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Dogbane : "When Karma Comes Calling" CD 2015 Heaven And Hell Records. The band is back with another great groovy album that reminds the 80's with a cover close to Gream Reaper. They have their sound pretty forged into Metal. Their songs are still talking about life so we can say they stick to their roots and it's good to hear! The fifth song 'devil by the horns' has a Sabbatish touch ;) This is a great album and I can't stop listening to it. I bought it on Bandcamp as it's digital but will be released soon for sell on hard copies! One of the best band that represent well that label. It's fukin pure Heavy Metal and it rocks 100/100


Satyricon : "Live at the opera" DVD + CDS 2015 Napalm Records. When I received it I was a bit sceptical as the last time I heard about them they were going on an industrial way... To my surprise it's an awesome piece of collection you fans should have! Recorded in 2013 and having at least 20 opera singers on the back is quite something. This is not comparable to anything done in the past by Metal bands. Most bands uses sample keyboards to get that atmosphere here you can listen and see the real people giving 100% of the voice to kick the band's musical creations. The beggining starts slowly with a long intro and people are sitting cos it's an opera... Then after few songs the singer ask people to get up and the tension and powerfull black metal arrises. I must say I like it although I won't listen everyday but I can see the work done here and it worth to be seen! The lights are great , the video of each members are well done you kinda feel like you're in the crowd and there is an exchange with the band and the choir. Only northern countries can mix such style and people. I imagine people who don't like Metal singing with a band but there is so much power and energy than everyone is happy of this experience at the end. Well done it's a great and original creation. Two CDs in case you want to live the experience in your car or in your bedroom. Get it now!!! 100/100


Sirenia : "The seventh Lie path" CD 2015 Napalm records. Although I love their cover artwork this is not the kind of band I listen. They mix Heavy Metal , Symphonic. Gothic, Prog, Black Metal.... well it's too messy for me. The female singer has a great voice and if it stayed that way that would be great but the growling male voice coming from times to times bothers me. It's too 'clean' I mean it sounds to me like nothing links together it just come here. 'let's do a black metal part' ...I've been listening to it while working and it was fine until that growl came out and those gothic passages...Don't get me wrong it's a great album for the new kids the sound is just so digital it has no life to me. I probably keep one or two songs and that 's what people do now while buying on Itunes. For the fans. 90/100


Kamelot : "Haven" CD 2015 Napalm Records. AOR/Pop/ melancolic Gothic.. The band is pretty known and have a wide fan base but to me it never been a real band, too many brought pieces.. one female singer on this song .etc... They have reached the limit to 'rockstar' title. It's getting more pop and if you can hear a bit of Within Temptation (mother earth intro) and Delain's charlotte voice it has nothing original to me. It's flat a bit like sirenia too 'clean' so perfect it kills me. I don't know how they do live cos it must be tough cos they can't have all the singers with them. It's probably a studio band. It's a good album and would plays fine on the radio but you have the impression of a compilation as it keeps changing. Also Voices Alissa White Gluz and Troy Donockley. You must love keyboards as it's full of them that mainly leads the music! IT's a good band for girls melty and so melodramatic to cry for... It's an album to get in the charts. 90/100

civil war

Civil War: "Gods and the generals" CD 2015 Napalm Records. Heavy Metal/Power Metal with keyboards getting 80's sound with modern one,The cover artwork is amazing, the singer's voice is a mix between David Coverdale and Udo but with a much melodic sound . If the band got my attention with that singer I regret the keyboards are once again what leads the music and it pisses me off as I hate keys...Third song called 'Braveheart" sounds like making a movie for those years. They have that dancing way of playing like those german bands that make people shake during live shows. They probably like Runing Wilde,Grave Digger and so on... but it's more comedy type of album. I imagine the theatre show ;) on broadway! Although they are some heavy rythms sometimes the whole is very concentrated on the atmosphere of the 'war' era. The 9th track is actually my favorite as there is a good solo and vibe like Dio or even a bit of Manowar but It 's just one song ;( 80/100

