences. This album will once again reach all the Metal Maniacs outhere. Neitherless the artwork is again amazing (the twisted sister sugar pop lol) . Check'em out this will heavy your ears with pleasure! They keep on beeing better and better! 100/100

riff of steel

Online Metal Promo HeavyRiff Magazine : "Riffs of Steel" DBL CD 2014 with 31 Tracks promoting Metal bands from all over the planet!!! this is a free album on the net was available for a small amount of time. Thanks Maxwell Carlisle for spreading. This is an amazing way to get people know some of the awesome artists around. Some singing in spanish and the rest in english, power metal heavy metal ...etc it kicks ass seriously. Death Dealer, Hellion, Maxxx Carlisle, Empires of eden, Split Heaven, Acrania, Corners of sanctuary, Agora, Cage, Ignitor, Hellscream, Mindmaze, Skinner, Maligno, Bulletrain, Enceladus...etc so many to name. The best of all there are links for every bands to get to their website !!! that's what I call support thank you on behalf of those bands!!!


Starblind : "Darkest horrors" CD 2014 Stormspell records. Swedish Heavy Metal band with a terrific 2d realistic cover design. IT's no surprise now that Sweden became the new place of NWOBHM for a decade , but when it comes to a band that have members who already released at least one album with their own band and of course made a trace it's more difficult to actually not be convinced by this masterpiece. Musically the band is making early 80's Metal with a singer who reminds me Agent Steel 's one! A ballad in the vein of early Judas Priest and big influence with double guitar solos melodies in Iron Maiden style. So who 's gonna run into the label 's site to buy that awesome album? go on out soon!


Delain : "The Human contradiction" CD 2014 Napalm Records. Charlotte is back with a new album that kicks. They have a well established style very unique to me. I just love her melodic voice and the heavy guitars makes it powerfull. You probably have already saw the video for the title track "your body is a battleground" which stands for the sound they always had since the first album. This is a band without boundaries in Metal and once again you will hear voices here and there in addiction to Charlotte's voice. George Oosthoek growling as usual in the middle of the album. The year surprise Allissa White Gluz putting some touches on the last track. On several songs Marco Hieltala is dueting with the princess making those songs a real pleasure for the listener. This album once again make me fly into happiness and you can feel the atmosphere of the lyrics with those changes. The fans will once again jump on it and give it a big welcome! For the others there is always a song for everybody. Great production awesome album what else to say? just buy it!


Hellcats : "Warrior Princess" CD 2013 Slovenia Heavy Metal . I have interviewed the girls so I had to review that awesome album! First I'm an all female Metal band maniac ;) This is perfect sounding like they have played for years, a mix of eighties Heavy Metal it blows me away the perfection of the creations. You find every damn riffs and melodies you used to hear in bands such as Scorpions, Girschool, Hysterica, Lita Ford, Def Leppard, WASP, Rock Goddess, RATT....etc From the first note to the end it kicks your ass!!! A great vocalist with gutts and melodies.This is my fav album this year !!! The whole leather ladies set the fire, you're gonna love 'em! Voted best Female Heavy Metal band of the year by Metal Zone Prod.666


Perpetrator : "Thermonuclear Epyphany" CD 2014 Stormspell records Speed Thrash Metal from Portugal. Big influence from Destruction, and of course many from Tankard, Fatal Embrace, Kreator, Sodom, Hypnosia , Krisium, Slayer, Possessed...this is pure fukin madness and it feels good to hear this band getting those influences. It rips and will be on your shelves soon!


Hypertension : "Primeval Tyrants Prevails" CD 2014 Stormspell Records Heavy Thrash Metal. Influences from Coroner, Voivod, Sepultura (beneath) A raw and dark sound mixed up with speed sometimes. Celtic Frost, Suicidal Tendencies, Gang green... a large influence that kinda get them our of the actual Thrash Scene. IT sounds like a demo is remixed with new materials. For the ones who love this raw sound very underground and atmosphere that gets you into the mood.

the outer limits

The Outer Limits : "Freedom is a dirty word" CD2014 Stormspell records. Thrash Metal at its best! wow once again I'm on my knees! The first thing I'll say is another Forbidden 'twisted..." inspired band! seems like the same singer as Moshpit justice ;) Russ Anderson must be proud. Of course musically it has the roots of Thrash from Testament, Slayer and else... what else to say ? a masterpiece to own without question!


