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End my Sorrow

End my Sorrow: "Of Ghostly Echoes" CD 25 November 2016 Art Gates Records. Danemark Heavy Doom Power Thrash...It took them a long way since 1997 to get to this point of having such a great album to give us. Well although I love this album I must say it's impossible to put them into a box. 11 great songs captivating your hears with beautiful women melodic voice enchanting your heart, mixed with growling male voice at some point and heavy riffs as slow. This band is mixing many styles giving a wide yet absorbing tune you will worship. Let's say you can get bits from Candelmass, Echoes of eternity, Temtris, Paradise Lost, Drain sth, Zix... there are so many tunes you can find and not only Metal due to the magic voice like a sirene asking you for more. Go on this album will gets you to the bones. Just brilliant 99/100

Under Static Movement

Under Static Movement : "The Mirror" CD 2nd December 2016 Atomic Stuff Promotion. Italian Hardcore/ Alternative rock. This band will get directly to the new generation since they are on the edge of music styles. Reminding Outlett, Machine Head's passages with harmonics , MOM , Alice in chains rockin grunging giving the music a smooth melodic style with screaming throat. 7 tracks of good explosion and melody , if a bit same songs you gotta dig the lyrics to get really into the spirit of the band but the mix is great giving them a good point 95/100

Dark Messiah

Dark Messiah : "Dark Messiah" MCD 27th November 2016 self release. Canada Thrash Metal band. The cover will remind you some known band who made few LPs. It's fukin Heavy and brings you back to the late 80's mixing influences from Pantera, Meliah Rage, Flotsam and Jetsam, Anthrax, Wargasm, named it! A pure Thrash Metal band that will ravish all the metalheads who lost their ways into the new Metal scene : those bands still exist!!! 95/100

Killer Bee

Killer Bee : "Eye in the sky" CD October 2016 Chipster PR & Consulting, Inc. Swedish Heavy Metal band. How could I don't know this band?! I'm on my ass listening this pure awesomeness, although my review is quite late and I feel sorry but this is pure masterpiece. A band that exists since 1991! how could you believe that? I suppose it explains their extreme excellent album. First the cover is eye blowing. Then 10 blowing songs getting you to shake on the dance floor and gets the 70's and 80's bands a fresh blood.Take all the great tunes you have heard since you were born or grown up... Motley Crue, Led Zepplin,JUdas Priest, Alice Cooper, The Scorpions, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, LA Guns... this is an album you should get in your collection 100/100

Sue's Idol

Sue's Idol : "Six sick senses" CD February 2016 Vlad Promotions/Crushing Notes Ent.Records .USA Heavy Thrash Metal band. Two awesome musicians got together to bring a masterpiece. I first want to apology for the late in reviewing, sometimes i find old files in my Hard Drive I should have reviewed but life got me busy this year... getting back to that masterpiece is for sure getting many 80's maniacs who love like me those great bands. The band's name sounds like "suicidal .." and it's written upside down giving a nice look forcing you to search for the creativity behind it. Ten songs of pure pleasure reminding the good bands Flotsam and jetsam, Agent Steel, Megadeth, Dementia, Heathen, Sanctuary etc... so now if you don't have it run make sure one is waiting for you 95/100

Soul Collector

Soul Collector : "in Union we thrash" Split CD with the mighty Reanimator 2016 Defense Records . Poland Thrash Metal band. While I have this album in my HD for a while and no info what's so over, you can get it straight from their facebook page. 4 tracks of crazy but great tunes reminding Overkill , Exodus, Mekong Delta...and 6 tracks from Reanimator. This is for the purist Thrash Metalheads who support young bands and old ones still kicking your head. So get over their page and make sure you own this awesome album 95/100

Mortal Strike

Mortal Strike : "For the Loud and Agressive" CD 2014 Vlad Promotions. German Thrash Metal band. This one is pretty old but was in a folder of recent albums... for fans of Destruction, Sodom, Fatal Embrace... I don't speak german so can't tell much more 90/100


