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Abbadon incarnate


Adumus :Texan Black Metal band.. Done the right Old Shcool way!!! Corpse paint, sword, Axes and everything needed. Raw fast tempo with some keyboards but played at the right moment. Really a cool band that need to be noticed., check it!!! Black Metal du Texas, tresd bien fait comme les ancients!!! avec la painture sur le corps et les epees et tout ce qui est necessaire. Dur et rapide tempo avec quelques synthe place au bon androit. Vraiment un bon groupe qui a besoin d'etre ecoute.

Agressor : Brazilian Thrash Metal band. This band obiously exist for many years but as there was a French band with the same name...

Akerckoke :Satanic Death/Black Metal from London Uk. I personnaly prefer calling them Real Death Metal band with some BM voices for the touches... they got signed by Peaceville and you can understand why. They are originals as they mix lots of old school Metal mixed with an atmosphere from the deepest darkness which makes it sounded completely different from any other bands. Listen carefully and you'll be sent in Hell with Slayer "reign in blood" and Hypocrisy "Penetralia" Satanic souls. Live is tremendous, magic. If you take drugs stop it ! become a satanic it is better!!! This band is bathed in the soul of SATAN!!! Groupe de Black Metal satanic de Lopndres Angleterre. Je prefere les appelle vrai groupe de Death Metal avec quelques cris de BM pour la touche. Ils ont ete signes par Peaceville et pouvez comprendre pour quoi. Ils sont originaux puisqu'ils mix pleins de vieux riffs avec une atmosphere la plus noire ce qui rend la musique completement differente des autres groupes. Ecoutez attentivement et vous serez envoye en enfer avec Slayer " reign in blood" et Hypocrisy " Penetralia " ames sataniques. En concert c'est geant, magique. Si vous prenez de la drogue arretez! Devenez satanic c'est mieux!!! ce groupe a ete baigne dans le sang de SATAN!!!

Aleuranthropy : Metal Catwoman, artist photographer from the USA. Artiste photographe des Etats Unis fan de Metal .

Alphawolf : Austrian Thrash Metal

Amphitryon is an Original Melodic Death Metal band from France (and that's what you find most these days), they have a melodic approach and only the voice is Death, in the vein of these new bands "Sins of thy beloved..." but better!!! yeah, they have trhee girls on the Choral and it is magic! this drives you in a beautiful world, imagine the kind of choir from churches but here are worked like real voices you find usually in Pop/Rock bands in the background as choir but very present and actually make the charm of this original band. The main voice is Dry Death so just to make the hard side of the music and is accompagnied by another male voice more melodic. All of this give a good mix and an originality into the Metal life. A true Metal band with a good imagination .Groupe original de Death metal melodique de France (ce que l'on trouve de plus en plus de nos jours) ils ont une approche melodique et seulement le voix est Death, dans la meme lignee que les groupes "Sins of thy beloved... mais meilleur! Et oui ils ont trois filles aux choeurs et tres presentes ce qui fait actuellement le charme de ce groupe original. la voix primante est Death mais il y a une autre voix masculine qui est melodique. Tout ca donne un bon mix et une originalite dans le monde du Metal, un vrai groupe de Metal avec une bonne imagination.

A.N.A.E.L : French Indus Death Metal band. reminds me SUP...Groupe Francais d'Indus Death metal qui me rappelle SUP...Groupo Frances de Indus Death Metal, que hacer me pienso a SUP...

Ancestral Myst : Black Metal from France, many compare the mto Emperor, for me I hear some original BM which got influences from different kind of music and not just BM, they have a cool passage that could come from Jazz or Pop and the way it sounds please me , a raw BM but still with a melodie which makes it apart from the masses.Black Metal de France souvent compare a Emperor, pour moi j'entends du vrai vieux BM avec des origines d'autres styles musicaux, ils ont un passage tres cool de jazz et popet la facon d'etre joue me plait beaucoup.

Ancient Malus : USA Black Metal with some Thrash Metal influences.

Antagony: U.S.A Grind/Death/Thrash Metal band, this lads have full on imaginations and are really cool for everybody to listen to even if Grind is not your stuff, musicaly it's more Thrash oriented so you can only appreciate. Really different from the Grind that you can hear, the attitude is the same : gore, but the music is really cool so come on give it a go!

Arabesque : Holland Progressive Metal band, some growly vocals and some heavy riff mixed with the cool progressive music which gives a nice and interesting listen.Groupe progressive de Holland, un peu de distortion sur la voix a certains moments et des riffs Heavy mixe au progressive ce qui donne un melange sympa.

Arbormundi : WEBzine from Romania for every kind of music. Un webzine de Roumanie pour tous les styles de music.

Arachnoid: Sweden Young Metal band, a mix of Hard Rock and Thrash Metal.Jeune groupe de Swede, mix de Hard rock et Thrash.

Archaeus: french Metal bands that have influences from Death/Black/Grind and don't really intend to be categorised in any of these styles.But when you listen to their first CD it is mainly what we hear, the mix is quite good and we feel this band can be really good once they will have more material, but as for now it is clear that this band can inovate in the Music and not playing only noise and brutal shit but can actually use these styles and make good music!!! this probably comes from good musicianship and it should be a great band if everybody support them as they really deserve it. Groupe francais avec des influences de Death/Black/grind et n'ont pas l'intention d'etre catalogues dans un style particulier. mais quand on ecoute leur premier CD c'es exactement ce que l'on entend le mix est assez bon et on sent que ce groupe peut etre tres bon une fois qu'ils auront plus de materiel, masi pour l'instant c'est sur que ce groupe peut inover et ne pas seulement jouer du bruit et du brutal mais peut utiliser ces styles et faire de la bonne musique!!! Cela vient surement a leur entente et ce devrait etre un grand groupe si tout le monde les supportent car ils le meritent..

