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Zakk Wylde

Zakk Wylde : "Unblackened" Live CD/DVD/Blue Ray 2013... I cleaned off my Black Label Society waistcoat, made myself comfortable and settled down to listen to Zakk Wylde's recent hardcore deliverance from Hell, Unblackened.Unblackened sounds like Zakk and the boys have visited their old vinyl cupboard and, having dusted off some of the old Pride and Glory anthems, mixing in more recent BLS songs and, with a bit of tweaking and pulling, blended it to some of the best loved classics to lovingly create pure bliss for the ears.Recorded in front of die hard fans at Club Nokia in March of this year, Unblackened sees BLS stripping the songs down to an acoustic set. It was great to hear such classics as 'Machine Gun Man' and 'Losing Your Mind'. A haunting rendition of 'Stillborn' shows Zakk's playing has gone from strength to strength and the band are as tight as a camel's ass in a sandstorm.Originally aired as a 'pay for view', demand has meant that Unblackened is now also available on Blu-ray, DVD and audio CD. The extras are certainly worth investing in with some quite unusual features, including ultra rare footage (captured by myself) of Zakk chatting to life-sentence inmates at HMP Stocken here in the UK, and showing them what hard work goes into 'fiddle playing'.Unblackened is a great way to see Ozzy's old axe man, it is an absolute must-have for any Zakk Wylde, BLS, or in fact, any music fan.Enjoy!Kevin G Oatesly


Widows : "Death Valley Duchess" 2013 review by Pagan Hell - click here to read it

Aji BrokenBones Samiaji

Aji Brokenbones Samiaji : " Save our culture of sundanese" CD 2013 Shredguy Records Indonesian virtuoso.The album is very unusual since it mixes many music styles and is a the same time peacefull and suddenly shredding guitars appears. As the title says it's sundanese culture so lots of wood and wind instruments making feel like buddist workout music to free your soul. An interesting experience with a guitarist using a two neck body like mister Michael Angelo Batio that spicies up the whole thing. If you want something different and out of boudaries then you should try listening ! It will bring you out of your country while listening.

Beyond Vision

Beyond Vision : "Your Face is Familliar" 2013 CD Heavy Metal Three piece band fronted by a melodic female singer. Musically it mixes all late Metal genres with Heavy rythms yet melodic music anyone can appreciate.


Gianny : "Crystal Memory" CD 2013 Columbia AOR Progressive Heavy Metal band. The first thing that pop into my mind is Queensryche 'Geoff tate' singing influences as the High pitch melodic voice is surrounding the whole album. Musically it has some influences from many bands such as Ratt to Within Temptation (Running Wilde, Angra, Edguy, King Diamond..) very wide indeed. The voice kinda get my nerve so I can't really concentrate to the music since it unfortunetly stays to the same note. It's a good album though with a very good mix and search to please many. If you like different and Prog stuff you 'll get to love it. Gianny is preparing a new album to be released March/April 2014. It will be recorded by Tono Mosquera a famous engineer and musician from our local metal roster.


Athanator : "Architec of Desaster" CD 2013 Columbia Thrash Metal , a raw and heavy band that kicks the ass such as Sepultura, DxRxP , Holy Moses and else. All the good component to mosh to!!! ATHANATOR will be performing this seeking launching a new song that you can listen through our site Also the band is recording a new album to be released next year during 25 years in the scene.finally, ATHANATOR will be launching in January 2014 a compilation album called "Antología de la Muerte"


Stormbringer : "MXXIII" CD 2013 UK Metal Band having different members into different styles . A mix of Heavy Doom Grunge entertaining music. In their music you can hear Slayer, Led Zep, Pearl Jam, Alice Chains, Rage Against The Machine, Pantera, Meldrum...I just regret their is too much reverb on the voice!!! This band must be more appreciated live too me. A more teenage oriented music.


E1EN: " The Sickening" CD 2013 Thrash Hardcore , I had three tracks to listen and there is a big influence from Machine Head , Messhugah and those late straight edge numeric sound.


Sagh : " Delusion of Grandeur" CD 2013 Norway Indie Recordings. Well this ain't the actual bands I'm reviewing nor listening. It's pretty good but not Metal! Let's call it Rock Pop Progressive Melodic music. The cover already leads you to space which kinda make you wonder what could it be. It certainly brings you in a peacefull invironement reminding me sometimes of this belgium band Obsidian 55. A mix of influences from Pink Floyd, Yes, Def Leppard, Black Sabbath ... hard to really give a stamp.

