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king leviathan

King Leviathan : " The Shrine" CD 2015 .Self produced Uk Metal band.A mix of Death and Heavy Metal ,heavy riffs with growling voice then a melodic voice comes feeling like two singers. A beuatiful cover and a good mix. This is weird to me although this is the new Metal generation who loves to mix several styles in one. I would love it as Heavy Metal only it's perfect even if the Death Metal part is good to. Make up your mind 70/100


Mobutu : "Axl Rose is dead" MCD 2015 Volvo Gang records France. Excellent package of a thin carton cover with awesome design!!! I apology for not reviewing this earlier. I saw the band live at Anthem Of Steel Festival and got their powerfull CD!!! Check out my utube channel to learn more from the band! This is pure fuking Rock n Roll and they recently changed line up so new drummer and new guitarist. They will compose soon for a new cd. Basically for all the fans of kick ass tunes mainly inspired by Motorhead the only member left is the singer bass player who hits his instrument like crazy making me think of Jason Newsted or Steev Esquivel (they are all guitar players first ) a punchy distorted sound and a singer with a strong energy. You got to get their stuff or at least see them live it's worth it!!! 100/100


Lofft : "Follow to survive" CD 2015 Make Big records. Germany Rock /Pop band although the sound is perfect and there is no doubt of the success of the band they are things that really don't get me. First the cover having two "F" people might be confused thinking its a special Fear Factory ain't and the bands' name should appear on the cover. Short songs with lack of lyrics the band found a phrase and made melody onto it then repeat other and other again...(this is kind of brainwash) we call this popular and commercial which means it will plays easilly on radios. This is what goes on tv and what people listen to today since they buy one song on internet medias each person will found his like. As I can't compare them to rock bands it sometimes made me think of last albums of Metallica. (the rock band) 70/100


Sacrilege : "ashes to ashes" CD 2015 Karthago Records. UK AOR Hard Rock band returns with a remix of early 80's tape and few new songs. It's clear that some songs never got mixed as the reverb is so present that it gots annoying. Although some bands from the NWBOHM have been very important in the scene some are to my point not good enough and that shouldn't mean all the bands from those years are worth. (there can be only one) although I heard melodies that made me think of early Accept, Sweet... only the powerfull solos does it! the vocals line is just a line without melodie and gets boring. You don't feel any life , energy nor passion in the music. I wish them luck cos this kind of music these days won't reach many.50/100


Necrophor : "Exterminatus" CD 2015. Swedish Black Metal this is their third album. In the vein of pure old traditions with a raw sharky voice reminding the early 90's from northern bands. On the cover there is a symbol many use these days the blasting riffs and scream kick ass from the beggining. The spirit is here with sometimes thrashy riffs. Some cool passages but staying in the dark style a bit like the first Dimmu or Darkthrone...for the fans 75/100


Alustrium : "A tunnel to eden" CD 2015 slef produced Brutal Death Metal right in your face with powerfull speed riffs and blasting drums.Technical guitars but the whole is just too much brutal for my taste. Only for the fans as it's a great production. 80/100

unleash the archers

Unleash the Archers : "Time stands still" CD 2015 Napalm Records.Canada PowerMetal /Black Metal is back with an awesome album signed by a great label. The explosive cover would be better on LP... The album is mainly Heavy Metal with few blasting Black Metal riffs and growling voice and one song at the beggining starts like that. The poduction is perfect and it just lift you up in the air and never stops until the album reached the end. Brittney melodic voice with gutts kick you in the butt and somehow on some song make me think of Triosphere or even Marishi Ten tunes. I would personnaly prefer not to have that BM parts but they might leave it one day...Some Coroner guitar Tech parts are very interesting and it's pounding like mad. Fukin powerfull Heavy Metal!!! out in july 95/100


Paradox : "Reel life & beyond" CD Stormspell records. USA Hard Rock band with 14 Songs from 1982 to 1987 remixed and for all the lovers of 70's and 80's !!! I'm amazed to hear so many great songs that kick and just pleases me as the bands I listened in my youth! Whatever it is an intro, a chorus, a solo...these are so far what it made me think of for the influences or the band they have influenced in anyways they all have the same best years of music...Mr Big, Tesla, Whitesnake, Dio, Ian gillan, LA Guns, WASP, Quiet Riot, Great White, The Who, Queen....etc...this is perfect yet can't give it the best note as it's not recent...90/100


Possessor : "Stay Dead" CD 2015 self produced.UK Thrash Riff (slayer, machine head...) and effect on the voice in the vein of Indus (ministry) mixed with a groove somehow doomy influences (black sabbath) no solos, five powerfull tracks that kick and just get you addicted.You can find them on bandcamp 90/100

damage course

Damage Source : "Come Heresy" 4 Track Cassette Demo - Released 20th May 2015 - Review by Pagan -“True to their roots Damage Source are feisty and complex! The rhythms flow fast and savage with glorious kick beats that manipulate the body into moving in time with its raucous flow of energy!” read the whole here