Vindicator : "Sleeping wih Fire" CD 2014 Stormspell Records. Thrash Metal with the first track beeing a big Megadeth influence from their first album with the same raw sound!!! If the mix from the second track is better musically there is that Punk touch from The Exploited mixed with all the ingredient of Thrash such as Testament, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Vio-lence....then there is a great cover so another band that will reach your shelves !

blade killer

Blade Killer : "self titlted" CD 2014 Stormspell records. Heavy Metal as its best. How to describe the band? well you like Paul di'anno on the fist Iron Maiden albums? you know how it sounds like!!! couldn't describe it better and since those two first albums are my best then it's pure pleasure, entertaining from the first note , melodies with guitar solos amazing voice it got all of it .

twilight messenger

Twilight Messenger : " Lord of the dragons" CD 2014 Stromspell records. Power Metal / Black Metal.. a mix of explosion that might be loved by some but it is for me too much. The bands name is already too long! Fast guitars, pounding drums high pitch vocals in the vein of Mercyfull fate and then death vocals a mixture I'm not into. Some good parts although are slowly better with melodies and heavy riffs. Actually I'm more into it when their is no vocals cos it breaks my ears.


Arkona : "Yav" CD 2014 Napalm records. Atmospheric Celtic Dark Black Metal a mixture of different music giving a special atmosphere to it. It reminds me Opera IX first albums with cadaveria . Many instruments sending you into the mountains and those parts of the world where villages live with there own culture and medieval instruments. Fast guitars reminding Aeturnus and all the early Black Metal bands and this kinda 'satanic' feel on some songs you can hear in some Italian movies. I think you get out from the show with that desperate feeling for commiting suicide or kill someone. At least for me it gives me the creeps.

diabolus in musica

Diabolus in musika : " Aiga" CD 2014 Napalm Records. What we can say is the label release special bands we don't hear much but reaches the Metal shores due to their touches you normally don't hear in such music. This band could be categorized as "Symphonic' but too many mixes of music can't put them into any box! The album starts as a Micheal Field tunes with church choirs. The next is fast Black Metal with tons of keyboards with influences from Dimmu Borgir, can be compaired to Delain on some songs , Death Metal voices such as Within Temptation, sometimes close to Epica Simone , a bit of Evanescence... classic opera it kinda distrubs me. A big production and certainly a big professional work for the members who must be hard at work. Although I love a wide range of music since I was born I can't really mix them up into my mind so like me you might like one song or another but hard to appreciate the whole album as it sounds like different bands together.


Xandria : "Sacrificum" CD 2014 Napalm Records. Symphonic/ PowerMetal/ Classical band. Another band that has a vocalist who's voice is a mix of Epica simone, and Tarja Nightwish! Great guitar solos, heavy rythms. 'the undiscovered land" song has that movie type of feel thinking of warriors vikings ."Betrayer " is a song with that Black Metal feel with lots of keyboards and speed, some have narative talking which really leads you to imagine a movie in your head while listening.A great album for the ones who love those influences.

Pet The Preacher

Pet the Preacher : " The Cave & the sunlight" CD 2014 Napalm Records. Doom / Stoner / Rock with down tuned guitars and slow tempo with a singer that sings limit like talking. A band that might be more for bikers or even kids who smoke canabis such it sounds always the same to make you sleep awake....Only the guitarist seems to enjoy hiself with great solos. the kind of band any bars won't mind as it's like a background music you don't really listen but hear! At least you won't have to scream to speak with your friends. I'm sorry to say it doesn't do anything to me I find it boring.


