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Amken:"Theater Of The Absurd" CD 2016 (no date , no label when reviewing) .Greece Thrash Metal band. Explosvive tunes that kick your ass like mad. A cover made by Hirax designer and mixed in France. The band has giged in Italy and supported many great bands. You have to support them they worth it. Any thrasher should have that release. For fans of Tankard,Kreator,Nuclear Assault,DRI ,Havok... It's perfect album. This country has lots of amazing bands. It's funny they have that Germanic Thrash influence but it feels good to mosh and headbang on that album. The band will release it as soon as a label has decided to spread the madness so stay tuned on their facebook page 100/100


BattleX:"Imminent Downfall" CD Self Release. Slovenia Thrash Metal band. The cover reminds Ed Repka's style, but it's not! This is the kind of band with individuals pationated to make a great band. They had many line up changes and finally when listening to this masterpiece it's obvious they have a gret potential and talent. If their influences are quite easy to get into the Metal world...reminding sometimes Metallica's covers , MOD, Overkill, Megadeth ...having some punky groove, the last song featured on video with flamenco intro and some kind of Forbidden inspiration with a modern sound. They managed to get their sound and deserve a wide support check 'em out 100/100

Critical Solution

Critical Solution:"Sleepwalker" CD 2016 Punishment 18 Records. Norway Thrash Metal band. I'm sure I have reviewed their earlier albums. Although this has been released last year or so , I have the pleasure to review this masterpiece. The band is probably in a search for a label and listening to this just makes me think they should find one easilly as the production is so brilliant that it has just need to be sold worldwide (little update they found the label). The intro is very much inspired by Heathen and Testament, actually the whole album is a dedication to Testament's first albums with beautiful classic parts and amazing powerfull riffs. To me the best album I've heard so far this month! Many influences will slap your ears such as Warpath, Savage Messiah for the recent bands and for the mighty 80's Kreator,Meliah Rage,Wrath... Just a mixture of the best Thrash with a sound that has it's own called Critical Solution! Just perfect 100/100


Cairiss:"Fall" Digital Self Release 6th June 2016. UK Black /Gothic/Dark/Folk Metal/Pop band. I like to receive bands spreading their music with a very original and wide creation that are pretty hard to put into a box. Here we have an EP with three songs, yeah you're gonna say it's not much, well wait this is like a concept album having three parts of one story that will blow your mind and send you into another world. The first track beeing around 13 mns... but you should think about listening rather than the usual track by track most bands have. Welcome to the journey of the deep dark world Cairis will send you to. Strangely it absorbs your soul and gives a strange good feeling that the light is here and life is beautiful. Starting with the cover which describes quite well the whole concept. Shark screeming voices coming out from the deep roots of earth and getting out into an explosion of life with a beautiful female melodic voice to reach the top of the sky where leaves are growing and taking the sun that brings happiness. To give you an insight of what kind of band you might find as influence : first Dimmu Borgir album, Within Temptation early vibe, Epica's Simon vocal style, Jane Siberry, Eyna... but those are just bits of music parts you will find to something you know. Just excellent and beautiful 100/100


Psychoprism:"Creation" CD 22 july 2016 Pure Steel Records. USA Melodic Heavy Metal Band. Once again as usual the label has found a pearl in the music. The cover is very tight and shines someway. It has melodies and power reminding the mighty Agent Steel! A bit of Crimson Glory and else... you will fall in love with that album. Chel it out 10 great songs with intersting lyrics 100/100


Widow:"Carved in stone" CD 24 June 2016 Pure Steel Records. USA Heavy Metal band. Sorry to be late on this one... it's a masterpiece like you will all 80's maniacs will sherish, it has all the best tunes we all love and worship. This will remind you DIo, Kiss, Skid Row,Bonham, whitelion... the list goes on and on it's just a must have 100/100

Attack Demons

Attack Demons: "let's raise hell" CD 12 August 2016 Pure Steel records. Portuguese Heavy Metal band. 20th anniversary bringing a brilliant new explosive album. 9 tracks of unstopping entertaining Music leading the moshers to get it turning in circle. A big influence from Iron Maiden to Queensryche it's with pleasure you will bang your head , it's coming your way...100/100

