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Pierce III:"The Anthology" Dbl CD 2016 Divebomb Records. USA Heavy Metal band. Two albums with one video and interview as usual, the must for fans! The guys played with the might Metallica and all the jersey's fame but never got off. Musically having different influences and voices Dokken, Kiss, Britny Fox, Victory and even Duran Duran! It's a real 80's band with those great songs that got into your head nicely and give you joy. Get it now! 90/100

seventh calling

Seventh calling:"Battle Call" CD 2016 Self Release. USA Heavy Metal band. After six years of abscence they are back with no label! What we can say is this is one hell of a band who has his own sound! How many band can say that?! well not many... the first note gets us straight into what the bands offers since they started, a pounding entertaining heavy metal that gets you headbanging. If we can call it an evolution they are somehow having some 'rock' tunes melting the whole as a piece of art. For the first time I can hear an influence of King Diamond on some songs the main music is still stuck into the roots of Metal! a band who manage to catch and keep that flame burning will for sure once again gain the likes of the public. 100/100


St james:"Resurgence" CD 2016 USA AOR / Hard Rock band. If the cover is like a train giving that image of rolling fast then it goes with the music. A mix of easy listening tunes with various influences from Aerosmith, Acdc, Motley Crue.... no less than 17 songs! The bands has lots of riffs and things to say that rocks you from start till the end. A motor that runs shaking your booty and gets you on the dance floor! Ladies and gents take your ticket you're going on the fast lane. 95/100

Gallows Pole

Gallows Pole: "Doors of Perception" CD 13th May 2016 Pure Rock Records. Austria Rock band. This band has been here since the early 80's but it's the first time I hear them. An album with a beautiful cover asking you to go through lifes, choose the one that would fits you. A very soft and somehow sad feeling, the first song starts as The Rolling stones rocking tunes, the second one has a more The Who approach and the singer makes me think about U2 's bono at some point. An accoustic intro reminding The Doors, two songs having a Led Zep riffs giving the album a bit of life. The main album is too clam and dark to me. This will not shake your butty, but you might just enjoy the rock/pop feeling bringing you back to the early days of music. 60/100


hellhound:"Nothing Left" CD 2016 Stormspell Records. USA Speed/Heavy/Thrash Metal. A band that has been here for a while and finally releases a full length album that rip it all. The cover is well chosen as the teeth will shred you appart with like in Hellraiser movie a pleasure that will satisfy your soul. A sound that brings you back to the early days of Speed and Heavy Metal awesomeness. An idea of the influences : Metallica, Testament, Annihilator, Death Angel, Megadeth, Evile, Savage Messiah, Meliah Rage, ... the list goes on this is pure great album! Yet if there is no doubt the influences while listening it doesn't come first, they have their own sound and it kicks seriously, pounding drums, heavy vocals, cool solos I just love it 100/100

assassin's blade

Assassin's blade:"Agents of Mystification"CD 29 April 2016 Pure Steel Records. Sweden / Canada Heavy Metal. Known musicians from Exiter , Portrait and many joined forces to make an awesome album that brings back the early 80's sound. Influences tented with the like of King Diamond, Iron Maiden, Saxon and many will scream into your hears. 11 songs to mosh down with title such as "The demented forces" " transgression" "League if the Divine Wind"...will capture you 'till the end and ask for more. Speed, high pitch vocals , crazy solos they get them all, a true Metal album like if it was 1983. Thanks to those great musicians for keeping the flame and pushing the limits for the better. 95/100

antonio vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi:"A new Season"CD 15 April 2016 Lion Music. Third album from the label introducing many guitarists playing the greatest classical musicians of all time. While we used to have solo artists playing a whole album as fast as sharks to impress the masses, here we just have musicians who just enjoyed themselves and just realized a challenge. So don't stop yourself thinking 'I already heard this with Jason Becker...etc.' this is beauty in a matter of music. This is not a typical shred album but all guitarists will appreciate it for sure. Musicians from Mindsplit and Condition Red amongst others - Mathias Holm Klarin, Charly Sahona, Lars Eric Mattsson, Pier Gonella, Ahsent, Patrick Carlsson...Feelings and simple pleasure for the ears. A must have 100/100