Area 54 : London Uk Heavy Metal band, they released a self pressed Cd "Fear Inside"with lots of great songs with influences from Black and Heavy Metal which gave them an aclaimed success but had a big line up change and have released a first album called "No visible Scars" and now are conquering the world, at least England playing only with the likes of Blaze / Iron Maiden and other big bands name. Between Megadeth / Guns 'n Roses . On the 1st Edition mag'cd Groupe de Heavy Metal Anglais ils ont realise un CD "Fear inside" qu'ils ont sorti eux meme avec des superbes chansons et des influences diverses telles que Black et Heavy Metal ce qui leur a donne un succes incontournable. Ils ont eu un gros changement de personnels et on realiser un deuxieme CD " No visible Scars" et sont maintenant en tourne dans le monde. Au moins ils jouent avec Blaze / Iron Maiden et d'autres grands groupes . Entre Megadeth et Guns and Roses.

Asatru : UK Viking / Black Metal band, if this is something you are into and know about it just check them. Full of spiritual sounds and bring you in another dimension...Groupe de Back Metal Anglais VIking si cela vous dis quelque chose aller les voir, plein de sons spirituels et une autre dimension...

Beyond Productions : Italian label. Label Italian

Black Manta : Usa Doom Metal mostly inspired by Black Sabbath ,with lot of groove riffs and with some Pentagram 's old members.

Bleeding Dolls record: UK Gore label with lots of good ideas such as finding new bands and helping them, good luck to this new organisation this is hard work but this is worth trying! Label ANglais de Grind avec pleins d'idees pour trouver des nouveaux groupes, beaucoup de chance a cette nouvelle organisation ce n'est pas facile!

Bloodthrone: New Jersey Usa Black Metal, musicians form the old school playing old raw Speed Heavy Black Metal with powerfull musicians and qualities. A good band check them it's good to hear!!! Groupe de Black Metal du New Jersey USA, des musiciens de la vieille ecole jouant du speed Heavy Black Metal avec des musicians de qualite, un bon groupe !

Bloodysign: A french band that are into Pagan and seem a bit lost in many things they like or simply are not sure what direction they should take for their music nor for their belief, I know that many people these days still are talking about Pagan but honestly for me it is just another way to be called with another name than Christians as it doesn't seem to have any difference to me but I won't talk too much about this subject. Let's talk about the music, these lads makes a strange mix and that where I say they seem lost. Their outfit looks like Black Metal (emperor T-shirts...), the music is like Grind to me, and they have this strange way of calling themselves brutal Death Metal. which is only into the voice that you can hear this influence and it is certainly that the members are all into these styles and try to mix each of their love into this band. The Mp3's are neither very good and so I'd prefer listening to a cd, but I think this band needs to find themselves and really make the music together to make it sound more like a band than different persons likes. Listen for yourself and wait for a "mature" or more experienced band.

Burialmound : Death/ Black Metal band, A lot of inspiration from early Death Metal bands such as Immolation, Unleashed, Grave,Obituary...etc...

Brazil Metal: this is a portal from brazil where you can get news , info and many things for Metal but take care it is full of things and you will spend hours there!!!

Cabbal Prod : French Prod with a newsletter and a CD compilation Prod Francaise avec une Newsletter et une compilation CD.

Canciberus : Argentina webzine.

Cadaveria : Brand new band from the ex-Opera IX 'singer and the drummer from Italy, a mix of Death Metal and some melodies from Heavy but still with magic and occult and just life lyrics.

Carnal lust : French grind Metal band. groupe de grind Francais

Chain Reaction : Thrash/Heavy Metal band from the states.

Cone : New York USA Hard rock/Heavy Metal guitarist who had played in different bands and finished as a one man band, if you like it eighties and guitars check this.

Conquest of Steel: Heavy metal band from Uk ="when Iron Maiden meets Manowar!!!" describe them the best but these lads have lots of influences from Kiss, Wasp, Judas Priest... mixed with lots of fun and really crazy funny lyrics. A good band we would llike to find more often these days.

Crash : Italian magazine in Black and White with interviews, gig reviews and many other things. A cool mag you should all have!!!

Crashdiet : Excellent Swedish Heavy Metal band with influences from early Queensrÿche and Mötley Crue, with a little taste of Skid Row / Ratt / Poison / Def Leppard / Tesla... Very promising!

Dark Horizon Records : Dark Black Metal Label from Indiania USA, they have the biggest merchandise list ever !!! lots of underground Dark, Death Black Metal bands cd's vynils and tapes. Also organise gigs and press albums. The mate of this label is the guy from Fog. If you are a true warrior in the Black and Dark side of Metal this is your home!!! Norway is over come to USA.

Darkcell : Brutal Death Metal from UK. In the vein of Immolation, Naplam Death...

Darkshine : French Black Metal band.

Days of Rage : HArd Rock band from the states, the singer has the David coverdale's voice and the music is heavy , some people compare them to Disturbed or Godsmak. As far as I'm concerned it is a really cool Hard rok band with powerfull voice and heavy guitars, check them out and make your mind!!!