Merge : "Elysion" CD 2014 French Emo /Death /Hardcore . I must say I don't understand the todays scene. Another band that mixes genres giving a big mess to me. It starts with a growling voice announcing powerfull Death Metal and jumps strangely on a little voice sounding like a kid who hasn't muted! (gayish voice)it 's not my stuff at all! if only it was a woman that wouldn't change but easier to accept. This is a weird music mixed with those Hardcore screamings the kids love these days. The guitars sometimes have strong riffs like Fear Factory/Messugah style so i don't get it. Just wanna say 'change singer'. A band that probably reaches the audience live for the kick ass tunes.

chain reaction

Chain Reaction : "a game between good and evil" CD 2014 Pure Underground Records. German Heavy Metal fronted female singer make the tunes we heard back in the 80's. A big influence on Running Wild, Lee AAron, Saraya, Bon jovi, Accept, Heart, Saxon

ninth circle

Ninth Circle : "Legions of the brave" CD 2014 Pure Steel Records. LA Rock / Hard Rock soft tunes that will please people who are more into Rainbow, Dio, whitesnake 70's albums, Survivor, BlackFoot, UFO, Y&T... and early FM bands with keyboards.

Thunder lord

Thunder Lord : " Heavy Metal Rage" CD 2014 Iron Shield Records Chile Heavy Metal full speed! A mix of Heavy Speed and sometimes touching Thrash ... Fast tempo with melodies feeling like riding a horse all the way which describe well the cover, the voice has some raw tunes in the vein of Rage, Meliah Rage, Raven, Metallica, Sodom, Running Wild, Helloween kickin ass!


Rog&Pip : " Our Revolution" CD 2014 Rise Above Records. IT seems the lads from this label loves the 70's and want to share it with you!!! Basically two friends from Uk started a band in 1966 or so... they have released many records and so this is like a collector of their carreer released here with a booklet full of photos and history. If it's the first time in 40 years I hear about this band their music is very known and loved inside my brain since I was born cos basically it's a well come back to Woodstock tunes!!! You'll find some early influences from Led Zepplin, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Status Quo, T-Rex, Canned Heat, The Who... and on and's like listening a compilation of all the great tunes from those years I grew up with! Before numeric sound, tons of effects rigs etc.. true pure music with great musicians who knew how to rock your life . This is a pure enjoyement to me so if you are from those great get your hand on this !!! love it!!!!!!!!!!

Blood Ceremony

Blood Ceremony : "let it come down" 2014 Rise Above Records 7' LP single with two great tunes! the lady has a melodic voice, some riffs are remembering Black Sabbath and the songs are into early 70's Hard Rock. A bit of the 60's influences with the flutes etc...a combinaition of melodic and lovely tunes to send you into the forest of pleasure. I want more!!!!


Architects : " Lost Forever Lost together" CD 2014 Epitaph Records UK. Metalcore music, although Hardcore is for me much understood yet the industry has decided to get another name for those extreme bands. When listening to this english quartet I can tell it's more into exterme Death Metal with screaming (some people compare them to In flames) . Very powerfull riffs and tight songs in the vein of Messugah! There are melodies behind this making the songs flowing without a doubt into your brain. I just regret the singer screams from the first note to the end of the song making it irritable for me. It's nearly unbelievable they have been on the scene for 10 years! Probably the reason of this strong sound that kicks your ass! The lyrics are very punchy and so real 'he doesn't love us' meaning for the religious mind. So it makes me love that band when they have those antichristian stuff like slayer FFDP and so on who did it before , it always makes it strong. Recorded in Gothenburg produced by Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd that explain the excellent result!!! This is the perfect album in the genre well done guys! The last but least they have powerfull very well produced videos which make you love the song even more! The band will reach all the Death Metal and Black Metal lovers as much as Thrashers for the heavy sound so fuck the name 'metalcore' it's fukin Metal that 's all! n i love it:)

medusa's child

Medusa's child : "Empty Sky" CD Digipack 2014 Pure Steel Plushing. Swissertlands Heavy Metal band has started in 1999 which is already quite some time. Although the bands name is not original and has been used many times they yet have their own sound making this band out of the stickers. They remind me those new bands such as Ancient Creation or even Seventh Calling for their originallity . Some keyboards help thinking their love for bands such as Deep purple, Rainbow and else put them apart. A ballad "inner voice" in the vein of the early eighties Rock Hard Rock bands slow tempo, melodic guitars and a voice that make you cry.