Cult of Luna

Cult of Luna :"Vertikal" CD 2013 Norway Indie Recordings. Ok I don't understand why some bands try get unknown not sure this is the real cover but it seems some bands on this label try not get known with strange cover albums. Musically it's really not my cup of tea unless you take drugs you might like it. But I won't ever this is too weird!! Psychedelic Rock New Wave a mix of Pink floyd and Depeche Mode nothing else to say sorry can't listen to this.


Kuazar : "Wrath of God" CD Thrash Metal . Vlad Promotion a good punch a la Kreator ! Riff by Riff it won't let u go until it stops.

The hate Colony

Sunday, 3 November 2013 The Hate Colony - Dead or Victorious - 10 track Album - Trøndercore Records - Released 2011 - read the whole review here from pagan hell


Device : "self titled" CD 2013 Warner Bros. Seeing the cover I thougtht ' man what a Techno album has to do here?!' So listening to it the first tracks sounded ok. I mean not my type of music but I listened cos I heard some strong heavy sound from WhiteZombie, Disturbed, Pantera , FFDP...But something is irritating my ears. Yes there is Techno ,Industrial, Dj and even Gothic sounds!!! So this is an attemp from Disturbed singer to bring Metal to the Discos!!! Yep those people (pardon me no offend here) but those places are more into drugs and drumbeats with flashy lights. So mixing all those elements in one album just makes it as strange as Nu Metal could be with Rap. Come on what's the point??? Metal will never be liked by Rappers nor Djs!!! we don't have the same point of view on music nor anything else even the way they look...I don't mean it's a bad album either no it just has things that should not be into. Like the cover it's a Robot album all digital. They even cover Lita Ford's close my eyes !!! (thanks there is a melodic female voice Lizzy Hale) but this is riddiculous. Then many people have participated to this strange album Terry Butler , Tom Morello, Glen Hughes, Saj Tanhian... I think there is enough people trying to get their real music heard we don't need known people playing with music and selling it.

Mahogany Head Greanade

Mahagony Head Grenade : "Return to the point of departure" CD 2013 well sometimes there is a great surprise in my mailbox ;) This one is particular , yep the bands name is quite unusual but the music is just purely enjoyable. Music wise it is like listening to the new Lonero album with tiny bits of Satriani and many movie excerts. So call it guitarcore or just solo album it's made for guitarists mainly and all guitar lovers! Lots of Wah Wah and melodies that drives you in peace place. Just Love it!!! Voted best guitar album for the end of 2013 by Metal Zone Prod.666


Sepultura : " The Mediator between head and hands must be the heart" CD 2013 Nuclear Blast. First of all I must admit that's the biggest album title have ever read!!! Besides not beeing very original ...they ended up with NB which obviously helps getting all bands in the Metal wagon which helps getting back for some. Last time I heard the band their album was called 'roots ' playing in the jungle without electric instruments and I sold it cos I found the band was dying then Max gone doing Soulfly another band I didn't like at all. The new singer was as they say more into Hardcore but I must admit if I ever heard a track on a magazine compilation I never followed the band cos for me it was dead. Today I got to hear this album and I don't know what to say except it is the worst album I 've heard most it doesn't have anything with the band 's past at all and then it is just noise to me. Not sure the fans can understand this but the album is just a mix of Brutal Death metal with speed and all the ingredients we heard before in that genre (church choirs etc...) for the fans of Morbid Angel , Morgoth, Immolation ... not even close to their first album either....


Carcass : " Surgical Steel" CD 2013 Nuclear Blast. I never been a fan of this band but don't remember they were playing that way. I really loved their Doom band though. The Title is perfect as this is as digital does the sound is just sharky . ( I really don't like this numeric sound) It will certainly blow some fans of the genre as it kicks ass. A mix of Speed Thrash Death Black Metal pounding , exploding never stopping like a bomb yet very boring.The same song all over only the melodic solos helps getting a fresh pause until it starts again. So if you wanna brainwash then go on you'll love it!