Ravager: Eradicate...Annihilate...Exterminate.." CD 17 February 2017 Iron Shiled Records. German Thrash Metal band. This young band started in 2014 and are already making a great album that will conquer the world of Thrash Metal. The band's logo is pretty cool and will remind you lot of the greatest, Get ready for the attack in two months. Influences : Destruction, Pitiful Reign, DRI, Nuclear Assault, Kreator...perfect 100/100


Shotgunner : "Feliz Navidad" MCD 2016 Asher Media/Self Produced. Canadian party band. Since the band Alestorm I must say I wasn't aware of that kind of music. 4 tracks of crazy familly music revisited with lyrics dedicated to beers, drinking , parties etc... the great band for Wacken festival. I'm sure you all have already played it for XMas and will for the new year. Some might remember those songs as kids so get it via CDbaby or Bandcamp and support those crazy lads so they can buy their brevages to play 90/100

George Tsalikis

George Tsalikis: "The sacrifice" CD 26th August 2016 self release. Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal projet. Creator of Zandelle has released an album with few friends and has composed as played most of the instruments as singing. A concept album telling the story of good and evil, like a tale a music book that has many chapters. It's a great album with melodies and cool riffs, sometimes reminding Dio, Iced Earth ... 11 songs for those who don't spend time reading they can now appreciate a story told as singing it's a ways of listening at the end everyone will like it as it's entertaining with melodies ans great riffs 90/100

Heaven's Gardians

Heaven's Gardians: "Signs" CD 27th January 2017 Megahard Records. Brazilian PowerMetal/ Progressive/ Symphonic band. The cover is pretty much self explaining, angelic lady voice to set your dreams into peacefull thoughts. Great solos with technics and heavy riffs to catch your Metal souls. For the ones who love keyboards they are parts that remind the games stuffs. The last song is a bit more agressive than the rest and could be my fav although I'm not shaking. For the fans of Nightwish , Angra , all the technical and melodic bands. Give it a try you will love it if you're into those bands a great album that should get attention 95/100

Icy Steel

Icy Steel: "Through the Ashes" DblCD 23 September 2016 Self Release distributed by the awesome label Pure Steel Promotion. Italy Heavy Metal band. Another one that was hidden in my Hard drive (digital is not that good...)I love that cover although it's design focuses onto the S there is a big work here to make a great cover artwork. 13 songs on two CDs to get all the great tunes from that band which sounds like an 80's one! While listening you can hear the differencies in the influences of the band some songs are more into Heavy than others and so you can see what they can offer as creations. For the fans of The Scorpions, Europe, Malmsteen, and even Manowar for the great intro reminding a movie kinda warriors... and kicking your butt, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden... This is an album you need to own such it's pure Metal and brilliant 98/100


Malacoda: "Ritualis Aeterna" CD Canada self release 2016. Dark Gothic Indus Black Metal band. An artistic way of expressing imaginary act. This could be a movie or a theatre act but it's expressed as music. If you are into Type O Negative, Marylyn Manson... you may want to check them out, or if you like DARK music that touches you get that album now 90/100


Witches:"30 years Thrashing" 4tracks CD and "30th Anniversary Thrash Box" 7CDs December 2016 Mighty Spell Records France. French Thrash Metal band. All french people know this band, it was the first all female band to spread the Metal into magazines about thrashing people's mind. Always reading about their demos floating around and hard to find if you were too late to get the news. I had flyers from friends too and everyone was surprised to hear about them. Started in 1986 they got through the underground pretty well and got a wider audience in 1993. Personnaly I used to rehearse with my band after them back in 1992 in the same local but never had a chance to meet them . (you had to wait for them to leave the room) . If you haven't had your xmas properly I suggest you get this "30 years of Thrashing" shortly as it gets a revamp of four great songs "Silly Symphony - In The Name of God - Lessive Agressive - Thrashing Witches early songs" played faster better harder and well it kicks serious ass! For the big fans or the ones who don't know them get the boxset a beautiful piece to own with albums, demos remastered by Stephane Buriez(Loudblast) featuring also Alex Colin-Tocquaine(Agressor ) on drums and bonuses. What best to start the new year?! 100/100