Forward unto dawn: "Alpha " CD 2015 . Canada self produced Metal band.If the cover make you think of prog cos the universe etc... it is not but it's technical with the guitars and make me think of Messugah at some point with inverted chords etc.. the voice is guttural like Black Metal so it's difficult to put the band into a special box. It blows your ears and got that edge breaking timing while blasting. check em out! 90/100


Lightsabers : "demons" LP Medusa Crush records 2015. Rerelease of their album , i must say i'm speechless. The cover shows a logo you normally see on Grind bands if not brutal Death Metal...well this band is a Punk band! Not sure what they expect the sound is dirty the voice as some kind of effect they all use now making the voice weird...they have covered jimi hendrix but come on how do you sell when you're not what you pretending? 25/100

lost reflection

Lost reflection : "Scarecrowd" CD 2015 SG Records. Italian Hard rock band that gots all the 80's combined in one with good guitar riffs. Many influences such as Alice Cooper, Def leppard, Dangerous toys, Poison, ACDC, NO Shame... it goes on and on! A great ballad the old style reminding some Glam bands and else. Some tiny bits of 80's new wave pop...this is an album that will be loved by many such it rocks. Well done guys 100/100

universal theory

Universal Theory : "most attractive force" CD 2015 Metal Hell records. Spanish Gothic band with only two members. The cover was suggesting somekind of rock or even pop but gothic I wasn't expecting it. I don't like this style of music but the woman as a nice melodic voice that goes well it's a shame the man is singing... I mean they all listen to their voice with a dark sound that really sucks and that's what I hate in this music style. It's not singing it's talking with a certain way that makes it sound sad ... well the fans will know what i'm talking about. Anyway not my style. 40/100

demonic slaughter

Demonic Slaughter : "Haunted" Cd 2015 Pagan records. Poland Atmospheric, Black Metal band. Well I was expecting some screaming instead I got some kind of religious sounds very low sound. Some songs have that sharky voice with the usual hit hat very simple drumming and those easy guitars with one finger. Nothing to jump around it's quite and you must like the early years of Black Metal and punk sound to appreciate. For the fans 60/100

yeti on horseback

Yeti on horseback : "Dragged down to hell" CD 2015. Self produced Canada Doom Black Metal band.Sometimes receving only one song is enough! The band is called Doom Metal so yeah the beggining of the song is very down tuned low heavy pounding sound then suddenly someone is screaming with that raw broken voice that doesn' really fit. Fortunetly they have one riff (5sec) of black sabbath which made me laugh to stop it straight away with that ugly voice. 25/100


Furia : "Nocel" CD 2015 Pagan records. Polish Black Metal with atmospheres...various influences Venom, Sepultura, Nailbomb, Pink Floyd, Dissection... For sure the band is trying to be original with great photos etc...but with no name nor title on the cover it's once again a band that doesn't look for the easiest way to get promoted. Their songs are very experimental with many influences so it's feels like they're searching their sound or maybe inspiration. Some passages are cool, some fast,...very good for tripping but a bit weird though. 50/100


Sacrilegium :"wicher" Dbl LP Pagan records 2015 Polish Black Metal in the true old school!!! Blasting rage and slow passages like Marduk, early Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral... the band really captures the nineties pretty well and represents what Black Metal was origanilly! this is what fans need in their collection.100/100

blunt knife idol

Blunt Kinfe Idol : "Greed Heritage" CD 2015 Herrie records Inc. Brutal Death Grind with an awesome cover!!! it's obvious the band is fan of Napalm Death!!! fast riff and heavy voice with good mix. I can hear some obituary riffs played very fast , Massacre power, and all the ingredient that make a great album with 25 songs!!! if you like it heavy and killing it's for you!!! 100/100

Steel Raiser

Steel Raiser : "Unstoppable" CD 2015 Iron Shield Records. The label is most known for thrash but this time they have signed a pearl from Italy Heavy Metal that kills from the first note you know it's a blast. Look at that awesome cover artwork, everything is excellent that band will concquer the world!!! Vicious Rumours, Judas Priest, Accept, Saxon, Paragon, Helloween, Running Wild, Sanctuary, Metal Church ...pounding drums, powerful voice and entertaining riffs that lead you to mosh and headbang it's just pure fuking goodness. Voted best album by Metal Zone Prod.666 100/100


Zandelle : "Perseverence" CD 2015 Pure Steel Records. US Power Metal / Prog band.The cover helps getting the vibe of the music while the band logo might be confusing. This is what we can call a 'war cry band" very inspired by early Helloween melodies, the music that is well played making think of bands like Sabaton a bit of Manowar in the spirit well a war band! A bit of Bruce Dickinson influence for the melodies, Grave Digger, or even Iced Earth 'horror show' way. The keyboards beeing very well present bring that progressive touch mostly on the last songs beeing to clean and too straight missing melodies.Great solos and a line the band keeps. This is not my kind of band, appart from the solos and nice voice it make me think of Dream theatre to technical and cold to be enjoyable. There is even a Classical shred you can imagine the guitarist influence ;) It's a good album.85/100


Archea : "Catalyst" CD 2015 Difficult to describe the music, it's a mix of Heavy Metal, Death Metal voice and some melody keyboards in the vein of Dimmu Borgir. A good band for the fans of the infuence mentioned check em out!80/100


