Zanzibar 11.2.2011
And now, the headlining band SKYLINE ABLAZE took the stage by storm. I didn’t expect anything less, as I know Olly and Mike from Phoenix Down, now sadly disbanded but under a new name of Shere Khan (Sorry for any mis-spellings here)
SKYLINE ABLAZE: have a new 3 track EP out simply entitled Skyline Ablaze. And believe me it sets more than the sky ablaze.  It is what can only be described as brutal, raw and powerful in all the right places, with some of the most extreme guitar and vocals I have heard in a long time.
Kenny’s vocals butcher the old ears with precision growling, really awesome! Great drumming as ever from Olly, who at the end of the gig stood up thrashed the kit and looked totally thrashed out! Not surprising since they were the last band on stage at around 12.20pm.
I was very fortunate enough to receive a signed copy of the EP from the band which makes this 3 tracker very special.
Paul and Mark drove forth some awesome riffs that left you in no doubt that this band means business! Mike (or Kerry as he is known to his mates for obvious reasons) with his mane of awesome blonde curls falling about his shoulders, hit those bass strings with ferocity, and his wind milling was awesome to watch! Ten out of ten there Kerry!!!
This band also gave some great harmonies that blended well into an awesome wall of sound.  They gave nothing but the best for this performance and it truly was a memorable gig.
The small Zanzi stamp on the inside of my wrist is fast fading now, but the bands performance will remain for quite some time to come I think!
Great gig guys, well worth staying to the end of the night.
So now all that is left to be said is go and buy your copy of Skyline Ablaze it is blisteringly exciting and will leave an imprint across your skull!  Separate review of the new 3 track EP to follow…. I only have 1 gripe and that it does not last long enough….
Kenneth Powel – Vocals
Paul Vixen – Guitar
Mark Seaford – Guitar
Michael Carey – Bass
Olly Sylvester (& Tweety) :D - Drums
Zanzibar 11.2.2011
Entropy never fail to deliver the goods, seen them a few times now and will never get sick of their awesome performances.
Daz had just finished working and was tired to begin with and stated to me before the gig.. In fact well before the gig that it took a lot of energy to perform and with there being 8 bands on (unknown to most people on the night) meant that they weren’t going to get on stage until around 11.35pm which was, then 3 hours to go.
Of course, Daz and ENTROPY did indeed give the performance of their lives and brought forth their amazing melodic force of infused metal in the most brutal of ways.
Knowing the songs always helps and they began with GULF OF MISERY and ended with OVERLOAD.  Hard to pick out a fave track as they are all so damn good, but I do have a liking for Gulf of Misery, has to be said.
Great guitar work from Karl and Daz, Ian kicked out some amazing bass and Rob beating hell out of his drums, great live act indeed.
The band performed a new track, entitled Attrition! That the band, were a bit apprehensive of playing, saying “in case they fck up) yeah hardly likely guys…. Come on!!!! You could never do that! And of course it was a great success.  Great to hear new tracks from the unsigned bands, although why ENTROPY is still unsigned is disgraceful… I hope you record companies out there read this!!!!!
The onslaught continued through their 45 minute set and for me was over too damn quick!  These guys are awesome musicians and give a great performance every time, even harder than the last!
You haven’t seen the end of ENTROPY they will be back to crush your skull, mark my words.
Darran Cooper – Rhythm Guitar-Lead Vocals
Rob Boyd – Drums
Karl Rigby – Lead Guitar
Ian McCormack – Bass/Backing vocals

Zanzibar 11.2.2011
THAT ÆON FAMILIAR, have only been together for 12 months and this was their first gig with the present line up. Their genre can only be described as Metal core, which is not a lot of metal lover’s fave genre it seems, but I found the band raw and full of energy, especially on stage.
Karlis was supporting the most awesome dreads I have seen since Iyaan and Daay from Ethereal.  He wore them up and lots of the females in there just wanted to touch them…. Win, win eh Karlis :D
This band punched and screamed its way through an epic set and for me really kicked ass!  I just loved the vocals, that high pitched squealing was just immense.
Danny and Tom on guitars proved their worth on the night and produced some awesome riffs, really bringing the set alive.  There were a lot of people at the front; myself included… yes I braved a mosh pit :O but was well worth it to get up close and personal with a band of this caliber, and considering it was their first gig, was amazing.
The band dressed pleasing to the eye, with unusual hair styles and ott piercings and Karlis sang with his trousers around his thighs for the whole set, stopping occasionally to pull them up a slight touch, sorry I couldn’t help but notice :D
I noticed that when I clicked on the link that there are no songs on the myspace page, which is a damn shame.  Not sure what the reason for this is, maybe new songs will go up soon.  But I loved the track “Incoherent” it was really brutal.
I really am proud to have witnessed the bands first gig together and hope I am lucky enough to see them again live.
Face eating metal-core is an understatement. These guys will eat you alive!!
Michael Lamb – Bass
Danny Jackson – Guitar
Tom Balho – Guitar
Jay Parkins – Drums
Karlis Martinsons  - Vocals