Tengger Cavalery

Tengger Cavalery : "Self titled" CD 2015 Indus / Folk/ Pagan/ Oriental...They are using their instruments mixed with heavy guitars it's all about atmosphere and feelings, no vocals at all. Wind instruments, strings instruments...the story lies between the songs titles a journey into the ancesters of time. Some kind of relaxation music!!! The last two songs are old ones with screams and fast guitar riffs.80/100

prefect fault

Perfect Fault : "Electric mountain" CD 2015. Pagan 's review " This little jaunty four track E.P of just 14 minutes 34 seconds long is just a taster of what Perfect Fault have in store. The catchy lyrics are cleverly written with words you can relate to, if a bit cheesy in places, but highly memorable all the same!" the whole click here

attack of the rising

Attack of the rising : "self titled" CD 2014 Allyoucaneat music records. LA Heavy Metal band. Mainly influenced by Iron Maiden , Attila...80's Metal! It's rockin tunes that lift you up to the ground and kick your butt. Great solos, a voice that rocks simple songs that make it just enough for moshing you down. you can buy their 5tx CD on Bandcamp! You can check their brand new video from january 2015 on utube or their website 95/100


Barbelith : "Mirror unveilled" CD 2015 Grimoire Records. USA Black Metal 4Trx of intense pure madness, one track beeing just bloody noise then it gets cooler to get back to madness. For the fans of the old Black Metal fast raw and noisy!!! 60/100


Goatblood : "Adoration of blasphemy and war" CD 2015 Dunkeilheit Produktionen. German Brutal Death/Black Metal. The covers says it all we are back to the gutter of hell, red and black design with loads of details from satan sitting on his chair. This is for the purest fan of the genre raw low sound dirty fast blasphemic music. 70/100


Grethor :"Cloaked in Decay" CD 2015 self released. USA brutal Death/Black Metal band. Back to the early 90's with impossible reading logo, the voice is sharky and they are great guitar riffs that will please all the Death Metal maniacs you just need to love that screaming voice which is not easy to like. The mix is very good and they are real creations on the music. 60/100


Agos : "Irkalla Transcendence" LP 2015 Damantion Productions. Greek Death/Black Metal with 3 long tracks. Powerfull cover and great mix this is for the fans who loves it blasting. A really good production! They have some great riffs we can hear in the first 90's Death Metal bands such as Death, Pestilence, Obituary and more with the fast tunes running and screaming growling voice. Mind your ears!!! 85/100


Necro : "Alien Deviant Circus" CD 2015 Black Metal with an indus sound.

max pie

Max Pie : "Odd memories" CD 2015 Mausoleum Records. Power Metal / Progressive /Aor. Although I loved the older album I reviewed I might say this one is not much my taste. The cover as some digital artwork and so the music sounds like too! The intro is very annoying to me just long keyboard sound...The album is driven too much by keyboard and as you have already read I don't like it. Some songs are good and with a very melodic and entertaining vibe to hit the charts in the tv and radio medias. It's a good album for the ones who like those kind of sounds for sure it will gain lots of fans. I feel like the band is taking another direction much more wider audiences. 90/100


Siriun : " In Chaos we Trus"t - Pagan's review -8 Track Album - Polymath - Released 9th November 2014 Siriun In Chaos we Trust 8 Track Album Polymath Released 9th November 2014 Siriun was founded by guitarist/vocalist Alexandre Castellan in 2014 as a way to give life to his musical ideas, he decided that if he were to give his creation the powerit needed he required the best. Enter world renowned drummer Kevin Talley (Six Feet Under, Daath, Feared, Suffocation, Devil Driver, Battle Cross, etc. alongside Castellan’s long-time friend Hugo Machado on bass, the power trio have succeeded in knocking out a quality Master-class in forward thinking extremity!" read the whole here


Blacken Light : "Manage the Decay" Pagan's review - Single Track - Released 2nd November 2014 Blacken Light Manage the Decay Single Track Released 2nd November 2014 “Blacken Light cast its first shadow in June of 2011 as a solo project to continue making Metal Music after a long Hiatus from the scene. With Influences that Include Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, Pantera, Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, Kansas and many more, Blacken Light is continuing the Old School Metal tradition.This is a Metal/Blues Song that tells the story of how a man struggles to exist, rather than live, his life!” read the whole here


Humangled : "Prodomes of a flatline" CD 2015 Abyss Records Italian Brutal Death Metal. When I saw the cover I though that might be a great band. Although I'm not fan I must say it 's a good album. They have that agressive riffs from early Death Metal bands and a voice that growls heavy. A mix of early Morbid Angel, Massacre, Morgoth, Cannibal Corspe, Vomitory, .... you will love it! 95/100