Dust Bolt

Dust Bolt : " Awake the Riot" CD 2014 Napalm Records German Thrash Metal first song remind Uk Warpath with heavy riffs then the perfect mix of many influences Slayer, Pittiful Reign, Vio-lence, Sepultura ...a mix of Death with fast tempos and drumming...Sacred Reich man they have all the receipt in that album. Moshin madness that kicks u in the butt!!! One of the best album before the summer to come!!! Fukin love it!

Bloody Hammer

Bloody Hammers : "Under Satan's sun"CD 2014 Napalm Records US Rock , New Wave, Stoner...The cover has that 50's horror movies posters and the music has heavy guitars with low tempo. I guess this band is much about atmosphere and image on live shows cos musically it's hard for me to put a stiker onto it.

Memories of a Dead Man

Memories of a Dead Man : "Ashes of joy" CD 2014 Seasons of Mist French Hardcore / Rock... this new album brings another universe from the band mixing different styles with dark tunes and atmophere. The first impression make me think of Opeth with growling voices and inverted chords. As the cover the feeling is deep and really get me depressed! (not good if you wanna comit suicide) The overall is like the late Pantera 'slow motion' can't imagine this band live, some gothic new wave influences...only the 6th song kick ass a bit at the beginning but not enough to mosh to. Too many soft intros not enough distortion on the guitar and a voice that keeps the same tune. I'm sorry to say it doesn't do it for me can't get into their world.


SoulHealer : "Chasing the dream" CD 2013 Pure Legends Records . Finland Hard Rock / Heavy Metal A rough voice that rocks and some melodic guitars reminding many 80's bands. FM, Accept, ACDC, Scorpions, Ozzy Osbourne...


Scarred : "Haunting Memories " CD 2009 Self Produced. Eric Claro singer contacted me to send me this awesome 4 Tracks Ep that received at that time many great reviews. The band after few years inactive is back playin live shows in 2014 and creating new songs. The music is powerfull and very melodic with lyrics about life as a whole making think of Agent Steel one of the many influences as each tracks cover a wide range of music style. Some may remind you early Judas Priest or even Iron Maiden , a mix of 90's such as Pantera and many effects.It just keep turning in your head such is beautiful!!! You really feel the vibe of the songs and what the creator tries to tell you! I wish they release a complete album so it will be greeted as one of the best Heavy Metal album to conquer the worldwide listeners. Love it!

Space Eater

Space Eater : " Passing Through the fire of Molech" CD 2014 Pure Steel Records. Serbia Thrash Death Metal band is a maniac moshin fast kick ass in your butt energy. The singer has the Johnny Colenny kinda voice and the first tracks remind Nuclear Assault a lot! Powerfull solos a la Forbidden, Fast tempos Hypnosia, Kreator, Krisium, Heavy riffs Atrophy and even some Groovy mosh in the vein of Megadeth... well you can imagine the whole album full of Thrash influences and sometimes madness Death fast songs and growling voices make this album a punchy explosion that gets you headbang till the end so you're not ready to sleep!!! It has the vein of Fatal Embrace fast attack speed!

The Deep

The Deep : " self titled" CD 2003 4Tx of pure Heavy Metal . Basically the guy started in 1982 !!! Former members of Angel Witch then Minas Tirith and Deep Machine. Few members went on to play in Tokyo Blade , Paul di'anno, Rogue Male. The guys decided to refom the band Deep Machine in 2012 but had to change the name cos already taken . So they are playing the good old tunes after having played in some of the greatest bands of NWOHM . Musically it sounds like Deep Purple era Ian Gillan, Whitesnake, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath 's Tonny Lommy solos, Savatage, Tygers of Pan Tang etc ....No surprise it's good and well written.Thanks they're back!!!