Rampage:"Codex Melalum"CD 8 April 2016 iron Shield Records. Bulgaria Speed / Heavy Metal band. An awesome cover artwork, melodic Maria's voice with some heavy drumming and cool entertaining riffs. Two long songs with amazing kicking ass tunes. The song "nightfall' reminds me a bit the song from Triosphere 'marionette' , some Iron Maiden influences are quite obvious ,also some fast tempos reminding the early 80's bands...the last song beeing a Blind Gardian cover. Well I could go on forever this band has Heavy Metal in their blood and it feels good. They have established their sound that definitively is strong to kick the Metal scene. The album has been mastered by legendary Arne Lakenmacher bringing the band a high level of quality. All metalheads will bang their head on this mighty powerfull band 95/100

savior from anger

Savior from Anger:"Temple of Judgement"CD 29th April 2016 Pure Steel Records. Italy Heavy/thrash Metal band. A band that got many line up changes and also manage to get awesome musicians who filled the place in bands such as Sleepy Hollow, Metal Church.. this album is special most if you are a fan of the band. The lion on the cover might just describe their determination to put it harder. This is not a typical italian band since the sound is mostly US with heavy and strong rythms (Dokken, Whitelion, Skid Row, Svatage ...), sometimes touching the Thrash heavy pounding riffs with the song "thunderheads" (Exodus, Sacred Reich, Metal Church..) The change in music style although interesting and well done might just turn down some people. For sure they know and have great potential to play diverse Metal styles but it's hard to think it is the same band on the album. 85/100

Dead Eyed Sleeper

pDead Eyed Sleeper:"Gomorrh"Digipack CD 2016 19 March 2016 self release. German Brutal Death/Grind band. Their is no name on the cover and basically it's all around artistic paintings which is a good point. This is not my cup of tea ,I realized I forgot to review it. It's a concept album since it has a story from a book. On the cutting edge with breaking tempos sometimes, blasting tunes with heavy growling voice. This will please all the fans. A perfect sound and killing tunes. Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel to name a few it will rip your soul and break your neck 75/100p

divine weep

pDivine Weep:"Tears of ages"CD 2016 Stormspell Records. Polish Heavy Metal band. Wow such a beauty is amazing and I'm glad to hear that pearl. Every Metalheads need that album. Pure melodies, great riffs a nice cover and cool lyrics. The band obviously took a year to accomplish this masterpiece and I'm glad they managed to get that so perfect. Influences are ranging from RAM, Helloween, Judas Priest, Iron Kingdom, Starblind ... 12 tracks with two bonuses just shows the guys have great inspiration 100/100p

With The Dead
With The Dead:"self titled"CD 2016 Rise Above Records. Uk Doom/Sludge/Death Metal band. Members from Napalm Death, Cathedral, Bolt thrower,Electric wizard have joined forces to bring a groovy and explosive band. Six tracks to kick your brain and mosh you down. Down tuned distorted guitars (napalm kind) groovy riffs and deadly songs those guys know the deal to create stunning songs with power. Get your hand on this or you will die 100/100

Flotsam and Jetsam
Flotsam and Jetsam:"self titled"Ltd Digipack CD, LP, Ltd Box set 20th May 2016 AFM Records. USA Thrash Metal .What's the best for an 80's band not to bother with an album title?! we all moshers are more interested in the power the band gives us. The start is reminding the first albums and Eric 's voice makes it a classic! It's just fuking awesome with excellent musicians (some back from previous line up) keeping the old flame even if the band passed through difficult times they managed to pass through musical changes without falling into the dust. This album is just pounding, moshing and killing! The spirit of the band is here and you will love it. 12 tracks of blasting heavyness and melodies that simply is Flotsam you don't want to miss it ! 100/100