Deadwebzine : Ukrainian death metal, grindcore, brutal and underground zine. Reviews, interviews, photos, message board and links.

Decadence : Swedish thrash Metal band fronted by a beauty!!! Reminds me early Holy Moses and Testament mixed with a bit of Death , this excellent band is promising to be one of the worlds new reference so keep your eyes on them!!! Voted best band for 2006 by Metal Zone Prod.666

Death clock: DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHEN YOU WILL DIE?! Check this Death Clock and learn the date of you death!!! really cool and read some madness feedback and laugh at your ass for hours!!!

Deathness : Belgium Webzine and also a radio show .

Deathrow Productions :

Deep Under Dirt : USA Hard Rock / Progressive Metal band.

Deimos : Doom Death HeavyMetal band from Russia. WHen Scorpions meet Paradise lost, or Melodies and coldness. One of the song could be compared to Within Temptation 's Enter album but without the keyboards and harder. There is no limit for the music to be appreciated by different people. The sound is still rough as underground bands but could sound interesting with a good mix.

Demented : Swedish Thrash Metal band. Inspired by many 80's legends.

Demonica : Thrash Metal with legends musicians from Forbidden, Mercyful fate ...

Demonic Christ:Real old Black Metal band from USA with a female guitarist / vocalist

Denata: Old school Thrash Metal from Sweden!!! Voted best Thrash Metal album for 2001 by Metal Zone Prod.666 Voted Best cover album for 2003 by Metal Zone Prod.666

Descent : "when Machine Head meets Nile" Uk Metal band, this band has three members into different style of music giving them a special style. The main singer who is the guitarist is stuck into Rob' Machine head "the more thing.." and the other singer on the Bass is going from Death vocals to total Brutal Grind. their music is a Heavy based with simple but aggressives rythms, a bit Thrash sometimes, and some speed of course. Check them and listen to this strange mix that sometimes is interesting but I think it would make more color if the singer was changing a bit is vocals as it first gives this Machine Head thing that is not easy to erase from the total music.

Descent : USA Texas Hard Core band

Desecration : Newport Uk ' Grind Metal band with three albums. The first album is erased from the world! this band started as lots of Grind Metal bands with blood and gutts but it seems that England is not as free as Europe and they had lots of problems getting them having their album just destroyed. This didn't stop them and they released two other albums "Murder in Mind" and "Inuman"with their front man Ollie fighting for his band and his rights and of course many line up changes occured and so Ollie took the drums on the second album and came to the guitar for the third one. the line up is now very strong and their evolution lead them becoming one of the biggest Death Metal band from Uk with very good structured songs and good solies. Of course the grind style is still noticable at some point and their style is just always there! Between Obituary / Cannibal Corpse and many others. On the 1st Edition mag'cd

Destiny Records : English shop selling old and new albums from Hard Rock , Heavy , Progressive and all soft Metal.

Destructive Records : French Label. Label francais.. Frances label.

Devolved : Excellent Death Metal band from Australia, a mix of Fear factory and Messugha.

Detrimentum : UK Brutal Death / Grind with some good riff and again good musicians.

Diabolic Intent: USA Brutal Death Metal

Distraught : Brazilian Thrash Metal band inspired by Sepultura and Ratos de Paros...

Dogpound : Hard Rock/Heavy Metal from Sweden, excellent Metal that you can compare to the old 80's classics Hard rock Metal bands. Defenitively one which 's gonna be big!!!

Down of sadness :

Dragon Heart: power Metal band from London, who could think ever of this happening in the uk?!more when you know that the members used to play Black Metal!!! These guys are really good though and the only ?! in this kind in this country.

Dynamowar : Brasil Heavy Metal band.

Earshot : German webzine about music in general, Metal, Pop....

Eligor : Web zine from Argentina.

Empire : HardRock straight from the early eighties. with lots of musicians who played in big bands.

Endless Pain : Thrash Hardcore band from Italy.

Espada Negra : Brazilian Black Death Thrash Heavy Doom Metal band, very inspired by Sepultura's Max Cavalera vocals a a variety of Metal and non Metal inspiraiions.

Eternal Frost : American webzine.

Evanesce : Thrash Metal band from Uk. They have released three Cd's recorded by Dave Chang! a mix between Kreator and Arch enemy.

Evile : English thrash Metal band. voted Best Thrash Metal Demo and best new comers for 2007 by Metal Zone Prod.666!!!!!!

Evoke : Uk Death Metal band, one of the first and best band coming out of this country have released three albums of power and blasting riffs with an excellent website that shows the whole life of the band.

Explosion Cerebral Zine: Web zine from Peru with many interviews and many webzine links.

Extremist Records:Just what you need to buy for extreme music.

Faith or Fear : USA Thrash Metal

Fear Some Records : Underground Metal label that makes compilations CD to promote young bands.

Flyash : Hardcore USA

Fog: Dark Metal band from Indiana USA with hand made professionally spikes leather gauntlets!!! true warriors.

Fury : Australia Thrash Metal band. In the vein of Pissing razors second album very inspired by early Machine Head and Pantera. they have been doing well by mainly futuring on almost all of the tribute CD's consacred to many famous bands such as Testament or Megadeth...Voted best Thrash Metal album for 2003 by metal Zone Prod.666

Gaia : Technical experimental Thrash/Jazz/progressive band from the states with a female guitarist. Very interesting mix with a strong atmosphere to please different kind of people.