Sound of Memories

Sound of Memories : "Living circles" self produced CD 2014 French Death Thrash Power Metal, the voice is close to In flames , Dimmu Borgir.. musically is more like the actual powermetal bands with great solos and melodies. A good band to mosh to, would like to see them on festivals like wacken they would gain great response and if Nuclear Blast could sign them... well it's just my own thoughts

Idols Plague

Idols Plague : "Nursery Crimes" Grind Punk Thrash... if some riff reminds a bit Suicidal Tendencies its just fukin insane fast screaming tempos.

Bleak Flesh

Bleak Flesh : " The Gateway" Progressive tech death metal from Chile with electronic sounds, it ripps! Imagine Dream Theather meets Pestilence, Death , Notcturnus (keyboards) and fast drumming Deranged... might please many Metal listeners from diverse styles. Excellent intro!


HeadCrusher : " Let The Blood Run + Burning Black Skies" Self realeased LPs Colombia Death Metal Hardcore mixed by Juan Urteaga n Tue Madsen gives the sound a great kick ass in the butt. Two great albums reminding sometimes Messugha slow tempos and Heavy Thrashy riffs moshing you down. The guys have met a long the way Phil Anselmo been on the barge to hell and so their is no question this band is gonna hit u up and Metal will keep the name for long!!! Great albums dude

The Megs

The Megs "Awakening " CD 2014 Pure Steel Publishing Itallian Rock. Actually hard to describe a sound really kept like the old 80's albums.


Reactory : "High on Radiation" CD 2014 Iron Shield Records. German Thrash Metal , the cover is like soldiers during the war getting radioctive... this is speed the way we love it, " Nuclear Assault meets Vio-lence" a bit of Testament or Tankard here n there..., this is powerfull kick ass bringing you back to what the scene was. Well done guys ! One of my fav to come.

Delirium Tremends

Delirium Tremends : "Read me first " CD 2014 Iron Shield Records. German Speed Thrash Metal in the vein of first Exodus !!! Bonded by blood - Metallica 1983 Venom speed, nothing original just a funny band whos playing the old tunes the good way. U'll love em

Metal Mirror

Metal Mirror : "Hard Rock probably inspired LA GUNS mostly for the vocals. Motorhead influences...

Rusty Eye

Rusty Eye : "Saca el Cobre" CD 2014 self produced homage to 'Rock en espanol' playing songs from 80 to 90 Mexican bands with their own style. The band has been making albums for years mixing their influences into an experimentation and so those songs have those diiferent taste rock, hard rock, death, punk, death metal..etc.. this is a funny interesting album mixed by Bill metoyer and produced by Baron Murtland. It marks a change in the bands life with Miss Randall lady kind drummer and singer pursuing new experiences into music and so will soon be replaced. I'm very interested in what she will do as she kicks!!! Get your hands on this it will surprise you!!! available from Amazon ;)

Grave digger

Grave Digger : "Return of the Reaper" CD 2014 Napalm Records. Well the band has decided to kick serious the Metal Scene with a powerfull album and strong cover. Heavy Metal to the bones, this is a great album reminding sometimes our fav bands like Judas Priest or even Accept... what's sure you will bang your head and shake your ass to this awesome new album!


Ortagos : "ciargos appex terror" 2014 CD Listenable Records French Dark/ Black Metal band, if you like Dark Funeral, Behemoth, Marduk, Aeturnus...The cover is pretty unusual...the title of the album is probably more understandable by the fans of the genre. I'm sorry if I don't get it. Excellent sound fast drumming and cut throat vocals. this is war in your head!!! Perfect for the dark minds.

death penalty

Death Penalty : " Sign of time" 2014 Rise Above Records. Cathedral guitarist formed a new band which makes understandable the cover ;) Female singer with melodies in the vein of early 80's Hard Rock/Heavy Metal bands, Scorpions, Lee Aaron, Heart , Saraya...I just love it!!! I want more cos this is a 2trx cd. The label really brings back the melodies in the music world! thanks