Ocean:"C'est la fin"CD 2016 Ellie Promotion. French Hard Rock band. After the uk bands this is the time of French bands to get back to the Metal scene. Influences from ACDC,Trust,Quiet Riot, Satan's jokers...One of the few to sing in French with a very rockin attitude and sound that will blow some who don't understand the language.They started back in 1974 and had numerous line up changes and music styles but have played with the best Iron Maiden for example and was quite a good act at least in their own country. This album is just full of rockin tunes and will shake you till the end! it's cocky, rocky, hard and powerfull you will adore it so jump on get that album now 95/100

the hypothesis
The Hypothesis:"self titled".Finland Tech/prog/Death Metal band. Explosive tunes with melodies from keyboards and samples with a harsh gowling , although the band wants to have their own sound the main influences are Messuggah and In Flames. It's very cutting edge with melodies probably having one man from Stratovarious helps but you really have to get to the voice. I personnaly can't listen to more than five minutes, it's a shame cos the music is really interesting. In the overall it's a good band. They will for sure please the Metalheads who love crushing death metal distortion 95/100

Tenth amendment
Tenth amendment:"self produced. CD 2016 USA Death/Thrash Metal. Explosive band with a modern sound. Kicking ass with anger having influences from Fear Factory, Machine Head, Skinlab, Sepultura, Five Finger Death Punch, Pantera... samples to give atmospheres and tight riffs it will please all the moshers who need to express themselves against what the society is giving. Don't expect solos they aren't any! It's just about expressing feelings with kicking and sounds so it will speaks mostly to new kids. 80/100

A blue Fire
A blue Fire : "self-titled" CD February 2016 Long Gone Days Records. Dark/Newvace/Gothic band. italian/danish musician Luca Bluefire (guitars, vocals) with the collaboration of Simone Raoul Lombardo (drums) decided to create a new band. This is specially for the people who like that kind of music, depressing and giving the creep it's slow motion tunes with sounds and a singer who listens to his voice. Not my cup of tea. There is no life and too boring for me but some will find it peacefull with emotions. You've been warned don't listen if you are sad! The band is inspired by Porcupine Tree, A Perfect Circle...60/100

Madam Mayhem
Madam Mayhem: "now you know "CD HeadBall Recordson October 16, 2015. Produced by Billy Sheehan and he also played on it. USA Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal... A female singer who has presence and wants to hit the scene badly. Now we have another band called 'Madam' and the first track 'monster' which is the video promoting the album lets you hear all the capabilities the band can do. 14 Tracks of melodies and good riffs among great musicians who played on the album such as Ray Luzier (KoRn, KXM), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (formerly of Guns N’ Roses), Russ Parrish (“Satchel” from Steel Panther), and Corey Lowery (Saint Asonia, Stuck Mojo) brings you a perfect album. Influences are diverse, the cover may remind you Hydrogyn's first album some melodies from Drain Sth, Evanescense Amy lee vocal melodies, The Offsprings punky teen funy riffs, The calling, Dokken...well they are so many influences it just gets in your mind easily. Awesome solos, inverted chords giving that Metal sound it got all we need to love it. Just perfect. Shame I can't get it the total score since it's been out for a while 95/100

Project Alcazar:"chasing voodoo" CD 29 th april 2016 Lion Music Records. Chris Steberl is an extraordinary player and decided to make his own solo album, playing the likes of Mozart with an easyness and flawless that makes it sounds smooth and nice to the ear. His talent joins at some point the jazzy style like Nili Brosh, the melodies style of Satriani, and the fast scales of Malmsteen.One track as a funny french title, 10 magic songs that will blow you away. This is for all the shredders and guitarist lovers 100/100

Krossfire: "shades of darkness" cd 3rd June 2016 Pure steel records.Bulgaria symphonic/progressive band. 12 tracks of melodies and trip to another world, a nice flight to the inside mind of dreams. Mixing oriantal sounds, female voice , and simply helping your imagination working. Sometimes making think of an opera. A band that will gain a lots of fans and will reach the top in a minute 100/100