Tracer : "Water for Thristy dogs" CD 2015 OMN Label services. Australian three piece Rock/HardRock band that delivers an awesome masterpiece mixing 70's through the 90's in a genius way that will catch you with surprise. I'm always sceptical when I see those kind of covers as you don't know what to expect as it looks like a biz logo so I thank all the labels and prs who make those bands get heard. As I wrote it has surprised me! Great riffs , good songs and nice solos that make you fly through the ages of Rock n roll, most it will also get a wide audience. To give you a little idea, we're gonna make a receipt! Take a bit of Thin Lizzy, a bit of Van Halen, some Shark island Hard rock, a bit of Black Sabbath (sabotage voice effect) Soundgarden grunge era, some bruce springsteen, a little Sheryl Crow country guitars, Nirvana throughing distored chords and chorus and some Jeff beck!!! N voila ;) check 'em you won't be desappointed 95/100


Glowsun : "Beyond the wall of time" CD 2015 Napalm Records. French Psychedelic Stoner band. This is an excellent insturmental album!!! No voice but one sound reminding the good Pink Floyd with a part from (set of the sun..) some Black Sabbath groove riffs, heavy down tuned music. A pleasure for the ears, long song making you shake and fly like there is not time. It's difficult to actually describe their music as it just feels an enjoyment a pure pleasure!!! Not to mention the great cover artwork. Perfect 100/100


Carnivora : "The Vision" CD 2015. Some Good riffs and great cover artwork but the voice comes and it sucks big time. I'm sorry but it's like a screaming with no effects it breaks my ears.70/100


Opensight : "Ulterior motvies" CD 2015 self produced. UK pop band. The best way to describe this band is Duran Duran music on James Bond 007 movie. This is what I think while listening. Some Jazzy Funky sounds , it's well done and i got the video in my mind! weird eh...The synth parts are really getting you into the movies that have made history! 100/100

temple of decibel

Temple of Decibel : "A room without a view" CD 2015 self produced. I received this album from the band itself, this is hard to describe. 15tracks with psychedelic sounds some high pitch classical vocals, some screams feels like you're unchained into a white room with mental disease , don't know what is the purpose of the album actually. 40/100

sin of night

Sin of Night :"Take the snake" CD 2015 Agoge Records. Italian all female Rock /Hard rock band. Four rockin ladies getting a style on their own with crushin guitars , a down tuned heavy bass sound , kickin druming and a voice that will leave all of you speechless as it's not what u're used to hear. There is an emotion sometimes reminding some 80's new wave bands but mostly if it's cool music there is a big influence from (underrrated) No Shame , a bit of Saraya in the voice, slight Girschool touch with that 'punky' sound. The last songs have also that 'Bangles' touch,early Iron Maiden ...I'm really in love with that first song "suicide" they also did the video for! It changes from all the extra mixed todays' albums. This is straight rockin in your face songs, you 'll love it. 100/100

aether Drop

Aether Drop : "Mannequins" CD 2015 Agoge records. Italian Alternative Rock/Grunge. The first thing that it makes me think is Pearl Jam meeting some new bands, it's well written and got a groove to it. The guys have nice rockin vibe with some age riff from new Metal bands. It's pretty soft and not agressive so many people will like as a rock band simple as that. It's not my stuff but it's listenable. 70/100

New Disorder

New Disorder : "Straight to the pain" CD 2015 Agoge Records. Italian Rock/Metal straight into the new wave of teen music mixing different styles and riffs. Sometimes heavy sometimes soft with inverted chords etc,, melodies in the voice hit hard the symbals and getting some growlings here and there.. Paramore style with strong riffs nothing original heard it thousand times ....good for the kids! 70/100


Oberon "All there is" CD 2015 self produced. Australian symphonic Three piece band. One female vocalist who ranges more into the classical tones and some keyboards and string insturments. Although some might like it such as Epica, Nightwish etc... it has a peacefull vibe like ambient music. Relaxing and soft music that has nothing to do with Metal. You must have a listen to make your mind it's hard to describe much. Good job guys. 80/100

in vain

In Vain : "The little thing that matter" CD 2015 Pure Steel Publishing rerelease. Spanish Speed Metal band form the first note it gets you in the mood kicking ass tunes pounding Metal ripping it all on their way!!! The album came out self produced by the band last year and got a new promotion that needs every attention. This is pure awesomeness!!! A mix of early Metallica, Exodus, Helloween, Heathen, Running Wild, and all the warriors. 100/100


Dogmate: "Hate" CD 2015 Agoge records. Italian Metal as you can see the cover reminds Down, then there is a big inspiration of Pantera but in a cooler way as they also got some 90's grunge such as Pearl Jam all mixed up in a groovy compositions. It's ok for many different people as the tunes don't get stuck into one style and it's not too much explosive just rockin smootly. 85/100