Ichabod krane

Ichadob Krane : "Day of Reckoning" CD 2014 Pure Steel Records US Heavy Metal with members of Sleepy Hollow and Halloween , The first riff is just WOW! the guys know their music and basically will be put onto the high top list of the kind. The singer 's high pitch vocals and excellent songs reminds Judas Priest, Saxon, Cage, Death Dealer, Manowar, Impelliteri...ect and tons of all classics so get on your knees and pray the gods of Heavy Metal ;)

sunless sky

Sunless Sky :" Firebreather" CD 2014 Pure Steel Records. Well I find this cover a bit disturbing. I must say the whole is strange to me don't know where they got the idea from ... watching dragons movies.. neitherless the music is awesome Heavy Metal straight from the states, the musicians are from the 80's scene so it might help getting a great album. Melodic voices in the vein of Iron Maiden, Hellstar, King Diamond... listening to the music you are introduced into a magic world the band is into. There is a story behind I'm sure the way songs are written tells an adventure you can imagine into your mind. I even hear some early Kreator riffs... slow tempos, reminding also new bands such as Seventh Calling and all those Metal bands that bring back true music!!! Great album come on get it it's worth ;) Voted best new comer for the summer 2014 by metal zone prod.666 !


Saturn : "Ascending live in space" CD 2014 Rise Above Records . Heavy Metal back in the 70's sound reminds me first Judas Priest albums!!! Then Steve Harris bass intro... this band is revisting all the NWOBHM!!! Perfect.


Schoolyards : "Stubborn" 4 trx CD 2014 self produced. French Hardcore band with a rockin groovy attitude. It is a friends project as the guitarist from Memories of a dead Man is playing in. The pic of the guys show the tattooed funny people who like to have fun. Cool riffs and dancing tunes. Many influences from rock punk metal... reminds attitude from MadBall, Biozard...etc...


RAVENSIRE - "We March Forward" CD 2014 ' an Epic Heavy Metal band from Portugal! Released in November by Eat Metal Records, it features 9 songs of raw, passionate and uncompromising Heavy Metal. For fans of OMEN, MANILLA ROAD, RUNNING WILD, DOOMSWORD and SLOUGH FEG! Speaking of SLOUGH FEG, Mike Scalzi appears on the track "Gates of Ilion" as guest vocalist.- Stormspell statement.

Hot fog

HOT FOG - Secret Phantasies of the Dragon Sun CD. New wave of classic metal via San Francisco, California. For fans of Lord Weird Slough Feg, Dark Black, Manilla Road, Darkest Era, etc Release date: June 23rd, 2014 Stromspell Records. A rockin album you will for sure appreciate. I can hear some great Slayer solos from Show now mercy!!!


Forensick : "Prophecy" CD 2014 Pure Underground Records German Heavy Metal. Young band bringing fresh taste with the influences of great music. Melodies in the singer 's voice, reminding the AOR / FM 80's bands. Manilla Road cover gives you an idea of the bands love but I must admit when I saw the cover I was expecting a Thrash album...


Zoltan : "Tombs of The Blind Dead" 4tx Ep 2014 Rise Above records . This name beeing taken by many for techno this one is more like an ambiant type of band . The intro is like old horror movie soundtrack very dark and sacary, the whole is like unchained experimentary ambiances. Sometimes reminding tries from early Pink Floyd although not comparable.No singer, no guitars just keyboards and drums mixed with symbals etc...good for people who take drugs and want to plunge in a weird atmosphere. Lots of effects if not too much! This is too annoying to me sounds like people playing in a music studio so not really need to make albums. Sound engineers do this all the times....

uncle acid

Uncle Acid : "Runaway girls" 2tx ep 2014 Rise Above Records. Never understand bands having such names.. Clearly back in the 70's it of Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd... for the lovers of those early years!!!

John Garcia

John Garcia : "self titled" CD 2014 Napalm Records. Another album back in the 70's style. Inspired by Black Sabbath, Grand Funk, Led Zepplin, JImi Hendrix, Janis Joplin....and on and on. For the ones who wants to get back to woodstock it's the best one ;)

Audrey Horne

Audrey Horn : "Pure Heavy" CD 2014 Napalm Records. Norwegian Pop Rock . I'm very surprised to hear that the label is signing such bands. This is easy listening music playeable in the national radio and tv! Music wise its a mix of REM, U2, Peter Gabriel...ect...