A tortured soul

A tortured soul:"On this Evil night" CD 29th july 2016 Pure Steel Records. USA Dark Heavy Metal. The good thing with this label is they always surprising me with some unbelievable bands you generally may hear from a friend in the underground and sounds like the perfect band. A first sight the cover looks Dark and so you would think of a Black Metal band or something but it's not! It' s a melodic Heavy Metal with a view on dark/sarcastic truth of life and I LOVE IT! This band needs to be supported so get on your fist and hails the power that runs in your blood. ALso if you like Mercyful fate abd thos kind of bands you will worship them 100/100


Armageddon:"Up in flames" USA Heavy Metal band for the fans of Van Halen, Led Zepplin, Anvil....A band that was born in the early 80's and after many lin up changes ended up giving us the best album, like an old wine the band gained in compositions and released a masterpiece 100/100


Vendetta:"All your setting suns" July 21th Dbl CDs Lion Music. UK Heavy Metal band. I'm glad I'm getting that band to review. Athough the name is not unknown the band though is to me as their was a german band with that name long time ago.A complete album and one live album. Even if you know the band this is a must have! Plenty of great songs from remastered, new or remade with new line up, this is a pearl. You will get absorded in a minute and won't let go. It's a fresh matured album with always the influences from the 80's greatest. 100/100


Salvacion:"Way More Unstoppable" CD 2016 Heaven and Hell records. USA Heavy Metal band. The band started in 2009 although they sound like an old 80's band! REDUX re-mixed and re-mastered with new vocals tracks by new vocalist Madre, seems like line up changes has made it difficult for them to reach another album, so it is repressed by mister Jeremy who always get us awesome Heavy Metal, wishing them to concquer the world and make another masterpiece. As usual you will get a great package with photos interview and bonuses for the fans and well for the new one who love great Heavy Metal. This has to be in your collection! For the fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Tokyo Blade, Ozzy Osbourne, Exiter, Skull fist, Pretty maid... 100/100


Takashi:"Kamikaze Killers" CD 2016 Heaven and Hell Records 500 copies. USA Heavy Metal. This band started in early 80's and is repressed specially for the maniacs and cos it's a damn good album. Here is your chance to own that excellent album. YOu will get the album plus more songs remixed and always an awesome booklet full of pictures etc.. the label makes great product for collectible but it won't last so get your hand on this! For those who never heard of them lets's say it sound pretty much like Judas Priest, a bit of Twisted sister, Motely Crue ... it rocks 90/100


Assassin:"Licence to kill" CD 2016 Heaven and Hell Records. USA Heavy Metal Band. The label likes to repress some of the greatest sometimes forgotten pearl of the early 80's. Musicians who decided to form a band that would be better than their previous ones managed to get a great album, unfortunetly like many line up still occur and although the band tried to keep up with those changes , it disappeared. SO if you remember that band or just want to get a great album hard to find on LP this is your chance to own it for good. For the fans of Attila, Judas Priest, Kiss, King Cobra, Krokus, Quiet Riot... well the good early 80's we love and the Metal we grew up with this is for you! 90/100

jack the ripper

Jack The Ripper: "tortured and twisted" Limited CD to 500 copies - 2016 Heaven and Hell Records. USA Heavy Metal band. 20 tracks containing LP versions and never released songs, with an awesome cover representing all the child tales with the ripper. A funny way of killing those stories. A way of getting this early 80's killing Metal band that after those years is still pounding your ears with blood and pleasure. A punky style with those heavy riffs and cool lyrics that will scare your mummy. The first track reminds Suicidal Tendencies "join the army " melody. Some Motley Crue's early sound, Mamdam-X...Get your hands on this killer before it's too late.90/100

Lars eric Matison

Lars Eric Matison: "Never Coming Home" MCD 15 September 2016 Lion Music Records. This great musician decided to release a song never published from the album "NO Surrender", as a special 4trx Mini album. For the 80's maniacs who like the Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal from those years and the fans. The possibility to listen to the original song and the remade one as two live songs. Get it on CDBABY site. 100/100

Kalloprion Kilmisteri

Kalloprion Kilmisteri: "Silurian Overkill" Digital MCD 2016 Lap records Sweden. My great friend Tomas from Denata is always bringing some killer tunes. This special three songs EP is a dedication to Lemmy, although at first it is hard to hear since it's a mix of Thrash and Death with a Heavy Vocalist on one song, it kick serious ass. Many musicians have participated to this awesome piece. The song "silurian Overkill" is recorded by Denata and Seance and a third version with different musicians. You can get it straight on bandcamp. 100/100