Switchblade : "Heavy Weapons" CD 2013 KIller Metal Records. Israeli Heavy Metal band that reached The battle of bands final at the Wacken Open Air festival and got signed by a german label. This is pretty good recognition for this band that plays old school Heavy Metal. The album cover which reminds Judas Priest and the mighty influences from Iron Maiden, Dio, Ram, Malmsteen, Reverence, Helloween.. to name a few you got it this is pure fukin Heavy Metal. So if you're like a maniac of those years and bands then you have to get that album!!! Voted Best Heavy Metal for the end of 2013 by Metal Zone Prod.666 it's good to receive mails with great albums ;)

Orange Goblin

Orange Goblin : " Eulogy for the fans" Heavy Doom Metal CD 2012 Candelight records. My friend Kevin who loves this band sent it to me. There is nomore needs to introduce this band until you're coming from another world. This band has prooved to be original enough for getting a big fan base and recognition in the music biz. I myself didn't know they would still stick after so many years when I saw their first show in London Uk. This show was recorded at the Bloodstock festival and if the singer starts with a broken voice like he has the flu or can't hear is voice back the full live show is good with groovy songs from their past albums as the new one. A great enjoyment for all the groovy metalheads outhere.

LIta Ford

Lita Ford : "The Bitch is Back..." Live Digipack CD 2013 SPV . Wow I'm so happy to have this live one of the best for my cd collection since there aren't many! This is one hell of a collector from my one time fav female guitarist player. The photo here is just so awesome with lita posing with her BC Rich from Dancing on the edge, Her double neck from Close my eyes video, and just the rock n roll outfit. This is a genius cover what describe Lita ;) Inside their is a poster on stage with her 'morice' black warlock BC Rich I love, on the other side lots of live photos and else like the Lps in the 80's. The live is just perfect great sound and a really good track list!!! unfortunetly it has to end and I just can't stop saying "I want more" ahha . On the inside of the box there is a personnal signed message from the goddess to thank her fans. Well I thank you for keeping rockin our life lady. Come on die Hard fans get that masterpiece. Wish I can hugh you you!


Wizard : "Trails of Death" 2013 CD German PowerMetal band. It's just what Heavy Metal been and will always be ! Melodic voice and powerfull riffs. Although the band didn't start today (1989) this album makes me think of actual bands such as Ancient Creation, Seventh Calling... and all the bands such a Paragon, Manowar, Dio, Megadeth... to name a few. So this band will be in your shelf soon cos it kicks serious ass and True Heavy Metal as we love it.


Mothorhead :"Aftershock" CD 2013 There is no need to introduce that band anymore and Lemmy is by far so loved by many it's difficult to actually write a review. For sure this is a good Rock n Roll /Hard Rock album. The first tracks reminds me The Donnas! Some are just true old Motorhead so there is no suprise people will love it same old receipt can't be wrong ;) jam on to this new album.

False Prophet

False Prophet: "Second Death" CD Heaven N Hell records, LP Blood harvest Records 2013. Three piece Thrash Death Metal band reunited after many years have decided to repress their old demos. Basically you might know that band but they have changed line up and name over the years. Originally formed in mid 80's and playing live gigs with bands such as Dark Angel, Forbidden, Demolition Hammer ...This album and that bands name was out in 1991 then due again to line up problems changed again to finally today getting back to it. The intro is a satanic rites like they use in Horror films (inverted slow voice) The first tracks sound close to early Sodom, Possessed... then it goes closer to early Death Metal like Morgoth, Morbid Angel and else. Fast Heavy riff and a voice that goes Roar must of the time. This will please all the fanatics of the early 90's. The cover gives you the idea of what it does listening to it. Blow your mind up!

fallen sons

Fallen-sons-mmxiii-6-track-ep- review by Pagan Hell Read on


Mortillery :"Origin of extinction" Digipack CD & DBLP Napalm Records 2013 Canadian Thrash Metal lead by a female vocalist very powerfull yet very heavy!!!. This is the second album and man it kills!!! Take all the good ingredients from Heavy and Thrash from the 80's and you got this bomb. Always punky flashy design cover with strong powerfull kick ass songs. The best track beeing on video FOAD and three covers that tells their fav music (anthrax, angle witch, razor) and many influences you will find in the vocals as for the music.Just love her voice goes from strong heavy tunes to high pitch vocals covering all range of Metal. No big solos just what it takes to make it good, a bit of Tankard , Testament, Forbidden, MOD, The Exploited ......if sweden was for decade the place of Metal Canada seems to have find the secret of good Metal too and many bands coming from there are now growing the Metal univers!!! Voted best Thrash Metal band for Xmas 2013 Fukin love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nervosa: " Time of Death" 7"LP Napalm Records Brazilian Thrash Metal 2013. Three females kicking ass hard like monster. So powerfull with great messages , check out their videos. this is so fuking good! Reminds me the heavy sound of Krabathor, Vio-lence, Sepultura, Wargasm, ....