Gaia Epicus : PowerMetal band from Norway, excellent band with Speed/Thrash influences and Hard rock , a real Metal band!!! Check'em out!!! Voted best Speed Power Metal Album for their dedication , passion and originality for 2003 by Metal Zone Prod.666

Gory blister  : Italy Technical Death Metal. An excellent band I wish to sign or get signed very quickly. Imagine Steve vai , Megadeth , Death , Messugha playing toghether?! no you don't see?!@ well this is the best description for this talented band!!! On the 1st Edition mag'cd Also check Bullet TV site for news about this band on the biz page.

G.F.93 : Italy Nu-Metal / Hardcore band from Copro records. this band have been Playing since 1993 which is the reason of the name and have a lot of different origins and influences. Not that easy to categorize, their music is a mix of Heavy, Thrash, Hardcore, Goth... really interesting mix which gives a good band and good compositions. On the 1st Edition mag'cd (Uk ed) and Interview (world ed)

Ghost Machinery : Classical Power Metal from Finland Groupe de Power Metal classic de Finland

Gloon69 : webzine with reviews and bands interviews.

Ground ZEro : Heavy Metal band from Italy.


Hatecore : Hardcore band from the states.

Heavy and Loud : French Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band with lots of melodies and plenty of 80's influences, a real pleasure to listen to!!! You will find Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Skid Row, Saraya, Lee arron .. all kind of influences that will get you back into Metal origines. Voted Best New Comers French Heavy Metal band for 2004 by Metal Zone Prod.666 Groupe francais de Hard Rock/Heavy Metal avec plein de melodies et beaucoups d'influences des annees 80's, un vrai plaisir a ecouter!!! Vous trouverez du Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Skid Row, Saraya, Lee arron... toutes sortes d'influences qui vous ramenerons aux origines du Metal.Vote Meilleur Groupe de Heavy Metal Francais pour 2004 par Metal Zone Prod.666

Heavy Metal links: Heavy metal portal with plenty of links for bands, associations, organisations, concerts...a complete list of Metal!!!

Hecate enthroned : UK Black Metal band in the way of COF /Dimmu borgir and others. Great . with Thrashy rythms and growly vocals and also melodic keyboards... Groupe Anglais de Black Metal dans le genre COF/Dimmu Borgir et les autres. Superbe avec des rythms Thrashy et des voix arnieuses avec des melodies et du synthe...

Hellgrind: Heavy Metal band from London, mainly influenced by Motorhead!!! Really cool. Groupe de Heavy Metal Anglais surtout influence par Motorhead!!!

HELLS HEADBANGERS : USA Extreme Underground Metal Record label and distro specializing in Death, Grind, and Black Metal CDs, Vinyl, Shirts, Videos, etc. with very prompt service!  The official lair of SPAWN OF SATAN!  Don't miss Hells Releases!!  HELLS HEADBANGERS is the official U.S. distributor for the Devil Metal Masters... NUNSLAUGHTER!!!

Hexecution : Thrash/Death Metal band from the Uk, Excellent band with influences from early Arch Enemy and Anthrax. Listen and get exploded!!!

Hexen : Heavy/thrash Metal band from USA.

Hidden Throne : From Bosnia Web zine and mag as well suporting the underground Metal bands .

HomiciD : French Thrash Metal band . Influences from mainly early 80's Metallica, Kreator, Dark angel, Sodom, Nuclear Assault, Holy Moses, Overkill, Slayer...Groupe francais de Thrash Metal , influences des debut '80 Metallica, Kreatoe, Dark Angel, Sodom, Nuclear Assault, Holy Moses, Overkill, Slayer...

Hope spring Infernal :Death Metal band from Netherland, a mix of brutal shits such as Cannibal corpse, Morbid angel...check yourself!

Honey For Christ: Northern Ireland Uk Heavy Metal band who have two demo cds "long way down and rising" " the art of self abuse and soul erosion" these guys are having fun in their country and start to get heard from the Uk and have been playing here too. Their style is really a big influence of Skid Row and they should get the fuk out pretty soon! On the 1st mag'cd

Hysterica : An all female swedish Heavy Metal band that kicks ass

Imprecated destiny :

Inhumate : Strasbourg France Grind Death Metal band. this is a band that have lots of recognition in this kind of Metal and for a french band it's quite unusual, but they are pushing the limit of support and they press their own material and promote themselves very well. The world knows about them due to this perseverence to get heard. This band is for me really good in different way, their music is full of crazy attitude which we all have at certain moment of time if you have a shity job for example or just the need to express yourself, then they have a message and a view of their music life which should end after a certain amount of albums. THe only band to feature in every dam web site in the world!!! Reviews, interviews,, guessbook....On the 1st mag'cd

Impaired ZIne : This is the place for Grind!!! Every links you need for these crazy disgusting bastards! Explode our head and vomit your soul on the floor, this as many many... so many things for you to spend time on. All the issue of this fanzine are on line!!!! this is a very good work from a French guy. Good continuation and have lots of saw in the Head!!!

Into the void : Mosh band from USA - if you like MOD...

Jacknife : USA Hard core band

Jaded : All female Hard Rok band from USA. The lead guitarist Britany is a genius guitar player inspired by Van Halen and George Lynch, she's kicking your ass big time. Voted best Hard Rock band for 2006 by Metal Zone Prod.666!!!

Jonnys doomday's revue : Swedish Doom band mostly inspired by early Black Sabbath.