Ushas : "Verso est" CD 2015 Agoge Records. Italian Rock band that revisiting the 70's getting at the end of the album some Hard Rock kicking ass. This is straight to the point rockin tunes that will get you dancing for days! Nothing much to say it's perfect 100/100

seething akira

Seething Akira : "Airstrike" CD 2015 i only got two songs and it's enough!!! This is Rap hardcore... whatever you want to call it.. It's not METAL. the band has a funny pic on a car. 15/100

iron kingdom

Iron Kingdom : "Ride The glory" LP 2015 Self release. Canada Heavy Metal who reformed in 2011 and bringing back the true music. a brother n sister made the perfect album with a great cover artwork and songs about war history! It's rare to have lyrics about true stories occured in the past life of the world. Mainly influenced by Iron Maiden and Judas Priest this album is 'back to the futur' sending you in 1982 - 1984 era of Heavy Metal pureness!!! this is a masterpiece you should own. High pitch vocals, melodies and power this is true Metal!!! 100/100


Arcadia : "Adhorrible and Deathlicious" CD 2015 BastardCore /Beyond... prod. Italian band that got lots of live experience on big shows like sonisphere and had been on bills with Death Metal masters. Honestly I don't know how to describe it, The cover makes me think of those new lego characters made in movie. The first tracks are what we could call smooth Hardcore as they aren't screaming. It's close to Rage Against the Machine 'voice and type but they have a story in the lyrics. Apparently they used to play heavy stuff but this one sounds like a kid album. A bit of Nu Metal guitar riffs, I'm confused with what i read the more it goes to the end the more it's not metal at all! there is even a R&B song with those vocoder voice effects!!! 70/100

Throne of Molock

Throne Of molok : "Beat of The apocalypse" CD 2015 Beyond . Italian Techno Black Metal. I'm surprised to hear every song intro is a techno sound to move to a fast blasting Black Metal madness. I'm not a BM fan but i can appreciate some when listening but no Techno please this is not music!!! Weird what bands can do now to get attention....40/100


Veratrum : "Sospesi" CD 2015 Beyond...Prod. Italian Deah/Black Metal singing in their language, a very nice intro with awesome guitar solo. The blasting arise and you get attracted by the vortex of madness, brutal guttural voice mixed sharky ones. Some nice parts with melodies reminding Pestilence album 'Testimony of the ancient" . The band suddenly has a melodic female voice part. I suppose they are telling stories which explains the mix with styles. The blasting drums never stops, the more you get to the end the more the heavy growling voice is present. It will please many people but you need to like brutal metal. Cool album 80/100


Disharmonic : "Magiche arti e oscuri deliri" CD 2015 Beyond Italian occult black metal band. They call themselves Doom... well for what I hear it sounds like a horror movie with strange feelings with sounds and atmosphere like you're doing a demon's calling. The voice is the one you hear mostly into Black Metal . It's too strange can't listen it completely got the impression to be drugged like when you are dizzy and hard to balance normally. 20/100

the unchaining

The unchaining : "ithilien" CD 2015 Beyond Italian atmospheric Black Metal. The cover is already taking you to a peacefull path as the intro which is close to the relaxing music in the massage place. The songs reminds me early Dimmu Borgir with keyboards and atmosphere that leads you to the world the band is into. The mix is poor but the music is just enjoyment for the spirit. I guess you will all love that band. Check it out! 85/100


Calcinied : pagan review :“It is a total mind fuck moment you can bask in it or die in it, either way it is a good way to go! So let your hair down and bathe in the beauty of the moment no matter how rancid it is!” read the whole here


Fleshdoll : " pagan's review - 2084 Holds some quite complex technical moments and is indeed the heavier end of the scale.  It also boasts small samples of voice as well as some melodic rhythms amid its infested slurry of putridity.Read the whole here

jameson raid

Jameson Raid : "Uninvited guest" CD 2015 self release. Uk Heavy Metal band , i must say this is an excellent album due to great songs creation as the mix. It got all it takes to get you headbanging - melodies, heavy riffs and what we need to love. Influnces that pop into my mind Saxon, UFO, Metal Church, Bad English, name a few. Just perfect really 100/100


Kaine : " Justice Injustice" - To be released 13th July 2015 - pagan's review - the new single from British Metal Revival band Kaine. The single was recorded in two days at Three Circles Recording Studio earlier this year and was produced by Ade Hare who had previously worked on the bands 2012 debut album Falling Through Freedom. The track was mastered by Z-Plane who had also worked on the bands last album The Waystone. read the whole here

the year of the goat

The Year of the Goat : "the unspeakable" CD 2015 Napalm records. The swedish band is back with a dark pop album that will get you into bad mood depends on if you were happy first. I find it depressing and don't like that vibe, although the previous one was ok for me this one gives me the creeps. It sounds like a pure english pop band mixed with some gothic atmosphere with slow motion playing and heavy guitar riffs suddenly down to nail the song into darkness. Annoying to death 70/100


Powerwolf : "Blessed and possessed" CD 2015 Napalm Records. I haven't heard the previous albums, this one is just what bands do today. The sound is always perfect even too much that it looses its life! A mix of power metal symphonic and religious keyboards. It has a warrior side and easy melodies that may reminds Running Wild or Grave Digger but it's a tiny piece of salt in a big biz creation. 11 tracks with the same sound and line it just feels like listening one song! What I call filling the blanks to make an album with a melodie you found cool.I regret to say there is nothing in that album that is worth spending money on and its sad that many bands today follow that path. 70/100