pierce the veil

Pierce The Veil : "Colide with the sky" CD 2013 Pop/Rock/ Metalcore a female singer with melodic voice kinda Paramore some growling male voice. Musically it is Skater's moshing teenage music with in the middle some classical gypsy guitars. A big mix of influences that will be loved by some and hated by others. A band that can reach the US charts cos very accessible for the new generation.

corners of sanctuary

Corners of Sanctuary: "Merry Metal Xmas" 3Tx free mp3s download from their site. After Lita Ford doing her song COS has decided to metal up the xmas songs so for the little Metal Children outhere get your hands on this!!! solos in the vein of Iron Maiden a very row sound and bells jigling around have fun! The third song is creepy make me wanna cryyyyyy wahhhhhhhhhh


The cover of this superb album is very easy on the eye and – well very eye catching actually with the clever use of subtle hues of orange and black that indeed harbours a very interesting secret! Just open to find ‘the answer’ ...Read the rest

Massacre Machine - Heavy Thrash Band USA CD 2013 in the vain of Metal Church check 'em out!


ThrashBack :"Possessed by Thrash" CD - LP - TAPE 2013 Emanes Metal Records France. The label that brings raw underground Metal bands to light! Three members of the excellent band Evil One desbanded in 2012 decided to get it Thrasher and formed this band. Always mixed by the unknown Jeff Waters this album is first bringing an amazing cover artwork then a back to the early thrash bands such as Messiah, Kreator, Onlaught, and new ones inspired by the same era Hypnosia, Kachana, Inhumate, with a good cover " Pounding Metal" to get it spicy and remember they love Heavy Metal. If you like it the old fashion then It's for you!!!

Thrash Bombz

ThrashBombz :"Mission of Blood" CD 2014 Iron Shield Records Italian Thrash crazyness with full speed and moshing riffs with like Mortillery influenced by the early 80's Thrash/punk pounding your head off! This kicking ass and you'll headbang till u fall down. Posssessed, Dark Angel, Kreator, Desttruction, Sodom, Sacred Reich, SOD, won't get up after the show!!! This is fukin good!

Steel Prophet

Steel Prophet : " The Goddess Principle " LP 2014 Pure Steel Records USA Power Metal . This is a Pure pearl!!! fukin Heavy Metal to the bones with high pitch vocals from Rick Mythasin (originally out in 1995) it is killer and must be in every Metal collections!!! Just imagine Agent Steel, Nevermore, Sanctuary, Queensryche, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden....pure pleasure for your ears and such great songs. Love it!!!

Holy Cross

Holy Cross : "Place your bets" CD 2013 Pure Steel records . Heavy Metal from France a good vibe of hard rockin tunes with powerfull rythms that keep you moving. Influences from Iced Earth, Kiss, Accept, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Tokyo Blade...A great album will please all the Metal maniacs.


Aska : "Fire Eater" CD 2013 Pure Steel Records . Ex Omen George Call got his band kicking the US metal scene for quite some time and the label rerelease some albums and this new piece once again is bringing you Heavy Metal as its best. High Pitch vocals and really good made songs Queensryche, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Dokken , Motley Crue...Musicians who know how to write great hits!!!


Skinflint :"Iklwa" CD 2013 Repressed by Pure Steel Records Heavy Metal from Africa. A three piece band with slow tempo and heavy guitars with melodies in solos having their own style with influences from diverse rock and metal bands. Very interesting to listen giving a different atmosphere.

Toledo Steel

Toledo Steel : Self titled Uk Heavy Metal . I had three tracks to listen and what I've heard is just pure loving tunes!! I'm so surprised to hear early Judas Priest with a tiny bit of Maiden. Once again I'm happy to get a band like that contacting me they will go far !!! Chek 'em out it's worth it. Back to the early 80's NWOBM make me feel alive again.