KFA : The best London fanzine interviewing all of the Uk underground Metal bands.

Khigh : Melodic Heavy Metal from the states, a mix of Metal from Motley to Megadeth, really intersting.


Kristendum: French Death Metal who apparently is at the moment one of the best in the country. This means that france start again to have some band recognised in the underground and in the press!!! (obiously not in the uk...) Their music is powerfull and kick your fukin' but!!! This is true Death Metal who got some Thrash too, it will remind you some old Death Metal band or Thrash and even some band of the moment but what we have to say is great!!! IN your face Death Metal like we like.

Krawallgeier : Underground Metal site from Germany, there are many things on this site about bands and even some Mp3's of famous bands... Have a look you'll certainly find something you like!!!

Labrat : London Hardcore band, this is a mysterious band as some of the members are working in big companies such as Century Media ... so they are more than busy in other things than their own band!!! the thing is that they all have different view of the music and taste and so they keep changing and become more aggressives and powerfull crazy! their first cd "theme for a downer & and anthems rejection" is quite good and really Thrash Metal oriented with some Pantera / Sepultura influences and began to be a big mess live with very fast tempo (really fast) screams and a bass player going into the pit almost sending people in the hospital (never took a fukin ' bass head in your face or in the stomach?! well I almost lost one eye!!! yes Adam!) and one guitarist jumping and one day kicked his head on the speaker!!! ... well how does that sound to you?! well more Hardcore attitude than anything else. On the 1st mag'cd

La morsure :

Laaz Rockit : USA Thrash Metal

Le commando: Grind Death gore Metal band from France + many links...

Levifer: Death Black Metal band in love for Satan from south america.

Liberty Cap : American band

LIfe is Lost : Grind Metal from the states.

Liguature : Thrash Death Metal band from London uk. These lads kick your butt! they know how to do a great Thrash Metal song but have chosen the Death Metal growly vocals... but it's an excellent band!!! Between Slayer / Dark Angel / Forbidden !!!

LIon Music : LAbel

Lita Ford : The queen of Heavy Metal ;)

Lofat : Hardcore/thrash metal band from the states. A band that makes ur diet just by watching them! the guitar girl is a powerfull engine of madness and kicks your ass with a BC rich... have a look ;)

Lori Linstruth : USA Female guitarist, a feeling in her music such as giant Joe Satriani, a promising women! Beauty meets tenderness!!!

Lost and found records : USA label repressing eighties Thrash Metal albums and demos


Majesty : Germany Heavy Metal, very interesting mix, Manowar/Judas Priest/Accept a real good band!

Maquiavelic : Spanish label based in Portugal, they have a great job done and seem to be very professional. For extreme music...

Martyr : Metal band from Canada, lots of interesting influences such as Death for the two guitars solies which never ends and are just good, a mix of Jazz and else. great musicians. Pure Metal insane.

Massacre records : Metal Label from Germany

Mechanical chaos: Mexico hard core band with a message against the problems this world is living, a bit influenced by Sepulturas Chaos ad but with a different touch of soft Hard core which give it an interesting color and just all of these elements makes it original and different. Interesting, check it!!!

Meggido: Hard Rock /Heavy Metal band from Hertfordshire Uk. They are really amazing as they really mix so many influences from Rock to Metal that it is really impossible to get the influences, really original and fukin' rokin'Metal power!!!

Memorized dreams : Norvegian power metal band Groupe de Power Metal Norvegien

Metal District : German web zine.

Metal Dragon : Web zine supporting underground Metal bands from Sweden So depends where u from check also:

Metal Dragon

Metal Forever :Mainstream heavy metal tour dates, news, reviews, directory and links.

Metal lndia : Web zine from India.

Metal Integral : French Webzine with printed fanzine, compilation CDs . Support the underground!!! Un webzine francais avec un fanzine imprime et des compilation CDs pour supporter les groupes underground.

Metal Maidens : Netherlands internet webzine which started as a fanzine specially dedicated to the female musicians in the Metal world, a huge and very well done support to those female who made and still make great music all over the world!!!

Metalism : Russian record label.Label Russe

Metal Radikal: Web zine from Peru, a magazine online with lots of underground bands interviews and reveiws, everything you need!!! Excellent support.

Metal web : Whaooo, another Metal chick from the states, say I think I'm gonna move there ...this site is really interesting full of links from underground bands and also big bands for the ones who don't give a fuk of the underground and you are many... + if you need a model she's interested. Well go on click and check it!

Metal Works : Magazine

Methusalem : Holland Heavy metal band inspired by mostly Iron Maiden and Helloween, this brings you back into real old Metal with once again a brand new band with lot of talent. Groupe Hollandais inspire surtout par Iton Maiden et Helloween, cela fait du bien de se retrouver dans le vrai Metal mais joue par un nouveau et talenteux jeune groupe.

Mindcage: Hard Rock FM Metal band from USA, a mix of Progressive, Rock , Metal, 70's/80's music. wiht a powerfull voice you can find in what the media call Power Metal... sometimes wiht a female voice but apparently not included as a part of the band nor even mentioned. THis is really cool music with lots of experiment , Exerts, sounds,.. but staying really Metal with good solos and good structures. A good band that keeps the Metal roots alive and this is waht we need most.