An Innocent Challenge

Daniele Liverani: "An Innocent Challenge" CD 2016 Lion Music Records. Classical music. This artist who normally plays Heavy Metal has decided to record an awesome piece of Concerto piano! Although this is not usual from that label it's quite obvious Daniele is talented and knows the music. For the ones who love great music this will full your ears with pleasure. 4 tracks with a length of a mini album. It's just brillant and beautiful. I'm glad record label take chalenges like that and bring us true music. definitively a piece to own in your collection ! Bravissimo 100/100


Metatrone: "Eucharismetal" CD CD March 2016 Rockshots records. Italian Heavy Metal/ Prog band. I received this brilliant album recently so you probably read about it somewhere.. At first I was a bit sceptical as the cover very digital made reminded me some early 90's cover Techo bands used to get Metal people to buy their album (I know some people who did ) 12 tracks with two bonuses to explode your ears. YOu must love the keyboards as it's taking a whole place here. The band call itself Christian Metal (although to me it has no sense) the fact they are singing with bibliotical lyrics. The most important is the music and there is no religion in music just pure amazing melodies and kick ass tempos. The band is really pushing to get people loving them by singin in Italian as English mixing some Thrashy riffs and even "growls" but mostly it is very melodic and well worked. IF you love DreamTheater, Deep purple, Epica, .. strong 80's pop influence, Amaranthe... 100/100


Denial:"No Comment" CD 2016 Heaven and Hell Records. USA Thrash Metal. this brilliant album is beeing repressed so get your hand on this! Those kind of bands always disappear to early but hey guess what one of the early 90's greatest album is here. YOu like to mosh to thrash this is for you! for the fans of Atrophy, Reanimator, Dark Angel (the first) , but also kick ass tunes reminding Anthrax, Metallica, Vio-lence, Heathen... a package with never seen phootages, bonuses and great design it is xmasbefore it comes so go on jump on it 98/100


Acidity:"into the lies" Digital album 2016 Nightbreaker productions. Italian Thrash Metal. The band after many line up changes since they started few years ago had to change the name twice and are now spreading their venom for good! This is powerfull thrash you will love and to give you the reasons why is simple, moshing tunes kick ass thrashing straight to the point in your face.. well so cool! For the fans of Gothic Slam, Panic, Exodus, Sepultura... well this is mosh 100/100


Crawl: "the crockford flies" MCD 2016. Canadian Heavy Rock brings us five awesome songs that kick your butt. Getting much exposure in their country and have toured europe, they have gained a great musicianship and will be loved by all rock and Metal people. The guitar sound is so heavy like Doom with such a groovy melodies, a clear yet explosive voice that might be touching stoner sometimes. Mixing many influences from thrash to Gothic at some point. Those are just influences that pop into my mind although this is pure rock, they manage to get different music style into one. Reason why you will love this mini LP. I have listened to it many times cos its brilliant and just real fukin rock like it used to be and always should be. This is not hollywood bubble gum crap it's fukin rock so rock it 100/100


Cadaveria/Necrodeath: "Mondoscuro" CD 2016 Blacktears Records Italy. Two known bands from Italy decided to mix their music and enjoy themselves covering some cool tunes. Each singing and playing the songs of the other and sharing together the songs. Six cool tracks in a Black Metal/Thrashin way even covering some Type o Negative and a special very known song... The whole is just a pleasure for the maniacs who love those bands and want to taste a different view. You will like it if you like those bands so get on that crazyness and mosh 95/100


Droid: "Disconnected" CD 2016 Nightbreaker Productions. Canada Heavy/ Thrash band released their album last year as LP and is now repressed as a CD for gaining more fans of pure great music. The band is playing some great old tunes that moshes you down. Reminding Coroner, Voivod, Mekong Delta...a raw sound with real passion and powerfull riffs. I mus say I feel like getting back in time and it feels good. Get their album right now 100/100

final fright

Final fright:"Artificial Perfection" CD Nightbreaker Productions. Italy Thrash Metal band started few years ago and with line up changes and few demos are finally set to have their first album out. Nine tracks of pure fuking headbanging. Their tunes will remind you the late eighties in the likes of Kreator musically, Vio-lence, Atrophy... the singer has a Heavy voice in the way of Spidkilz ... well a real pleasure to hear. Awesome band that needs exposure so get that awesome album 100/100