Judas Priest

Judas Priest:"Turbo30" TriplCDs and 1LP - 3rd February 2017 Sony Music. NO need to introduce one of the biggest Heavy Metal band who inspired many even today! Originally recorded in 1984 and released in 1986 that album was a huge blast into the Metal world and still one of the best album to be loved. I personnaly love that album cos I discovered the band with this one. I then bought all the other ones but Turbo is when they actually changed and powered the sound with melodies and heavy riffs it kicks in my head every time I hear it and will always be one of my favorite , honestly it hasn't aged at all. The band is offering us a remastered album by Mandy Parnell AT BLACK SALOON STUDIOS , giving a bit of high power to it and a kinda fresh sound so you will appreciate it far more. Two Cds to cover a whole 1986 live show recorded at THE KEMPER ARENA, KANSAS CITY . A great package to own for any fan including bonuses, redesign original artworks and great photos you won't be desappointed and for sure will listen to it for 30 years more to come 100/100

Julia Kosterova

Julia Kosterova: "Springs of Time" Digipack MCD + signed poster 2017 Self produced. Jazz/Prog/instrumental shredder. For thos who don't know that lady, she's been quite active on the net with videos to show her great talent. Among lady such as Nili Brosh, Julia is bringing some awesome technical shred that blow your mind of happiness. 4 tracks of impressive tunes that will get all males on their knees. Sharing riffs with guests : Derek Sherinian, Brian Tichy, Marco Minnemann, Chris Buck, Rufus Philpot and michael Devin this 21 minutes EP is just perfect for every guitar lovers get it while it still gets a cheap price for the new year 100/100

Voice of Winter

Voice of Winter: " Child of Evil" CD December 2016 M.U.S.I.C Records France. Technical Death Metal band. Been here for a while but never heard of them, surely strong in the deep underground of France. This is not the typicall band they have influences from diverse bands and sound. They even have a break with a nice voice you mostly hear in pop/jazzy music. A voice that gets sharky at some point. Their universe will capture your soul at some point with melodies and kick ass riffs that makes the band special. Influences heard : Pestilence, SUP, Nocturnus, Voivod, Death... if you like originality and a touch of creativity yet reminding some special moments then you will love the band 98/100

Van Halst

Van Halst: "World of Make Believe" CD 'th March 2016. Canada Metal/Pop/Indie/Rock/Jazz.. band. A heavy grave voice with power and feelings. First song starting with growling voice and strong distortion to finaly moving to a very quite nice music giving the band a kinda two faces like Jekil and Hide album. Influences going from the 80's 'till today : Annie Lenox, Amy Lee, Tracy Chapman, Outlett, Marylin Manson, Fear Factory, In this Moment.. you will love this band for the diversity of tunes they mix and give you. A bit distrubing at first cos It reminds me some female voices in the 80s who would never be in a Metal band and was aired on TV. SO just for this I give credits for the singer who really gives a lot of vocals ability we don't hear a lot. The last song will remind you Evanescence with the piano. This band will reach a lot of people in the music who just love music as much as I do shamely I heard that album now but I can tell this is a brillant band who should deserve a lot of success and been nominated for best Rock/Metal band in their country which doesn't surprise me 99/100


Necronomicon:"Advent of The Human God" LP 2017 Season of Mist records.Quebec/Canada Death/Black Metal band. The french label found a pearl straight from a country we're not used to hear in that kind of Metal , probably why it is so good, second album on this label some might now them as they had one signed on Naplam Records. Mixed and Mastered by: JF Dagenais (Kataklysm) the sound is just perfect and will earn the love from every Metalheads. The band started in 1991 so the die hard fans must know their classic in the extreme section. THE cover is just brilliant and gives an insight of the album that is right powerfull. Having great riffs from Thrash (Machine Head, Grip Inc) heavy voicals (Aeturnus), beating drums and some keyboards and special moment (Satyricon).. there is a lot to find . 11 tracks of pure joyness with great intros and a very good video voted best album for this month in this category by metal zone prod.666100/100

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