Mindjuice : Stoner Metal band from London Uk. Personnaly I don't know what means "Stoner " but it has been invented to classify any bands who are mainly stuck in the 70's and have a pasion for Black Sabbath and so on... the difference with this one is that they have some more Metal influences such as Slayer or Sepultura but it is really thin in the music and is not as easy to hear as u might think. they called themselves a mix between Deftones (not Metal) and Black that describes how many different musical taste they have.

Mithras:Technical Death Metal band from Brighton Uk, as their friend Throne of Nails they are nearly comparable to Morbid Angel and it's not a wrong thing to say they are good! Excellent musicians and professionalism. Check them!

Moratorium : Brutal Death , Black Metal with Thrashy rythms from Uk. EX- Liguature guitarist who has formed his own band mixing new styles from his Thrash Metal play, and who sing as well.

Mortuary-IOD :

MSCD : what a strange name... Italian soft Hardcore in the wein of Mucky Pup early albums, a bit rock an roll, two main musicians and guest for the band. Cool fun and just music.

Mundzuk : Black Metal band from France. They have been signed from a label which released a MCD. In the vein of Marduk and speed and raw BM !!! go to the site and judge for yourself if you're a BM'fan!

Music extreme webzine: Underground Metal webzine, very interesting with full of links and interviews worth a visit!!!

My Dreamy Woods : Italian webzine with interviews and CD reviews

National Napalm Syndicate : Heavy/Thrash/Death Metal band from Finland

Nazgul: web zine from France for extreme Metal...

Netfret : Web zine in Polish...arrrggg I don't understand it !

Nexx : Spanish AOR /Hard Rock band. Excellent female vocals! In the vein of early 80's Hard Rock, Lee Aarron, Saraya, Lita Ford, Vixen...

Nightmare : French Heavy Metal Band started in the late 70's and reformed in the 90's. Groupe francais de Heavy Metal commence a la fin des annees 70's et reforme dans les annees 90's.

Nightqueen : Heavy Metal band from Belgium fronted by female singer.

Obscure :

Obsidian : Holland melodic Death Metal band, a mix of early 90's Death metal. Morbid Angel meets Messuhga with a bit of Obituary and Fear Factory.

Obsidian : Progressive Metal band from Belgium. As I'm not really into dreamtheater and friends I would put them into the Hardrock Fm from the eighties with the sound of today. Very good band with a voice that lift you from the floor, the songs are full of feelings and sometimes a bit heavy on the guitars. Good artwork and probably a band which will make some noise as they can easily please both Metal and non Metal people which is very interesting for their career. Also if you like bands like Triatnia and so on with female voices and feelings there are into obsidian too so check them and enjoy this new experience.

Outlett : Hard Rcok band from the states, they won tons of awards for their great music as for their video, a band to follow!

OpenGrave Records : USA Xtreme Record label

Organharvest : Grind Metal band from France, with two vocalists, brutal heavy and just crazy as all of these bands gore photos.

Pandemia :.Excellent Death Metal band from Czech, powerfull , agressive and all the good From this style.

Panzer Mag: web zine about underground and bands in gerneral with demo reviews and many more from Portugal.

Piorno Rock : Spanish Metal organisation for gigs and others.

Pleurisy : Death metal band from Holland, a new fresh inspiration for the scene, inspiration from early Entombed coupled with early Death metal bands wave back in 1990. As Thrash metal is back so Death Metal is!!! The years 2000's - show a big pist off from real Metal people to come back to the roots of Metal and show young people that Black Metal is not METAL just the last wave of this style that died amd reborn with original bands taking their influences from real Metal bands.

Pounding Metal : Web zine from Germany.

Powerslave : Voted by Metal Zone Prod.666 The best Live Underground Metal site reviewing all the everyday gigs in the states !!!

Promusic prod: Roumanian web zine consacred to the underground Metal bands check more bands links!!!

Psypheria : Death Netal band from USA

Quark :Progressive Metal band from France

RAM : Heavy Metal band from Sweden. This is really the country where musicians are true Metallers! So rare these days. Imagine Judas Priest, King diamond, Iron Maiden... well you're not dreaming this band kick ass! True old Metal legend. This is not a copy but a perfct union of musicians and a singer that make live this old Heavy Metal and come back to the roots!!! check for yourself and you'll be blown away by the exact timber of voice and the music. Excellent!!! Voted best Heavy metal album for 2003 by Metal Zone Prod.666 Rock Music Reviews and Lyrics

Ravens over Gomorrah: is a USA Death Metal band with occult traditions.

Reckless Tide : Thrash Metal band from Germany.

Reclusion: Swedish Thrash Metal band, this band is without problem a band from this generation 2000. With the digital sound the band get a power in the music , live it must certainly be a great experience but for me on the mp3's it is not that great but everybody will find his own feeling I just hate digital sound. THis band is not original and we a have to say it is still a good band to get heard by Metal and most Thrash and Death Metal maniacs. The music is purely Thrash but the voice is like screaming more into Hard core or Death Metal this is why I say that live it must be great as it gives energy to the music. the problem here is that you hear too much other bands and as it start I hear Darkane , Godgory, Kristendum and other bands of todays Metal. But check them it's worthy if you haven't heard the bands I have mentioned.

Reckon with one : Progressive metal band from the USA.

Reflection : German Thrash Metal band a mix of 80's Destruction, Sodom with a touch of Kreator...