Starquake : "Times that matter" CD 2015 Pure Rock Records. Hard Rock / Pop/ rock/ New wave... The album cover reminds those books with fary tales for kids. The music is weird to me, first songs are a mix between Pink Floyd and Deep Purple, one song starts like techno stuff and the voice which has a strange effect. Some influence from Blue Oyster Cult , a very big influence of Metallica 'nothing else matters' and Load stuff... some 70's parts with harmon keyboards and intro kinda Maiden... well the one man project with guest musicians make an album with all his musical tastes and influences. It's a good album if you like to change from one music style to another like a radio station or compilation. It doens't do it for me. It misses originality and far from the cover that drives you to an imaginary land. 60/100


Mellevon :

"Solace" CD 2014 self release. Canada Black Metal/Hardcore/Dance/Hip hop... a band that got probably the wish to change the music but it doesn't do it for me. 55/100

Omega Diatribe : "Abstract Ritual" CD 2015 - Pagan 's review -Hydrozoan Periods The frenzy continues as the ever ripening riffs grow to their extreme intensity and ravish the aural cavities with their vibrant blazing adventure. Vocally unbelievable as they scour the depths of depravity! read the whole here

Serpentyne :" myths and muses" CD 2015 - Pagan's review -

Occasionally an album gets sent over that you simply cannot ignore and this is one such time. Serpentyne have created an amazing album that uses instruments that aren’t in every day use like the Didgeridoo, Horns, Cittole, Bouzouki, Nickelharpa and Hurdy Gurdy, and composed 11 of the most beautifully inspiring tracks ever.Read the whole here


Mortishead : " blood drive" CD 2015 - Pagan's review -The evil emanates from every disgusting pore that the band have created.  This is a ravaging hotbed of coarse tonsil inflicted malignancy that borders on hysteria! Its melodic core is nothing but caustic and highly potent and most definitely addictive in every sense of the word! It must be as I have listened 666 times already! Hmmm that number seems familiar! read the whole here


Kamchatka : "long Road made of gold" CD 2015 70's rock with cool tunes matching the cover with those country instruments in the western civilization. The voice is changing through the album reminding some 80's singers. It reminds also sometimes when Lenny Kravitz made an album inspired by the 70's simple guitar's a cool album. 90/100


Golers : "South Moutain strike " 2015 Sel Release. Canada Speed Punk Hardcore. Reminding a bit of Nail Bomb, Machine Head covers, just fast craziness. 14 trx!!! such fast songs could be DRI type ahah just faster...This is the rerelease of the album from 1999! it's gonna be digital. This is good for a moshpit that kills!!! 95/100


Wrathage : "Discipline" CD 2015 Maa production. Finland Death/Black Metal band. This is madness power for the fans of the genre. It kicks ass with sometimes melodies but mostly fast tunes. 70/100

thunder rising

Thunder Rising : "Sole Freedom" Digital release 2015 Scarlet Records. Well the guys are musicians well known so that explains why the first notes get kick you straight into the face!!! It's 5 tracks of energy and powerfull hard rock songs. The first one reminds me Bon Jovi 'new jersey' some keys reminding influence from Deep Purple but a slight touch. Some songs getting back to the 80's LA Metal acts. With a nice ballad ;) This is perfect the best we can hear that keeps those excellent years alive. Catchin solos and melodies that will make you cry and jump of happiness!!! 100/100


Darktribe : "The Modern Age" CD 2015 Scarlet Records. Weird intro with electronic sounds thinking it's a techno band then the guitar arrives and the music stands it's tunes. A progressive Power Metal band with high pitch vocals. Reminding a bit of Gaia Epicus inspired by Helloween, Yes, etc...100/100

stench of Humanity

Stench of Humanity : "Anton's key" CD 2015 - Pagan's review- Genre: Extreme Metal, Grind Core, Speed Metal, Hard Core, Anarcho.. And what seems like out of nowhere comes Stench of Humanity! Anarchy rules on this extreme mix of grind core and hard core – the malodour just bites into your flesh as soon as you listen. read the whole here