Xandria : "Fire & ashes" CD 2015 Napalm Records. Well there is nothing new to say about that band for sure symphonic fans will love it they keep their line and so the only difficulty is beeing original which becomes hard. A bit of Within Temptation intro a bit of Nightwish opera parts. 7 tracks only that's not usual, but they seem to follow a lyric line. The first song has some powerfull intrance then it gets a bit slower towards the end. Once again a perfect album. 80/100


Russkaya : "Peace love & Russian Roll" CD 2015 Napalm Records. IT's so funny to see the label trying on new things, looking at the cover which is very colorfull at least if it's made on computer it has much work! How to describe the music? Pop gypsy rock music! This will make you dancing for sure. It's festiv and joyfull a crazy journey, a mix of languages too. 80/100


Darkness : "XXIX" CD 2015 self release. 4 tracks of pure fukin German Thrash attack. You can purchase it straight from the band's page. kick it!!! 100/100


Kaledon : "Chapter IV twilight of the gods" CD 2015 Scarlet records. Italian PowerMetal creating albums as book with stories and chapters. This is a great and original way of seeing the music of a band and its life. Melodies and powerfull riffs drive you to their world. It sometimes lack of lyrics I'm sorry (ashes to ashes dust to dust...) and lots of repeated parts to make the song last which is part of the music biz anyway. It's an awesome album neitherless to say! The singer has some influences from Yes singer and Rage which gives a great heavy mix. Sometimes reminding Helloween too. High pitch voice and kicking tunes what else do you want?! This is excellent as this country is used to give us some great talented bands 95/100

uncle and acid

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats : "The Night Creeper" CD 2015 Rise Above Records. This label really gets the best when it comes from bands who recreate the 70's!!! i'm blown away while listening to this, feels like listening to an old LP or K7! Musically it has Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard, T-Rex mixed up in one piece a masterpiece I should say ;) love it the best I've heard today 100/100


Armageddon : "Eternal Mystery Rediscovered" CD 2015 Grom Records. Serbian Symphonic Metal Orchestra that got re press long time songs, The cover looks like a face of a classical master genius composer. The music includes a heavy guitarist with a opera lady singer. The beggining as that voice like from the theaters trailers telling a story and reminds me second album Heathen starts. The next 4 tracks remind me Blue Oyster Cult mixed with Majesty which is not to bad and rock it good. The 5 track is 27 mns long called "Heavy Metal Symphony" with choirs and solos and the more you get till the end of the album the more you feel you are in an opera room sitting in your red chair!!! I can even imagine people on stage , there is obviously one new track and one live to end up this orchestra. Doesn't feel like listening to music but more attending the opera show 90/100

Nine Miles South

Nine Miles South : "self titled" BJMedia Uk. A guy from Denmark moved to the Uk to create a band that got that US sound. It's pleasant and rocking mixed blues, country and pop. The guys are having fun and I'm sure live it must be a good experience. Check em out it's worth it. I heard only 3 Tracks but can tell it's melting pot from diverse kind of music lighting up your day. They will certainly make it big!!! 100/100


Shadowkiller : "Until the war is won" CD 2015 Pure Steel Records. Us Metal veterans bringing a great polished album.The cover is excellent and the songs obviously are around war , if this is heavy sometimes is closer to Hard Rock they have released a first album on the great label stormspell so that proves this is a great band. While I listened I couldn't find any influence which means it's good cos the band got its identity and that set it appart from the rest. It's definitively a neat album and you should get your hands on it! 95/100


Deraign : "Purity in Violence" MCD 2015 Dead Center Prods. Australian Thrash attack bringing 5 trx of intense power, first having a kinda Evile /Heathen style the second beeing more Kreator/Pittyfull Reign type. The Third one starting with a cool balad type intro with the heavy Megadeth riffs. Many influences MOD, Anthrax, Exodus, Testament.... the range is wide!!! Basically they regroup all the 80's Thrash influences in one. The vocals are clean and easy to understand it's fukin heavy and moshy ;) 95/100


Sarpentra : "Supernova" CD 2015 Grand sounds promotion. Brutal Death Metal with melodies. Fast drums beating and heavy sound that blows like a destruction. It has a Black Metal touch mixing choirs and orchestral instruments , great shredding guitars and opera parts leading to enjoyment feeling like flying, imagination of spirit within space. Diverse influences : Aeturnus, Nile, Behemoth, Pestilence... this is a masterpiece and will please the fanatics!!! 95/100

simple lies

Simple Lies: "Let it kill" CD 2015 Buil2kill Records. Italian AOR Heavy Metal band. This is easy listening a bit sugar pop style. It has some Heavy structures but is mainly melted into that mix music styles. I would say it has some early Skid Row mixed Heaven's Basement, a tiny bit of Slaughter for the voice and those who got radio exposure. It definitvely will please a lot of different range of music lovers. The song 'the ant' has a heavier side with a 'guest' singer and some heavy guitars. It's a good album but difficult to get into one box which is probably the best thing for a band not to stick into one style. 90/100

one machine

One Machine : "The Final Cull" CD 2015 Scarlet Records. Uk Heavy Thrash Death band, an album that kicks ass ! Incredible musicians can only bring a masterpiece! Influences :Testament, Forbidden, Dearly Beheaded, Eidolon, Pantera, Artillery, Machine Head, Helloween....the label brings us a good surprise for the summer 100/100