Coldrain : "The Revelation" CD 2014 Hopeless Records. Two Japan bands got together and formed one obviously it's easy to hear as the two music style are very separated. If for them it's a revelation for me it's a todays band. A mix of Pop kinda Paramore and Hardcore kinda Korn it's more like the teens band with easy listening tunes to sell the most they can. I call this Sugar band such is melting sucking commercial disgusting voices... I hate those bands.


Alestorm : "Sunset on the golden age" CD 2014 Napalm Records


Scotish band who apparently went to live in hot country... Powermetal with Progressive touchand a strong Scotish accent! a band that Nuclear Blast could sign without trouble and I would see live a Wacken Open Air! What resume the bands music is : "A beer Drimking , party band" i think it tells it all and of course with powerfull ambiance and tunes that will concquer most of beer drinker that are happy ;)

crucified barbara

Crucified Barbara : "In the red" CD/LP...2014 Despotz Records. Personnaly I would have use the title from the first song...'I sell my kids for Rock n roll" would be much punchy. It's hard time for me to review that album as if I loved the first albums of the band they kinda got me fed up with that one. The record title describe it well for the mix very screaming loud punk rock kind that tired me up listening such is noisy. They lost the Heavy guitars from the beggining that set them into the Metal style but with this one...kinda disappointed. To make it short take Mia's voice off and it's not a CB album apart from the first two tracks that remind the first LP with a crunchy loud sound. The third track is a mix between Motorhead and Skew Siskin, the trackElectric sky" one is close to Def Leppard early days influenced.."kill a man" is probably one of the best track with the first two ones reminding 'playing the game" with always lyrics against males abuse...(but too screamy) the more it goes to the end the more it sounds like todays teen music more commercial dirty sound and like their is only one guitar! Even if sometimes it takes 70ish riffs..(that's just a tiny bit n doesn't match) The girls are taking another road and Mia is trying to sing more melodic leaving behind the strong guitar riffs we're used to hear. Sorry to hear and say it's not a great album for me.


Overkill : "White Devil Armory" CD/DIgi etc Nuclear Blast 2014. Over 30 years Overkill has been crushing our skulls with quality thrash The latest offering of the New Jersey's wrecking crew deliveres yet again.Following the steps of the 2 previous records "Iron Bound "and "The Electric Age"this album picks up when they left us after the last record ...deep in the gutters and sewers of NYC ...Chally lives on !!! The opening intro "XDM" sets the mood for what follows can hear the army's of The Green and Black marching ."Armorist" - just like that this song hits you right in the face .. and you are hooked ....great opening delivering that familiar style which makes your bones rattle . "Down To The Bone" good song with a very catchy chorus and Bobby's maniacal laugh at the very end ...priceless . "PIG" one of my personal favorites on the album ..Crushing riffs ...You can feel their Punk roots , great lyrics and above all Bobby " Blitz" Ellsworth keeps convincing you ...I'm a Pig ...PIG...PIG..PIG "Bitter Pill " probably the heaviest song on the album . You can hear some resemblance with their earlier work .. "Where there's a Smoke" this is haw thrash metal supposed to be done,heavy and yet melodic , one of their best . The bass part in the intro of "Freedom Rings" will melt your face ... and take you to the darkest alley's of New Jersey "Another Day to Die " absolutely love the lyrics to this song . Really interesting track little bit different then the rest of the album. Another highlight on this album is "King Of The Rat Bastards "'s Punk meats Thrash meets awesomeness situation . " It's All Yours" good groovy track . And Finally the closing track " In The Name " ..absolute Overkill anthem alike "In Union We stand " , "Bastard Nation " the perfect ending for this offering of sheer metal and energy !!The production of the album is bar none ,pure perfection ...but we never expected anything else from the Green and Black !! Overall this is album you must have in your collection. if you consider your self a Thrash Metal fan this album is a must !!!! - Written by Mariyan Georgiev (moshpitjustice)


Target : Renegades - Press Start - 7 Track Album - Released 23rd June 2014. Check out the review by miss Pagan Hel (click the cover or follow) -> Pagan reviews

creations end

Creations' end : "Metaphysical" CD 2014 Pure Steel Records. Prog/Technic Metal band, using samples at the beginning of the songs like Within Temptation, Fear Factory and else. A very Melodic voice some solos in the vein of all great guitarists Satriani, Lo Nero, ect..It has the new edge numeric sound yet sometimes melodies reminding the 80's Metal. Very interesting album will please many.