Nexcarsis: "Obscure Visions of the dark" CD 2015 Nighbreaker Productions. Brutal Death Metal with fast drumming. In the vein of Cannibal Corpse and else for the maniacs of the genre 90/100

mikem milandedic

Mike Milan Medic: self titled 5trx CD self produced. Available on CD baby a Canadian guitar shredder who speaks with his guitar. A beautiful piece for the fans of the instrument. For the fans of Malmsteen and George lynch I can hear a slight touch of Satriani for the melodies and fast leaks from Friedman but those are just my way of getting you interested. Honestly this will speak to all the minded Guitar lovers who dream and dance with emotion that guy can give you. Shredding is not always fast scales it has grooves too and you will find it here . Not to be missed 100/100


Zix: "Tides of the final war" CD 28th October 2016 Pure Steel Records. Heavy Metal band from Libanon. A lovely lady 's voice and many great guest musicians making this album one of the best to come this autumn. Sometimes reminding Hysterica 's singer, having the roots of Led Zep or Black Sabbath ..Their first album was done four years ago! An awesome work from the states as Germny that makes it perfect for the ears. The amazing performance is shared with Tony Martin, Blaze Bayley, Ross the boss... a pure masterpiece! Voted best album by Metal Zone Prod.666

Rod Sacred

Rod Sacred: "submission" CD 21th October 2016 Pure Steel Records. Italy Hard rock/ Heavy Metal band. Started in the early eighties their music is bleeding those great years of Metal! This album is a mix of remastered songs with brand new ones giving you a good reason to own one of their album if you haven't yet. The cover is really underground and it fits quite well the music . Musically it's a pleasure for the ears reminding sometimes Y&T, Survivor, Tesla, The Scorpions, first Iron Maiden melodies... 16 tracks of pure greatness so get it now 100/100

Iron Curtains

Iron Curtains:"Guilty as charged" CD 14th October 2016 Pure Steel Records. Spanish Heavy Metal band. Wow it's amazing how this band is bringing the cool old Accept mixed with Motorhead! Kick ass riffs with sometimes the '83 Maiden or Metallica tunes. A powerfull straight into your face songs that will mosh you down. Just brilliant Lemmy would be proud Heavy as fuck 100/100


Legion: "War Beast" CD 30th September 2016 Pure Steel records. USA Heavy Metal band. From the firs note you get addicted and possessed. Melodies fast rythms and high pitch vocals kicking your heart so hard you just want to headbang like mad. The cover is just awesome and set the band on the high tops of Metal. Another brilliant band that reaches those legends. A powerfull mix reminding Manowar "kings.." You won't get a rest has it blast of good riffs and never let you down. One of September's best album for fans of Mercyful Fates, Judas Priest, Georges Lynch... Voted best album by Metal Zone Prod.666 100/100

Metal Witch

Metal Witch: "Tales from the underground" CD 7th October 2016 Iron Shield Records. Germany Heavy Metal band. This is raw and kicking perfect for live shows to mosh and have fun. A harsh voice in the vein of UDO mixed late Lemmy after few drinks and smokes..a bit of Rogue Male, DAD.. it's amazing that band has been here from the early 80's and have few albums and few hard years in between. They are still kicking and pounding the Metal under their belt. Straight to the point hard and heavy tunes, this will get you revive if you felt depressed 98/100

Ichabod Krane

Ichabod Krane: "Beyond Eternity" CD 14th October 2016 Pure Steel Records. USA Heavy Metal band. Well I have reviewed their first album two years ago. The band is getting better while keeping their way through heaviness. A great cover describing the music quite well since it will light up your day and warm your heart with powerfull riffs and high pitch vocals. Influences spitting are Dokken, Paragon, Seventh Calling, King Diamond, Saxon, Agent Steel, Dio... this is pure Heavy Metal! Get that album now or you'll get burnt 100/100