Omen: "hammer damage" cd 27th may 2016 Pure steel records. USA Heavy Metal. There is no much to say about this old band . Bringing back to the early eighties Metal it will gain a great mass of the old metalheads . Sometimes close to the first Maidens, a voice that has gutts in the vein of Manowar and DIo's melodies, killing solos and hymns to the mighty warriors. This is perfect for the scene even if some will find it dated, most will bow to the mighty Metal than Omen is giving us.95/100

chemical wedding
Chemical Wedding : "Don't look back" Digipack CD 2016 self release. French Groove Heavy Metal band. What amazed me when first listening to the tracks is they really sound like an american band. A nice feeling from the songs coming into your ears. Two songs are actually on Utube and they just stick into your head, really cool sound it flows and reminds me sometimes Pearl Jam with a more Heavier sound from Doom giving that heavy headbanging wish. Very good tunes they have a great futur and will certainly hit the charts fast 95/100

die trying
Die trying:"Blues for the cursed" Digipack CD january 2016 MusiCommunication. Italian HardCore band. If you want straight punch in your face this is the band you need!Killer cover design, explosives tracks with a lot of energy and sometimes screamings with powerfull riffs. Reminding the Thrashy rythm from Metal bands that will please lots of you outhere. A rough sound and groovy this is fukin good - destroy your mind and mosh 'till you bleed - a mix of Death and Thrash with punky attitude 90/100

sacred seal
Sacred Seal:"Incarnation" CD September 2015 Self Release. French Heavy Metal band. Concept album about incarnation and how many times you must pass this step to gain eternity. Musically it's heavy with a female singer who has gutts and powerfull voice. I can hear a bit of tech from the guitarist on the edge of Prog but slightly. It has a good creation base and we can hear the songs have been worked to their best to get that full album, 12 songs, a perfect sound that captures your ears 'till the end with pleasure . Get them a listen you won't regret it 95/100

ways:"Watching From Afar" CD 2016 self released. French Rock/Alternative Hardcore/emo it's very difficult to get them into a box as they are mixing soft tunes with screamings, it has that Paramore style , The Taws, ... They have worked on their image with a great biz logo and available as download on every sites. I'm not keen on that kind so it will talk to the fans, it's a good album 90/100

Conquest:"Under the Influence" CD 8th April 2016 Dark Star Records. USA Heavy/Thrash Metal band. After years of creating their own music they decided to pay tribute to their favorite bands who influenced them. From Judas Priest , Metallica, Anthrax, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, UFo, Black Sabbath... around 11 tracks played in their own way, this is not a cover album even if some songs are easy to recognize it's more like the early 90's tribute to Metallica. Conquest shows us they can play anything and make their own, it's just a cool album to own and prooves again the roots of Metal are all in our blood. This is a good band playing the best bands' songs a great tribute. People will dig it and love it 100/100

Arapacis:"System Deceive" CD 2016 Note Musik. Canada Heavy Metal band. Jerry and his wife have another project with that new album which mixes melodies and rocking tunes. The cover has a kind of ship room where all the dissidents have desappeared and the human beeing is trapped into the machine. Songs titles are about the society that fails,a rough voice is sometimes coming like a computer talking. As usual many guests from JOhn Gallagher, Mel Lecerlc,Steph Honde, brings a special atmosphere to the music, which can be sometimes deep, sometimes very melodic with a beautiful solos and always those nice voice melodies. The song 'Trepasser' is groovy and will make you wanna dance. One special blues song...the album is once more full of changes and you need to feel the message 90/100

APOCALYPSE:"Apocalypse" CD 5/13/2016(Deluxe Edition) Divebomb Records.Switzerland Thrash Metal band. Complete album with 6 bonus tracks Produced by Flemming Rasmussen as usual amazing booklet with interview and photos. For the fans of Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica... it's pure fukin Thrash! I love this band, the pure sound from the early days and the moshing we all love. Get that masterpiece now 95/100