Lachrymose : "Carpe Noctum" CD 2015 Pure steel publishing. Greek Dark Gothic Doom symphonic metal band. Basically Rotting Flesh members have made this band. It's pretty depressing to me, very heavy dark atmosphere with a kinda opera vocals joinging bands such as Nightwish a bit of growling male vocals, it's deep it's cold it freezees your blood. Not for every souls outhere. Not my stuff at all 80/100


Enertia : "Piece of the factory" CD 2015 Divebomb records. USA Powermetal as its best with an awesome cover artwork showing a man living all his life working and dying in his factory! Musically it's close to Flotsam & Jetsam late releases very heavy sound and kick as tunes you'll love from the beggining added a band's hard work to get the best from themselves and the passion leading to wait for that awesome album to come. This band moshes hard! Also for fans of Resistance and late Heretic , You should check it out now!!! 100/100


Eradikator : "Edge of humanity" CD 2015 Divebomb records. UK Heavy Thrash band, the cover as the name might may you think of Death Metal but it's not. Musically it is funny cos I would call them a mix of Testament and White Zombie ;) mostly cos of the voice sometimes on heavier songs. The groove make me think of bands such as Slammer. IT has those great riffs and heavy kickin tunes so it moves through the songs which are focused on the body! It's a great album and the fact it brings some memories will please most of you . A great album 95/100


Wulfhook : "The impaler" CD 15 Divebomb Records. USA Heavy Metal that's blowing your ears by the perfection with high pitch vocals and kickin as songs. They even have covered a Van Halen song! Influences Paragon, Judas Priest, Cage, Saxon , RAM, Annihilator, Mercyful Fate... this is excellent! Voted best album by Metal Zone Prod.666


Poltergeist : "Nothing lasts forever" CD deluxe edition 2015 Divebomb Records. That great Thrash band deserves a lasting life and the label repressed and remixed the first demo and album of this cool band to get a great collectible with lots of photos and a new interview of member Pulver. So for you all maniacs this time to discover or rediscover that great band and own a piece of history! Get your hands on it now!!! 100/100

watch them burn

Watch them Burn :"same title" MCD self release. Italian Thrash Death Black Metal band. Five intense powerfull and heavy tracks. This is kicking bad ass and people will love it live. 95/100

obscene entity

Obscene Entity : "Lamentia" CD 2015 Tridoid Records. Album to be released winter this year. Uk brutal Death Metal with extreme touches from Black Metal fast beatting and heavy crazyness. A great mix with some passages cooling down reminding sometimes Morbid Angel, Entombed, Nile etc... this is for the fans of the genre. 80/100

exquisite ending

Exquiste Ending : "The Rite of Misanthropism" CD 2015 Hibernacula records. Album to be released this autumn. Uk Black Metal band is creating a story with albums and this one is V to IX with 5 exploding tracks. The intro is a reverse speaking voice followed by an occult cercle calling Satan. Musically it has that Dimmu Borgir touch mixed Behemoth, this is really a band that keeps the roots of that style. The cover has many complicated ideas but it will please all the maniacs. 95/100

countless skies

Countless Skies : "Solace" single .Self release Uk extreme Black Metal destruction. A beautiful image to support the music. It shreds you in a minute to pieces get yourself protected. 90/100


Kaine : "Justice Injustice" single. The band is on the internet wagon giving songs one by one. Meanwhiile the line up has changed since the recording has been done so it's the last song with the band as we know it. It has a fury and big energy that blows towards the listener. It got a heavy starts in the vein of Metallica/ Megadeth style and anger in Rage 's voice. It kicks ass there is no doubt. The band has a fan base that will never die!!! excellent 100/100

fake healer

Fake Healer : "Two Words" CD 2015 self release. Italian Heavy Metal band formed by ex Frozen Tears members decided to bring some of their best influences in one band. That album has first a cool logo , two words looking the same and a cover made by Markus Vesper related to one of the song on the album and titled. The first track bring us back to the 80's with bands such as Attila, Helix etc... the good old sound ;) the more you get to the end the more it got influenced from 90's but still keeping it's influences from the past. The singer has sometimes a Dickinson touch, sometimes Udo, sometimes Dokken...a variety of influences and sound as well in the music. The last track has more recent influence with a most agressive voice and heavier sound. Whatever the influences you can catch the band has that Metal sound which doesn't age in time and will please all the new as old Metalheads for sure. A great album 90/100


Skraeckoedlan: "Sagor" LP 2015 Razzia Records. The Album is set to be released in august this year. Swedish Stoner/pop band with an awesome illustration recorded with the biggest engineers that album will get many people into the groove. Down tuned guitars lots of reverb and a slow motion tempo sounding like the clouds flying on top of the mountains. A female chorus can be heard sometimes, it can make you tripping as it kinda joins the 70's hippie style a bit with an atmophere floating around, It's ok to have a peace moment mostly in bars would be could while talking... 80/100