Ancillotti: "Strike Back" CD 16th September 2016 Pure Steel Records. Italian Heavy Metal band. For those who read my site you will remember I have given a "best album" award to their first album that was blowing. They are back with yet a great album a bit softer in the creations but still explosive. If their Georges Lynch Dokken style is still spitting in your ears for the solos, the vocals as the riffs has sometimes got in different way. Reminding sometimes Warrant's balad and although the cover is agressive I guess the band has evolved in the way of composing and simply got life changes.They will maybe gain more chicks at their show who knows.. it's a great album filled with 12 songs that kick and sometimes slow down a bit and finish with a powerfull double bass Heavy Metal kicking song, follow this band ther are for sure a great band who get Metal still kicking 98/100


Extirpation: "Wings of Decadence" CD 2016 Nightbreaker Productions. Italy Thrash Metal Band. Back to the days when Thrash became Black Metal , they are influences by those bands such as Messiah mostly with the sharky voice, certainly by Kreator and fast tempo bands. For the underground fans who follow those bands they will find LPs with split bands from Brazil etc.. if you like the raw way that kick your brain this is for you.80/100


Abduction: "From Uranus to your anus" CD 2016 Nightbreaker Productions. Italy Thrash Crossover band. First a one man project turned into a band. From the cover to the title of the album you got the picture. This is fun moshing no brainer straight in your butt tunes. For the fans of Pittyful reign, Linch King, Nuclear Assault, DRI...have lots of fun drinking beer and moshing your room. It's good to see young bands still playing those funy tunes that reminds the good all days 98/100

Cryptic Shift

Cryptic Shift:"Beyond the celestial realms" MCD 2016 Nightbreaker productions. Italian Death Thrash band. the cover should get your attention as the color is generally positive. This is powerfull with beattin drums and fast riffs. It sometimes reminds me Pestilence great album of the 90's, tech from Atheist and Death that brings a little piece while the rest is much straight to the point with great heavy Thrash riffs. They intend to blow your mind and I think this will does a lot. A great combination and view to the live date they shared with the greatest bands they are for sure getting attention. wishing them great futur 98/100

Orgistric pleasure

Orgistric pleasure: "Manifest barbarico" Digital 2014 Nightbreaker productions. Italy Black Metal band. Not sure if the label forgot something on the bio or it's just to sell this band's album that state is from 2014. If the cover got my attention as although it's black and white the idea of Metalheads made me think it could be Heavy Metal but it's not. Obviously they just want to express the long hair leather bad guys type. This is unusual as they sing in their language but it doesn't really affect the music it's just deep down Black Metal music with fast tempos and raw sound. This is for the maniacs who like those old type bands 80/100


Tyron: "Rebels shall conquer" CD 4th November 2016 Iron Shield Records. German Thrash Metal band. After changing their name while having recorded albums , they decided to change with a new line up and so the musical direction too. Very heavy getting influences from early Thrash going from Testatment to Metallica with touches from Sanctuary, flotsam 'newsted bass sound, Metal Church, and some might ear others influences too. The guitar riff is as heavy as Seventh 's calling taking those kick ass tunes do the bones and getting you headbanging like crazy. A strong design for the cover with a small pentagram and a nice logo. Recorded in Sodom studio they surely get noticed. It has emotion and power to reach a wide audience so please check 'em out!!! 95/100


Terrifier: "Weapons of Thrash Destruction" CD January 2017 Test your Metal Records. Canadian Thrash Metal. Back to the mighty 80's the band brings us some pure awesome pleasure we love so much. The cover as the band's name just hit your head, this is great tunes to blow your mind. A must have album in your collection. Speed , power kick in your butt the receipt is here . You will mosh 'till dawn. Mixing funny lyrics as Tankard about beer, influenced riffs from German as US mighty bands : Kreator, Deceased, Exodus, Heathen, Sodom, Testament, Megadeth, Destruction... you've been warned it is the best album you will hear this new year voted best album by Metal Zone Prod.666 100/100

Blake's Vengeance

Blake's Vengeance: "self titled" MCD 21st October 2016 Defense Records. Italy Heavy Thrash Metal band. Very good band with a nice 4 trx Ep. Reminding me Death Angel third album with that edge of Heavy melodic vocals sometimes in the vein of Mike Paton. Double guitar licks kinda Maiden giving a nice touch of melodies and enjoyement that will please everybody. A bit of 80's touch in the overall just perfect to get it into your head for long. Sometimes they have those rythms broken like Coroner that gives a little tech to it. For sure this band will make great albums in the futur and so get very known. This is brilliant check'em out 99/100