Cicaic: "False Prophetic Roads" CD 2014 Heavy/Thrash/ Prog/Death/ Black .. all the Metal styles are included in this bands talendted work. It's straight into the new numeric edge sound. Speed guitars, fast melodic solos, fast drums three type of voices in one song! So far influences from Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Decadence se, Dissection, Messugha, Morbid Angel, strangely takes you and catches you till the end.


Striker : "City of Gold" CD 2014 Napalm Records. The canadians are back and this is more than expected!!! This new album is just a masterpiece, Powerfull Heavy Thrash Metal band that rips you off. Everything is perfect I'm blowned by the singer's voice capability of changing range. The first tracks are just new version of early Anthrax with full speed, some Deathriders , Agent Steel, Paragon influences that kick and then one song "bad decisions" that gives another vision of the bands Metal likes and no it's not a ballad, in the vein of Slaughter, Warrant and 'LA' Metal. The next songs are kicking in the vein of Whitesnake, Skid Row, Mr Big to heavy riffs Testament, Metallica, Death Angel, Exodus early days with not to mention perfect melodic solos. The whole is what makes this band one of the best in the genre! Voted best album for the summer by Metal Zone Prod.666!!!


Awaited : "Keeper of time" 5tx Demo CD 2014 self produced. Serbian Hard Rock /Heavy Metal band. The atmosphere of the MCD is very deep dark. I have listened it many times and I regret there is no production on it as it would be a good album! The guys have many influences from the early 80's to date. Sometimes I can hear early Iron Maiden, sometimes late Metallica, but in the overall it makes me think of so many undergrounds bands I've heard in the UK. Like Honey For Christ they have that feel of mix from different type of music and bands we love, can't really catch that special thing but only those riffs I 've heard here and there. If you like mixes then it's for you. I just hope they have a mix in the futur that will get the music off the ground and get it tighter. The vocals need to be worked to express the idea of the songs. It's a good band just need more work and mix.

lonely kamel

Lonely Kamel : "Shit City" CD 2014 Naplam Records. Norvegian Pop Rock band. Although I like the cover this is another bands name I can't understand and they probably have the questions by the media... musicallly we are back in late 60's early 70's era as it is common these days. The sound is perfect and has the soul of those years. The band tends to flow from one style to another pretty good and I even found some tiny bits influences from The Cult, early Soundgarden kind that of course have been influenced by those great years. I won't go too much into bands names as we have a Far west song ... so basically they just play what they love and get a real combination making a journey of pleasure in rock history.

Crimson Shadows

Crimson Shadows : "Kings Among Men" CD 2014 Naplam Records. Canadian Power Metal. Like the band Amaranthe there are two voices one melodic and one Death, Although this is in the air of the new metal era I'm not found of growling voice onto melodic music. This is a great album though, the ones you get used to very speedy attack like a fast train that catches you from the first note and leave you at the end! Lots of melodies and well sewed way to happiness.


Wolfen :"Evilution" CD 2014 Pure Legend Records. Power Metal from Germany back with an excellent album that rips!!! The first track reminds me Agent Steel so close from the awesome Heavy powerfull voice. I thought it was another of their album ;) Then the album 's got so many good tunes (Wildestarr, Shadowside, Artillery, Slayer...) 'pure culture' beeing a real Thrash song, some closer from the new Metal with Thrash feel and always great riffs the band is certainly on the good line. Last tracks might be compared to Nevermore but it's just what kind of influences you can get . Takes you 'till the end without breath - Check them out it's worth it!!! Love it play it again and again.