Kodiak jack

Kodiak Jack : "Scars" CD 2015 Angry Badger records. Uk Rock/Pop/Grunge band. The kind of band I really dislike, the one that will go on radio and tv without any trouble. This is sugar music and will be loved as much as Roby williams and co by teenage girls. There is nothing in this apart from popular sound to reach the medias. 50/100


Adligate :"New Blood Chapter" CD 2015 Pure steel Records. German Heavy Metal band, hard to put into a case as they have many influences , the album starts with a cool intro presuming a Hard Rock style then some songs have that Phil Anselmo Pantera touch. So it's heavy and cool at the same time you should get it easilly. 75/100

diabol boruta

Diabol Boruta : "Stare Gledzby" CD 2015 Pure Steel Publishing. Poland Celtic, Dancing Folk Melodic Metal band. A really beautiful painting for the cover and a music that is played fast! With a raw voice reminding sometimes Max Cavalera , RDP and else and flutes and all dancing instruments. A band that will make a great moshing pit in Wacken Open Air and else!!!! This is excellent even if it's not really Metal but it's a fun with melodies so it reminds me those Tankard drunk fun covers ;) Go on you will love it! 100/100


Diemonds : "Never wanna die" CD 2015 Naplam Records. Canada Heavy Metal band with an awesome cover reminding Ed repka /Megadeth style. I must say this is my fav album! It is very entertaining and although most songs are around 3mns it grooves so much I can't get them out of my head and just press play again and again! The influences are still very large and so I'm gonna give you ideas they have tiny bits reminding many bands which makes it very special and we can say they have their own style and it kicks ass. U'll get pieces of Skid Row, Megadeth, The Donnas, Mortillery, Saraya, Girschool, Crucified Barbara, Lita Ford , Twisted Sister, Skew Siskin and so on...A lot of 80's inspiration with fun videos.The mix is just very clean and heavy it will please many metalheads and you will headbang and mosh 'till you fall into the grave! Voted best album by Metal Zone Prod.666 for august 100/100.

the fox

Live review from Pagan= Roadhog - Fox and Goose - Southport - 22.8.15 Genre: Bone Crunching Classic Rock .Biography: “Formed from the ashes of Trailertrash, with the sole aim of playing bone crunching classic rock covers in bars and at bike rallies. Kevo and Graham recruited Neil thru the muso network to keep it rockin' and real!!...and now with the rock steady Raymondo on drums!” read the whole here


Hiraeth - The World ends with you - 4 Track EP - Polymath PR - To be released 28th September 2015 With shows booked, people screaming their name in the right places and a feverish hunger for World domination; Hiraeth are set for big things. Keep your eyes peeled in 2015, as you’ve just met your next favourite band!” Pagan's review read the whole here

raising the veil

Raising the Veil : A Phenomena of grand proportions!“This album is so good it hurts!” Pagan's review read the whole here

screaming the beast

Screaming Beast : "Assail and Conquer" pagan's review - 3 Track E.P - To be released 1st September 2015My only ‘meh’ moment is it doesn’t last long enough – so I think the guys should seriously knuckle down and produce a full length album in order for people to truly get to grips with their impacting sound once and for all, instead of just teasing the masses. Read the whole here

machine rox

Machine Rox :" Electric Bang Machine" - pagan review 6 Track E.P - Static Distortion Records - Synchrotrax Records - Released 1st August 2015“Machine Rox began as the solo project of Richard K, the musician/songwriter taking rich experiences and adventures from being part of industrial metallers MEAT MACHINE and GLOBAL NOISE ATTACK, with whom he shared stages with the likes of Rammstein, Napalm Death, and Covenant, into his new creative intent. Read the whole here

Petrol Bastard : " U R FUK" - 4 Track E.P - Released 26.07.15 pagan's review More love than you could shake a stick at! Genre: Electronic Punk Rock / Break-step – in other words twatty techno punk bullshit! And now for something completely different..


read the whole here


Mazzey :"Reincarnation" - 8 Track Album - Released 31st December 2014 - pagan's review Mazzey originally started as Genocide in September 1994, then changed their name to Denied Death in October the same year and finally settling on Mazzey in November 1994. read the whole here


Ahab : "The boats of the glen carrig" CD 2015 Napalm Records. What an awesome cover artwork!!! Germany Doom/pop Brutal Death is kinda weird to me. It has nothing that Metal bands have apart from that growling voice. Only 5 tracks of pure intense madness. Two are at least 30mins long....It is very slow heavy down tuned like you are playing a 12"Lp at 7" speed! It is really boring for me and it's a shame cos at first sight I was expecting something really cool doom. One part is very low and cool like pop and then it explodes your speaker with a heavy loud sound. Not sure who can enjoy this album such its strange.60/100

children of seraph

Children of Seraph : "self titled" Demo 4 tracks from USA Power Metal band. Very melodic singer and melodies, powerfull rifs and cool solos. A great cover with tiger and a goddess angel ;) Influences are close to Maiden, Metal Church,Overkill, Manowar...A very promising band. 90/100

my own chaos

My Own Chaos : "Prisoner of war" Single self release. A clean intro very soft like before the baby falls asleep then the power comes with connie's voice and heavy riffs. A growling voice is although part of it towards the end with a faster tempo. Then it comes back to the early part of the heavy and melodic song. So there is a story and the music describes it by the changes. 80/100

jackson firebird

Jackson Firebird : "Sake the breakdown" CD 2015 Napalm Records. Australian Rock/Punk/ Heavy strong guitars that kick straight into the stomach and smash your face. Although they have plenty of 70's influences I don't like the way the singer sings (ex Rappy style rage against the machine) influences can be found from Led Zep, T-Rex, ZZtop, Beck, Aerosmith, really need to get your way through it. There is nothing original but it can pleases you to dance and remember your fav tunes! 75/100