Zanzibar 11.2.2011
Formerly called Hollow Point, Scare Tactics as they are now so called, hit the Zanzi stage running.  There were a fair few in the crowd that really appreciated their awesome onslaught of brutal metal.
I heard a track during the sound check and thought … “wow these guys are fantastic!” and I wasn’t wrong the set they performed was nothing but sheer brilliance!
Andy, the bands voice, is very quiet off stage, but on it he seems to transform into some sort of screaming monster, which isn’t a bad thing in my book, but seems to be the case with a lot of bands.  Once on stage they come alive and appear a very different person you were moments ago chatting to.
The sound as ever thanks to the awesome Pat at the Zanzi, just shone through and the whispers in the audience was “Wow they sound great!” A common phrase at the Zanzi… but indeed between the passion of the band and Pats expertise behind the sound desk, they together produced one awesome sound of brutal old school metal. 
After the first track the band asked the crowd to shout “Sean” for some reason unknown to me, but Andy said that it made the band very happy, so if it makes you happy….. Do it!
The band has another fan by the name of Stacey who stated she loves the band and made an effort to go and see them live… good on ya Stacey! Let’s hope you are duly rewarded! :D
My surprise on the night was the distinct lack of hair.  It seems everyone is getting theirs cut…. Is there something I am not being told here???
Despite the “hair” thing, or lack of it! The metal was evident and SCARE TACTICS came up with the goods.  I loved “DRUNK FUCK” I definitely think it was my fave track of the night from the band, and especially rewarding when Andy looked at a woman in the audience, who turned out to be his and Stuarts Mum and mouthed “sorry!” that was an epic moment! Also it has to be mentioned that Andy’s Dad was there too, so great to see parents supporting their offspring and on such a special night!
The sets were indeed short, due to there being 8 bands on (3 most definitely NOT metal, but Indie bands, Whom I am not going to review as I know nothing of Indie music at all and not really my jar of Jaeger, so I refuse to comment further. 
Danny the bass player was described by Nic as a genius! I could see where Nic was coming from as Danny really kicked ass.  Paul worked well with Andy and it was good to behold the stage presence that this band portrayed on stage.  Stuart really worked hard as all metal drummers do thrashing out a beat that had heads moving up and down in appreciation of the awesome talent that was unfolding before our eyes in the shape of SCARE TACTICS.  And yes be afraid, be very afraid….. Their new CD will be out soon.  If you like old school metal you will love SCARE TACTICS.  Watch out for them because I think they are going to be in your face really soon…. It shows how hard and brutal this band was as Paul actually broke 2 strings!!!!
Great work guys loved every minute of your set and look forward to the next with eager anticipation.
Andrew Barker – Vocals/Guitar
Stuart Barker   - Drums
Danny Williams – Bass
Paul Charnock – Guitar

Stanley Theatre 6.2.2011
After traipsing around Liverpool for about half an hour, thanks to Google maps wrong directions, we finally found the venue. A small line of metal heads were gathered for the onslaught of Taking Dawn, though Myself and Nic were there of course, to support ABSOLENCE a 4 piece metal band from Moreton in the Wirral. Why? I hear you ask…. And the reasons for that are, that ABSOLENCE are an extreme metal band who give out nothing less than awesome brutality and originality, with their triple vocals, yes the drummer Mike even sings too! Plus their unique stage presence.
The other thing I should point out was that I actually managed to meet Pete Bailey extraordinaire.  Who in his own words, is a freelance radio broadcaster and DJ who also helps up and coming artists.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to interview him but we did shake hands, which was something! 
The band take the stage with sheer professionalism and guts, you cannot help but be impressed with their songs.  They hold a real magnetism, for me anyway, as people who know me, will know that I love metal in the extreme, and this band knows how to give it and in abundance!
The venue was little but a dark hole, with over priced ale, and the sound, although there seemed to be 3 sound techs studiously gathered around a mixing desk, was barely above average, unlike at The Zanzi, where the sound is always talked about after wards in an extremely favourable way!  :D
No seating meant having to either sit on the floor or stand, but not going to go into that now…. Just don’t get me started!  Although saying that I did get some better photos this time round as I think the lighting is a lot stronger than at The Zanzi which helps my ailing mobile somewhat!
The band kicked in with NEEDED TO BE WANTED and Steve just made that guitar sing under a mountain of hair.  The crowd seemed less impressed, but that seems to be the norm these days, which is something most local talent have to endure, which is a total shame, as the guys put so much energy into their set, as short as it was.
The guys gave a performance to be proud of.  They took each track with vigour and sheer awesome brutality, and at one point Steve jumped into the small area beneath the stage and rocked out, giving his hair an awesome beating any metal head would be proud of!
GIVE IN the bands next track brought more extreme wind-milling by the band and one or two people in the audience seemed to appreciate the bands efforts and why not? After all nobody should be still at a metal gig… should they?
LEFT HERE began with some awesome guitar from Steve and coupled with Chris’s gravelly vocals and Dave’s bass really brought this track together. The drumming was superb by Mike.
The band was really into their stride now and burst forth with YOU ARE THE DISEASE and offered some really evil vocals.  The sheer brutality of the track left you spell bound to say the least!
Affected Suicide starts with a very melodic feel which quickly turns into an evil blend of extreme power.  The blend of riffs from Steve and Chris, Dave’s powerful bass and Mike’s drumming really brought the house down!
Under the extreme glare from the very powerful lighting the band went into their last track STAY AWAY my fave track from ABSOLENCE for its obvious energy and catchy chorus line.  This track, of course had me singing away to my hearts content! The face melting riffs and dual vocals that this band are now known for, but not before wishing me a Happy Birthday, made the night even more special and what a great Birthday present…. Not to mention the T-shirt! :D despite it being a white shirt with a red octopus on it curled around the letter A for ABSOLENCE, it was an extremely enjoyable night.
We didn’t stay for Taking Dawn as after seeing ABSOLENCE we were indeed satisfied and had the itch well and truly scratched.
That is not to say that Taking Dawn were any less of a good band but personally I was happy just to see ABSOLENCE grinding their metal energy once more.
Looking forward to the next gig with eager anticipation guys!  I shall certainly be supporting you again very soon… count on it!
Chris "HateRiff" McGinley    Guitar & Vocals
Steve Gill                             Guitar & Vocals
Dave Evans                         Bass
Mike Black                            Drums & Vocals