APOCALYPSE:"Faithless" CD 5/13/2016(Deluxe Edition) Divebomb Records. .Switzerland Thrash Metal band. Second album with only one bonus track Dark Angel, Death Angel,Testament, Atrophy...Another masterpiece for all the Thrashers out there. It's heavy it's groovy it's fukin mosh still awesome booklet and lots of great stuff a must have with the first one 95/100

skeptic sense
Skeptic Sense:"Mind Versus Soul: The Anthology" CD 5/13/2016 Divebomb Records. Germany Technical Thrash Metal. Few albums/demos in one remastered album, For the fans of Mekong Delta, Dimentia, Vio-lence, Wrath (2nd), Death guitar parts, MOD, Sanctuary... great booklet with photos etc.. a great collectible 95/100

Miasmal:"Tides Of Omniscience" CD 5/13/2016 Divebomb Records (North America Only, Century Media – World). Swedish Death Metal
 band. Heavy as fuck reminding old Death Metal at some point, groovy riffs.. for fans of Entombed, Grave, Dismember...95/100

secret rule
Secret rule:"Machination" Digipack CD Scarlet Records 24 June 2016. Italian Symphonic /Rock/Techno/ voice Angela reminding Doro at some point, having ex musicians from Delain and Sonata artica plus some guest from diverse known bands should set them on the level of the famous band. Yet the techno bits pushed a bit too much brings the music down to my like and can't bearly listen to most tracks which is a shame as it could be really good. People who love Delain might enjoy it, there is even a song in an oriantal way. Although symphonic reaches the boundaries of rock music adding those samples of bits will be liked by the discos boys and girls reminding the 90's techno wave. 60/100

Faithsedge:"Restoration" Digipack CD Scarlet Records 24 June 2016.USA AOR /Heavy Metal band. The cover brings already happiness with the color, the angel coming out of the sea..musically it's just a perfect album! The one that makes you want to listen to Heavy Metal because it's good. Some will say it has an 80's touch but obviously this is more than a great point and probably why new bands have hard time to lift their compositions. Very melodic with a mix of great musicians from Stryper, Mr Big/ace Frehley drummer, Dokken guitarist and great singer Giancarlo Floridia. Those guys know how to write great tunes added to an awesome mix the 9 tracks are just kicking hard. Strong influences from Foreigner, Sammy Hagar, Dare, Shark Island, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Poison... you will ear a bit of every bands that makes the strength of the music. After saying that just get this masterpiece and lets fly away with pleasure, the band will be on top very quickly this is a bomb, just wait few weeks, one of the best album I've heard recently 100/100

Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger:"Tales Of Avalon: The Lament "Digipack Cd 24 June 2016 Scarlet Records. Brazilian Power Metal band. Reissue of a great and powerfull album with a story leading with heavy riffs, powerfull drums and vocals. Mixed and mastered by Michael Wagener that album rises up and gives full enjoyment. Heavy riffs and melodies, sometimes reminding the great Iced Earth, Flotsam and Jetsam, Metal Church era Rony, Paragon, Cage, Manowar... this is a masterpiece to own 95/100

Doomsday Outlaw
Doomsday Outlaw:"Suffer More"Digital Self Release date 27th May. UK Hard Rock Groovy Pop band Available in itunes, amazons..This midland band have all it takes to become one big hit in the charts. Yet very easy listening their creations have a sound and groove from the 70's with a very modern 90's pop touch. Awesome recording done by Richard Collins (Lost Alone, Therapy?), mastered by Pete Maher (U2, The Rolling Stones, Jack White) it will capture your ears in a minute so you will get swallowed by the good vibes and melodies it gives. Influences are so diverse you will find your way through your best loved ones that will make you love that band 90/100

condition red
Condition red:"Illusion of truth" CD 20 may 2016 Lion Music. Progressive Rock/ Funk band. A new line up for this album, so if you know them you might hear a change. Ten tracks of technical yet flying into those searching paths through creativity and originality. The music of that album is very inspired by the early 70's Yes and Genesis 's singer Peter Gabriel with complexity and jazzy parts trapped into a complexe mind. Some funky songs reminding early Red Hot Chilli Pepper type of groove fun. The only thing that I don't like is the 'robot' effect voice which seems to be a trend these days (since you don't need to know how to sing) is giving the whole a bit of desappointement. If that doesn't stop you then you will appreciate that creative piece of work 90/100