Spidkilz : " Balance of Terror" CD 2013 LA riot survivor records Italy Thrash Metal. I finally got this album , Elisa Over the thrashin goddess leading the band with very good compositions and its own sound. If we can hear from the beggining influences from Metal Church, Overkill, Flotsam n Jetsam, Metallica... it gets deeper in the middle with heavy roots from Iron Maiden, Hellion, Doro ... the lyrics are mainly from her own story staying around the bands' name with funny song 'motorhome' their tour bus and has a link from the start to the end of the story. Powerfull lyrics and great solos I must say it is excellent album mixed with a special univers. This band is unique and should reach your collection cos it has everything you love from Thrash and Heavy!!! Love it ;)

House of X

House of X : self titled 3 Trx MCD 2014 Nitro Management. Uk Hard Rock / Heavy Metal with musicians who know how to write Hits!!! This is pure happiness for ears, the first track make me think of Savage, the whole is a mix of 80's standart we all love from Def Leppard , MSG, Scorpions, LA Guns, Dokken, Phil Lynot, Lita Ford, Alice Cooper ...well the list is long for the influences but at the end it is a very high professional made band! I can't wait to hear a full length album cos it kicks ass Hard!!! Certainly one of the best band to come out this new year . Been listening over and over again the tracks such it brings me all the tunes I love and you will probably feel the same so get on that band now!!!

alexander oden

Alexander Oden : "Abaddon Rising" 2014 Self produced. Heavy Metal one man band , it starts with heavy riffs and the drummachine is tight. Obviously the man has many influences regrouped in a whole albums. Like shredders it's a music album except they aren't many solos!!! IT has guitars and keyboards. A mix sometimes from Thrash, Black Metal, Death Metal ,Heavy , Gothic/industrial and dark atmosphere. All combined in one is surely make you like the music. Although I admire the work I'm still on my knees not having vocals or even great solos but that's my point of view as some today like it that way.....It makes me think of excerts from albums put together for example one part from Sepultura's chaos ad and Paradise lost.... just in the first two tracks.


Mist : "Demo 2013" self produced All girl band from Ljubljana (Slovenia) occult doom metal (as they call themselves ) very influenced by Black Sabbath ,Pentagram, Candlemass, Coven.... The singer has a very melodic voice and sometimes reminds me Hysterica 's tunes. I have only two tracks to listen but it says it all and really an enjoyable band that leads you into happiness . The girls have love for Metal and to me it's just where they belong. I love it and will be glad to hear a full album as it might enchant me ;) Check 'em out it's worthy!

voodoo moonchild

Voodoo Mooshine : "Backporch boogie with the peace pipe tribe"Memphis,TN CD 2014 VMP records with Universal interscope distribution . AOR Hard Rock Heavy Metal band a mix of LA Metal !!! Inspiration from Guns n Roses, Motley Crue , Tesla , Slaughter , Aerosmisth, Whitelion , T-rex, Skid Row, Shotgun Messiah...this should be in your collection if those 'hairy bands' are your fav !!! This is excellent reminding me my old albums except the very long album title :) this is will rock your days!

moshpit justice

Moshpit Justice : Self titled EBMrecords CD 2013 Bulgurian Power Thrash Metal with one member living in the states. The singer makes it sound like a Forbidden album! Fukin awesome but listening closely they are influences from many well known bands such as Kreator (90's area) , Overkill, Metal Church , Death on some guitar riffs, Coroner, Testament, Decadence, Slayer...this is excellent for all Thrashers outhere !!! The last track against posers have an EvilDead touh really heavy!!!!

Disarm Goliath

Disarm Goliath : " Born to Rule" LP 2013 UK Heavy Metal Pure Steel records. Alright checkin all the albums that label offers is bringing me back to 1999 when I saw this band live in center London at the Red Eye pub where many have had the chance to metallise the city. I remember long time chat with the guitarist singer about soloing...etc../ musically it has some great power driving you to the end without breafing! The high pitch vocal keep your ears well opened. I can feel influences from early Def Leppard as Judas Priest with some King X as Voodoo X , Gream Reaper...etc.. then an awesome cover ;) So all Metal maniacs this is for you!

basement torture killing

Basement Torture Killings : " a night of brutal torture" CD 2014 Grindscene records. London fast heavy Grind, Ok well there is something I will never understand with these bands. First they must live in a world watching horror movies everyday and somehow too much CNN news with only murders. The music is just impossible to actually play as a human so they probably use drum machines mixed with triggers X 3 as the drummer sounds like a muscle car engine. Then it's impossible to listen as it has no breathing time, no melodies and I'm not sure there are lyrics anyway. OK this is pure fukin madness for the ones who love this very deep underground fast noise. Unless you work all day in that kind of sound you just can't get japanese engineers who play too much with knobs the musicians don't even exist.