Requiem :Voted best Heavy / Power Metal album for the year 2002 by Metal Zone Prod.666

Reviolence : Brazil Thrash Metal, this band is the new revelation in Thrash Metal. Their creations are so professionaly made and so great they deserve to be famous and signed by a major label!!! There's no band to compare to, but they are inspired by all the Metal bands from Heavy to Thrash and sometimes the voice goes Death a bit but mainly I can only tell you that Judas Priest meets Kreator, Forbidden, and so many 80's and nineties bands! This is pure beauty!!! Listen and get absorbed by this beautiful music. Thrash Metal as a new band and it brings back the spirit of Metal!

Rock IT 2000: Italy Hard Rock Metal band with female vocal quite impressive, if you like your 70's & 80's Metal bands then check them it's really good. A mix of Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Dokken, Lita Ford, Doro, Vixen, Motley Crue...

RockMetalbands : This is a portal with all the links and info about labels, magazines, record companies... all you need to know when needed in the Metal world.

RockNet Webzine : Interviews, CD reviews, show reviews, news, and photos. Updated monthly.

Rossomahaar : Black Metal band from Russia. Groupe de Black Metal de Russie. Groupo del Black Metal.

Rough Edge: The Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Report Online 'zine featuring reviews, interviews, features, photos, downloads, tour dates and guestbook.

Rupture Christ : Porno Grind from USA, this is full on heavy and sick Grind. Have fun and die in sperm!!!

Sabretung : Heavy/Thrash Metal from Australia.

Sacralis : Female Death metal band from Germany , a mix between Krabathor, Deicide, Immolation...very interesting! Groupe de Death Metal Allemand avec des filles, un mix entre Krabathor, Deicide, Immolation... tres interessant!

Sarcastic : Thrash Metal band from Strömstad Sweden, the members have been playing in famous bands such as Dissection and are full time musicians playing in different bands. If you like the old Kreator and others check them!

Screaminal : Greece Brutal Death/grind band

Seidenvalles : USA grind/Hardcore/Death Metal band

Season of Fear : Thrash/Death Metal from USA

Sentinel : Irish Metal Label, dedicated to support underground bands from their beautiful country.

Seraphim: Taiwan Power Metal band. Inspiration from old melodic Thrash Metal bands such as Helloween and new progressive bands such as Nightwish due mainly to the singer who is into classical but is not a copy whatsoever!!!

Seven Gates : Symphonic Power Metal band from Finland

ShadowFlame : UK selling point website for Black Metal and other extreme albums.

Shadow lord : Black Metal band from Nederland.Voted best album of the year 2003 by Metal Zone Prod.666 The new revelation in the Black Metal scene, the futur of BM!!!

Shallow Grave :

Shimera : Black Metal bands from the states

Shocktroopers : Italy crossover

Shout of Metal : Webzine from Peru by the guy from Metal radikal webzine...

Sins of forgiveness : Italy Hard Rock band influenced by eighties, in the vein of Vixen, Doro, Madam X, Lita Ford etc...uch as Vizen

Si se calla el cantor :

Slaugther of Souls: Black/Death/Thrash/Gothic...Metal band from Uk. They have released a first interesting demo CD with diverse style of music. Their main influence is Thrash Metal but due to their different musical taste and some of the members who used to play in Black Metal band makes this with lots of "colors". But this is great and also original. January 2002 they have a new 4ts MCD called "Cold,Slab Cleansing" and is really cool. great MIx with this time more into one direction but still the SOS sound and guitar riffs. Amix of Thrash Metal riffs with the Black Metal voice, imagine a bit of Dark Funeral, Thus defiled (their first cd) plus typical Thrash heavyness and you'll get the new sound. Very very HEAVY! really good. But now we can more categorise them into the Black Metal style due to the voice. get your hand on this new CD you won't regret it, A cool band that deserve support.. Real Black Metal!!!

Slideneck : "We are playing a combination of rock/ metal infuenced by bands of the 70's-80's".

Slitnoise : Hardcore/Death/Noise from Malta

Solution 13 : Underground exteme videos

Son of Nothing : UK Rock, Hard, Punk band with lot of originality in their music, a fresh blood that mix different genres. From Machine Head to Red Hot Chilli Peppers... Check them out you'll be surprised.

Source : Young Thrash Death Metal band from sweden, a brother form one of the In flames musicians will give you straight the music but it's better!!! no commercial sound it's true Death Metal attacks from young lads!!! this kicks ass and believe me they should take the place of their brother quite quickly if they continue to blast like this!!! the youngest is only 16! but fortunetly he got some 20 around him to help him going on stage...

Snub : Bournemouth Uk Nu-Metal / Hardcore fromCopro records. They were actually one of the first band to sign this company which is strong today in the Nu-metal area and have grown with them. Their music is composed of rappy vocals and some heavy riffs. On the 1st Edition mag'cd

Spawn of Possession : Swedish burtal Death Metal, a new comer from this country well known for one of the best Death Metal country. Their style is simply brutal but played very well and good production, in the vein of NIle, Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Krabathor and many brutal acts so you got the picture so check them and get blown away!!!

Staccato: Argentina ClassicPowerProgressiveHeavy Metal band!!! A band led by keyboards, this band at first sounds really like Classic music due to the female voice which is really on the classic side and some guitar riff that makes it metal, the male voice is sometimes into the Yngwie malmsteen singers 'style and sometimes Mercyful Fate!!! And also the second singer from Helloween (Doctor Steen/ Keeper..) really interesting in a way but strange in another due to so many changes and influences this band has but we can for sure say this band has a great quality and good musicians. Power can be used for this band without a doubt!!!