Dienamic : "Afterlife" CD 2015 -Pagan's review- Genre: Arctic Death Groove Thrash With Eivind Kjær Killie, Kenneth Iversen Muotkajærvi, Gustav Harry Lindquist, Stein-Odin Johannessen and Ole Tobias Kvalstotte. Read the whole here


Kaine : "Falling through freedom" CD 2015 - Pagan's review - The Kings of NWOBHM are back! With a new single entitled ‘Quality of Madness’ and quality it is for Sure? This single released with the new line-up consisting of (Davids/MacKinnon/Mailer/Murch/Sadler) a true force to be reckoned with. Recorded live at Short Stack Studios and produced/mastered by Jaz Powell. Read the whole here


Potergeist : "Crocodile tears" CD 2015 - Pagan's review - “It’s fascinating as it is impacting and Potergeist have pulled all the stops out on this 9 track album and given us catchy rhythms and enthralling beats that capture their essence superbly well!” read the whole here

fate's right band

Fate's Right Band : "Knucklebuster hits" CD 2015. Swedish Rock N roll/Hard rock. This is kicking tunes as it's written "hits" on the cover those songs are really good .Sometimes making think of Guns n roses, sometimes Scorpions... it has all the component to mosh you!This album will get big exposure and fan base very fast.100/100

coal Chamber

Coal Chamber : "Rivals" CD 2015 Napalm records. I saw this band when they opened for Machine Head back in 1997 I guess... they were what we called Nu Metal and I didn't like it at all. This new album is kinda enjoyable at some point for me as it reminds some old tunes with a very heavy mix and vocals. Reminds me a bit of first Skinlab mixed with White Zombie and a bit of Ministry and Pantera...A Thrash downtuned riffs with indus sound! It won't get into my collection but still ok to listen. It still has that crazy vibe from the beggining with no melodies nor solos. A bit of Soulfly type with that drums on some songs. 14 songs of madness getting your head messed up ;) 80/100

sleeping karma

My Sleeping Karma : "Moksha" CD 2015 Napalm Records. This german band has made a journey into the peacefull place to hypnotize everybody! When you see an elephant waving the sign of Metal you don't expect to have that ambient relaxing music! As the cover shows it ;) The first long track is in the vein of Pink Floyd slow tunes coming gently into life. Obviously each track has a story since they have all interludes like intros. This is good for a therapy , I don't see the band live although some 70's bands have done it so they might do ;) prepare your pillows!!! 100/100


Spellcaster : "spellcaster" CD 2015 Stormspell records. Heavy Metal band reminding the 80's!!! it's so good very melodic, one song is inspired by maiden n the singer reminds a bit Ram at some point.This is fuking good! Support young bands and get this album 100/100 Voted Best band for May by Metal Zone Prod.666!!!


Starborn : "The dreaming City" CD 2015 Stormspell Records. Uk Heavy Metal that sure needs exposure such it's perfect! Great influences and songs creations. It's stunning how the 80's are always there with bands like this who really know how to write such awesomeness! High pitch vocals and melodies a mix from Helloween, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Sanctuary, Metal Church . .. 5 tracks of pure enjoyement the last one beeing the longest, this is a trend killer meaning you can get cheap price so don't hesitate and buy young bands! 100/100 Voted Best band for May by Metal Zone Prod.666!!!

doomsday outlaw

Doomsday Outlaw : "Black River" CD 2015 BJF Media. UK Doom/Stoner/Hard Rock /rock band with a sound very deep and heavy guitars. It's groovy you'll headbang slowly so you won't damage your hair...It lacks of changement in the creation much more like the same line except that Iron Maiden melodic intro on the 6th track and a bit of Sabbath tune on the 7th one. A good album much more for rockers and bikers ;) 80/100


Seven7: "The Follower" CD 2015 MGP records. UK Rock /Progressive band with a sound and music better to be enjoyed live. Listening the album I can feel the universe of the band with lights and stage presence... musically if I was first scared by the cover not to know what to has some guitars you can hear in solo guitarists such as satriani and else but it's a tiny touch. The singer has a broken voice which scratches my hears and it makes me think of those new 90's bands such as Nickelback, a bit of Pearl Jam not much Metal . It has that cold feeling I really can't enjoy and bores me. It has some grunge influence mixed with the progressive guitar tech and depressing atmosphere. 60/100