cancerous wound

Cancerous Womb : "Born of a cancerous womb" CD 2014 Grindscene records Scotish Grind Death Metal band. I must say it's one of the best in the genre. The mix is professional and the tunes well got some old school Death Metal vibration. Heavy down tuned guitars and strong hard beatting drums. The fast riff sounds like a warfield!!! Messugah, Deicide, Cradle of Filfth, Morbid Angel, well a big mix of all at fuk. It will please all in the genre that kills!!!!


D.1 : "1/2 Southern North " is one member band from Kalamata Messinia Greece.Formed in the winter of 2013 by IDVex. 4tx 2014 greece. Sometimes I receive non Metal stuff and well it's not always easy to describe. This is experimental but I would classify into the 'New wave / industrial" style. A mix of deep dark voice gothic wise with sounds .

the oath

The Oath : " self titled" CD 2014 Hard Rock/ Doom Metal Rise Abose records. A combination of mystery beautiful women one guitarist from Sweden and one singer from Germany, a bass player from France (kadavar) and a well known UK drummer (Angel Witch) united to make one of the best reborn 70's inspiration that leads to happiness!!! The cover is very (if no changes) dark as the lyrics yet powerfull with one girl looking like Suzy Quatro whole in leather opened on the chest with an inverted cross on her wrist and on necless. The first band that comes into my mind is Black Sabbath, then all the influences 'till the end of the record are The Runaways, Heart, Led Zepplin... melodic voice with the reverb driving you into their universe.First track starting with death and satan called 'all must die' giving your the direction of the music deep and dark. The girls will remind you what was the music in those years and I'm sure new kids will discover it ;) one of my fav band of the year!!


Skrou : "self titled" CD 2014 preview. 11 Tracks of pure shaking rockin tunes!!! Bluesy riffs, melodic powerfull voice, great solos wow the best things that make a great records!!! Starting with the 'girls call" influences ranging from Led Zepplin, ACDC, Motley Crue, Van Halen, the cult, Ratt, Judas Priest , Whitesnake, Dokken, Pink floyd, Guns n roses, Twisted Sister, Savage, phil lynott.....list goes on and on a pure masterpiece that will get you movin!!!


Ancilloti : "the chain goes on" CD 2014 Pure Steel records. Heavy Metal from Italy. Influences Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Photograph, Dokken, MSG, Accept, Saxon, Def Leppard, FM ,Dare, Pretty Maids...The cover is already an excellent artwork reminding the good 80's with a great heavy singer and well written songs . A pleasure for the ears and for sure the band will reach fame shores faster than ever. Don't pass by this awesome band!

Admiral Sir cloudesley Shovel

Admiral Sir cloudesley Shovel : " Black Sheep /elemtary man" UK Rock/Pop/ Hard Rock/ Punk CD 2014 Rise Above records. The bands name is already something pretty special and their music could be classified as a Rock magazine such it has many influences from the 60's / 70's era. Described as MC5 influenced band I can hear many such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, the sex pistols.... etc... a really cool atmosphere that will be loved by every body who know those years and for the new kids who have discovered those bands now seems like nothing happened in 40 years!!! great stuff ;)

immortal hazard

Immortal Hazard : "self titled" CD 2014 Thrash Metal influences from Pantera, Sepultura, Pissing Razors, Slayer, Annilhilator, Heathen... well a bunch of good influences mixed up to get a Thrash attack that rips you off.


Unscarred : "self titled" 5 Tracks Demo 2014 France Heavy/Thrash Metal/Hardcore , offering long songs with Heavy Melodic female singer sometimes close to Phantom Blue 's GIGI or even Meldrum 's Moa adding growling such as Arch Enemy 's Angela. Heavy Sharky rythms reminding a bit of Entombed, moshing riff as Inhumate, Kreator, Holy M

oses... Machine Head, Huntress, Sentinel Beast well influences are ranging from many Metal sources . It is very powerfull and kicking ass tight so a great band to mosh into the mosh pit during gigs and headhache for sure. A big mix that will please all the new as old Metalheads!!! Go on support that band it's worth it!!! RROOOAAARRRR