Stone Dead : French label .

Stormrider : Brutal Death Metal band from Sweden.

Stormspell records : USA label repressing old demos from Heavy and Thrash Metal as underground new albums.

Stunt Face : Excellent Hard Core band from Iralnd, these lads are so funny and kick fucking ass live, the singer looks like Steve Harris and has many eighties Metal influences mixed with punky attitudes and it gives their excellent music. If you don't know what means Hard Core then check them out.

Suicidal Angels : Thrash Metal from Greece

Supernal Music : English internet shop. Magazin Anglais sur internet.

Svartysm : Black Metal band

Tales of Darknord : Russian Death Metal band, quite original somewhere this band got some old influences such as Metallica and Cannibal Corpse!!! Mixed together it gives T o D Death Metal atittude and sound. Pressed and recorded by mister Alex from More Hate Prod this gives a good second album CD. What a great idea than pressing his own band! On the 1st Edition mag 'interview to be on the 2nd Edition mag'cd.

Tankered Best : Thrash Metal band from Germany.

Tempest : A webzine and a Metal portal from roumania.

The Enchanted : They call themselves Pagan Metal From Bradford Uk. What it is really? ! True Metal band like we used to find in the Uk in the eighties but have completely desappeared from the surface of planet UK since the nineties! Their music is a mix of Iron Maiden (what a surprise) and Slayer riffs with some growly vocals (as this is the only thing that people understand in this country )which makes it a bit Death Metal but staying very METAlllllll! the most important to say is that these lads are really good in what they do! No they are not super heros of the guitar it 's much quite easy playing but well played and most a real band! Whatever happens on stage they are still in the music and if ever one of the member went to die they will keep playing their Metal at it's best!!! they're just so into it as a band and can handle any problems without beeing completely disturbed and stop playing. This sounds strange to you?! well how many underground bands you see who have to stop playing because one has broke a string?! well almost all of them! and how many make noise because they play like they were alone on stage?! ... well this band is unique in this which make them to be really good! This is the kind of band you really appreciate to see live. A big whaooooo to them!!! The best underground Metal band I saw live for the end of 2001!!!

Thornspawn:USA Texan Black Metal. Quite original!!!The country Music must take a big slap if they play in their pubs... They have made few Lp's and a CD album. I sell one of their releases on Lp but never got the chance to listen to it but it is on the vein of old BM!

Thrash Metal will never die!!! This is the Forum for Metal Zone Prod.666 where you can discuss about Metal.

Trapped : Swedish band which sounds like a strange cross between Meat Loaf and Gamma Ray, in a really nice way.

Tiranilor : Black Metal from Holland. in the vein of late Dimmu Borgir.

Too many gods : USA Hardcore band. Powerfull and speed in the vein of "Possibility of world destruction" covered by Machine head but just more powerfull!

Tyranex : Swedish Thrash Metal led by a guitarist female singer! A mix of Heavy Metal voices and german Thrash Metal rffs such as Destruction and Kreator

Unchaiuned : Melodic Heavy metal from sweden

Urshurark : Black /Death Metal from Italy, this country got many good musicians but this is the first BM band I hear from this country and it's ok for me as it mainly sounds near Dimmu "Spiritual" album but wiht a difference and we can say better! yes, the voice is more powerfull and more into the Death Metal than the Black then the keyboards is not loud and I even don't hear it that much so to say that i't s different as people who know me knows that I hate key... SOmetimes it's very melodic but there is no reverb and commercial mix sound, pure and good! sometimes it is as fast and complicated as Vader or even Raebellium. (need Netscape to see the site!!!)

Vampiria : Spanish magazine in Black and White. Voted best web site for a magazine by Metal Zone Prod.666 for 2003.

Veroxity : Germany Brutal Death Metal

Vexed : Old School Thrash Metal band from Italy. In the vein of Slayer, Whiplash, Nuclear Assault... this band kicks ass!!!

Vicious: Thrash Death Metal band from Sweden with a melodic music who signed on Soundriot label

Views from beyond :

Virulent : Death Metal band from Holland, they had two songs on a compilation from Skull crusher records in 1999 but they parted from the label in 2000 and have now a great MCD which is really different from these two songs, The music is simply Morbid Angel ("Altar.../Blessed...") mixed with Angelcorpse!!! very good with some experiment from the vocalist and their own sound and composition making it a very good band. Real old Death Metal is back into the underground!!! Check them!

Voices from the Dark Side : German webzine dedicated specialy into Black Metal and extreme Metal, The web design is Excellent and it's very easy to travel from a page to another such it's simple! Voted best website design for a Metal webzine by Metal Zone Prod.666 for the year 2004

Vomitory: Sweden Death Metal band , their album "Redemption" voted best album of the year 1999 by Metal Zone Prod.666

Violent solution : Webzine Francais, trouvez des forums pour des musiciens, pour des discutions... tout ce qui concerne le Metal . Le site des visiteurs!

Wicked Sensation : German Hard Rock band with influences from Pink Cream 69 and other cool stuff.

Witches : Thrash Death metal band from France

What lies beneath : USA Grind/Black/Death Metal band

White Skull : Power metal from Italy

Wargasm : Thrash Metal band from the states.

XEAH : Hard Rock Thrash Metal band from Belguim.

Xtrem Music: THe best web zine for Extreme Metal due to it's day to day actual news!!! better than a magazine!!! from Spain

Xvision : French Hardcore/Death Metal band.


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