Fuck Off And Die

F.O.A.D(fuck off and Die):"Birth of Extenxion" 25th November 2016 Defense Records. Sweden Thrash Metal band. Started in the mid 80's the band released a demo in 2014 to finally get a deal with an album in 2016 as Tape. This time the album gets the demo in a whole package so you might want to get it if you know the band or just want the kick ass full power the band has been playing for long. The first track has that Nailbomb kick ass power with strong punk sound and solos reminding Motorhead. Fast guitars and heavy riffs that catch you straight from the start and will get you moshing like mad. The movies excerts at the beginning of the songs reminds the 80's Thrash band as Hardcore ones. It's explosive sometimes closed to The exploited, DRI... the crazyness of Nuclear Assault, SOD, and so on this is not for little boys. It's dirty it's heavy it's fast it's killing go on blow your ears 90/100

Infatuation of Death

Infatuation of Death:"Code of Empiety" Digipack CD October 2016 Defense Records. Poland Death Metal. The logo is pretty hard to understand and gets straight to the point. An album with a video as bonus. The tracks that gives it's name to the album has a start in the vein of Morbid Angel with some great melodies with guitars and then the voice coming reminding Pestilence, this is an excellent album that will get all the 90's maniacs worshiping the band. Musicians from diverse bands Anima Damnata, Morowe, Dira Mortis and Nuclear Vomit... Some great Thrash riffs reminding the first album of Malevolent Creation. A beautiful piece to own for all the true Death Metal maniacs outhere 100/100


Iscariota:"The fallen Kingdom " CD August 2017 Defense Records. Poland Heavy Metal band. Started in 1990 as a melodic Death Metal band they finally changed to Heavy Metal pretty fast. This album is a mix of Heavy and Thrash as PowerMetal giving the band a much more actual sound. Singing in their language with powerfull double drums and heavy riffs adding keyboards to the package they will for sure attrack most of the Metal heads that love those new mixes in festivals. The band has already a great history of live dates with the biggest bands in Metal. Keeping their Death Metal with fast beats and pounding drum parts. Some melodic male voices and melodic solos ... a big musician work on the creation of the songs, their sound is obviously in the air of time so fasten your seat belt it's gonna shake big time 95/100

Diabol borutas

Diabol borutas:"Widziadla" CD 11th November 2016 Pure Underground Records. Poland Folk Metal band. The cover design pretty much describe the music. It's a dancing heavy moshing album with those flutes and melodies that will get you all shaking your butty. Singing in their language the music takes another dimension imaging a big fire with all the people enjoying themselves . This is excellentand certainly opens another view of the music to the ones who don't know that kind of music. 12 songs of pure pleasure to ligthen your day and get your friends joining to party for long. take the ride to the ancient times 100/100


Satarial: "Blessed Brigit" CD 2016 Symbol Of Domination Prod. Russian Pagan Black Metal band. ALbum recorded in the states and mixing different languages in the lyrics such as Welsh, English, witchcraft or vulgar Latin, Russian . At some points reminding the first Dimmu Borgir or operaXI with a strong feel of mystical soul. You get swallowed into another dimension. The power is led by this folkish spirit kinda invoking those legends into magic. It's not the typical Black Metal band we used to hear. If they have the touch of the blend this album has a special grasp to your ears. The broken voice pushed from the deep of the throat, a drummer who surely drive the beast pretty well and gives the band that complete strength. They are touring Europe and will gain many fans even though you are not into Black Metal you might like enchantment that will capture your soul for a moment 95/100


SenarioII: "A new Dawn" CD 17th Februray 2017 Hysteria Music . Netherland Symphonic Black Metal band. A band that understood the Metal music from today's sound and gives you a big slap in the head. Melodic female vocals reminding the nice voice from Echoes of Eternity, a growling male voice and thrashing riffs reminding Behemoth. They are flowing around tunes close to Cadaveria or even Satyricon ... but the final mix is a Melodic and Heavy Power Metal that grabs you and won't let you go until you mosh down to your knees. I must say it's an excellent album, mostly cos if you can hear some influences it's well balanced and gives that band a unique sound. 11 tracks of pure pleasure and Metal fans will go crazy believe me. It's beautiful it's powerfull it's one of the best album to come this new year so hold on a little bit and you will buy this pearl like mad 100/100

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