Luna rise

Luna Rise : "Dark days &bright Nights" NRT records. Germany Rock/New Wave/ Gothic band. Difficult to review such a band, although one cover is really easy to remember the 80's and one song having a great guitar solo. Most of the songs are very dark vibe and cool tunes. Not really to dance to! It can easilly play in the background or maybe one song on the radio but it's really for the people who enjoys this kind of music. I'm speechless cos it doesn't catch me at all it's cold. 60/100


Ripio :"" 2015 new album coming I had three tracks to listen to and I can say the man is keeping is good heavy metal going. 90/100

perfect being

Perfect Beings : "II" CD october 2015 My Sonic Temple recs. USA Pop/Rock/Progressive/Jazz/New wave...It 's difficult to review such band an album. First there is no name on the cover, secondly musically it's too soft for me. Although you can find influences from Pink Floyd, Yes, The Beatles, ....etc.. it's like a big trip into the quietest place you can go! This is the kind of album you need an headphone to listen to unless you live in a house where you can play it loud cos it's really low! The mix probably is made with many effects to get that 'perfect' sound but for me it's too much. It's simple I get so bored I don't even listen to it...Imagine you're sleeping on the grass and the only sounds you hear are from the nature. Personnaly I prefer the birds but that's my opinion. Many who like it quiet and very relaxing will love it. Not for real rockers it's just a tiny drop into their tunes. 75/100

bounded by fate

Bound By Fate :"Steadfast" CD self release 2015. USA Power Thrash Metal band. If you want something that explode into your head then this is the band you wanna hear! The singer is very inspired by Rob Flynn (machine head) sometimes trying to sound like Max cavalera (sepultura) or even Phil Anselmo (pantera) his got a very heavy voice bouncing the whole album. Unfortunetly it lacks of solos which makes it for me a bit annoying... the band wants to kick ass heavy tunes and wanting you to mosh. The last track has a great bass intro and grooving following. 80/100

show me wolves

Show me Wolves : "Between man , god and false idols" CD 2015 Merdrumgirlz Records. Iceland Black Metal / Death / Dark Gothic/ man project mixing many influences. Although they are some cool passages it changes too much styles so I prefer the cool parts with sometimes melodies. It feels like ideas joined to make songs so you may need to get used to changes like that. It will please many people.Give it a listen and make up your mind! 70/100

nuclear detonation

Nuclear Detonation : "Living dead,sons of lobotomy" CD 2015 Iron Shield Records. Italian Thrash Metal with the cover artwork that is so easy to recognize ;) This is heavy as fuck not much speed reminding some old late 80's bands. It's groovy and moshy! You will love it. Basically you will hear so many influences it's just so good they manage to get their own sound. Some craziness on some songs they even managed to get that early fast guitar sound on the last track! You wanna know the influences : Pitiful Reign, Warpath, Evile, Annihilator, Lost Society, some Death Metal riffs here n there, Municipal Waste for the fast parts, Megadeth, Flotsam n jetsam late, Nuclear Assault edge, Meliah Rage, late Wrath.... well it goes on n on. 95/100


Creature : "Ride the Bullet " CD 2015 Karthago Records. German Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band. An 80's band that make a new album with the sound of the early days! The cover shows the alien who has landed to destroy the earth. The band has its own sound so it's difficult to give them a sticker. Surprisingly each song has something different from the influences and it gives just a full impression you are back in the 80's again! A main influence on several songs is Judas Priest, some Thin Lizzy,Iron Maiden, Deep purple, Def Leppard, Manowar (you gotta listen to understand) ,Savage, Whitesnake, Dokken, ACDC,Scorpions... well you will find your way and just love the album. It's good to rock and shake ! I just think the mix should be better but that's the only bit to me that anoys me I think they could have a great production to lift the whole ...85/100


Witches : "The Hunt" CD 2015 Self produced. Thrash/ Death Metal band from France. Sibylle is back with a new line up and a great album that will blow your mind. Excellent cover design that really has the spirit of the band, kick ass songs with tons of power and heavy guitars as melodies, some cool passages. You can buy online or physical copies and the band will tour with Venom and Vader! It's really awesome and you will find some influences from early 90's Death Metal bands as 80's Thrash. Atheist, Holy Moses, Morgoth, Pestilence, Kreator, Dissection, Death....I think they're gonna be dead people in the pit ;) Headbang and mosh 'till you drop! come on get this masterpiece!!!! 100/100

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