Desolate Pathway

Desolate Pathway : "Valley of the king" CD 2015 self produced. Uk Doom Metal with an edge of 80's New Wave tunes. I'm sorry to say it gives me the creep! The song 'desolate pathway' has a vibe of the first Paradise Lost but very depressing making think of Gothic music. It has that kind of The Cure , Depeche Mode feel...not the typical doom we get used to. I can recal the singer tries to imitate Ozzy's way of singing on one song it still doesn't do the Sabbath stuff. 70/100


Akasava : "Strange Aeons" CD 2015. Here we have a weird cover artwork and no bands name on it. 6 tracks of rock/punk/pop madness. French Band calling themselves Psyco occult band. Diverse influences giving a nice and entertaining creation nearly impossible to give a sticker too! Each song has a different vibe and inspiration from the 70's to the 80's It will get loved by many people so a wide audience! 90/100

never a hero

Never a hero : "Unevolution" CD 2015 BJF media.Uk Alternative Rock band with a unique logo! This is easy listening and the kind you can see on tv and hear in the radios. Melodic voice and crunchy guitars in the vein of Paramore and all the bands that play those kinds of stuff. It will please japan people as they bring some electronic beats onto it making think also a bit of Linkin Park without the rap. 60/100


Resistance : " Volume 1 - Battle scars" CD 2015 Metal Machine Records. USA Heavy/Thrash Metal band always giving 100% of their effort to make great albums. This is one called volume 1 so they have probably already got another one in the coffin ;) Keeping their 16th Century type of Hero on their covers with awesome artwork to kill for. From the first note you can hear the machine running full of 80's influences : Heathen, Metal Church, Saxon, Manowar, Abattoir, Heretic, Accept, Overkill, ...Great album with lots of emotion and power 100/100

san of worms

Can of Worms : "Kult of Nuke " - pagan's review - Great Dane Records - Released 27th April 2015 The bands album was released December 21, 2012 and received an excellent reception from web-zines, and columnists into all genres that even compared the group to monuments like Testament, Machine Head, Slayer and Legion of the Damned. The group is far from wanting to stop there and are determined to show what they still have left in their bellies!!” read it all here


XVII : "From the Ashes " - pagan's review - Released Sunday 24th May 2015 The first track on this blistering E.P also entitled “From the Ashes” has a real heavy primal lust attached to its flanks of steel with full on vocal attack and has exciting temptation carved within its bones! The beats are feisty while the guitars tease and taunt with a persistent creative tendency. Vocally it offers clean but also interesting ferocious aggression. Read it all here


Xenofanes : "Pissing on the holy grail" CD 2015 Iron Shield Records. Swedish Speed Thrash Metal with big influence from Slayer!!! Although they started in mid 90's they got plenty of 80's influences : Kreator, Destruction, Dark Angel, ... it's kinda fresh with old tunes ;) must be in your collection! A pure kicking ass album with the last song beeing 10m long with some kind of Dissection like with melodies and such...95/100


Terminus : "the reaper's spiral" CD 2015 Stormspell records. Irish Heavy Metal / Power Metal having a cover with much details like stephen king's representation of tormented souls.Pounding drums with driven guitar riffs and a singer with a melodic voice with guts. Influences that pop into my mind Sanctuary, Seventh 's calling, Eidolon, Blue Oyster Cult, Iron Maiden for the twins guitars...not much solos though a bit of warrior vibe. Great mix with a clean sound and lyricaly well sung. It's a good album 90/100

mercy brown

Mercy Brown : "self Titled" LP 2015 self produced. Brutal Death/Black from USAwith a melodic female singer. Honestly I was a bit septical cos the music has great heavy riffs but the singer is kinda out of the style but somehow fits into it!!! Imagine those fast heavy tunes from Cannibal Corpse mixed Voivod technical parts. Using inverted chords to give a special sound and universe that uses Opeth, the vocal is like beeing in a psychatric hospital sometimes feeling like the cover exploded! The singer changes many times style sometimes very melodic like Sharon (within temptation) sometimes more pop and sometimes rock punk kinda way and distorted like Cadaveria on some tracks. This gives a special atmosphere to the bands's style. A tiny part of Indus reminding Ministry mainly inspirations from the 90's Sepultura, Machine Head and all the new Metal bands riffs and sound. A great and original band that will get your attention! 90/100

gazoline guns

Gazoline guns: "Rock n Metal " Demo 2015 Ukraine Punk Rock band with a raw voice in the vein of Tom Angelripper (Sodom). Short songs with easy riffs. The last song beeing a moshing one that will start the pit but they would need more tunes to blow. A cool band that rocks , the sound is not bad for a demo. 70/100