Silverbones:"Wild Waves" CD 15 June 2016 Stormspell records.Italian Heavy Metal band.Well it seems the boats and sea are common use with Metal bands those days. Their outfit is also inspired by the Pirates's living style on the boat. Musically it is really much inspired by melodic bands of the 80's reminding Running Wild, Grave Digger, some Maiden bits, Saxon...well you got it, they spread the mighty power of the greats. The US label always find the right bands for the 80's maniacs like me! so if you wanna travel through a journey on the agitated sea running after the ones who stole your treasure or simply want to own this masterpiece into your collection you gotta wait few weeks before it gets you! 95/100

Sacrilegium:"Anima Lucifera" CD 18 March 2016 Pagan Records.Black Metal band from Poland. Album inspired by a poem from Leopold Staff. It's fast and crunchy like the early bands. Some classy intro which calm down before the storm. It reminds me a bit of Marduk attack and fast tempos from Aeturnus. The fans will find their way and love the band. They have been around for a while. The cover having that mathematic illustration bringing the mind to think leading your imagination, a great album 95/100

Bloodthirst:"Glorious Sinners" CD and digital 8 April 2016 Pagan Records. Poland Black Metal band. This mini album is just to bring you more music from what they already gave you since they are very inspired. It has been recorded in 2015 so they might release another full length shortly...Their roots are into germanic Thrash such as Sodom, but the sound reminds early Venom, the voice beeing sharky. This is a blasting spitting straight in your face music 95/100

Ragehammer: "The Hammer Doctrine"CD 8 April 2016 Pagan Records. Poland Black Metal band. A band that has everything the underground is made of! Satanic cover artwork, inverted cross, very bad sound like the early demos yet the band has a mix for the album. Reminding the early Venom mixed Motorhead harsh sound feeling like you're in the place with them! This will please all the maniacs of the 'true' sound that damages your ears 85/100

Element of chaos: "a new dawn" CD Agoge Records. Italian Alternative Hard Core/ A mix of many music styles getting it complex to discribe except they are the new generation 's Metal explosion. One growling voice and a melodic one. Some jazzy electronic samples with tech guitars. New kids will dig it. The cover describes it all and the title is well chosen this is a chaos 80/100

High Fighter
High Fighter:“Scars and Crosses” CD Digi Pack, Digital Download ,LP Gatefold June 10th 2016 Svart Records. Mona is back with a new album that rips. Always groovy tunes mixed with growling voice. It has sometimes that flying style from early SoundGarden songs, Pearl Jam entertaining vibes...groove is the way! The album has been recorded live which certainly gives that cool feeling at RAMA Studio in Mannheim. a Beautiful piece of work and enjoying music. Coming near you soon 95/100

Terrorway:"The Second" CD 20 May 2016 Barketeam Records. Italian Progressive Death Metal band. The main influence is for sure Meshuggah, yet they have many influences lying around such as Grip Inc, Pantera, Machine Head...etc..Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Soundgarden..very into the groove and distortion of modern Metal bands. If you like it explosive this is for you! Some will prefer the songs with cleaner voice and atmosphere but for sure they are on the top of scene 95/100

behind the shadows:"Raising Hell" CD 18 May 2016 Visionaire Records.Italian Heavy Metal band. Must say when I saw the cover I was expecting something brutal, in fact the guys seem to change their path to a melodic music and has nothing to do with the cover of the album. Reminding the early 80's melodies and groove it just flies away in your brain with pleasure. You will love it, a must have 100/100

Helleborus:"The Carnal Sabbath" CD 17 June 2016 Stanth Records (Russia)/ Black Plague Records (USA). USA BLack Metal band. A beautiful cover from a painting, melodies and great feelings. Apart from the reverb which is a bit too much for me, musically it is really enjoyable even if you don't like this music style you will find yourself loving the songs. It's dancing funny way, with the true growling voice from the early days. Fast drumming and Death Metal guitar styles might somehow reminding early Dimmu Borgir, it's pretty cool. 95/100

Zarpa:"Dispuestos Para Atacar" CD 3rd June 2016 Pure Steel Records. Spanish Heavy Metal band. Once again the label has signed a pearl in the Metal world! Even if you don't understand spanish language, it's amazing! The melodies, the's an awesome album. I love it and everyone will! Whatever you hear influences from early Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Agent Steel 's melodic will cherish that album. One of the best album to come, mark your calendar it's coming near you 100/100

Lanfear:"The Code Inherited" CD 1st July 2016 Pure Legend Records. Germany Prog /Power Metal band. Beautiful cover that pretty much describes the music, soft, melodic and out of time. Except few passages where the singer is getting angry on his voice that will please the Metal fans live, it is still a prog album reminding sometimes Yes, Dream Theater..and so on. A bit of Deep Purple here and there with the keyboards... a mix of different music styles that will get to the older ones and calm the new ones ....a great album in the overall worth the listening 95/100

Revenience:"Daedalum" CD Jan 25rd 2016 Sliptrick Records.Italian Pop/Goth/Symphonic/ Metal band. A female singer with a beautiul voice that will sometimes shred your tears out. Many influences musically such as Within Temptation, Delain, Evanescence... sometimes growling voices and heavy riffs. This is not the typical band you have in Metal, there is a real intense power behind those songs that captures your soul. Give a listen you won't regret it 95/100

National Suicide
National Suicide:"Another round" CD 22 July 2016 Scarlet Records. Italian Thrash Metal. The old school is back and that is not to unplease me. Everything from this band is kiling and will remind you many cool stuff you probably grew up with or simply loved. From Metallica, to Nuclear Assault as the new bands such as Municipal Waste etc.. those are moshing tunes you will bang 'till death onto. We know that Italy has a great scene and this bands proves it again, the label knows how to find those masterpiece. Explose your brain , mosh until you bleed this is explosion as its best and you will ask for more. Fast riffs, crazy tempos, punky sound this is the orign of 80's thrash so jump on it 100/100

Sintax:"Sway for better day"CD June 17th 2016 inverse Records. Jerusalem Thrash Metal band. Powerfull riffs and explosive voice. Influences from Pantera, Testament,Vio-lence... eight tracks to kill and mosh. A slight melody with cool tunes reminding the best. A band that really is kicking from a country we are not used to hear.. You should definitively listen and support that band! check em out 95/100

Celestial Ruin
Celestial Ruin:"Pandora" CD May 20th 2016 self release. Canada PowerMetal/Symphonic/Goth/Rock... this band is obviously influenced by many musical styles and combine them into one powerfull band. The cover has that gothic horror image which is perfect, the lady has a nice voice with melodies and gutts at some point. Blasting drums and riffs with keyboards added brings an entertaining music giving you the impression the train is going very fast. You are taken from the first riff into a tornado of kicking ass tunes and you can't leave until you've heard the five songs! Influences ranging from Cradle of Filth, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Paragon... difficult to classify them. It's just an awesome EP that kicks and you have to listen with pleasure 100/100

lightless moor
lightless moor:"Hymn for the fallen" CD april 2016 Wormholedeath Records. Italian Symphonic Metal/gothic band. 12 tracks of beautiful energy and feeling with a story told by the lady's melodic voice. The idea beeing telling a story with two voices one Death Growl and one angelic put this band in the category of the modern symphonic bands mixing two different genres. The cover showing two screaming faces beeing one, with the divided parts of the inner self. For the ones who will dig the lyrics as the music this will speak a lot. For the ones who don't like those growling parts you will still enjoy this Angelic voice from Ilaria Falchi and the peacefull music. Give it a try you will get caught 95/100

Shadowdream:"The Sunsettler's Motel" CD april 2016 Wormholedeath Records. Italian jazz/instrumental band. SOmetimes, just sometimes labels normally stuck into Metal music gets bands they sign and have nothing related with the most of their roaster! This is here the case with this mysterious band.An album written like a movie with a story. It's peacefull yet with an atmosphere to creep your mind, imagine what's happening in this motel! A killer is taking place and so the nightmare beggins. Beautiful project and relaxing music this is excellent, if you are a writter and simply someone who loves to imagine reading a book this is for you 100/100

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