Code : "Live in the Netherlands" CD 2015 Heidens Hart. UK fast Black Metal .This is for the fans of the genre except they had some songs out of the style...mostly beating like Dimmu Borgir, Marduk, Behemoth and else and suddenly getting into the bizard like Pink floyd! Some kind of 80's New wave /Goth inspiration. As this is a live the sound is not as perfect as a studio release but yet still get the power and vibe the band lives through. 80/100

blizzard hunter

Blizzard Hunter:"Heavy Metal to the vein" CD 2015 Pure Underground Records. Heavy Metal from Peru, I must say i got a big slap in my face!!! I love to hear bands like that with so much passion and true Heavy! The first tracks made me think of Skull Fist and RAM then it goes on and on with heavy high pitch vocals and just getting back to the bands we love in the 80's. Sancturay, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween, Rage, Raven...I just love it! voted best album by Metal Zone Prod.666 100/100


Slam : "Plan Murder Mayhem"digital release for those who haven't yet heard them they are a uk mosh band playing what comes to their like. Some songs are thrashy some are groovy it's just fukin metal with only music no singer! 80/100

jameson raid

Jameson Raid : "self titled" CD 2015 UK Heavy Metal band rockin with a good 80's sound influences from Saxon, Savage, UFO, rocks hard ;) great mix entertaining tunes 100/100

Killer Khan

Killer Khan : "Kill Devil hills" CD 2015 Heaven and Hell records. USA Heavy Metal band.The opening track already get me back to Ozzy's 80's years! Great solos, entertaining rythms and kick ass tunes. This is way back the 80's influences and it 's so fukin good!!! The only negative point is the mix that sounds too much digital. This is excellent album and i love it check it out you won't be dessapointed. 95/100

hexen hammer

Hexen Hammer : "Underground" CD 2015 Heaven And Hell . This 80's band is back and jeremy has remixed the tapes to get that album available to the public. The band will then write new stuff later on. If you know that band this is your chance to get that album.The good old sound with some early Slayer riffs, Dark Angel, Suicidal Tendencies, some punk a bit of distorted vocals making think of early Death Metal and lots of reverb. Some cool songs with Heavy solos and cool voice. This is a cool band. 80/100


Unhallowed : "Enter Damnation" CD/Digital 2015 Metal Music Austria. Download from Bandcamp. Death / Black Metal which sound cooler than the cover shows. I was expecting a brutal band but it ain't! Some Arch Enemy melodies , Blasting drums and great solos, of course that BM voice that rips your ears. Some kind of Burzum keyboards melodies , Immortal blast, well this is for the fans with a nice touch. Check it out you might like it ;) 80/100

Cemetery Dust : "To rule them all" CD/Digital 2015 Metal Music Austria. Download from Bandcamp. Death/Black metal the singer beeing very inspired by Chuck shuldiner (Death) with a raw sound with blasting riffs and drumming. The sound is sharky for the ears and drives me nuts, The technical shreds are interesting and once again refers to chuck. I regret the mix is too noisy reminding early Black Metal bands. This is special and won't get loved by many except for the big fans of the genre.60/100

angel martyr

Angel Martyr : self titled, self release.Download it on bandcamp, CD for the next year... Italian Heavy Metal band as its best. High pitch vocals sometimes reminding me of Neil Turbin, melodies with great solos 5 tracks of intense ture power that will please your ears. This is awesome with that legendary Heavy Metal from the 80's check em out! 100/100

nuclear assault

Nuclear Assault : "pounder" digital /spotify release 2015. I was surprised to receve news from the band straigtht from spotify in my mail box. The band release a 5Tracks Ep in the vein of their early albums with always fast riffs and cool tempos. Lyrics are very actual and just real. Songs like "Lies" n "analog man" reflets the actual world. The last song "died in your arms" make me thing of John 's solo album a much cooler . In the overall this is the band stick to their best and make a brand new kick ass EP. 100/100

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